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Movie Review: Deccan Herald

Discussion in 'Media reviews/previews' started by Chicken, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    by Angel Rani
    August 11, 2007

    Hindi (U)
    Cast: ShahRukh Khan, Vidya Malvade
    Director: Shimit AminGoal!

    It’s time to raise a toast to the other Indian XI. Shah Rukh ‘Kabir’ Khan screams chak de, and hockey — the poor cousin of cricket — rises from the ashes. In fact, Chak De India will give every sports lover one thing in abundance — goosepimples. One cannot be sure whether the movie will inspire girls to grab that stick and charge in. But the exploits of these eves on astro turf fire you up. Compare it to the euphoria, a sixer from an Indian willow generates. You got it.

    It’s all thanks to Kabir KhanShah Rukh, in his lean, mean and hot avatar. The coach has to start from the scratch. It requires some tough-talking by Khan to tackle catfights as well as lingo troubles among players from Andhra to Punjab to Jharkhand.
    Shah Rukh also has a point to prove.

    He has to shed the “traitor” tag he was awarded when he missed a chance against Pakistan at the goalpost seven years ago.

    Just three months of training and the girls make a giant kill at the world level (with champions Australia among the ‘deceased’).
    The movie is based on the story of former Indian goalkeeper Mir Ranjan Negi who faced match-fixing allegations after the 1-7 defeat to Pakistan in the 1982 Asian Games final.

    Negi himself trained the cast for the movie. Don’t harbour any hopes of hockey reaching the popularity levels of cricket. But at least an effort has been made to salute what is India’s national sport.The hardcore entertainment-seeker may sulk at the masala-less fare.
    But Chak De India will appeal to the patriot in you, who pauses that extra second in front of the telly every time an Indian team is in action.

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