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Movie Marathon Thoughts

Discussion in 'Dilwale' started by MaryAnnK, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Here we go! Sorry I have been missing in action for a few weeks. Took a long needed vacation and am just getting caught up. I finally received my Dilwale DVD (it arrived at my house the day I left on vacation!) so just finished watching it yesterday!

    My thoughts: I may have to watch this one a few times to really appreciate it. I loved watching Shah Rukh and Kajol together on screen. They really do have "something" that makes us believe them!! But, Rohit Shetty is not my favorite director! The story felt a little forced and over the top in some places. A shorter story without some of the filler would probably carried better for me. Overall, I enjoyed the ride they took us on and was surprised by the plot twists that were given us.

    I think overall I have to give it a 3/5 this time.
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  2. Journey95

    Journey95 Guest

    Rohit Shetty is an awful director, I was already worried about this movie when it was announced & especially after the trailer. As a big fan of the pairing I was excited to see them together again after almost 6 years but Rohit Shetty making it was bad news.

    As it turns out I was right, this movie is just awful. Even CE was better and at least it was its own thing. Here SRK & Rohit clearly wanted to cash in on the popular pairing, all the promotions were focused on that.

    But just seeing them together again is not enough when everything else sucks and I hope SRK knows that now after it failed at the BO and with critics. Its obvious he expected a Blockbuster (he was disappointed with the BO results).

    The plot is atrocious, the "love" story this time wasnt believable at all and just silly, everything felt fake (from the visuals to the characters to the acting etc.), the soundtrack was bad and the humor was obnoxious.

    SRKajol's magic just wasn't recaptured, it was cheapened. Nothing feels real about their interactions, they had better chemistry in the interviews before release and give rather weak performances here (its a shame Kajol returned for shit like this).

    Overall easily the most disappointing movie from SRK so far. If a movie like this was their first movie, no one would care about the pairing! 0.5/10, if it was SRK with someone else I would give it a 3/10 probably.
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  3. Journey95

    Journey95 Guest

    Watched it again and it was even worse the second time, so embarrassing. Don't think I'll be watching this movie again. This movie was beneath them and a mistake.

    I only hope that this wasn't their last movie, want that mature love story SRK was talking about (hopefully made by Karan Johar since he seems to "get" them or Aditya Chopra).

    For now I'll just watch some older SRKajol movies now to forget about this bs. The last line of the movie made me think of better times, as forced and cheap it was.
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