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Movie Marathon thoughts!

Discussion in 'Pardes' started by MaryAnnK, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    I too have mixed feelings about this movie. Shah Rukh himself has said he had trouble playing this part, he never really could understand where Arjun was coming from..

    I love Shah in it though, the songs especially are wonderful and as stated above the ending scene where Arjun tells his father how he really feels is beautiful....I have watched this scene over and over again.
    But the last time I watch it the anti-American sentiments for some reason got to me too. Maybe it was because I had watched it so many times before ......some of Ganga's lines are very offensive. But this is an Indian movie, so I am usually able to over look these things. Half the time they talk about America like it is Heaven, the other half like it is Hell. It is neither, in fact after being on SRKPlanet, I realize just how much America is like every where else. We are all just people mostly wanting the same things.

    Sorry to ramble a bit. I love Indian movies, in fact it's almost all I ever watch anymore, and not just Shah's........loving him has opened my eyes to a whole new world and I thank him for that.
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  2. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    And....I need to mention the nasty sister of Kishorilol! She is despicable! I can't hardly imagine a family holding together with someone like her in the mix!
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  3. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I really could tell he struggled with the role. I think it was partly because Arjun was inconsistent in his behavior. He acted in ways a person with his character would not have done. I admire what a fine job Shah Rukh did anyway.

    So true about the love hate attitude of India toward America. It's true and its understandable I think. And so true that people are the same everywhere in so many ways. There are differences, but they are not as important as what we all have in common. Shah Rukh has been a wonderful teacher of this to me.

    About the evil sister: I didn't mind her that much actually though I would certainly not want her in my family! She was brutally honest with Ganga while everyone else was lying to her. I think it was a good thing for her.
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  4. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Pardes was not a favorite of mine the first couple times I saw it but I watched it again last night and realized that there is some really good stuff in it.

    I didn't think the choreography was that good in the early parts of the movie, but the song Meri Mehbooba is really outstanding: the song , picturization, and choreography. (if it really has picturization: the entire thing is a performance on the garage "stage.") I just watched a little snippet of it again, and saw that in it he does that cute thing we have seen so often where he squats down, puts his hand on the side of his face, and looks all thoughtful and dreamy...Of course he is adorable in all of the song, especially with that white hat he wears.

    I was disturbed initially by the behavior of Arjun as I talked about earlier in this thread. Arjun seemed like such a good person that it was hard to forgive his truly harmful deceitfulness toward Ganga especially because she was so trustful with him. However this time I looked at him as a character who grew and matured throughout the movie. I love a movie where a character is not the same person at the end that they were at the outset. It is very satisfying to see, and we often do get to see that in the characters of Shar Rukh. I wish I hadn't fallen asleep for the last part of the movie and missed his gorgeous confrontational scene at the end. (I started watching it too late in the evening) Oh well, it's all the more reason to watch it again soon!
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  5. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Ganga was so wonderful. What a darling girl. She was simple, honest, trusting, and brave. I loved the way that from the start Arjun was the choice of her heart. From the first time they met she never intended to let him go from her life. She didn't seem to comprehend the implications of this, but she knew he was indispensable to her happiness. It was sweet how in the end her siblings told her that they had known all along that Arjun was the right man for her. It was fortunate for Arjun that she was courageous enough to stand up to Rajev and their respective families.

    Regarding the anti American sentiment of the movie. I noticed that in the hotel scene where Ganga and Rajiv had their confrontation, he attacked her and her country first and far more viciously than she did in return. What he said was unpardonable and undeserved. What she said was justified in view of the fact that for her Rajiv represented America. He was pretty much all she knew about it. I liked the fact that Rajiv's friend who barely even could speak Hindi and thus was even more Americanized than him was still a sweet and good hearted boy.

    I liked the pictures theme of the movie. The very beginning showed Arjun painting a beautiful picture of an Indian girl. This and the mannequin with a veil on her head represented the unknown love he was waiting for. When Ganga confronted Arjun for lying to him, she said that she objected to being put in a frame on the wall like a picture. In other words she wanted a true loving relationship, and knew that their plan would deprive her of this and make her into nothing but a symbol.

    I just love seeing Shah Rukh driving a car and walking the streets in western locations of my country. Much of the movie was filmed in Vancouver, B.C. which is about 400 miles from my home and he drove in the desert regions of the southwest- places that are so familiar to me.
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  6. anesya

    anesya Guest

    people, I did such a massive SRK movie marathon this summer holidays.
    I have no idea which movie was which.
    it´s all merged into one storyline haha

    but I think pardes.. I didnt watch... I dont know.
    the only thing with P that comes into my head is paheli which confused the hell out of me
  7. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    I just finished this one this morning before I got out of bed at 6:30!

    I still like this story, even though the anti-American theme bothered me a lot initially. I get it now. This was India's 60th birthday and Subash Gai was trying to make a point for his country and allegiance after all. (Anesya, your sigi is driving me crazy as I am trying to type this!!)

    Now that I am more familiar with the "picture" theme, I am having fun looking for some of them.

    I am just about to the point that I can turn off the subtitles and listen to this film from start to finish. It was difficult for me to understand how Arjun could lie to Ganga because I always felt he had some underlying feelings for her right from the beginning, but he was Sham-ji trying to convey a message to Ganga from Ravi and his father that she was "the one" for Ravi. He loved his father figure and would never do anything to upset him. We learn this when he is packed off to LA just before the wedding to get him out of town. But, when the truth HAD to be told, he was direct and to the point about "love, respect, trust."

    This is part of life too. We might start something but as we move ahead we learn that something is not right and the truth has to come out or we suffocate (words that the ghost used in Paheli!) Arjun had been pushed to his limit and now it was time for the truth. I love when the credits are rolling and we are given glimpses of Ganga and Arjun together and he pulls out the leaf from the book and shows it to her. See, he had feelings for her all the way back then!
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  8. anesya

    anesya Guest

    that is the purpose of that, I also end up starring at it for 10 minutes

    fun fact on the side: I do watch the movies in german but the hindi language is sometimes so similiar to turkish
    that I´m like omg we got the same word and it means the same.

    maybe I should watch it with subtitles and tadaaa can speak 4 languages.
    omg you guys made me curious of this movie now, but it´s too late to watch it. it´s already 3am here.
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  9. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Shah Rukh is adorable as always so it's not to be missed.
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  10. anesya

    anesya Guest

    I´m 100% sure he stops by any reflection flips his soft hair back and whispers to himself
    "I´m a hot piece of india, yes"

    I know that I´d be so doing that if I´d have that face
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  11. zheni

    zheni Well-Known Member

  12. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I came to write about the picture theme but I see I already did. All through the movie there were people taking pictures. Even in the little vignette of Ganga and Arjun's married life at the end it showed her taking pictures of him and his friends. Also I just thought of this- the first time in the movie that we saw Arjun and Rajiv was in the pictures of them that were given to Ganga.

    I got amused at myself. Always when Shah Rukh is dancing in a group I have eyes only for him. I never pay attention to the other dancers. This time I finally happened to notice the other dancers in a part of the song "Ye Dil Deewana".

    8_zps4ea4c9b7.jpg 9_zpsc2d28f61.jpg 11_zps4663447f.jpg
  13. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    I did the same thing!! I don't know how many times I watched it till I realized they were all him!! LOL!! Well when in love "I only have eyes for Shahrukh"!!
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  14. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    :pound: i never realized they were all him :lol: lol !!
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  15. Amber.K

    Amber.K Well-Known Member

    same here never noticed who is behind him...even if happens to be heroin...
    Never knew it was all him...so cute.
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  16. Raj's Simran

    Raj's Simran New Member

    I am watching this movie again now to refresh memory.
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  17. Raj's Simran

    Raj's Simran New Member

    Okay so I just finished the movie and I must say I LOVE both Arjun and Ganga. Ganga's so innocent, bubbly and sweet and Arjun is adorable :D I love them so cute. I also love all the patriotism in this and kinda hate the fact that Rajiv turned out to be a jerk. Don't get me wrong, I didn't like the Rajiv/Ganga pair from the beginning but I kinda hoped he'd remain a nice guy and give Ganga to his brother/friend. Only cause I find the actor really hot *giggles* Not more than Shahrukh but still!

    I love how Arjun and Ganga's friendship started with each other. How Ganga's siblings tricked him and slowly they became friends. "You stay here, I need protection" when Arjun was trying to call his Dad xD Sorry that was just hilarious. And then the scene where Arjun is full on saying that Rajiv will arrive in a lavish car and the servant tells them that Rajiv's car's tyres got punctured. The look on Arjun's face...I think I cracked up laughing and fell off my chair. It was very funny. And the nazar utarna scene too xD I actually liked the bonding between Arjun and Rajiv...another reason I wanted it to be a bromance (have I been watching KHNH and Karan-Arjun too much?), but yeah I liked that.

    I didn't like Arjun constantly covering for Rajiv and lying to Ganga, but you could tell he felt awful. Like when Ganga said that they had a friendship formed between them too and Arjun should be honest with her, the look on his face. He wanted to tell her so badly then you could tell but he didn't because of the favours Rajiv's dad had done on him but still his eyes...god, that hurt. That hurt a lot and I was like "my heart..." but I got over it.

    I HATE NEETU! I actually liked Amrish Puri in this more than the crazy, awful woman who played his sister. I swear if she died, Rajiv wouldn't be so bad in my opinion. Stupid woman, why didn't Arjun kill her at the end too? I'm sorry but the moment she entered, I hated her, I mean her acting was good because I hated her so much, but everything else...her face, her attitude...ech, gosh she needed to die. Like, she REALLY needed to die. She always added fuel to the already blazing fire.

    Once again, I loved the following moments of Arjun and Ganga's friendship even though I thought Ganga was way too reliant on Arjun but she felt happy with him and it was cute, so who am I to complain right? Few moments between them were my favourites.

    Arjun: Toh kaisa pyar chahiye tumhe? [Then what kind of love do you want?]
    Ganga: Khud se poocho. Jaisa tum karte ho dusroon se. [Ask yourself. Like the love you give to others.]

    Meri Mehbooba whole song.
    Ganga: Main Rajiv ki ijaazat se ayi thi. [I came with Rajiv's permission]
    Neetu: Aaakhri baar puchri hoon. Tum aa rahi ho ya nahi? [I'm asking the last time, are you coming or not?]
    Ganga: *hesitates and looks up, her eyes meeting with Arjun who looks concerned about her*
    Neetu: Yes or no?
    Ganga: Nahi [No] *hangs up*
    Arjun: *takes his hat off and hangs his head, looking downcast*
    Ganga: *smiles and raises a balloon saying 'Happy Birthday'*
    Arjun's friend nudges him and he laughs.

    The second one is my absolute favourite. Ganga truly loves Arjun enough to defy orders from him. Meri Mehbooba is my favourite song and I think after Kajol/Shahrukh, I enjoy the Mahima/Shahrukh pairing, at least in Pardes.
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  18. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    You are making me want to go watch it again. It has become a favorite of mine. I'll tell you what though, my absolute favorite part was when Arjun finally spoke his mind with such feeling and passion after he got beat up at the end. I always love Shah Rukh's angry moments the very most.
  19. Raj's Simran

    Raj's Simran New Member

    I love this movie too. I never thought I'd like Shahrukh with anyone but Kajol, but I love him with Mahima in this movie :D They were adorable together. They should do another film together.
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  20. Journey95

    Journey95 Guest

    This movie is overall really good but I understand some complaints that people have shared here. It is definitely too simplistic and one sided.

    I mean sure dicks like Rajiv do exist (althought he attempted rape part was too much) but America in general is just portrayed as this "bad" almost dangerous place with no values and I don't think thats right. Also whats the problem with smoking?

    I didn't have any problems with Arjuns character though & dont think he was inconsistent. He was just torn between Ganga and Kishorilal (because of everything the latter did for him). Probably didnt expect Rajiv to be this evil either.

    I think SRK & Mahima fitted very well together, although Ganga was a bit too silly at times. There was a connection and understanding there from the beginning.

    Only liked the Meri Mehbooba song, the others were meh. Agree with the users who said SRK should have been more in this movie, he carries it and gives a great performance. Not your typical Rahul here but more reserved.

    8/10, man did SRK get beat up a lot in his older movies..
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