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Movie Marathon Thoughts

Discussion in 'One 2 Ka 4' started by shublee, May 21, 2009.

  1. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    We completely ignored this one I think but I remember I did watch it :lol:
    I really loved SRK's character in this one :nod: deffinetly :flame:
  2. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    How did I miss posting this one???? I love this one and it took me a long time to get a copy!!!! I really enjoy the character of Arjun and his level of excitement. I love how he relates to the kids over time, too. I love Juhi and his screen chemistry. I absolutely love Juhi in this one! She has a great Punjabi accent. It kills me!!
  3. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    I have been re-watching One 2 Ka 4 the last few days.....

    It always takes me days to watch almost any SRK film because I do so much pausing or going frame by frame or repeating certain sections in the songs mostly. Shahrukh does so many things and expressions especially in the song numbers that it takes me a long, long time to make it past most 5 minute songs :)

    This was one of the last SRK films I was able to find...had to buy what is probably a bootleg copy from someone online on Ebay. It's a good copy though luckily (unlike Pardes which I have never been able to get a decent copy of so far).

    The songs are definitely the high point of this movie for me. I really disliked the kids personally so that made me not like many of the scenes much. I didn't care for his friend the boarder either.

    My comments though on the songs in One 2 Ka 4 are;

    My two favorite songs are the funny comic number with Juhi Haye Dil Ki Bazi Laga where he takes off his shirt at the end (and wears several of those Karan transparent shirts....oh...first I typed shorts:cool:...now translucent shorts on SRK would be quite an idea :)). SRK looks great in most of this song and he's funny too.

    My other favorite is the song with both of them in the nightclub called Osaka Muraiya because of SRK's part. Usually I don't like him in hats at all, but I think he looks great in that white gangster type suit with the fedora and he makes some fabulous dance moves and gestures (like when he spins the hat and puts it on his head). And him swinging across the stage hanging sensually from a rope ain't too bad either:D

    And then there are some parts of Allay Allay I like where he dances and also some funny parts of I am Sorry with the moving floor and how SRK does that great dancing run across all the parts of the floor with furniture moving in repeated opposite directions. :)

    And then in the last song One Two Ka Four there is a moment when SRK is with Juhi in a forest and he makes his just fabulous gesture of almost biting her and then when she objects he bats his eyelashes at her in the sweetest but funniest doe-like way.....a moment of SRK I adore watching (and I always laugh at this).:heart:
    Elahe says thanks.
  4. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    "My two favorite songs are the funny comic number with Juhi Haye Dil Ki Bazi Laga where he takes off his shirt at the end (and wears several of those Karan transparent shirts....oh...first I typed shorts...now translucent shorts on SRK would be quite an idea ). SRK looks great in most of this song and he's funny too."

    Bridget, I just re-read this post and laughed out loud!! (Problem is I am in class waiting for it to start, and everyone looked up at me!!) I am watching this one today and had just seen this scene with the see-through shirt! (Shorts!! Oh, my gosh. I don't even want to think about it!!)
  5. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    In my wanderings amid old Shahrukh Khan articles from the past online tonight I came across this quote and immediately thoughts of SRK in this film One 2 Ka 4 came to mind. I'm going to have to watch it again soon :)

    "Ever wondered why Shahrukh Khan loves to flaunt his hairless chest in brightly coloured see-through net tops."

    "..... as he prances about with body-clinging polo necks in 'One Two Ka Four', the making of an androgynous Shahrukh Khan is obvious. "
  6. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    I just saw a post u did before Bridget. There are good copies of Pardes and One 2 Ka 4 out there if u order from online:nod:
    I am sorry but I can never have a dvd of SRK and its not original. I would go crazy trying to watch it.:D

    I LOVEEEEEE this Bridget.:D
    I love that in quite a few of his films and even off screen he show off that clean chest of his:faint::love:
    Known for having 3 buttons unbutton:faint::faint::p
  7. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    I've tried to buy real DVD's online of many of the older SRK films in the past and over and over I'd get what were not original prints. They are either bootleg, or foreign knock-offs or defective "real" ones (both my first copies of OSO and Billlu which I got from the big Indian companies were defective). That happened from sellers on Amazon and Ebay and a few other places. Right now I don't have a watchable copy of Pardes or Swades and I know I have several others that have some problems. It took me three purchases before I got a decent copy of Duplicate and my good version of Don is also my 3rd purchase. When I've tried to order from the larger Indian companies online they often keep your money and back-order supposedly but many months sometimes go by and they never shipped. That happened to me quite a few times before I went ahead and bought them on Ebay etc. Do you know anyone reliable? I still need to get watchable copies of P & S (both don't play all the way through anymore).

    That reminds me of a time I laughed out loud reading a comment the actor Hugh Jackman made in an interview...I went now and quickly found that. It was from the time he was on the cover of US issue of People as sexiest man alive...he said :


    Jackman: Two. Three's too Bee Gees.

    And I started laughing when I read this for our beloved Shahrukh sometimes goes for 4..and often has 3 undone, thank heaven ;)
  8. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    WOW! that is horrible. I don't buy from all over. I only buy from eros, Nehaflix and indiaweekly. Eros don't reply back to anyone but they do call lol. They always do for me if they run out of a SRK movie and all.
    nehaflix and indiaweekly always reply in a matter of the other day or two so try them. Try nehaflix for Swades and Pardes more than indiaweekly. Normally I do message them and asked about the originality of the dvd:p

    Hugh is cool. I like him.
  9. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Never stopped to think about androgynous before!!!!! Made me laugh out loud!

    I almost exclusively buy from Neha Flix and Eros!
  10. calm179

    calm179 Active Member

    So funny! I don't even remember the net shirt scenes from One 2 Ka 4! What I focus on is his relationship with Juhi when she's teasing him in the first two or three scenes. I agree, I don't like his roommate or the kids, but I really like Jackie Schroff and I like Shah Rukh's acting of his lack of comfort with the kids (especially when we really know how much he loves kids.) I just think this was one of his best acted movies.

    I agree, I like Neha Flix too and, I think it's called, IndieStore. I have a good Pardes, but my Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman doesn't have English subtitles and I had to buy Don twice, also.

    I'm not sure that I understand the androgynous comment - he doesn't strike me as feminine. I'm not so keen on the unbuttoned shirt, but I like his holstered gun...
  11. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    This is a wild shootem up movie. Shah Rukh played Arjun, Jackie Shroff played Javed, and the two of them were police officers who were apparently on a vice squad. They spent a lot of time out riding around on motorcycles and shooting bad guys. Shoot first, ask questions later was their motto. They usually shot double fisted like in the wild west, a gun in each hand. Much broken glass and a high bad guy body count ensued. There was usually a notable and surprising lack of civilian or police casualties however.

    Javed was a widower with a passel of rather annoying little kids who Arjun was not very fond of, and the feeling seemed to be mutual. Events of the movie forced him to change his attitude though, and that was fun to see.

    Juhi Chewla was a strange but beautiful young woman named Geeta who Shah Rukh became involved with. She had a very thick accent which from reading other posts here I realize is a Punjabi accent. She was wild and exuberant and gave as much trouble as the children did at times. (I have now learned that Geeta was Haryanvi rather than Punjabi.)

    The title comes from the way that children in India chant their math facts. For example “One two Ka three” means 1+2=3. Thus One2Ka4 means 1+2=4. It's a way of saying that things don't add up, or something doesn't make sense. Arjun had to solve a case involving drug dealers and corruption in his police department. In doing so, he encountered situations that didn't quite add up.

    Juhi and Shah Rukh were delightful together as usual. I would say that in this movie, Arjun often played the straight man of the comedy team, while Geeta was the comic one. This movie is amusing at times but never laugh out loud funny. It does have a serious theme.

    I must say that Shah Rukh was extremely handsome in this movie, even more so than usual. I'm not sure why he was, but I liked it! One scene where Geeta woke him up in the morning and served him tea was simply heart stopping. She flicked her wet hair against his face. He turned his head to the side, closed his eyes briefly, opened them and got this adorable lopsided smile on his face. It was absolutely to die for!!!
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  12. Jasmine

    Jasmine Well-Known Member

    One 2 Ka 4 is a thriller with comedy and romance. My favorite aspect of this film is Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla. When the film came to an end, I was a little sad, because I know this is the last film with both Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla together as the main characters. After this film, Juhi played the role of Kishanlal’s sister in Paheli and did a special appearance as herself in Om Shanti Om. And Shah Rukh Khan did a special appearance in a song for Krazzy 4, a cameo for Bhoothnath, and narrated for Kismat Konnection…three films Juhi was in. It is impossible for me to pick only one actress that I love with Shah Rukh Khan. But Juhi Chawla is definitely way at the top!!!

    Every time I see Shah Rukh Khan in a film, I think; “He couldn’t get better-looking than that!” But, then, he just seems to get better and better looking!!! In One 2 Ka 4, I loved the police officer look of Shah Rukh Khan. I loved his hair slicked back. I loved seeing him with the gun holster on his shoulders. There was such an authoritative presence to him. There is such an appealing quality to him because he comes across as a man who can fight off any bad guy and would protect a girl from anything dangerous.

    I’ve seen Shah Rukh Khan without his shirt before, but one thing that is memorable to me about this film is seeing him without his shirt. You see him showering and dressing, but my favorite time was during the song “Dil Ki Baazi Lagi”. Shah Rukh Khan was wearing an orange shirt and orange sunglasses. Juhi was pursuing him and he was avoiding her. The best part was when he slyly gave his orange shirt to a random guy on the street so Juhi would follow that guy. Next, you see Shah Rukh Khan cheerfully running down the street without a shirt. He did a cartwheel. Then, he bumped into a huge black guy, bouncing off the guy’s belly and falling backwards down on the ground. That was hilarious!!!

    Juhi stabbing Shah Rukh Khan in the hand with a fork was something I do not like in this film. I’ve only seen this film twice, once about eight months ago, and again last night. The first time I saw the film, the fork stabbing bit stood out to me and decreased my interest in this film. After seeing the film a second time, I’ve found that I like the film a lot because of Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla’s relationship in the film.

    Some of the moments I like in this film are:

    · Shah Rukh Khan itching himself because of the powder the kids blew on him.

    · A cool image of Shah Rukh Khan with two guns, dropping the empty magazines (bullet holders) out of the guns.

    · SRK crying by the children after his partner died.

    · At the funeral of Javed (Arun’s partner), I know it was a sad event, but I was so distracted with how handsome Shah Rukh Khan was, I could not focus on the event. Shah Rukh Khan had a bit of stubble on his face and he was completely breathtaking.

    · I like the scene when Arun (SRK) was cold, was looking for a blanket, slipped on a skateboard and fell on Geeta (Juhi), who was asleep on the floor. The conversation they had there was hilarious!

    · I like the scene when the kids are asleep and Geeta and Arun are alone, and Geeta thinks Arun might say something sweet to her, but instead, he just wants 10 minutes of peace and quiet to sleep. SRK looks so nice just resting with his eye closed.

    · I like the dream sequence to the song “Khamoshiya” with just Juhi and SRK, and they are by some interesting rock formations…Juhi wore red, then orange, then blue. They both look fantastic.

    · I think Juhi did a great job of depicting two different types of girls in this film. She was a lot of fun as Geeta. And she was so different and convincing in her roll at the Flamingo club!

    · I liked seeing Shah Rukh Khan dressed up all kinds of ways during the “I’m Sorry” song. Some of the costumes were: Superman, Batman, a cowboy, a karate guy, Michael Jackson, a tiger, and a clown in a hot air balloon.

    · After they moved out of Javed’s home and into Arun’s old place and after the kids were asleep, I like the scene where Arun and Geeta were talking. Geeta started talking about her dream home. While she was talking, Arun moved closer and closer and closer to her. Geeta turned her head and noticed him so close. Then they moved closer as if they were going to kiss and the scene cut off.

    · I love the part when Arun and Geeta were looking at a house. A dream sequence began with the song “Soni Nahi”. During the song, Arun and Geeta enact a ceremony of getting married. And at the end of the song, they sat outside the house at night with candles lit all around. It is beautiful.

    · During the action in the film, near the end, Arun said; “I don’t believe anyone anymore”. My heart really went out to him.

    · During the climactic fight at the end of the film, Arun and Geeta pushed an airplane staircase on wheels over to where the bad guy was. Arun ran up the staircase and threw the guy down. After that, I thought it was cute how Shah Rukh Khan set his legs on the handrails and slid down…just like a kid having a lot of fun!

    It seems that the more I see Shah Rukh Khan’s films, the more I like them. This one definitely improved for me on a second viewing. This one was an interesting suspense/thriller film. But, what I was mostly drawn to was the romance and comedy with Juhi and Shah Rukh. They are fantastic together!
    rubyroo says thanks.
  13. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I have no doubts at all- Juhi and Shah Rukh are my favorite movie couple. I just love the humerous way they interact plus how convincing they are as a romantic couple. I am sad that this is their last movie together.
    Jasmine, reading over what you wrote about the movie makes me want to watch it again already, because I liked all the same things you did!
    About Shah Rukh going shirtless: I just watched Asoka. It's awesome because I don't think shirts were hardly even invented back then!
    Jasmine says thanks.
  14. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I was dubious when I saw Javed pile all the children on his motorcycle to take them to school. I didn't realize it actually is possible to transport an entire family this way. My daughter has a world travelling friend who has often seen this done in Asian countries. Here is a picture he gave us that he took in China:
    4 up.jpg
  15. Journey95

    Journey95 Guest

    This movie's biggest problem is that it cant decide whether its a fun family movie or a badass cop thriller. Both dont work very well together.

    I found the kids to be obnoxious and was hoping for more focus on the conspiracy, instead that part was shafted until the end. The villians were sadly lacking despite the potential. Especially the main bad guy was just ridiculous.

    Jackie Shroff was great in the limited time he was in the movie, always like his bro chemistry with SRK (was the best part of Trimurti too and also liked it in Devdas) & I was sad when Javed was killed. SRK & Juhi make this movie still solid with their fun interactions and good performances. Songs were rather bad though.

    6.5/10, don't like rewatching this movie because its one of those flops from the time when SRK was at a career low. Only with K3G did he finally came back, then Devdas & things got better.
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