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Movie Marathon Thoughts

Discussion in 'Anjaam' started by shublee, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Just finished watching Anjaam....and man can Shahrukh play obsessive, crazy psycopath to perfection. Well, he can play and did play all kinds of role, but there is something quite special in his negative roles.

    In the first part of the film, I couldn't help but feel a little sympathy, The man is obviously still a child deep down. A spoiled child, but a child nonetheless. And then you feel compeled to watch anyway even when the sympathy is gone. Because Vijay has no redeeming qualities. He does't feel remorse or guilt because he is absolutely sure that he is in his right mind. He does to Shivani what he beat Ashok for, but like he said what he can't have, he destroys.

    I've mention in other reviews how much I love listening to his breathing while he plays a scene because his breathing is as telling as the dialogue. Listen to his breathing when his car just shut off...you can just feel what the next emotion will be. At least I can....maybe I have too much imagination. Same thing with his laughter. It's the same laughter in every film, because I think it's Shahrukh's laughter, but he makes it different too in every film. But when he plays a negative role, there is a chill in it that you don't hear in a romantic role. I just love the twitch of the shoulder or the trembling of the hands, it just shows how unstable Vijay is.

    I loved the film, even though it's a very peculiar one. Even though Vijay is pretty evil, and even if you can't find sympathy for him, those damn dimples and big bright eyes will still dictate that you can't completely hate the guy. Now that is charisma!

    Shahrukh won the Filmfare Award for Best Vilain. I don't understand why Madhuri Dixit didn't win for best actress. She proved that she was one of the best actress at that time. You belived her sorrow and her pain. She was bubbly when the situation called for it. And then she turned into that hardened women seeking revenge at all cost. She had more action scenes than Shahrukh! The violence of certain scenes was pretty graphic and it's pretty unusual, mostly in bollywood movies, to write such scenes for women. She did the role justice and made it believable. And even if Shahrukh and Madhuri weren't really a jodi in this film, you still can see the amazing chemistry between them.

    Another check on my liste, that grows smaller and smaller...:(:)
    Dea says thanks.
  2. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    Madhuri won best actress for amother film that year.she couldn't have one it for Anjaam too.didnt see that movie but i am curious as i too think she was brilliant in this one
    Shahrukh always mentions how he doesnt like laughing in films as he doesnt really laugh in real life either. but when he laughs as a villain it's very credible!
    I agree abt the breathing-he masters that very well!
    i personally love the songs too;;) Shahrukh dancing on the top of that car almost gave me an heart attack!
    it's very interesting to watch and very innovative for that time. great perfomance i could 't help but feel sorry for him in spite of everything! charisma-as u said
  3. Journey95

    Journey95 Guest

    The performances from SRK & Madhuri were great but damm was this movie difficult to watch. I didnt expect it to be this dark.

    SRK plays a completely evil (and not in a "fun" way like in Don) and disgusting character. Unlike Daar or Baazigar he doesnt have any redeeming qualities here. and is so despicable...he deserved far worse. His performance is great and he got a well deserved award for it.

    I think that overall this movie was way too sadistic & brutal and the director went overboard. Madhuri had to lose her husband, her sister, her daughter and her unborn child, jesus. Her revenge was just as over the top and crazy, not to mention all the religious symbolism..The director doesnt know what tastefulness means apparently.

    Overall a 4.5/10 just for the performances, dont think I'll ever rewatch this again. Didnt feel this uncomfortable with any movie before. Glad Yash Chopra convinced SRK to do DDLJ, who knows how many more negative roles he would have done (and in time he would be typecast). This role seems like complete overkill after Baazigar and Darr.
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