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Movie Marathon Thoughts

Discussion in 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' started by shublee, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    It gives regularly on TV but I dont get to watch it because I dont have the channel anymore and I dont remember the last time I watched it! So im watching it now and then going to comment on it and if anyone has watched it for the marathon please comment! :)
  2. Ella

    Ella Haan farishtey hote hain ♥

    AW: Movie Marathon Thoughts

    Don't know, how many times i wachted it, because, KKHH is one of my favorite movies. My most-wanted-scene is, when Rahul came to the camp and see Anjali after such a long time, and when he says " hi" with tears in his eyes, oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god, i can't describe, what's going on inside.

    First time, i watched the end, :hurt:, it was better, that i was alone and nobody had seen me.

    Such a lovely movie :heart::heart::heart:
  3. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    I guess I didn't comment when I watched it a few weeks ago! I love this story. I love love stories!! I am a sucker for friends who fall in love! The scene that makes my :heart: beat the fastest is in the gazebo just after it starts raining. No words but all eyes!! I still get tingly after watching it I don't know how many times!!! This was a good vehicle for the Kajol/Shah Rukh jodi!
  4. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    Its a very good romantic story & Shah Rukh as Rahul... just too good for words!!! :faint:
    this film has all the right expressions.

    I was wondering why you didnt open this topic here for the marathon MaryAnn, im so used to seeing the topics opened by you, you missed quite a few :p remember the next ones :D
  5. AnitaK

    AnitaK Member

    I just :heart: this movie. Like DDLJ, it really takes your emotions on a roller coaster ride. It's funny, it's sad, it's romantic, it's VERY entertaining. This is one of my top 5 favorite SRK films. I really like the contrast that Shahrukh offers to Rahul's character - from his silly crazyness and womanizing in school to becoming a very caring and sensitive Daddy. I will probably watch this movie hundreds of times in my life!
  6. Mannat

    Mannat SHAHRUKH's wifey ;)

    ..... My words fall short.. when I have to talk about KKHH..! Its one of those movies... that has never failed to make me cry...! I love every single thing about this movie....! Its just :love: :love: :love:
  7. luxia

    luxia I'm demented...

    :noidea: I like it just about as much as any other movie but I'm not crazy about it. I don't feel the need to watch it often, once a year is more than enough, there are so many other movies I'd rather watch.
  8. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    I have it playing right now for one of my granddaughters. She is not old enough to read yet, but still wanted to watch it!!

    I have a question:
    Does anyone know where the scene takes place when the young Anjalee and Shah Rukh meet in the opening scenes? It says Waterfront on the gateway into a shopping center of some sort. Is that in Mumbai?
  9. Elahe

    Elahe Dil To Shahrukhee hai!

    well I'm pretty late to comment on the movie but I sure wasn't late to watch it, I remember I was in India in 1998 with my mom when the movie was released and it was such a big thing, YES I being an Iranian fan of shahrukh living in Canada watched this movie in the theatre in India! how lucky is this girl;) however I remember my hindi wasn't good at that time and there were dialouges I didn't understand bit the movie drove me completely crazy! I went back home and I couldn't stop thinking and talking about this movie and I was REALLY, like TRULY in love with Rahul.
    It touched my heart soooo deeply and remained my absolute favourite movie for many many years together with DDLJ. Even now when I watch it I enjoy it as much as I did the very first time, I believe shahrukh has always been amazingly god-looking but he started to look extremely gorgeous with this movie onwards.
    The whole story moves my spirit, some of my favourite scenes are
    1. when in the beginning Tina is dying and Rahul lies in the hospital bed with her, how sweet is that????
    2. the mandir scene with Rahul and Tina, I love you:)
    3. Rahul in Tina's bedroom, ek mard ka sar....... and then he bows his head to show her who the third woman a man bows down to is;) I could die when he does that
    4. the KKHH song
    5. Rahul going to summer camp in the back of the truck because he thinks little Anjali is sick
    6. Ladki badi anjani hai, he looks so smart and handsome in that one, dancing in casual suits and his hair is like WOW
    7. the basketball game between Rahul and Anjali in the summer camp and how he teases her with her sari;)
    8. how he says to Anjali I'm sure you and Rahul will have a great life together when she's leaving the camp with Aman
    9. and the ending is like truly amazing, he cries and can't hug her properly. who could have done it the way shah did:X
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  10. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    This is one of my favorites....:heart: I can watch again and again, there is so much love in this movie, for wife, for daughter, son, father and friend....love him in this movie.
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  11. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.


    I can't get past the weirdness of the basic premise of this movie. It is too strange and wrong for a mother to inform her eight year old daughter in a posthumous letter that her dad should have married some other woman and to lay on her young shoulders the task of reuniting him with that other woman.

    Rahul, even though he was immature as a college student, did fall sincerely in love with Tina, she loved him back, she was a suitable choice for him, they had a happy marriage, and he was heartbroken when she died. He never had a clue that Anjali was in love with him for a brief time before she abruptly left college. So why is it we were supposed to think he was actually meant for Anjali instead?

    It was a little sad that Anjali had to grow up and stop being a tomboy before she could win Rahul's love. It would have been sweet if she had remained the same lovely, charming, athletic, jeans and sweatshirt clad girl he knew in college and he had learned to appreciate and love her as such. Instead she was first required to become a woman who would attend summer camp wearing glamorous saris and a full Bollywood makeup job. I didn't like the basket ball game she played with Rahul at the camp in which she just stood around in her glamorous sari until she decided to trip him to stop him from winning. She always used to beat him fair and square in her college days. Rahul was supposed to be the cheater pants not her.

    I did like some things about the movie though..

    I absolutely loved the beginning when we were told Tina was dying, (even though she looked perfectly normal for a new mom.) I loved it because Shah Rukh was so very wonderful. The way he kissed the baby, drawing back a little at first. So sweet. Then when Tina was talking to him and he was crying and would only shake his head “no” at whatever she asked him. Then when she asked him to never cry, I loved the way he gulped hard and got himself under control. And then when he said “Don’t go” Waaaa!...I have to buy the DVD just so I can watch this scene again and again. The movie was full of many such sweet Shah Rukh moments which made it well worth watching for me.

    I liked both Rani and Kajol equally. Rani was particularly lovely in this movie I thought.

    I loved all SRK's interactions with the little girl because he is always adorable with children.

    I loved the gazebo dance scene. That one was to die for. And the part right after it I found to be hilarious. Anjali had been caressing Rahul's lovely face in the gazebo when she happened to notice that she had an engagement ring on her finger. Then Rahul noticed it too. "Uh oh we all forgot about that!" She distractedly ran out into the woods and leaned sobbingly against a tree. A man's arm came around her from behind. She naturally thought it was Rahul (I did too at first) so she began to confess her love to him. Then there was a peal of thunder followed by a flash of lightening revealing the face of the man and it was...Salman Khan. That was a shock. It was nightmarish almost actually. Kind of like if you dreamed you were engaged to Shah Rukh Khan and then suddenly found out it was Salman Khan instead...:pound:

    The movie was very beautiful as far as the way it was filmed, the scenery, the costumes and the colors. I didn't think the songs and dances were quite as fun and imaginative as some I have seen. They were no match for the ones in DTPH for example.

    No doubt I will eventually own a copy of this movie, and then I will watch it a few more times and then my special Hindi movie suspension of disbelief will kick in and I will probably end up falling in love with it like everyone else...
  12. mira_khan

    mira_khan Khan addicted!

    My sweet love story KKHH... I just watch it this week and can't comment your comment with my own feelings... it may be not as yours, because this film talks to me so mutch that i just have seen it more than 100 times really...

    It's even more difficult to imagine that Tina spent nine months to prepare her death for nine months, she knew that she was going to leave while he did not and she had time to imagine the continuation for him.
    She so loved Rahul that she has of to imagine the hurt which she left him by going away and which she had to remedy it, she also imagined her daughter growing without mother and wanted to find her one, who better than Anjali!
    She wanted to make everything to correct what was for her a fault, being between Rahul and Anajali
    For that that she chose to name her daughter Anjali, otherwise his father would have called him Tina as her mother and then he would never have been able to forget her, for that that she " waited " 8 years, to give him the time to cure her wounds

    In fact, I have the impression that it is necessary to read between the lines to see the personality of Rahul
    As we see him later, he has grows in a very conservative house, his mother teaches even the sacred texts, this is why he goes on every Tuesday to the temple to pray, this is why he says to Anjali about Tina at first" it is not the girl whom you take to your mother, she is not Indian " he acts the "cool" boy, tries to pick up the girls, plays its fame in the college, but looks for real love, for the love which he does not manage to see in Anjali
    Because Anjali is " his friend ", friend's kind for the which we would give his life, but that remains a guy otherwise he would never have brought down him in the basketball match, otherwise they would drink not of the same Coke can, he would not remain outside alone up to the end of the day in Goa.

    The worst is Anajali she is never supposed to see him otherwise than his friend but is enough a declaration so that its universe changes " love is friendship "... While he spoke about Tina, she was not able to say no to her heart, but was wrong not to say it to Tina when she asked her...
    Tina, the perfect, beautiful, new, intelligent, cultivated young woman and who is also traditional, so she also prays on every Tuesday in the temple, when he wants to trap her by asking her to sing in Hindi, she answers him by the recitation of a prayer.... Rahul had found its ideal in her!
    I swear that as Anjali runs up to declare him(her) his(her) love and what he(it) precedes her(it) by speaking about Tina, at this moment, my poor heart has of to break just as that of

    I swear that as Anjali runs up to declare him her love and when he precedes her by speaking about Tina, at this moment, my poor heart has of to break just as that of Anjali... the song later is magnificent and it is hard to see how she suffers while he and Tina live completely their love...
    I adored the way how he announced his love to Tina, so simply, so purely within just temple " i love you "...
    As she leaves in the train, we see how much he is attached to her, we see that somewhere it is not that the friendship it is Tina who is right, behind all this, a love hid profoundly in the heart of Rahul... when he gets angry by understanding that she leaves without saying to him goodbye, when he worries about his examinations, when he cries to see her leaving which magnificent moment he did not even understand what had passed the men are so blind...
    This is why when Anjali says to him that she was sorry for Tina and that she ' did not known, it "dares" to reprimand her for not having been there when he needed his friend... I do not know at which exact moment he understands, that she loved him, but he had understood it, this is why he gives her the scarf that she had let to Tina remember of their separation also
    When what is that he understands that he loves him? I do not know either, he discovers it little by little, not because she became beautiful, not because he was alone, he just realizes that he loves her and that being can he had always loved him

    so much to say yet... i'll continue later :)
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  13. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    Ruby sorry you didn't get this movie....it is one of my favorites of his. Whenever I am down I put this movie in. For some reason to me this movie means hope.

    As far as the mother leaving the little girl the letters, I have no problem with. What about "Sleepless in Seattle"? I know his mom doesn't leave him a note, but this little boy on his own sets out to get his dad a new wife....I believe there are other movies based on this but can't think of them this morning.

    Love the college days, the singing and dancing his relationship with Anjali. Tina is a smart girl she even speaks with her dad about the fact that she thinks Rahul and Anjali are more than friends. Her dad tells her no way everyone in the college knows they are only friends. As usual the girl, Anjali realizes first the true meaning of the relationship, but it is too late, he has already fallen for beautiful Tina. Mira I think you have realized exactly where Rahul was coming from. And Tina truly loved him, I believe their marriage would of worked if Tina had lived.

    There are many things about Tina dying that take a little letting go of reality......but this is a Bollywood movie so again I have no problem with it.

    The letters....the letters mean so much to the little Anjali. It is the only thing she has of her mother, Rahul is actually jealous that she has those and he has only memories. I love how excited Anjali gets knowing she gets to read her mother's letters on her birthday. She has all those clocks set for midnight! For her mother to ask something of her must of meant the world to her. I think this brought her closer to understanding her mother. As a grandmother of a 5 year old girl, I have no problem thinking she would read a letter like this at 8 and go for it.

    Anjali gets her grandparents involved and plans are made. When Rahul walks into that camp and sees his friend Anjali for the first time....just wow. I have read somewhere that SRK and Kajol pretty much did this scene as they thought it would go and it is beautiful! The whole time at the camp is just fun. Such wonder extras in this movie.

    I do not mind Salman in this movie, but I do get sad when I see him and SRK together. I feel they were once very good friends and now........well it is sad to me to lose a friend.

    The end........cannot even explain, cry every time......

    Anyway this is one of my favorites and probably one of the first I bought.....I always have hope that things will turn out the way they are supposed to after I watch this movie. And it's such a fun way watching KKHH to get there.
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  14. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    You guys are making me cry. Thanks. It's so complicated, maybe more than I realized. Love what you say about Rahul's idealistic view of love Mira.
    mira_khan says thanks.
  15. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Debbie and Mira: thanks for explaining stuff so I can understand it better.

    The death scene was fine. I don't mind that it was a bit unrealistic, especially now that I understand Tina was thinking and planning for her possible death throughout her pregnancy. So sweet and so like a mother that she put her baby's life ahead of her own. Rahul couldn't have done it, but it was her decision to make.

    The American movie Love Story also had a scene where the girl's husband lay down on the hospital bed with his dying wife. In that scene, the wife asked him to do it and he was hesitant. I loved how Rahul just did it so naturally on his own, without a thought. Very sweet, and very typical of Shah Rukh.

    I missed that about little Anjali setting the alarms for midnight so as to get her letter as early as possible. How precious.

    I loved all the pivotal scenes between Anjali and Rahul and thought the actors did a brilliant job with each. When Anjali left on the train, and the camera moved closer and closer to Rahul's face as those puppydog eyes filled up with tears. I was doing film caps, and I was just like, how can he keep getting more and more sweet and more and more stupid looking in each frame. He was irresistable. It was also so extremely cute how they kept bumping their heads together in the final scene and Anjali's head ornaments were hurting Rahul's forehead. "Ouch!" he said.

    I don't mind Salman a bit either. He was very sweet but very different from Rahul. I enjoyed seeing his friendship with little Anjali. It was good that they made Anjali's fiance so important in the movie. I hate it that there are problems between SRK and Salman now if it's true. Good heavens, there is plenty of room for lots of movie stars in the world. Their fans are crazy to foment so much rivalry. You got to admit though there is something comical about the scene in the woods with him and Kajol in view of the current situation. I also thought it was amusing that Aman happily remained to celebrate Rahul and Anjali's wedding with them. When he put his arm around Rahul, it almost looked like Rahul was thinking, "What, you're still here?" Of course it was very strange that someone else married his (Aman's) bride at his own wedding. So very SRK Hindi movieish...
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  16. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, Mira. I certainly don't want to underestimate the importance and value of this movie. What I take away from your explanation is that a movie can be completely unrealistic in many ways yet have truth at its heart non the less. And this is the most important truth for a movie to have, not the periferal things. It is probably why I find most all of his movies so compelling even while I'm laughing at the many liberties they take with reality.

    I can see how thinking of her relationship with Rahul, knowing the kind of person he was for 9 months could help Tina predict what his future would be without her, and to plan how to help him do what he needed to do to make a happy life for himself and little Anjali. She was a very wise and perceptive person, even as a college student.

    I didn't really understand the significance of the details we got about Rahul, such as the fact that he attended temple services each week. There was a lot of depth to his character that was hidden under the rather shallow exterior he presented to the world as a college student. It explains why he made such a good choice of a wife, and why his marriage was so successful.

    The most difficult aspect of the movie for me was understanding the relationship of Rahul and Anjali. My cultural background made it difficult for me to pick up on the clues in the movie. From what you say it's clear that Rahul actually didn't see Anjali as a girl at all. She was his buddy and she acted like it. She was never jealous of his constant pursuit of other girls. It is understandable that he was blind to what she really was in his life. The tragedy of the movie is that Anjali didn't understand her own feelings until she saw him fall in love with someone else and then it was too late. I am sure that if Tina hadn't come along Anjali would have been able to win Rahul's heart for herself eventually. She just didn't have any opportunity to do it.

    I guess the only other part of the movie that is a bit hard to take is the scene where Rahul practiced telling Tina he loved her with Anjali. I can't see this happening in real life...but still the way that Shah Rukh and Kajol performed the scene was totally awesome, and totally heartbreaking and totally memorable.

    A funny thing is that I was all ready to return this movie to Netflix, but it's Sunday so I can't until tomorrow. I usually kick back with a movie on Sunday afternoons, so guess which one I'm getting ready to watch again right now!
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  17. mira_khan

    mira_khan Khan addicted!

    I think that Anjali did not just grow up and become an accomplished young woman, I think rather that she had hated herself at the time of losing her love and as she made the radical decision to leave her studies, she decided to leave old Anjali to exchange her jeans, her T shirt against beautiful saris, just future an Indian basic girl the beautiful saris, the beautiful jewels, the fine make-up also show its financial situation, at the house where she lives, to the fiancé whom she accepted we see that Anjali is not poor and that its work in summer camp is just of the voluntary work.

    Moreover, I liked well the fact that we show that finally the life continues and that shefound a man who loves her in the madness and who has to envy nothing Rahul can be a little as him (even if the idea to compare Shah Rukh to Salman feels reluctant at me! Lol) it is necessary to matter at least 10 years so that she decides "to forget" and to live her life (the little Anjali has 8 years old, with at least a wedding year, one year of study before)
    Anjali just evolved as any woman after her years of studies, we become quite "a little bit serious" and what seemed to us if important front becomes childishness.
    I found a little bit strange the behavior of her mother, it is rare that a mother is also understandable while her daughter reaches(affects) around thirty to get married
    how beautiful is she in the engagement party!!!
    The basketball match in the summer camp was important in the bend of the hisoire, other one the amusing side, we really see the change in the life of Anjali I think that they want to show what was always known, the men love that his wife are lower than them, that they can be " the man " in the couple, protector, fort that could not be him before when Anjali was as a boy, even stronger than him. it is very caricatural but that shows that finally a fragile, sexy and a little bit awkward Anjali which is going to make beat its heart...

    It is also the opportunity for her to become again during a small moment old Anjali, she forgets itself in front of him much to her delight they end in quarrel and take up as before the song is the occasion to show that he has never forgotten her even if that saw itself in its behavior with his daughter, we have all the time the impression that he speaks to big Anjali
    At the end, I adore this scene where the children playing with her bring down her sari and how it turns around however well raised that it is, but cannot resist the urge to consider still ending in one " kuch kuch hota hai " something took place in its heart (sigh!!)

    The beginning my god, the absolutely magnificent, just " so true " its happiness with his daughter in arms, the way Tina kisses every part of the face of the baby breaks my the heart every time, as if she wanted to have the maximum of her...
    When he does not manage to look at her but tries to not cry, when he say that she is bad, which magnificent way of showing that he loves her, when she asks him to forgive her, which magnificent way of showing that she also loves him, his tears at the end by asking her not to leave ... what I cried for this scene.
    The girl Anjali is so cute and her relation with his father also the scene on the bridge is hilarious but that at the school so hurts when she says "maa" you have only an envy, take her in your arms!
    The discussion with his mother about the girl of mister Sharma, we realize that finally Rahul is even so young and that he is condemning himself in a life of solitude in memory to his wife, to respect his principles...
    We see again it later when hehas listening his answering machine that a woman invites him on a party and that he pays it no attention...
    The slight drawback is the story of letters they even if Tina left 8 letter for 8 birthdays how his daughter read it the first 3 letters??? Well, it is bollywood

    The relation of Rahul with his daughter is so beautiful, she is everything for him: the girl, the woman and the best friend...
    I like very much when Anajali consoles the girl by speaking to the photo of her mother and saying that she looked like her, while we had seen the girl hating the fact that we say to him(her) that she looks like his father that shows that only a woman, a mother can find one-liners with her daughter, Anjali needed that we say to him(her) that she looks like her mother for that that the mother of Rahul says to him "there the family is complete "

    Ah, this scene there is he can be the most romantic of all his movies ... continues in mind of the game without speaking by miming to dance on an imaginary music, it is allowed go with him the red, the rain, the wet body in to the beautiful sari... Anjali was desirable and Rahul is not any more the young man of the college who played with the girls to spend time, he became a man, a man who was married and who knows what is desire , the fire of the passion she forgets himself under his caresses and the moment when he is ready to take off her sari , but then gives up it pffff
    at first hesitating, she eventually turns(returns) towards him but it is just at this moment there that she reminds himself that she is not free any more, that she belongs to the other one she runs away!

    i think, if she didn't run away, they would make love there, just at that moment in that intimate place....

    As you, I thought that it was him who had followed her and I shouted in seing Salamn! Yes a nightmare!!

    I do not think that he noticed the ring, otherwise why to look for her and seem so disappointed by seeing Aman?

    The scene with the ball in the ground between Rahul and Amanand a little bit stupid, actually it makes paraitre quite stupid Aman, Rahul seem very sad especially when he learns that they are fiancés!

    When he congratulates her on his marriage, it is very beautiful, he is sarcastic and plays the indifference, it is what kinks her and she decides to leave and to get married, he had never included her love, but there, she did not understand either

    The end is so beautiful, so cried with them, when he "says to" her finally " I love you " by the gesture of the little boy, how do not to fall in love with Shah Rukh Khan!???

    I feel the same for Salman and Shah Rukh, i really hope one day they will be friends again... juste like brothers in big family, problems can always be solved!
    I cries the first time at the end, noow i start crying in the begining, i cry in the middle and in the end... even i know every scene!

    KKHH... is just my college story too... i used to be Anjali, i had my Rahul... but no Tina... some scenes are really some events i lived, like the rule of singin for new student... i changed like Anjali did now and Rahul i don't really know if such friendship was love... but i miss my best friend so much and that film is so personal for me... every time i see it... kuch kuch hota hai :heart:
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  18. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I love all of what you said here Mira. Thanks so much again! I'm sorry for your Anjali/ Rahul experience, that it apparently didn't work out for you. It does deepen your appreciation for the movie however! So many people must have experienced similar things. I do also identify with some of the things in this movie.
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  19. mira_khan

    mira_khan Khan addicted!

    Believe me Ruby didi... it can happen in the reality, it happens really... and at that moment, you have to just say "yes... go... i'm happy for you"... men are so blind sometimes
    For the end scene when Rahul is hurted by Anjali jewels Aouch... every time i remember Raj and Simrane in the train at the end in DDLJ

    ps: ok i'll stop... i'm like that, can't stop talking when i start ... sorry for that loooooooooooooong comment!
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  20. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    you are just exactly like me, dear!
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