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Movie Marathon Thoughts!

Discussion in 'Josh' started by MaryAnnK, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Remind me why I have not watched this one for a long time???? He is so cute, but Ash is bugging the heck out of me!! I am going to make it through the whole thing but I do not care for her at all in this film. Shah Rukh is gorgeous as all get out!!! I love the earring he wears. I like him acting as the punk ghoonda.

    Bye, I have to go and finish watching it now.:heart:
  2. cmreeves

    cmreeves Well-Known Member

    This is a film that would have benefited from a stronger supporting cast. Everyone else looks so limp compared to Shah Rukh.
  3. luxia

    luxia I'm demented...

    Is it me or is the plot 'loosely' based on West Side Story? :rolleyes:
    I understand the movie was supposedly happening in the 80s, but was that the reason why most of the cast acted as if they really were the 80s actors? Subtle, it was not. And then there was Ash......the less said, the better.

    The music wasn't so bad...except for Carmina Burana as a Christmas song..... please, have mercy!
  4. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    Shah Rukh is excellent in this movie! for me, his acting shines the most
    ash... yuck :vomit: she's like an irritting added extra thats just not needed at all

    i love the 2 songs Hum Bhi Hai Josh Mein & Apun Bola (which i think he sang himself!) i like them both

    and Shah Rukh looks consistently sexy throughout the whole entire film!
  5. AnitaK

    AnitaK Member

    Yes Luxia. The script for this movie was loosely based on West Side Story which is a film that I'm not a big fan of. But it's difficult not to like this film when Shahrukh is so gorgeously :flame:(I totally agree with MaryAnn - I loved the earrings, the bandana, the rough and :cool: look!)! I also agree on Ash being a bit irritating (but I rarely care for her as an actress). This isn't really my kind of film because I don't like violence at all but I loved the ending with the brother and sister finding out who there parents were and I will definitely watch it over and over just to bask in the beauty of Shahrukh!!! :biggrin1:
  6. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    Just a few quick comments from me about this one as I'm busy this weekend but I did watch a few of the songs from Josh at lunch when I ate.

    I do often take it out to watch some of the songs..sorry I can't recall the Hindi names right now but the two I love are the long one with SRK and his gang singing 'challenges' to the rival gang and their leader. :)That's my absolute favorite in this film.

    The other one I love is the 'Spanish song' at the big dance. I just adore the way SRK dances with the girl and how he turns her, how he moves and most especially how he runs his finger tips up her skyward neck. :heart: No one in the world has ever done a gesture like that even half as sexily! I simply adore those type of hand gestures SRK sometimes does with his leading ladies...each time he does it differently and they are all as sexy as all get out....and IMO this one is one of his very very best!
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  7. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Okay, you have me. I always skip this one. I guess I need to revisit it and check our Shah Rukh!! I do like the song with the two gangs dueling though. :D
  8. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    I like Josh
    SRK was the best thing in the film!
    I love SRK and Ash playing bro and sis
  9. Elahe

    Elahe Dil To Shahrukhee hai!

    Being a big fan of the west side story I also liked josh but I cannot say it’s a well done remake, however is has sharukhhhhhh so its even better than the original west side story. As for the songs Apun bola in shah’s voice is sooo sexy and sailaru sailare is a very nice one as well. I like shahrukh-ash together even though they are not romantically involved in Josh but I like to see them together in the same frame, and this jealous protective brother is soooo sexy, ironically I don't like it when my brother is protective, but shahrukh seems to break all the rules set in my heart
    The girl who is Shahrukh’s love interest in this movie doesn’t do any thing for me, and I mean ANYTHING;). I love shahrukh’s style, and my favourite scene is when they dance in the masque ball. How he pushes everyone aside goes to her, grabs her and pulls her close to him is truly magical, the way he smiles after she gives him a small kiss on the cheek and boy does he look sexyyyy in black oooof!
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  10. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I just watched this movie a second time and I have fallen in love with it. The romance between Max and Rose Anne was so cute and funny..."I love you, yeah." The song that SRK sang his very own self was adorable. I liked the Shirley and Max relationship. It just seemed so genuine and sweet. The romance between Rahul and Shirley was good. How she was a sassy brat to him at first but he patiently won her heart, and behaved honorably throughout. What I liked was that Max was the protagonist of the movie though not the romantic lead, and the character Rahul who was the romantic lead did not overshadow SRK in the least. I loved the deep voice of the actor who played Rahul's brother.

    Of course SRK was the best thing in the movie. He is so good in these more negative roles. I loved his whole look- the clothes, earring, bandanas, motorcycle, etc. It all just suited him right down to the ground. Another thing I liked was that, as SRK pointed out, the gangs were actually fearful of each other and all the talk of killing each other was just talk really. I don't like seeing people beat up one up on other but in this movie it was worth it. I am no connoseur of fight scenes, but I thought the ones in this movie were decently choreographed.

    Another plus is the scenery in Goa is really pretty. The plot of the movie I thought was good. The beginning of the movie nicely foreshadowed the neat twist at the end and the end was satisfying if a bit too fortuitous. It bears little resemblance to West Side Story other that that both are about forbidden love in the setting of rival gangs. Josh is it's own unique story.

    My sister and I were talking about Hindi films and she has agreed to watch one with me. I think it will be Josh, just because of the interesting role SRK played, how completely attractive and well portrayed his character was, and because of the good story it tells. I think a newcomer introduced to SRK by this movie will see him at his very best and understand why he is so loved by so many.
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  11. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    And, yes, This is based on Westside Story!!! Great music from that Broadway play and film! That may be part of why it is hard for me to "like" it!
  12. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.


    Just watched Josh again. This time it seemed like Shah Rukh was not in it enough. Every scene he was in was memorable though and this is why I like the movie. It really is the story of Max. He is the character that changes and matures. The other characters remained the same, but we saw a far different Max in the end than in the beginning. Max had to cope with difficult changes in his life. He was ill prepared to relinquish his control over Shirley to another man. This led to the traumatic discovery he made about his parents. In turn, these two issues are what led to the other troubles he went through, though they also led to his realization that his violent approach to coping with life was all wrong. Its sad that he had to go through an experience that no doubt left him scarred for life before he learned this lesson.

    Of the relationships that we see in the movie, the most important is the one between Max and Shirley. And it was Max who was the most dependent on the relationship. He was extremely possessive of Shirley. She was not that way about him. She was never jealous of his relationship with Roseanne. But we also see that while Shirley's relationship with Rahul became central to her life, Max's relationship with Roseanne was not ever as important to him. When he got into trouble, Shirley was the one he clung to. It's interesting that we see Rahul and Shirley married in the end, but not Max and Roseanne. I presume they were but it wasn't shown. This made the story seem a little bit incomplete to me.

    I must say that I missed seeing Shah Rukh do any romantic songs in this movie. The actor who played Rahul was cute and appealing but he didn't hold a candle to the way SRK performs romantic scenes such as were seen in PBDHH for example. Apun Bola was some compensation though as was the Saturday Night Dance scene.
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  13. Jasmine

    Jasmine Well-Known Member


    Josh is a film about two gangs who fight over territory in a town called Vasco. Shah Rukh Khan plays the part of Max, who is the leader of the “Eagles” gang. He’s a very cool tough guy. Max has a twin sister named Shirley (played by Aishwara Rai), who he is very protective of. Prakash (Shahrad Kapoor) is the leader of the “Bichoo” gang. Prakash’s older brother, Rahul (Chandrachur Singh) and Max’s sister, Shirley, fall in love.

    Josh has some similarities to West Side Story (Which has similarities to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet). In addition to both films having rival gangs fighting over turf with a girl and boy from opposite sides falling in love, here are a few comparisons:

    · West Side Story has a scene with the gang members snapping their fingers. Josh has a brief moment with the gang members snapping their fingers (When Rahul tried to deliver a cake in “Eagle” territory).

    · West Side Story and Josh have a police officer who tries to keep the two gangs peaceful. Josh has a priest who defends the boys in the gangs and hopes to reform them.

    · Using “skin” (fist fighting) is the method of fighting that West Side Story’s “Jets” are most comfortable with. Fist fighting, sticks and chains were used in Josh. Two knives and one gun were used in West Side Story and one knife and one gun were used in Josh.

    · In West Side Story and Josh, the only thing the gangs were afraid of, other than each other, was the police. (In Josh, the gangs would stop fighting for the Priest, too.)

    · There are two spoken songs in West Side Story. There is one spoken song in Josh (with Shah Rukh Khan’s own voice).

    · The “Romeo” figure in West Side Story (Tony) was not a relative of the gang leader, but was like an older brother. He helped found the gang, “The Jets”, but had retired and was working an honest job. The “Romeo” figure in Josh (Rahul) was the older brother of the “Bichoo” gang leader and had no previous involvement in the gang. Both Tony and Rahul had no interest in participating with the gangs.

    · Both films show an image of the female leading actresses dressed in bridal veils. In West Side Story, there is a song with Maria and her boyfriend, Tony, enacting their wedding ceremony in the dress shop where Maria worked. During that song, there are a few moments when Maria is wearing a bridal veil. In Josh there is a moment when Shirley is in a church wearing a full bridal gown and veil.

    · Maria and Shirley both were Christian. Shirley was shown attending church. Maria wore a necklace with a cross on it.

    · In both films, the “Romeo” figures, Tony and Rahul, made statements about the gangs fighting for no worthwhile reason.

    · In both films, Tony and Rahul tried to stop a climactic fight between gangs.

    · In West Side Story, the scenario is: “Boy kills lover’s brother”. In Josh, the scenario is: “Girl’s brother kills lover’s brother”. (In West Side Story, Tony killed Maria’s brother, Bernardo. In Josh, Max killed Prakash, who was the brother of Shirley’s lover.)

    · West Side Story had a sad ending with a message: “It’s not the weapons used, but hate that kills.” Josh ended on a happy note with the killer (Max) being freed (on account of self-defense) and the two lovers were united.

    · West Side Story is strictly a musical with outstanding choreography and unforgettable songs. It is a creative adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, keeping key elements in the story and staying true to Shakespeare’s tragedy format. Josh is a drama with musical numbers included. The characters and relationships in Josh are developed well. And the story line is engaging with situations such as vandalism, fighting, mean jokes (could be defined as humor), some romance, and brotherly/sisterly devotion. Josh is more contemporary than West Side Story. The appearance, manner, and dress of the gang members in Josh have a more impactful image of toughness than the boys in West Side Story. Shah Rukh Khan, in the role of Max, is extraordinarily handsome. If it was possible, I would love to see Shah Rukh Khan play the “Romeo” role with Natalie Wood as the “Juliet” character in a typical Hindi-style film.

    Some aspects of Josh that I especially liked and found interesting are:

    How Shah Rukh Khan looked as Max. I loved the bandana, ear ring, sunglasses, leather jacket, riding on his motorcycle tough guy look.

    I liked the cockroach scene.

    I thought it was funny how Max dared the frumpy orchestra leader to a race and then just let the guy drive off by himself.

    I liked the spoken song with Shah Rukh Khan’s own voice, called “Apun Bola”. I thought it was funny when he held a violin the wrong way while trying to impress his girlfriend. I loved seeing the image of Shah Rukh Khan standing on his motorcycle with the moon behind him at the end of the song.

    I loved the song, “Lola”, when Max entered the masquerade dance, pushing people out of the way and heading directly towards his girlfriend. He danced so masterfully and so passionately. I loved the part when he walked his fingers up her neck. I loved it when he dipped his girlfriend while dancing, when he almost kissed her, when she kissed him on the cheek, and I especially loved his smile after she kissed him.

    I thought it was interesting that Max and Shirley wore identical ear rings.

    This is the third film in a row that I’ve watched and reviewed where a cat played a small role in Shah Rukh Khan’s films. Baadshah had “Meena”, the cat Raj saved in his extravagant story about how he lost his eye sight. Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani had a cat rescued by Ajay from an exploding bomb. And now in Josh, there was a cat named “Maggie”, who hid in the coal closet with Rahul and later got to ride on Max’s motorcycle when Shirley didn’t want to go for a ride.

    I was glad that Max’s character showed remorse for his actions after he had been put in jail.

    Right after Shirley spoke with Rahul, pleading with him to help Max out, a song begins. I really like the music. It is Carl Orff “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana. It was used in the film, Excalibur. Here is a link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA8MeJFRh04 (Just as a warning, the youtube video shows some graphic violence from Excalibur, so avert your eyes and listen only, if that bothers you.)

    I thought the main co-actors who were in Josh with Shah Rukh Khan were solid actors and I appreciated the contribution their roles played in the film.
    Alenka says thanks.
  14. Jasmine

    Jasmine Well-Known Member

    I really like your insight about the relationships in this film. It's true, Shirley never was jealous of Max's relationship with his girlfriend and Rahul became central to her life. And Max did feel closer to his sister and she was the one he held on to when he was in trouble. As I watched the film, I felt Max demonstrated passion very well for his girlfriend. His girlfriend, however, was more flat on screen. She was beautiful, but just didn't give off the sparkle and energy that I've seen from some female actresses.

    Funny that you should mention missing seeing Shah Rukh Khan in this film! The same thing happened to me. I loved every moment that he was on screen, but I wanted to see him more. He did the loving brother role wonderfully. But, because I know he's so good at playing the romantic lead in films...part of me wished he could do Rahul's part. I think it would be neat to see him in a Romeo type role where it more closely resembles Shakespeare...even though it would have a sad ending.
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  15. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Hey, Jasmine and Rubyroo, are you two doing your own movie marathon without me? :)
    rubyroo says thanks.
  16. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Yep we are doing one. I thought you knew. We are watching all his main movies in order. It's the movie marathon to beat all marathons.We are going to watch 49 movies all together. Josh is number 29. And actually I will probably be watching JTHJ last when it comes out on DVD, so that will be number 50 for me.
  17. Debbie

    Debbie Stand By Him

    Watched last night......have to admit I skipped a lot, well not any of "his" scenes.....he is so gorgeous. And such a bad boy! :faint:The scenes where he is dancing with his girlfriend, hot hot hot.
    But one of my favorites is when he finds out who his father really is.....his eyes tell it all. I am again and again amazed how he takes a roll and makes it his own. So believable, such a joy to watch.
  18. Journey95

    Journey95 Guest

    Really awesome movie, loved SRK as the "bad boy". He is just great with roles like this. Aishwarya was also solid, didnt like their pairing in Devdas or Mohabbtein but as bro & sis they work well.

    Chandrachur Singh as Rahul was kind of annoying with his naivety and righteousness but I suppose it was important to show the contrast between him and the gang leaders. His romance with Shirley wasn't very believable though. Liked his brother more even though he kind of turned evil later on.

    SRK's LI in this movie has to be the most pointless one ever though. Wtf was the point? Awful actress too. At the same time its probably good that the romance wasnt very important, I preferred Max the cool gang leader. SRK already has so many romance roles, its good to see him in a different type of role.

    I didnt like the forced happy ending, didnt feel right in a movie like this. Especially the epilogue was kind of cringey. Just like that this old conflict was resolved?

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