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Movie Marathon thoughts!

Discussion in 'Darr' started by MaryAnnK, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I watched Darr 2 nights in a row and tonight when I was doing screen caps I cried at Rahul's death for the first time. When he says "Don't hate me" That is just the saddest last words anyone could have to say.
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  2. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Watching it now!
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  3. Prince<3 SRK

    Prince<3 SRK Mad For SRK

    WOOOOW!! Darr is fantastic movie and SRK acting and expressions make you freeze and numb and :director:Yash Chopra ji's direction is like bonus for audience, mindblowing locations of Switzerland,Shimla and outstanding music make DARR evergreen movie of Indian Cinema.:first:

    Well you all know Yash chopra ji first offered Villian role to Sunny deol but he refused it and say that it will effect his star image but when movie released then innocent and newcomer SRK's Charm and acting pushed SRK towards success. Darr and SRK success as Villian effect Sunny deol really bad and he said that Yash Chopra Ji playing game with him:frusty:

    >>Sunny Deol on working experience with Yash Chopra ji during Darr -: :fencing:

    ""the worst experience of my life. I was sick of the manipulations and lies. One day in Switzerland, I was so angry that when I stuffed my hands into the pockets, I ripped the jeans I was wearing
    ." :blah:

    Darr Music<<

    Darr music was superb "Tu Mere Samne Mai Tere Samne" and "Jadoo Teri Nazar" is one of my fav song. My mom told me that i use to sang this song in my childhood day and i only recite one line "Tu hai meri kiran.. Tu hai meri Kiran

    Darr scenes<<
    I love the movie but some scenes are my favourite

    I love that scene in which Rahul (SRK) walking on the ledge and by pulling flower's petal he chant "She love me..She love me not" the dedication and psychological thrill SRK showed in that scene was mindblowing

    In one scene SRK entered in his house and stop and ask his dad "Dad yaha Kiran aayi thi" he actuly judge Kiran presence that kind of mad he shown in the movie and when he came to know that Sunil and Kiran getting married the way he break glass table its awsome scene, it surely thrill anybody

    Welll i can say that from 1993 to till now DARR is only known by SRK"s acting and by his performance, nobody will ever forget that K..K.K.Kiran dilougoue and yes his fantastic and scary laugh hahahahah ....... darr-dvd1.jpg
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  4. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Wow Parijat. Thanks so much for these comments. Although I have heard that Sunny Deol was disgruntled about the reception Shah Rukh got from his performance in the movie, I never knew that Sunny Deol was offered the role of Rahul. Its fun to imagine what the movie would have been like if the 2 actor's roles had been reversed. It still would have been a win for Shah Rukh I believe.

    I bet you drove your mom nuts singing that line from "Jadoo Teri Nazar" again and again but how adorable!

    I also love Shah Rukh's first scene on the building ledge. What an awesome entry for him although I get a little scared that he could have fallen off there.

    The scene where Shah Rukh came in the room after Sunil and Kiran visited his home to give his dad a wedding invitation was amazing. His whole way of acting was so compelling. He seemed to sense immediately that Kiran had been there and the feelings his face and manner expressed: joy shading into heartbreak and then rage were incredible. I always have to watch it multiple times.
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  5. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Some thoughts, but not finished watching yet: "Main aur overacting?" I love this line from OSO!! My husband and I find ourselves using it often to express something that seems a "little over the top!" I had the thought yesterday while watching Darr that his acting is a little over the top because he had it in him after being on stage! Stage actors have to "fill" the stage and film actors only have to fill the little eye of the camera! Think about it. He just fills up the huge movie screen with his actions! He is aware of his place in the scene.
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  6. Prince<3 SRK

    Prince<3 SRK Mad For SRK

    Hhaha Always Welcome :):D Well its true that Sunny Deol shared some grudges with Yash Chopra ji :fencing:but Sunny Deol is a very nice person and very down to earth actor in bollywood.:angel:.though even i shocked and feel bad when i read about his experience with Yash Chopra JI but after this controversy i never heard or read about any conflict between Sunny Deol and Yash Chopra Ji.

    Darr Fact<<

    There are many unknown fact of DARR on internet but not at one place all are like scattered. Let me share one more fact that tittle "DARR" was suggested by Hritik Roshan to Aditya Chopra and yes SRK character Rahul"s role was even offered to Ajay Devgun and Aamir Khan but both refused the role.

    Here you can read some part of interview <<<<


    Hhaha my whole family laugh a lot when i chant "Tu Hai Meri Kiran" all the time just like holy mantra:pound: ya not awsome and good like SRK but surely i sing cutely:baby: :). My mom told me that i stick to the T.V whenever this song came and i am not remember but i am 100% sure that i only watch Juhi Chawla in this song lolz. Welli can say i am born SRKIAN:rockon:
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  7. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I have heard so often about how Sunny Deol was unhappy with the movie Darr because he was supposed to be the hero and he resented that Shah Rukh stole the limelight from him.

    I don't want to be negative here but I was thinking about this as I watched Darr this time. I looked up the stuff Sunny said in interviews about how angry he was and also the things that Aamir Khan said about his experience when he was chosen to play Rahul at first.

    I won't delve into all that too much- anyone interested can google it and find the information. I did however watch the movie straight through tonight so I could form an opinion about this controversy.

    The first time I saw Darr I had no doubt that Sunny and Juhi were the main characters- the hero and heroine and that Shah Rukh was in a secondary role as the villain. Of course I already loved Shah Rukh so I found his performance to be the most impressive and was rather bored with the other two having more screen time. I just reread what I said about these characters earlier. I was in the early stage of being totally infatuated with Shan Rukh so I was quite resentful about how his character was treated by the other two.

    This time I paid close attention to Sunny's character and tried to view him more fairly. My impression this time is that he was in general an admirable and appealing character. I haven't seen him in any other movie but it seems like this role was his typical action hero type character that he has played very often. He was intelligent, courageous, and a resourceful fighter. He was loved unreservedly by Kiran even though he liked to play jokes on her that were sometimes unpleasant for her. He was a poetic, playful, romantic, devoted lover. Even Rahul said repeatedly that Sunil was a very nice person.

    There were a few incidents that seemed out of character for him- First when he was ogling girls in bikinis and watching a stripper show on TV while he was on his honeymoon. Also when he mocked Rahul in the end of the movie after brutally beating and killing him.

    These could be seen as evidence that Sunny was treated unfairly as his character was made to seem less attractive than Shah Rukh's. I can see how an actor might resent this if he felt it was done deliberately and wasn't what he expected.

    I understand now how it can be for actors. They are like tools that the director uses as he chooses to tell the story he wants to tell. The actor probably often does not have full control over what is done with the his work. The way the movie is edited and the dialogues and performance required of him are no doubt often not under his control.

    I think it's quite likely that Yash Chopra's ideas for how to handle the story were influenced by Shah Rukh's charisma, charm, talent and gorgeous looks once he was selected for the part. Shah Rukh was like his 3rd or 4th choice to play Rahul. He no doubt realized he wouldn't have gotten the performance he did out of any other actor, and that he had an opportunity to show a crazy villain in quite a different manner than usual.

    I can imagine it must be annoying for a director to have to deal with recalcitrant disgruntled demanding actors. I'm not saying Sunny is normally that way ( I'm sure he's not) but it seems that he was in this case from the things he has said himself about it.

    I have heard that Shah Rukh works hard to give the director the performance he requires. I have heard him say that a movie is the creation of the director not the actors.

    I believe that in Darr he gave Yash Chopra unreservedly what he wanted from him. I read that an objection Aamir had about the character of Rahul was that he had to be beaten up by Sunny. He felt that it would reduce his stature as an actor to submit to that. Apparently he was placated by being assured that the 2 characters would exchange an equal amount of blows. I didn't bother counting how many blows Shah Rukh delivered in his 2 fights with Sunny, because it was only a few in the second fight, none in the first. He obviously had no qualms about his character getting beaten to a pulp if it was what the role required. I know which of these actors I would have preferred to work with if I had been directing this movie!
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  8. Journey95

    Journey95 Guest

    Another great movie from SRK's earlier years. I was pleasantly surprised that it was made by Yash Chopra, thought he only did normal romance stories but this was refreshing & a good change. Showing the darker side of love.

    SRK did such a great job at portraying this Rahul who was crazy and obsessed with Kiran, very different from his other Rahuls no doubt.

    Still I felt sorry for him despite him being a psycho and creepy stalker. We dont know how exactly he became crazy (was it his mothers death?) but maybe if he got help early he wouldnt have ended up like this. Starting to approach Kiran (in creppy ways) after she was ready to marry another guy was crazy but makes for an engaging story.

    But its not as great as Baazigar.Sunil is just too ridiculous (see his first scene wtf) & bland and Juhi doesnt have much to do as Kiran apart from acting scared or do cringey romance scenes with Sunny.SRK's character was overall more compelling in Baazigar too because you really understood where he was coming from. In Darr its too ambigious.

    And I hated how instead of getting him help he was killed & made fun of (the airport scene was disgusting, made them even more unlikable). Its no surprise that Sunny was pissed (pretty silly he still is though), SRK just overshadows everyone & is the real star of this movie. Sunil and Kirans scenes feel like boring filler in comparison.

    From the songs Jadu Meri Nazar is very memorable and captures the movie's theme very well. 9/10
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