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'More people are watching KBC ever before'

Discussion in 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' started by rnglsrk, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. rnglsrk

    rnglsrk New Member

    There seems to be a muted conspiracy to pull Kaun Banega Crorepati 3 down. Surprisingly, one didn’t hear constant discussions about it’s ratings, impact and over-analysis when the Big B was at its helm. In a frank chat, Siddharth Basu, who produces KBC, talks about the conspiracy theory, Shah Rukh and the ratings.

    Everybody seems to be tossing around KBC TRPs. What’s the real figure?

    This is no secret as TAM figures are regularly published. The key is not an absolute figure, as if that’s some kind of ultimate class grade, but the number of viewers.

    And the bottom line is that more people are watching KBC with SRK than ever before.

    Do you sense a conspiracy to sabotage KBC?

    I really don’t know whether it’s competitors or just natural media obsession with a much-hyped show.

    What I do know is that people are enjoying the show in large numbers, Star is positive about its commercial performance and the show is delivering high visibility to its sponsors.

    So the uninformed or deliberately distorted reports about TRPs are of questionable consequence.

    KBC figures were never this hotly debated in the past.

    The match has been played and won. Extraa Talk can go on forever. It’s inevitable that when something takes center stage in a crowded and competitive field, there will be a few hoots among the hurrahs.

    Is the continuous TRP debate frustrating or amusing?

    The show is as entertaining as it can get. It remains richly rewarding for those who want to stake a claim for the hot seat and the huge prize, and compelling viewing for those who can see how a few questions can change lives for the better.

    And it has a new host who has re-invented the conduct of the show superbly, reaching out to new and younger audiences. That’s what matters to us as producers, and that’s what should matter to viewers.

    How would you describe KBC 3 — average or hit?

    Going by viewer response, it’s as good as it can get.

    Is KBC3 ending in April?

    Yes. This series is for 52 episodes. Star has acquired the rights for 5 years with a maximum of 52 episodes each year, so the fourth season will start any time later this year.

    Were SRK’s episodes Mr Bachchan’s backlog?

    All the contestants who had qualified for KBC 2 but couldn’t take part because of last year’s premature termination have been accommodated in the current series of KBC 3 with SRK.

    Is Shah Rukh’s contract being reworked, like his detractors are saying?

    I cannot comment on matters pertaining to his contract and commercials, because as producers we have nothing to do with it.

    But I can categorically say that Synergy and Star are more than satisfied
    with Shah Rukh’s performance as host of KBC 3.

    Any message for the KBC critics?

    Do they exist?

    It is being rumoured that celebrities are shown the questionnaire beforehand. Comment.

    Never. No contestant, least of all any celebrity on KBC, has ever been given a clue about questions or answers before the recording. They are not paid either, unlike some other shows.

    The celebrities genuinely donate the value of their time apart from their winnings.

    What does happen with charity specials on KBC is that the questions put to the celebrities are relatively simpler, since the winnings are not for the contestant, but entirely for recognised charities.

    The host, who is never given the answers beforehand either, goes all out to be as helpful as possible.



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    R:Rule The World
    K:King Khan

    :heart: KBC-SRK:Keep Going :heart:
  2. Poonam

    Poonam New Member

    Good answers. I've always wondered about the celeb specials. And he's quite right about the 'conspiracy theory.' But nothing can pull a good show down. SRK gets better with each episode, there's always something to look forward to with him. Go, babe!
  3. srk_mai

    srk_mai New Member

    i too wondered.. coz the celeb. questions are more easier as compared to the contestants!!
  4. nainital

    nainital New Member

    If those ratings included everyone watching it on the internet, too, (which I'm sure, less people around the globe did in AB's time - I certainly didn't watch it then!) KBC would certainly be rated as one of the world's super-mega-TV-sensations!
  5. chatranisrk

    chatranisrk Well-Known Member

    I completely agree with you Monique! I wasn't even aware of India's cinema when Big B was hosting this show! I never watch it in France because I don't like the host, but I'm glued to the episodes via the net at first, just for Shah Rukh's performance and now because I do like it and I learn a lot of stuff while enjoying myself!

    KBC must be the most entertaining show of the planet Earth!! :heart: :heart:
  6. lamya

    lamya Well-Known Member

    he's replies are just what was needed....hope the media leaves KBC3 and his new host alone....coz he's the best
  7. SolasMorat

    SolasMorat New Member

    AW: 'More people are watching KBC ever before'

    thanks RNG!

    “…The match has been played and won. Extra Talk can go on forever. It’s inevitable that when something takes center stage in a crowded and competitive field, there will be a few hoots among the hurrahs …”

    …that’s right. Shah Rukh is a great host :clap2:
  8. najet

    najet dil se

    Re : Re: 'More people are watching KBC ever before'

    Completely of agreement with you Joelle!!!!!:clap2: :clap2:

    KBC with Shah rukh must be obligatory in the world he brings to us so much smile and to be well at the house!!! :)
  9. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    thanks for posting i hope shahrukh is signed for the nest seasons for ever and i cant wait for his films

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