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Members Ra.One Reviews

Discussion in 'RaOne (Ra.1)' started by rollercoast, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Could the Mods please set up a section for Members' Reviews?
    I have a feeling they will be coming thick and fast soon! :D

    For previous films we have also had a separate section for media reviews.
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  2. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    Please post your reviews for now I won't be able to make a special section till next week, unfortunately. trying to sort things out and bhuwan is out of the country.
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  3. My review : (I watched 1st day 1st show in 3d)...

    Film is good..VFX is stunning...comedy is also good at few points and overall good entertainer...however to be honest i feel like everything was perfect and complete but something is missing (don't know what is missing)...Songs are good..3d quality is also decent...Kareena's role is short and sweet..tony wu (chinese - don't call him jackie chan) is good...armaan (young boy) has done a very good job..srk is in double role and is great as always...

    This sentences very important in the film : "buraai sang jo mel rachaya...to kabhi na chhute uska saaya"..means "if you make friendship with bad people, then their shadow will never leave you"..

    This sentence is the main theme of the climax...
    Father-Son relationship is very good and that's the heart (or HART) of the movie..

    but something is missing and i don't know what... :(

    Overall it is good movie and would give it a 4/5...It would be a super duper hit and that's for sure.
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  4. Herewithme

    Herewithme Active Member

    Ra. One (2011) 2D 150 minutes

    Watching a movie and then reflecting upon it gets harder every time as an average viewer is exposed to so many different kinds of films made in so many different languages, each speaking a different sub text of story telling, shot taking, action, emotions, Vfx, music, etc within a single genre. So watching Ra.One for what it is, a Hindi language film made in India is the best way to reflect on it.

    Technology, machines, inventions, gizmos… they have re defined the way we live our lives and will continue to do so. There might come one day when they become so part and parcel of our lives that the distinction between what’s real and what’s virtual will become blurry to distinguish between. So what if some one designs a video game with the most menacing and evil character and equip it with AI. An evil machine or program that can think for itself, feel greed, envy, vengeance and a bloated ego to boost coming out of your TV screens into our daily life can only cause havoc. So how will we deal with it, who will save the mere mortals from such an invincible evil person? Why the hero, the superhero from the game itself will come to our rescue.

    That is the basic premise for Anubhav Sinha directed Ra.One with a running time of around 150 minutes starring Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor & Arjun Rampal. It’s a dicey concept, meaning its neither here or there. A lot of people will either believe such a premise can exist and a lot will find it hard to accept such concepts. But this particular viewer was hooked into it right from the start. It seemed a little far fetched but sounded plausible at the same time. Because this belief will be the game changer, if you can get someone to believe in this then the rest of the story, about the family coping with life’s twists & turns in the midst of all this wont matter.

    That’s because the story at the core is a very simple one. Its about a small family, a mum, a dad and their 12 year old. And the writers have taken great measures to keep it child friendly, be it the twists and turns in the screenplay, introduction of characters, simplest of dialogues that I have heard in a long time all put in to please the little kid and the young teens. Sure there are a couple of scenes and dialogues that are not intended for the kid, its for the adults accompanying them and they range from entertaining to slightly risqué.

    Speaking about performances…

    Shahrukh Khan as Shekhar Subramanium oscillates between a goofball caricature and a genuine dotting father with a brilliant mind. Its quite sad that the writers decided to give the goofball more screen space because as the latter he is really effective especially in the alley scene. And some where along due to this light handling of his character, when at an important juncture in the film for this character, I was not able to feel much empathy for him as I really should have.

    Kareena Kapoor as Soniya plays it as such that other actors feed off her effortlessly. And while the film isn’t really about her, she works with what she is given and lights up every frame no matter what. The actor in her emerges during a few cut scenes set during a sad song. Her eyes deliver a thousand lines during those scenes.
    Arjun Rampal as Ra.one is effective and looks the part and is highly assisted by a lot of Vfx in his performance.

    Aman Verma as Prateek / Lucifer surprisingly doest get clingy or gets on your nerves like other child actors. He looks very convincing as an avid gaming fan and a rebellious teen.

    Shahrukh Khan as G.One looks good and convincing. And just like Arjun’s case, the Vfx truly enhances his act.


    The music is good, especially the BGM but the one that they keep playing every time G.One comes on screen gets a little bit irritating in the end. But the main attraction is Chammak Challo, its such an addictive song and full marks to Akon and V-S for such a brilliant composition. The sound recording & mixing is also top notch, only place I felt Resul Pookuty could have done better was during the early chase scene in the film.

    The special effects receive a 9.75 on 10. Where does that 0.25 go? Its because the scene at the power station could have had much better composition and finesse than the final cut. The main attraction is the awe inspiring climax, glad they kept that out of the trailers. It leaves such a lasting impression that ever after coming out of the theater you cant help but keep playing back the images in your head.

    Lets give some marks…

    Direction – 8/10

    Story – 10/10

    Screenplay – 7/10

    Dialogues – 8/10

    Editing – 8/10

    Camera – 9/10

    Music – 7/10

    Performances – 8/10

    Overall – 8/10

    Definitely a good watch and you should try it at least once in a cinema near you. If not for anything else, at least for the vision behind it and the guts to follow your dream.
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  5. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Thanks for the review but would you mind saying at the beginning if it contains spoilers?
    I'm scared to read it. :D
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  6. shahrukh1990

    shahrukh1990 Mate at the PLANET:0

    Once in decades comes a film which leaves you so spellbound that you tend to wonder the level of movie-making Bollywood has advanced to today!After watching a film like RA. ONE , It makes me feel proud to say that I part of a nation, an industry in which gave us such a movie!NEVER EVER IN THE HISTORY OF INDIAN CINEMA have such stupendous SPECIAL EFFECTS been used!!-The more you talk about it, the lesser the words you get! SHAHRUKH KHAN is worthy of every single applaud he has been getting for the FILM!THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO RA ONE WITHOUT SRK!!!SRK is the soul of the film! Kareena enacts her part well and so does the kid Armaan...Arjun's terror-struck antics are brilliant!The 3D Effects just add up to the surprises and stun you!
    What do I rate a movie which is just beyond exclamations??I have NO Rating scales to rate this masterpiece!GO...Watch RA. ONE {EVIL} DIE IN 3D THIS DIWALI SEASON!:)

    Some sequences I would never ever forget from the film:

    1.) Ra. One's coming out to life , right out of a GAME!-Brilliantly shot and edited!
    2.) G.One's train stunts.........MINDBOGGLING!!!!!!!!!!!
    3.) The sequence right after Chammak Challo ends...{I wudn't mention what!}..U DO NOT expect such a thing happening!..Leaves you with a surprise!
    4.) The THIRD LEVEL WITH 10 RA.ONE's V/S ONE G.ONE!-Thats what you call SPECIAL EFFECTS!!!:)
  7. Herewithme

    Herewithme Active Member

    My review doesnt hav any spoilers or anything, I have tried to keep it as vague as possible with regards to any scenes or the movie itself!
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  8. Swad3s

    Swad3s Active Member

    contains spoilers

    The genre of the movie (gaming) is still untapped in bollywood and thus any new project requires a lot of guts to make it. I cant recall a single gaming movie made in bollywood prior to this let alone being successful. Credit to SRK for venturing in this genre and opening it up. The movie has got many layers as a matter of fact but is presented in a rather simple form so that everyone from bandra to junagarh can understand the concept of it.
    The makers have tried to keep the story as simple as possible so that everyone stays connected and they have conveyed their points nicely using mythology Ravavn (Ra.1) & Jeevan (G.One) & at times jokes. SRK plays the role of a computer geek shekhar aiyyo subramaniyyam. His charm is infectious and he essays this role with such ease that it’s a joyful ride all along with prateek his son who believes, BAD is cool & Sonia (kareena) looking million bucks throughout & portraying the role with poignancy and her trademark spark.
    Story doesn’t lag unnecessarily on songs or shekhar/Sonia romcom. It keeps moving ahead pretty fast with Ra.1 game launch. Things tend to go wrong here and we have Ra.1 in real world. Tragedy strikes on the family and we have G1 to the rescue. G1’ entry is amazing and SRK tries to keep the super-hero part humorous as well which did strike a good chord especially with kids and families. The movie slacks in the later half as we get towards the end, although it has good vfx the ending I believe could have been trimmed even further.
    Arjun makes bad look good. The voice dubbing, body & vfx just accentuated his presence on the screen.
    Songs are fantastic by VS. They have been picturised amazingly by anubhav sinha. Bhare naina, Chammak challo & raftaarein were awesome.
    As srk was stressing that he wanted better VFX to have better looking b’wood movies. I’d say this is the best looking & grandest to have come out of B’wood stable.
    Action was slick, I mean really awesome. They could have done with a few more chase sequences but they have made me greedy for Ra.2 :D
    The movie seems to cater at all segments which isn’t really a bad thing in itself but at times it gets muddled up. As a SRK fan I feel this flick has far too many crude jokes which seems to be there for the single screen audience.
    It’s a desi entertainer with its heart in the right place & it does have a repeat value. Records will be broken. :D

    End credits are simply awesome.

    4 /5
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  9. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Just had to say thank you to Rumana for letting me know that Ra.One was in town today!!!
    Got to meet her for the first time, along with her friend, and see a great film!!
    No spoilers here. Just letting you know that it is fun to watch all round!
    It is definitely a first for an Indian film and meets all the hype that was written about it!
    Will be going with my husband to see it in 3D soon.

    Thanks Rumana!
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  10. sami16

    sami16 a fan not a fanboy

    So, this thread is for reviews, so heres mine:

    Venue: UK, Cineworld O2 North Greenwich...17:10 showing on SKY SUPERSCREEN (halfway Between normal screen and IMAX)

    Turnout and trending : Cinema was about 2/3 full, from what I could see everyone came back post intermission besides one guy in front of me who left during intermission and didn't come back.

    Bottomline: High on style, low on substance.
    Rating: 2.5/5

    -ve's: Pacing, dialogues, SRK as Shekhar Subramanium, song placement

    +ve: VFX, Arjun Rampal as Ra. One. SRK as G. One, Kareenas general role

    So, the biggest film of 2011 promised alot, including this marketing stratergy of being the "next level", so was it? Well the honest answer would be no, it stops quite a few levels short. Ra. One is a mishmash of poor dialogue, poor pacing, high glitz, good VFX and actually some pretty good performances, don't get me wrong this is no Tees Maar Khan but neither is it a 3 Idiots, it lies somewhere in between that plathora of films we like to call average.

    So the story is this, Shekhar Subramaniam (SRK in what I can only call a bad, bad tamil characeture) is a software engineer complete with the stereotypical "aiyyo" and curds and noodle "thingy", who is struggling to connect with his London living brat of a son Prateek (Armaan Verma), who thinks daddy is not "cool". Shekhar tries everything, from dressing up as MJ to using "dyude" (read "dude") all to no avail, until he decides to cash in on his sons love for videogame villains, leading to "Ra. One", a virtual movement game named after the mythological Raavan inspired villain. Alot of technoligical hogwash is thrown around in the beginning to try and explain how the inevitable happens: Ra. One (Arjun Rampal....mainly) the supervillain literally escapes from the game and pissed that Prateek beat him in the first level, Ra. One goes on the rampage looking for "Lucifer", who is of course Prateek, in the process he kills Shekhar. More predictable stuff occurs as G. One (the games superhero who is based on the likeness of Shekhar) is also let loose in a similar way, he teams up with Prateek and the rest of the film is about how they bond and try to beat Ra. One.

    One things become inevitable as you watch Ra. One, the obvious attempt was to dazzle viewers with VFX so much that perhaps cracks (not just dents) in the story and pacing would be papered over, the pacing at times is too slow, for example when G. One (who rather than a superhero, seems to appear for some part of the film as a bodyguard with powers), Sonia and Prateek arrive in India, they're hustled by some typical streetwallahs and a good 20 mins is wasted with no movement in plot (also a pointless Rajinikanth appearance ansures), at times it is too fast (read Shekhars death and how quickly Sonia/Prateek seem to get over it, one song Bhare Naina is apparently all it needs). The film in essence tries to appeal to to many people, its humour is bland but there are some genuinely funny moments, theres also some sort of infatuation with the crotch, actually a bit of feature in most SRK masala films, if constant physical and even gay jokes about it are funny, then perhaps they are, but I couldn't raise a smile. The VFX is the main talking point, lets get that out of the way: Its good, definitely a step above from your Krishh and Robots, money has been invested and it shows on screen. The chase scene pre interval including G. Ones initial clash with Ra. One, the train scene just after Chammak Challo, aswell as the Ra. One "reforming" post interval are all well executed and contain edge of your seat stuff, the VFX is up to scratch throughout the film. Its a shame then that moments like those are few and far between alot of waffling, techno-talk, cheesy dialogue "Main yah par aaye hoon sirf tumhe khatam karne ko" and misplaced/uneeded songs (Dildaara has no point in the film).

    The climax is possibly the weakest point, the final clash between Ra. One and G. One just does not have the grandeur associated with such clashes (not to mention the tacky videogame environment in which it occurs), the boys continuos chirping during it doesn't help either.

    SRK is in form here in a double role but one avatar lets him down, as G. One he partly repeats the MNIK act but manages to pass off effectively as a robot, its his Shekhar act which despite being funny at times and jovial to watch, ends up being slightly offensive and towards the interval, damn annoying. In fact you sort of breathe a sigh of relief when he is killed. Arjun Rampal in his, uh, extended guest appearance dazzles as Ra. One, he gets by far the best dialogue "Tum har saal Raavan ko isliye jalate ho kyu kin tum jante ho wo kabhi nahi marta" (EPIC) (Ra. One is also referred at one point to as "Pibi 2"....what is that, what does it mean?....an example of one of many plot holes), he brings pure villainy to the role. Kareena Kapoor is fun as Shekhars feminist wife and later on, in a plot twist, effective. Armaan Verma does well to stand between his on screen mother and father and hold his own, hes let down though by some poor dialogue. Shahana Goswami is wasted and in another example of a plot hole, is completely forgotten about pre-interval until post-climax, she appears to be the one who releases G. One from the game, then there is no mention of her, at this point where presuming shes been killed by Ra. One until she pops up at the end. Tom Wu has a brief role as one of the gaming technicians but is also the face of Ra. Ones first form: a terminator inspired black shades and neck-clicking avatar, he does well. Dilip Tahil and Satish Shah briefly appear as Shekhars boss and Uncle respectively.

    Ending note: Ra. One is an honest attempt to be different, see it for its honesty, not for the hype. Watch it for the hype and you will be dissapointed.
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  11. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Actually, I think everyone here will see it for srk! :D
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  12. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    I make it short cause I'm still so spechless. Just fantastic. Shah Rukhs first Scene is a must watch. :faint2: Thats all what i say i know some here do not have seen it till now and i do not want to spoil. :) I do not know why so many say the grafics are bad for me it was mindblowing. And Shah Rukh And Shah Rukh as Shekar Submaraniam just great. He is so loveable. Well the Cinema was good visited. And we had a great Show. The Special effects are amazing and Stunts just wow. I saw Shah Rukh in a Avatar in which i saw him never before. And he do it great. And Mr.Rampals Character is really scary. I laught i cried and cried because i laughted so much. In my Opinion Ra.One has all. From me definitely both thumbs up. 5 Stars of 5 Stars if not more. I came out of the Cinema with open Mouth and a Poster which we got for free. Its not small but also not so big ut i will say it has mote then 50 centimeters legth
    For all who are very emotional. Do not forget Tissues you will need them. I forgot mine and wished i had not forgot them.
    Can't wait to watch it tomorrow again.

    I'm sorry if my Review is not so professional like others here are but its the first time i write one so please have Mercy with me :)

    A small Reqeust on Team Ra.One, Shah Rukh and Mr.Sinah Oh please for the sake of all Female Shah Rukh Fans :director: GOD GIVE US A POSTER OF SHAH RUKHS FIRST SCENE IN THE MOVIE PLEASE PLEASE!!! :baby:
    Sorry i had to left that out :eek: That Scene is just woww
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  13. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Great to see your reaction Anke.
    Can hardly wait to see it too! :D
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  14. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Awww i know you will love it Chris. :hug:
    I can't wait to read what you will think about Ra.One. :hug:
    Oh there was A Scene I will not say to much but There was Shah Rukh and a other Guy and in my Mindss screemed to that Guy oh God why to hell DO YOU HAVE STOPED HIM :tape: :oops: Well i think after watching the Film you will know which Scene i have mean. :lol: And also that I'm a very naughty Girl :behindsofa:
  15. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    :scared: :target: :faint: Oh stop it!!!! You're killing me with anticipation! :lol:
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  16. prilvsrk

    prilvsrk ♥tere liye♥

    HOMG!!!!!!! i'm in loooove.. that was freaking out of my mind fabulous!
    full credit to team.one.. they've put together an experience of EPIC (like SRK epic) proportions.
    how can you not love this man? you can see his hard work, his creativity, his brilliance.. this movie is his brainchild.
    wonderful gift for us, for his kids and to his parents. absolutely amazing. :heart::love:
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  17. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Oh then better i will stop that you can go and watch it by your self. :hug: I hope i will see you again alive :pray: :lol: I wish you a lots of fun when you go and watch Ra.One :kiss:
  18. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Absolutely agreed with you Priyanka. :) Ra.One was so worth all the waiting. And i so pray that it will be a big big Success. :pray:
  19. iamsrk

    iamsrk I HATE to lose !!

    hi friends , my review of the movie is very concise!
    here it is ,
    the movie according to me was very loosely handled , jokes were prudish.. after coming out of the theatre i was just wondering what went wrong!
    first of all the SCREENPLAY was not at all good ... anubhav sinha ... have great respect for him for giving a movie like TUM BIN ... but i dont know what happened this time!
    the story of ra.one was so beautiful which was ruined by poor screenplay writers(kanika dhillon, mushtaq sheikh) ... srk needs to get rid of them, then, the art direction was not at all up to the mark.
    srk should've hired the guy who did it for DON 2 ..... the dialogues ... they were not matching with the screenplay ... again screenplay comes into picture!!.... please someone let kanika dhillon meet me ... i want to explain her certain thing... i am also the guy in the same business... which has so many creative people around me ... i dont know to which group or circuit she belongs to!
    as far as the film is concerned! .... srk was the only sales point and TOM WU was superb,,, i wish he was the only villain in the movie.. he did a brilliant job... arjun was good .. not very good!... but good!
    about the vfx .. well i would be a fool to question it.... it was superb!!. MIND BLOWING!
    it reminds me of the end scene.. which was again loosely handled!! ... it should;ve been more explosive and epic as some may say... and the set... the arcade we must call it was kitsch!!!! ... please srk dont take sabu cyril in the next venture... he is better off for south indian movie.!!
    this is not a HATER review.. i am just like many of you die hard fans of srk here!! .... may be a degree more... u cant imagine my adulation for the man !!... but he gave this beautiful film...a beautiful thought in the hands of some wrong people!
    the movie... the idea ... was very nice but the people who handled to exfoliate it were wrong!
    on the other hand.... did u guys read the graphic novel ... it was conceptualised by SRK himself!! .... i think only if the movie was made on the lines of that graphic novel it would've crossed all expectation of a few dissappointed die hard fans.
    the graphic novel by itself is an epic and something really cool!
    i dont know wht happened in the film!! ... i like the movie just because of the VFX and ofcourse SRK!!! :)

    my pick!! .. right screeplay writer would b the one who did it for swades!! .... right director would be shimit amin or rakesh roshan... or even farhan akhtar for that matter!!
    right dialogues would've been from the guy who did it for CHAK DE!!

    i think if a sequal is made.... an all new creative team is appointed !!... or i think srk himself should write the story coz as i understand ... he is brilliant at it!! :)
    those who didnt like my opinion on the movie ... please pardon me.... but i was honest being a die hard srk fan... i dont want his reputation to steep down as against the small movies other stars are doing and raking in enought money!!
    i am just concerned like a WIFE ! :(

    love you srk... i hope the movie crosses all the records!!
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  20. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    OMG! OK, Khan't believe - but I'm back after watching Ra.One! Will have to write a detailed review, but for the time being, here's the highlights...

    1. Feel of the movie: A little caricaturish initially with Shekhar around! But it soon flows like a raging stream once the action sets in! Given the genre the movie never takes itself too seriously! And I believe that has been done to keep the commoners in the loop!

    2. Action: The action sequences of the movie are well-designed. Not necessary at a few junctures but overall satisfactory and definitely need to be applauded. Best part, no loose ends or sudden surprises. More or less everything is explained and can be traced back to some kind of an origin or a thought.

    3. VFX: Bloody brilliant - 80-90% of it! Just amazing, just mind-blowing! And like a friend of mine said, executed in a style which goes hand-in-hand with the Indian feel of the movie...

    4. Acting: SRK as Shekhar is sweet, honest, passionate, caring and a little over-the-top! And I love this twist that has been given to G.One - 'coz in that one folder in himself he holds the sweetest essence of Shekhar! As G.One, SRK is top-notch. Arjun, Kareena, Tom Wu, Shahana and Armaan are wonderful in their respective roles. Full marks to all of them!

    5. Technicalities: Background score is a big plus - blends in very well. Though the "veeraaaaa" at places seemed a little too loud. But overall, I never heard it separately - it just lent itself so seamlessly to the story. Editing is great - I had only a few moments of "Oh, that shouldn't have been there!" :p I thought the Director did a great job! Dialogues were pretty good and had the intended effect on the audience. The humor is completely SRK brand of pure fun - sometimes crass but bound to make you laugh and feel light-hearted! It's mad, crazy and authentic! And humor at the peak of the darkest moments - just to remind you that life can be taken either very seriously or with a pinch of salt (preferably on the rim of a glass of margarita! ;)) - the end result will probably be the same but you can learn to live a little longer if you do so! :D

    6. Verdict: Super-duper-blockbuster hit hain ji! SRK here has produced his own genre of cinema. He has catered to everyone and not catered to anyone in particular. Ra.One is a film that will work wonders with kids, will be appreciated by parents, loved for its entertainment quotient by masses and looked up at by Indians who take gaming and VFX seriously. For Fans, it will be a joy-ride, sometimes bumpy (you know, like roads should be! ;)) but at the end you will come out with a big smile, a promise of another dream and some scenes, beings and concepts etched forever in the innovative corner of your mind...

    7. Audience Reaction: Yes, the theater was full. And there were whistles and claps galore at all the important points in time! People left with a smile and as far as I heard, they liked the movie! So cheers! :D

    Rating: 3.75-4/5
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