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Discussion in 'Billu Music Reviews and News - Media' started by DianaDimple, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. DianaDimple

    DianaDimple Well-Known Member

    By Joginder Tuteja, January 8, 2009 - 12:34 IST


    A Shah Rukh Khan film is always special. But what does he do when the film is centered on Irrfan Khan, as also conveyed by the title of the film, with him being only in a special appearance? Well, he only goes full-on to make it as commercial as possible by appearing in number of song and dance appearances. Not just that, he also ropes in some of the top heroines in the industry and makes them dance along with him. If in Om Shanti Om, he had opted for Vishal-Shekhar as the composers, for Billu Barber he gives Pritam the responsibility of creating a hardcore commercial score. While 2008 was superb for the composer with number of back to back successful albums (Jannat, Singh Is Kinng, Race, Kismat Konnection, Golmaal Returns), 2009 also promises to follow suit with Billu Barber beginning the year!


    Item song no.1 - that's 'Marjaani' for you! From the very first beat, you know that there is no way this song won't succeed in reaching the top of the charts. A fast paced track that remains Indian at heart even with all the Western beats surrounding it, 'Marjaani' has Pritam giving his all to ensure that his 'jodi' with Kareena Kapoor continues to be a big hit. Remember 'It's Rocking' (Kya Love Story Hai) and 'Yeh Ishq Hai' (Jab We Met)? The fun continues with 'Balkan Mix' and 'Electro House'

    Write your own music review of Billu Barber
    He goes on to create 'Love Mera Hit Hit' which he could have composed in his sleep, considering the 'template' feel to it. Item song no.2, it is just a follow up to many a dance floor chartbusters that he has created in movies like Race ('Khwaab Dekhe Jhoothe Moothe') and Kismat Konnection ('Ae Pappi'). 'The House Mix' and 'Remix' version ensure that the song remains with you much after you have heard it first.

    Another 'template' song in the album is 'You Get Me Rockin & Reeling' which has a beginning akin to that of 'Zara Zara Touch Me' [Race]. However, soon after it moves to being much more childlike and innocent with the advent of lyrics that go as 'Khudaya Khair'. In fact based on the same tune with just the words 'Khudaya Khair', there is another namesake song that follows later in the album. While the former has a slight Western twang to it, the latter comes with a full-on Indian feel. These two are yet another very good additions to this album that seems to have one chartbuster packed after another in the album.

    There is a speed breaker though in the form of 'Ae Aa O' which is the first rock track of the album and doesn't really make you jump with joy in the very first listening. In fact the very sound of 'Ae Aa O' (also appearing later in the remix version) that remains persistent throughout the track is ordinary and straight out of a commercial.

    It's a different Pritam that one hears in 'Jaoon Kahan' which is a sad song expected to play in the background at multiple junctures. Though there isn't anything extraordinary about the compositions due to the heard-before factor, 'Jaoon Kahan' is still a soothing number enough to keep your interest in the song to follow. Later, one can sense a clear Priyadarshan influence to the proceedings with 'Billoo Bhayankar' bringing the album to a close. With a rustic folk flavor to it while keeping the fun quotient intact, 'Billoo Bhayankar' is a song that hails the central protagonist of the film played by Irrfan Khan.


    'Marjaani' boasts of lyrics that have a characteristic Gulzar touch to them. In fact with the kind of flavor that Pritam brings to his lyrics, one wonders whether we are looking at another Pancham da-Gulzar 'jodi' in the offering since the composer makes it all sound so commercial that one ends up remembering many a chartbuster hits that Pancham da and Gulzar had delivered three decades back! On the other hand, don't bother about lyrics like 'Khit Pit', 'Hit Hit', 'Kudi Tu Sexy' etc. - it's the catchy feel and rhythm that matters most for 'Love Mera Hit Hit' and lyricist Ashish Pandit does well on those grounds! Neeraj Shridhar also turns lyricist for 'Ae Aa O' but the words here aren't anything above ordinary.

    Sayeed Quadri and Gulzar write a version each for 'Khudaya Khair' that also arrives as 'You Get Me Rockin & Reeling'. Both the numbers bring in a different flavor though the element of pure and innocent love remains intact in each of the instances. Sayeed Quadri also writes 'Jaoon Kahan' that narrates the state of the protagonist who has lost a lot in his life while Gulzar gets his own take on the protagonist's popularity with 'Billoo Bhayankar'.


    Sukhwinder Singh, the voice of Shah Rukh Khan opens 'Marjaani' and allows Sunidhi Chauhan to arrive on the scene who shines in a big way. She is truly in form in her only number in Billu Barber and ensures that her hit record with Kareena Kapoor stays intact. Later K.K. too arrives for the 'Balkan Mix' of the song and adds on to the options available for the final song placement in the film.

    Neeraj Shridhar, the voice that never fails Pritam, is in full form again for 'Love Mera Hit Hit' though it is Tulsi Kumar who surprises most with her altogether different style of rendition for Deepika Padukone. Neeraj also sings the solo 'You Get Me Rockin & Reeling' which later arrives as 'Khudaya Khair' with Soham, Akriti Kakar and Monali bringing a certain Indian-ness to the proceedings. With Abhijeet coming back on scene with the 'reprise version' of the same song, one knows what to expect considering the fact that the singer has sung many a hits for Shah Rukh Khan during last 15 odd years!

    K.K., who is otherwise so dependable, doesn't really make 'Ae Aa O' rise above ordinary. Most of the times he is capable of turning the most average compositions good due to his sheer prowess behind the mike but in case of 'Ae Aa O', he isn't able to do much even in company of Rana Mazumder and Suraj. On the other hand, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan's voice manages to bring in some 'thehrav' in the proceedings that were being dominated by beats and rhythm all this while. Ajay Jhingaran, Raghuveer and Kalpana come together for a rustic 'Billoo Bhayankar' and though the song is not the next chartbuster in the making, it should help the narrative of Billu Barber.


    Billu Barber has a rocking start to it with songs like 'Marjaani' and 'Love Mera Hit Hit' that are guaranteed chartbusters in the making. Though 'Ae Aa O' is the only number that doesn't quite make a mark, 'Khudaya Khair' brings in a nice feel-good touch to it which keeps the flag high for Billu Barber. On the other hand, 'Jaoon Kahan' and 'Billoo Bhayankar' add on to the situational flavor. While the soundtrack should work well for the film, we are not looking at a Race or a Jannat or a Singh Is Kinng that are being played even till date. Still, from the popularity perspective, Billu Barber should go the Kismat Konnection and Golmaal Returns way by being reasonably successful.


    'Marjaani', 'Love Mera Hit Hit', 'Khudaya Khair' [Play Songs]

  2. rahulsn011

    rahulsn011 Well-Known Member

    I disagree with the reviewer...they always seem to be harsh when it comes to SRK movies! This soundtrack is far more original and better than Singh is Kinng and Race and that is my objective opinion. Subjectively, Billu Barber and jannat are my favourite Pritam albums.
    I really enjoyed Ae Aa O, with my little knowledge on rock songs, I know that this song does fit the bill and there is meant to be noise. When you are at the top...people at the bottom are shouting and screaming but it is all about making yourself heard and that is what the singer does in the song. But obviously, I knew reviewers will never see that.
    I do believe that Billoo Bhayankar could be a surprise chartbuster! I find this a better 'rap' than what Snoop and Akki did in Singh is Kinng...that again is an objective opinion!
  3. Fiona

    Fiona Active Member

    Rahul let the dogs keep barking!!We know the fact that these ppl are always harsh on Srk so we shouldn't be taking their words seriously.actually when someone is way too successful...loosers are always in a process to pull off his/her leg and this is what Shahrukh has been victim of.Honestly we the people are the real critics so their biased opinions are just not reliable and makes no sense specially when they are comparing the BB songs with that crappy Singh is King songs.

    we loved the music and i am sure majority of the ppl must have loved the music and this is all matters.So do hell with the critics.Seriously i am sooo over and done reading and seeing all this craps:mad:
  4. mj1984

    mj1984 Active Member

    i don't think it's an attack on srk or something. i mean let's be objective. the songs are nice but i only listen to marjaani, khit pit and khudaya khair. i kind of agree with the review. it's a great album keeping in mind the story- rural and the superstar thing. so by those means it's perfect but listening wise the above songs have repeat value. i guess if an album has 3 good songs it's more than enough.
  5. rahulsn011

    rahulsn011 Well-Known Member

    Mrunal, I am kind of understanding these reviewers now and I review myself and to be honest, I can see when someone is going against a SRK film, they did the same with RNBDJ!
    Now, I am a big time SRK fan but I still gave Ghajini a good music review because I know the movie, think about in my imagination how the song would be and would it work for the audience. Obviously, this reviewer does not see that.
    Yeah, they may be your top three songs but I can only name one song from SIK that makes it good and that is Teri Ore and Race...is Pehli nazar! Apart from that...there is nothing unique in the albums.
    As far as I am concerned I know that the reviewer was different because it is a SRK production!
  6. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    where is the media review section for billu barber in hall fame???

    back to topic
    Except Teri ori, SIK album is awful.

    finally who cares. Even for Rabne critics bashed the music, finally it sold very well and was a hit among people.
  7. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    Re: planet bollywood review

    Billu Barber
    Reviewed by: Atta Khan - Rating: 7.0 / 10

    n the results of a very recent worldwide poll on Bollywood fans, Billu Barber was ranked in the Top 5 most anticipated movies of 2009. Is that the power of Shahrukh Khan? Many big stars initially turned down roles in the movie and indeed Shahrukh Khan himself plays only a supporting role for the first time but that has not stopped the anticipation. So Priyadarshan needs a compelling soundtrack to keep up the momentum until the release. Who does he choose to produce this? Well if you have been following his movies recently, only one music director (MD) features: Pritam. However the hugely successful MD has been quiet of late, his previous releases were substandard quality (Golmaal Returns and Kidnap). So he has a point to prove and what better way than via one of the most awaited movies of 2009?

    Before we move onto the songs, one must put them into context. Most of the songs featured in the movie are filmed on Sahir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) and his suite of co-performers (including Kareena, Deepika and Priyanka). Since he plays a superstar in the movie, then the music must be relevant to his character. On the other hand, our Billoo Barber (Irrfan Khan) is from a small village and so he requires a completely different style of music. Consequently half the soundtrack accommodates Sahir Khan’s onscreen presence and the rest (one can assume) are for Billoo Barber.

    Pritam certainly opens with a BANG for Sahir Khan! Marjaani is a sizzling number that will have you practising your dance steps in no time. With a super catchy melody backed by the explosive vocals of Sukhwinder Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan, along with a supporting chorus, this one is already a hit! Then add the onscreen pairing of SRK and Kareena and you have a chartbusting number in the making! The lyrics by Gulzar whilst basic, provide the foundation for an addictive onslaught. Who wants a classic? Who needs intricate arrangements? Marjaani is about fun, it’s about the here and now so just drop your ‘serious’ hat for a minute and enjoy this simple, fun ‘n frolicking listen!

    Love Mera Hit Hit marks the return of one of Pritam’s favorite singers, Neeraj Shridhar, who has sang some of Pritam’s biggest hits including Mauja Hi Mauja (Jab We Met) and Ai Paapi (Kismat Konnection). Sadly, Pritam resorts to bad habits here and just reinvents some old techno sounds. Not only that but he reinvents them badly, in fact it sounds like a remix! Consequently there is no ‘Mauja’ in this number and it becomes annoying after a while. Neither singer (Neeraj or Tulsi) can help ease the irritation. Lyrics by Aashish Pandit and Mayur Puri are forgettable. It’s still likely to connect with the youth however but a clear warning to the rest: Give this one a MISS MISS!

    The MD improves with his next, You Get Me Rocking And Reeling, a soft hip hop come romantic number. Expect the usual mix of Hinglish lyrics but at least there is some sensibility here with the music, which has a slow lounge feel to it, perfect to chill out to when the mood requires. At last, Neeraj gets a chance to echo his soft vocals and performs admirably. The main lyrics by Sayeed Quadri do the job for the song, simple but effective. As per Marjaani, expect nothing out of the ordinary and you won’t be disappointed.

    We all know Pritam loves a rock anthem or two and the rocker inside him unearths another winner for the masses with Ae Aa O! What a silly title for a song you might say (and one that introduces SRK in the movie), but don’t let that put you off an action packed entertainer, packed to the rafters with hard hitting sounds that create a rock fusion to blow your mind! The electric guitar is in overdrive here, the drums bleed in between the fury of hand clapping and the singers (K.K, Rana Muzamdar and Neeraj) are clearly on adrenalin pills, particularly K.K. The lyrics by Neeraj are mindless but perfect for such a track. Of course this can’t touch the class of a Life in a Metro Rocker but it’s deliciously fun whilst it lasts, it simply shouts:TURN ME UP & ROCK!

    After four consecutive dance tracks, Pritam finally eases the pulse with a melancholy number Jaoon Kahan. Sadly whilst things start on a promising note, the dholak melody becomes annoying since you have heard this so many times before! It is also sad to note that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is becoming a 'one-legged pony' with this kind of singing and alaaps which, whilst not entirely his fault (as he is dictated by the MD) doesn’t enhance his standing in Bollywood. Sayeed Quadri has written much better lyrics than this as well. Overall it’s just about passable.

    Did someone cry out ‘but where is originality’? Well we get some at last in Billoo Bhayankar- easily the BEST track of Billu Barber! A humorously fun, witty and entertaining sketch that exudes village culture and atmosphere, this one perfectly sums up the character of our Billoo, the barber. The dholak arrangements are fabulous this time round and mixed with real sounds including bicycle bells and an unrelenting chorus with shouts of “Humre Billu Bhayankar” and “Ting Ting Ting”, keep up the momentum to retain the colour from start to finish. Gulzar saab must rank as the finest multi (Hindi) dialect lyricist in India, and his writing shines here in what sounds like the wonderful Bhagelkhandi tongue. The more you listen to it, the more it puts a smile on your face! Singing is equally unique and praiseworthy by Ajay Jhingran, Raghuveer and Kalpana. If this is an original Pritam composition, then hats up to the wee man- superb in it’s simplicity!

    Khudaya Khair is a decent romantic number to end Billu Barber. But it could and should have been so much better. Lazy Pritam reinvents an old “guitar/dholak” melody again and for that he is marked down. But as much as you would like to hate it, you can’t but fail to be charmed by it either especially if you enjoy this genre! That is in the main due to his choice of singers that make it that more enjoyable as Soham, Akriti Kakkar and Monali really do make an impact with their sweet vocals. Gulzar provides the lyrics again. But the enjoyment doesn’t end there because Pritam switches singers in the Khudaya Khair Reprise to none other than Abhijeet (for a solo) and the guy simply mesmerises! What a shame he is ignored in today’s industry.

    So does the soundtrack really end there? Well not if you enjoy your Remixes because the OST is packed to the brink with them. All your favourite DJs are here to give you a taste of their remixing skills. Mind you, none are particularly good but if it’s your cup of tea then you will enjoy them. For the rest of us, it really is the end.

    It’s a little naive to conclude that Pritam has failed again just because he has shown a lack of originality in his music. The reality is that he is one of the most wanted MDs out there and has up to ten projects to delivery for 2009. Furthermore, his objective is to produce music for his audience and sadly music connoisseurs generally fall at the bottom of this list. In fact his main audience, including those for Billu Barber, are typically the mainstream youth interested in dance/hip hop music. Next we have the hungry producers who want a show stealing promo for the movie. Let’s get one thing straight; he is not in it to make a classic soundtrack. That only comes once in a while like his superb Life in a Metro.. Why else do we see the likes of Priyadarshan sign him movie after movie? Why else does his music end up at the top of the charts? With Billu Barber, Pritam delivers yet again for his audience. But connoisseurs can still give it a try and enjoy. Just don't go in with high expectations. This is plain and simple fun courtesy Pritam!

  8. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    News dose review

    The News Dose 3/5

    Billu Barber Music Review

    Billu Barber, Red Chillies production, is already making waves for its hot item numbers which feature top actresses of Bollywood; Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. First things first, Billu Barber is the film of Irrfan Khan and not Shahrukh Khan, which many people are assuming. It’s the first time that Pritam is giving music for Shahrukh’s production and same with Neeraj, who is giving background voice for Shahrukh Khan.

    The soundtrack of Billu Barber comprises of 15 tracks, yes 15, and out of that, 7 are originals and the rest of the tracks are remixes. Well, the first thing that goes in favor of Billu Barber is the wide range of songs. From typical club bangers to village anthems, everything is in there. And for the first time after Jab We Met, songs don’t appear to be copy of South Korean artists, I hope it’s true, Pritam. Now, let’s review the soundtrack.

    1. Marjaani

    The opening track of the soundtrack, also the first promo of the movie, featuring Kareena Kapoor and Shahrukh Khan, is already a hit among the masses. Most of the credit should be given to Sukhwinder Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan. The voice of Sukhwinder is perfect and Sunidhi adds her own magical touch. I don’t think any other singer can do so much justice to this number. Also, credit should be given to Pritam, for providing the rocking music.

    Lyrics are top notch, but people who are not much used to Punjabi lyrics and the language, can find it difficult to understand the lyrics. But, when the music is so thumping, you hardly get a chance to think about the lyrics, if you’re in a club.

    2. Love Mera Hit Hit

    Love Mera Hit Hit, is undoubtedly, the biggest club number of the year, I don’t think any song in 2009 will be able to match its energy, and enthusiasm. Add to that super hot dance number of Deepika Padukone, Love Mera Hit Hit, is a sure shot hit. The real star of the song is, of course, Neeraj Shridhar. Tulsi Kumar, can be wrong choice for some, and honestly, I didn’t like her during the first listen. But, she grows on you gradually. Sunidhi or Shreya could have done a better job, considering Shreya Ghoshal did an awesome job in Latoo, in the soundtrack of Ghajini.

    Music is of the highest quality, and sets the mood for a perfect dance number. What makes this song a contender for the national anthem of this year is the lyrics, especially on the chorus. Ashish Pandit and Mayur Puri have done a wonderful job with the lyrics and Pritam has done his job again.

    3. You Get Me Rockin & Reeling

    You Get Me Rockin & Reeling, supposedly to be performed by Priyanka Chopra and Shahrukh Khan can be a letdown to some. Unlike the first two songs, You Get Me Rockin & Reeling will not catch your attention during the first listen and it’ll take a lot of plays to grow on you. But, I think the music video of the song will change everything because if we go by the cover art of the album, music video of this song will be the best of the three.

    Neeraj can’t do much of a job in this song because he doesn’t get so much scope to perform, and add to that some English verses, which were not required at all. The only high point of the song is the chorus, which surprisingly, is also used in another song in the album.

    4. Ae Aa O

    I don’t have really much to write about Ae Aa O, as it is not that original, but the guitar riffs in the starting rocks! Well, the song is basically about how great I’m. It’ll certainly appeal to those who think that they are the best and need some song to send out that message.

    Music doesn’t have any consistency, sometimes it’s a total bore and sometimes, especially during the guitar riffs, it just blows you away. KK tries really hard to make it amiable but succeed to some extent, but the 5 minute length of the song kills it in the first place.

    5. Jaoon Kahan

    After 4 songs belonging to Shahrukh Khan, Jaoon Kahan is about the emotions of Irrfan Khan. Sung beautifully by Raahat Fateh Ali Khan, Jaoon Kahan is one of the best songs of the album. I’ve noticed that Raahat Fateh Ali Khan has a unique ability to take any average song to a whole new level with his voice, and Pritam knows it very well.

    Lyrics clearly describe the emotions of Irrfan Khan, and all the credit goes Sayeed Quadri. The main backdrop of the song, can sometimes make you remember Teri Ore, from Singh is Kinng. Emotions are perfect and you’ll love this song, and honestly, you will not mind the length of the song.

    6. Billoo Bhayankar

    Billoo Bhayankar really tests the talent of Pritam and surprisingly, he passes with 100 out of 100 with this one. Billoo Bhayankar is not a chartbuster song, and some songs are never meant to be chartbusters, they are meant for critical acclaim. From singing style to lyrics to music and the music instruments, everything is unique.

    The success of the song belongs to Gulzar, who wrote wonderful lyrics for the song, and probably the most difficult ones. Ajay Jhingaran, Raghuveer and Kalpana have done a brilliant job in rendering their voice to the song. It would certainly be a high point in the movie.

    7. Khudaya Khair

    Khudaya Khair is a typical romantic number but refreshing Soham Chakraborty, In Dino fame, is a surprise inclusion in the song and he is the one who make this song a worthwhile listen. Akriti Kakkar and Monali do a good job in supporting the vocals of Soham. Lyrics are fine and the chorus of this song is the same that of You Get Me Rockin & Reeling.


    Billu Barber is a clear winner for Pritam, who for the first time gives us some original music. Marjaani and Love Mera Hit Hit are the two number ones hits of 2009. Soundtrack comprises of critical material such as Billoo Bhayankar and Jaoon Kahan.

    The rest of the three original songs are average and only one of them has the ability to be a hit when the music video will be released. The biggest downfall of the album is the 8 remixes. If I gave an extra star to Dostana for not including any remix then I’ve to cut 1 star from Billu Barber for including so many remixes. Honestly, there was no need of so many remixes.

    Nevertheless, Billu Barber is a great album and it’s a good start for Billu Barber, the movie.

    Rating - 3/5

  9. souad1

    souad1 New Member

    well remeber rabne's reviews, and look what the music did, so critics don't matter anymore!

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