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Making of the Music Exclusive with translations

Discussion in 'Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna' started by Masala Maami, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Masala Maami

    Masala Maami New Member

    Here's the translations:

    KANK – Making of the Music [Hindi]


    Voiceover: This is Karan Johar’s next journey, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. The music of this film will not only touch you, but will make a place in your heart like Karan Johar and the characters of his films.

    SRK: Karan has made this film, music is by S-E-L, there’s Amitji, Abhishek, Preity, Rani, and Kirron Kher ji. We have two three days patchwork to be done, the film will be released in July/August Inshallah.
    Karan: We have made this film, composed the music as a family. In fact, it would be intersting to know that S-E-L, I and Javed saab went to Goa for a week. We got ourselves a huge suite facing the beach, set up all the instruments and had great fun composing the music.

    Voiceover: Javed Akhtar’s lyrics, Farah Khan;s choreography and S-E-L’s music is what makes KANK.

    Karan: This is my second film with the S-E-L and Javed Saab combination. We had created a very special music for KHNH, which was a great success and people have a lot of expectations from this album. We’ve worked very hard on this album and hope people appreciate the music of KANK as much as KHNH.

    Part 2

    The essence of this music is different, some tracks on this album are new styles. For instance, there’s a song “Mitwa”, for the first time in my career, I’ve experimented with a Sufi song, treating it as mainstream.

    Ehsaan: I think the way he [Shafqat Amanat Ali] sings the song Mitwa, he has a wonderful voice, he really makes your hair stand on end.
    Karan: Mitwa is the song of the heart, it understands the heartbeats. Mitwa is the song for anyone who is in love, who wants to love.
    Javed Akhtar: Mitwa narrates the story of one such love, the love that the characters have yet not expressed to each other, nor even accepted it themselves. This song expresses the emotions of confusion, guilt and hesitation felt by the characters.
    Farah: I had absolutely no worries as far as SRK and rani were concerned, I knew they would be perfect. Mitwa was still a little different, we were showing the growth of the relationship between SRK and Rani.

    SRK: I try hard to play a different character in every movie, but my efforts are in vain.. because I’m not a good actor.
    Lady: No, that’s not true.
    SRK: See, I haven’t watched this film yet, but there are other stars and Karan of course, so I’m hoping a lot of people come to watch this movie and in the process, appreciate my work as well.

    Part 3

    Karan Johar: Tumhi Dekho na is my personal favourite, which is the SRK-rani love ballad in the film. It’s a very beautiful song, with beautiful notes. If you notice, we’ve used a piece from the title track to compose this song.
    Ehsaan: The first song that we composed was the title track. We’ve used the piano piece from the title track to create the opening music of the love song, Tumhi dekho na, so there’s a very strong connection between these two songs, and it also comes through in the background music.

    Abhishek: They’re not just music composers, but musicians, Ehsaan plays the guitar, Loy plays the piano, Shankar is a very good singer. I think when we have a combination like this, then the music they create is bound to be special. According to me, the music of KANK is very special.

    Javed Akhtar: Tumhi dekho na is a romantic song. The boy asks, “what has happened, I’m your’s and you’re mine”, to which the girl replies, “I’m amazed, how has the moonlight brightened the day?” I really love this song, because this is the first time that the characters express their love for each other. This is not an ordinary love story, it is a different situation where they have other relations, they’re already committed to their partners, but they go against the norms of society and fall in love with each other. There is a dignity in this relationship, it reflects purity, sincerity and innocence which makes you feel that though this love is not right in the eyes of the society, it is a good thing to have happened.

    Farah: Shooting this song took up maximum time, energy and logic because Karan wanted more dancers, more costume changes and different colours, showing the colours of life.

    Karan: There’s nothing new about a love song in Hindi cinema, every film has one, and its been done to death. And when we take a love song outdoors, then its been even more done to death. So we thought how differntly we can shoot this song, we have a colour concept for each stanza of the song. We start with blue, moving to red, then we have autumn colours, yellow, pink and then it ends with green. We’ve picked up the elements of New York, we had taxis representing yellow, reds representing the colours, the wintercoats in red, blue is also a winter colour, green was the holly leaves, christmas colours. Pink was the colours in the church, so we have given each colour a visual of New York. This song superbly enhances the visuals, that’s something I hope you like, ‘cos we love it.

    I enjoy the process of shooting songs the most actually. Farah Khan is the choreograoher of this film, she’s an old and close friend of mine, so whenever we work together, its like one big party time and there are a lot of incidents and memories attached to every song.

    Part 4

    Shankar: Karan had a very clear idea for the visuals of most of the songs incl. the title track, the love song and Mitwa.

    Javed Akhtar: Karan can’t sing to save his life, but he has a wonderful sense of music.
    Karan: With Farah, I try to do each step, invariably she says, “Can you move and bring the artist on please?”

    Farah: I have to bear the burden of his dreams, because he is so filmy, everytime he wants a certain step or movement which is so old fashioned which would only appeal to the audiences of the 70s, but I incorporate some steps of his choice in his films.

    Voiceover: Before we say goodbye, listen to this song which will be on your lips in a few days.

    Karan: The title song of KHNH was very impactful, which was weighing very heavily on us, it was very challenging to compose the title track of KANK. Loy sat in front of the piano, Ehsaan with his guitar and Shankar started humming something and in 15 minutes we had the title song, the string notes of KANK. That’s the magic of S-E-L, there are 3 heads, three minds and three hearts, but one soul.

    Shankar: There was and is a huge responsibility on us after the success of KHNH, to compose a title song, people will immediately compare it to the title song of KHNH. But we absolutely love the title song of this film, its very melodious and sad. Every person can relate to this song, with some incident in his life which will stir emotions in the heart.


    I'm in total agreement with Shankar :smile:

    lauraleedooley says thanks.
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    It was really fun to read this...

    SRK: I try hard to play a different character in every movie, but my efforts are in vain.. because I’m not a good actor.
    Lady: No, that’s not true.

    That Lady is right... He's the best actor!

    I wonder which song is Shah Rukh's favourite...
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