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Life taking me for a fantastic fun-filled life.

Discussion in 'Swades' started by tasifa, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Didn't see this in the Swades tread. Old article. If already posted, Mods, please delete.

    Shah Rukh Khan has had an incredible 2004.

    His production, Main Hoon Na, raked in massive profits in India and abroad, while Yash Chopra's Veer-Zaara has become a superhit everywhere.

    SRK has two releases this week. One of them is a unique project for an Indian superstar -- dubbing for Disney/Pixar's animated hit, The Incredibles in its Indian avatar, Hum Hai Laajawab. His other release, of course, is the most anticipated film of the year, Swades.

    What is the theme of Swades?

    This generation of the educated middle class is the future of our country. That is what Swades highlights. We want to show that the educated people from our country can bring about change, if they want to. If you have achieved everything in life and believe in genuine patriotism, then you should not just say we are Indians and we're Bharatiya. Instead, you should help the illiterate. You must work for people deprived of technology. If every literate person does this, things will change in our country. If this number increases, India will prosper. And that is the patriotism of our time!

    We are not showing brain-drain in a positive or negative light. We are showing the journey of a man in the film. If people have made it big abroad and if they want to do something for their country, they must come back and help others. We are not saying it's bad to go abroad. We are saying that if you come back to India, you should do something good for our country in return.

    Mohan Bhargava is a complex character. He has strong beliefs, and therefore he is the hero of the film. He leaves everything -- including his high position in US -- and returns to India. How he overcomes his internal struggle and finds the answer of life is the story of the film.

    How much did you enjoy making this film?

    (Laughs) I've been in the field far too long, and am used to everything. I enjoy the entire process of filmmaking. I've always enjoyed my work. It was physically easier for me to do a film like this.

    The film's music is beautiful...

    A R Rahman's music is always wonderful, there is no point repeating that.
    I, of course, have no say in the music. But I feel the songs were very beautifully picturised. The songs will get more meaning when you see the film. It is a serious film, in terms of the issues it deals with and the questions it raises.
    Then again, I like every song that is picturised on me!

    Describe the experience of shooting in NASA.

    I had read about NASA and knew about it. I had seen NASA in English films, and had a vision of that institution. It is one of the most important scientific institutions of the world. It is more technologically advanced than we know. It has a sense of awesomeness.

    When you walk in and meet the people working for NASA, you realise how big NASA is. I met the woman who was the first lady to give the countdown for a NASA satellite. I saw the screen where man first landed on the moon and the first shuttle that went to the moon. Everything in NASA was awesome!

    How was it working with a new girl in Swades?

    Gayatri Joshi is very talented. I've been told that she has done more than 200 ads. She is very comfortable in front of the camera.

    She plays Gita, an educated young girl with a mind of her own. But she is not 'emancipated' in the complete sense of the word. Yet, she is a girl of today, and very pretty. A wonderful character.

    Lekh Tandon, the filmmaker who gave you your first break, has acted in Swades...

    Yes, Lekhji is in Swades. He is a wonderful man. He was the first person who put me before the camera in Dil Dariya. It felt very good to work with him. He was very concerned about my health while we were shooting.

    Was it your idea to have him in the film?

    No. It was Ashutosh's idea, and he was very clear about it. He cast Lekhji in the role of a freedom fighter, with a big beard, and it worked very well.

    Lekhji is a very educated man, and very knowledgeable about cinema. Just having him there would have been a great experience but working together was wonderful.

    How did you meet Lekh Tandon?

    He had seen a play of mine and had told one of my co-actresses, Divya Seth, that he'd like me to come and act in a serial of his. He was shocked when he saw me, because in the play I had a beard but was clean-shaven in real life. Perhaps he wanted an older man for the role. So he just took shots of my hands. He said he wouldn't take any other shots, because I had him in two minds.

    But I think he found me decent, and liked me. So he gave me the role. I couldn't have found a better person to start me off in front of the camera!

    What motivates you to make a film today?

    If one is looking for a deeper meaning in life, money gets a secondary or incidental statue. What's really important is to pursue our dreams and desires.

    I desire to make a film that truly entertains. If it makes a lot of money, great, but I can't do a movie only for money's sake.

    The objective is the film and the creativity that goes into making it. The money is peripheral. If it were otherwise, it would be like passing off the side dishes as the main course!

    As a person, you have become softer -- I won't use the word 'mellow' yet. What brings about the change?

    It must be age. It must be the fact that I have been humbled over the last few years with the amount of love I've received. I remember this saying from when I was young: 'Appreciate -- that's the surest path to love.' I think that is what has happened to me. I have been appreciated so much over the last few years that I've learnt to love.

    I don't think mellow is correct -- it's just being at peace within, with stardom, with ambition, with everything in my personal life. When one grows old, one grows wiser. It's a trait one develops.

    Where is life taking you now?

    It's taking me for a fantastic, fun-filled ride, without any jerks!

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