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Kushal's RNBDJ reviews

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by srk_kushal, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. srk_kushal

    srk_kushal I Like Blue...

    So the year long wait was over today at 7pm when 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' was there on screen for me :). Since this is the first time I am posting my reviews for any movie here, I would like to make it clear how I rate them in terms of stars.

    * - Don't waste your money
    ** - Watchable
    *** - Good
    **** - Outstanding
    ***** - Its Swades, or KANK :D

    The movie starts with the first word in its name, 'Rab'(Rab, the word used in Punjabi language to address God) in the Golden Temple of Amritsar. Since God has its blessings, how can anyone feel disappointed after watching it?
    Surinder Sahni, a hard working and a middle class man, a favorite of his teacher, eventually marries his teacher's daughter to fulfill his last wish and the chirpy and loud Taani becomes his life partner.
    Surinder Sahni, was a character from which I expected the most before watching the movie, as for an actor, it is always the toughest to be loved when he doesn't look very good. And he did it well, in fact very well. :rockon:

    In the first one hour, each and every aspect of their city was brought about well by Aditya Chopra as a director, from the lanes to the house furniture, to SRK's kitchen and also the way he dances. The simplicity of his looks, and his behaviour was the most prominent feature of the movie.
    Be it from working in the office to dancing with his tiffin box in amusement. When he is told by his wife that she won't be able to love him as she was in love with someone else before the marriage breaks him down, and also many more inside the hall. But love is sacrifice, and the ordinary man is extra-ordinarily good in it.
    'Haule Haule', the best song of the movie, in every way(though I am biased for some other one which I will discuss in detail later).

    When his wife brings to him the request for participating in a dance show where couples participate, he sees in it an opportunity to come close to her wife, know her better and goes for a remake. And here comes his hair stylist friend who helps him get this look.
    The role of Raj being played by SRK was becoming a disappointment in the first few minutes, as I could see in it the shades of over-acting which also made me dislike a few other movies of his, but balancing it with the 'Surinder Effect' and making it look like over-acting is what was actually required, and the King did it well.

    Anushka(aaahhh....), the glowing beauty was no where struggling to act, looked very obvious in her work, and played her part well.
    The scene where she is told by Raj that he is in love with her was her best scene.
    This year's new comer award is no surprise now.

    The song 'Pyar Huya Ikraar Huya', an inspiration from the OSO's Deewangi Deewangi, was the only thing that was less charming than OSO. The stars as were less, and also the song was getting tough to understand. But visually it was a treat to see Bips, Lara, Preity, Rani and Kajol in a new Avatar. Kajol was well suited, so was Bips. Congrats Rani, for loosing weight, you look stunning now even in minis(you look stunning otherwise too, except that Bunty Babli song). Sorry Preity, you didn't fit at all, looked awful(I never thought that I ll use such words for you:(, please forgive me, I love you otherwise).

    In the second half when Suri realizes that the one his wife is falling in love with is his other personality, he comes out with a spark of sacrifice to let her go free(Sacrifice, what I love the most in movies). And since the movie is under Rab's blessings, the ending is happy, but let members watch it on their own :p.

    The ending of the movie is unconventional, and by far the best I have ever seen (in a romantic movie). It stretches your smile around the Equator. Don't leave the hall under any circumstances until the movie finishes. :)

    I am a believer that a movie if supported with a message, always has some extra advantage, and so does 'Rab Ne ...'. It doesn't teach you to sacrifice for nation, or fight for truth, but it teaches you how to love. :heart:. And this won't only teach you how to love your spouse, you will definitely fall in love with Shahrukh Khan, for this amazing portrayal of Surinder Sahani.

    My Rating:


    Members go and watch it and enjoy, what in real sense is 'HINDI CINEMA'.

    Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke
    Phir Milenge
    Chalte Chalte

  2. JUG

    JUG Well-Known Member

    PREITY :pound:
    why is no one talking abt the end credits? i think it was THE MOST AMAZING part of the movie :rockon:
  3. srk_kushal

    srk_kushal I Like Blue...

    This is what I mean by the ending. I mistakenly wrote 'ending' instead of 'end credits'.
  4. mitwa

    mitwa I`m a dreamer...will I ever get well?!

    Aww thank you beta:hug: I only must to wait until somehow,somebody will help us to see it:( Here in this insignificant corner of world where I live are very few hopes...:(
  5. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever


    oh you proved me wrong, you love the film like me:D
  6. srk_kushal

    srk_kushal I Like Blue...

    this time i am glad i proved you wrong. ;)
  7. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    i really liked your review Kush :hug: really good! :thumb:
    :pound: u're just too much yaar
    :pound::pound::pound: gosh...

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