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Krazzy 4 leaps into crazy controversies

Discussion in 'Krazzy 4' started by roopesh1986, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. roopesh1986

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    Krazzy 4 leaps into crazy controversies

    Zeenews Bureau
    Mumbai, April 09:
    The controversies surrounding Rakesh Roshans, ‘Krazzy 4’ are getting crazier by the day. The latest one to join the list is once again revolving around the title track ‘Krazzy 4’.

    The song that sees the Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, and the hunky dory, Hrithik Roshan, dancing on the same tune has bought the Roshans under a moral scanner this time round.

    Sources told Zeenews that the song that has been showing the two actors sizzling the silver screen was originally to be performed by Hrithik alone. However, Hrithik who has been suffering from a knee injury ever since he shot ‘Krrish’ was not put to the task at that time and Shah Rukh was requested to step in.

    Shah Rukh, who came to the rescue in the Roshans’ moment of difficulty, was promised that if Hrithik performs on the same song, then it would not appear in the films promos.

    But, looks like the Roshans have not kept up with their word. The song that has been at the centre of a storm court since day one, would have to weather more tempests.

    Hrithik, who had gone out of his way to express his gratitude for Shah Rukh, had earlier said, " I cannot thank Shah Rukh enough. He has been more than co-operating to take out his precious time for our song. I feel very obliged."

    But looks like Papa Roshan wants to boast about his sons dancing skills. Reminds us of the saying " Promises are meant to be broken".


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