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KKR in IPL 2018 Auction

Discussion in 'Kolkata Knight Riders Cricket Teams' started by chandu28, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. chandu28

    chandu28 Well-Known Member

    Very unhappy about some choices like using RTM for piyush chawla.... not many current indian players. Not using RTM for Gambhir was biggest mistake as now KKR is without a captain.

    Despite retaining only 2 players in player retention KKR remains with the lowest purse. And teams like RCB, SRH, MI, CSK despite losing too much in player retention are left with much bigger purse than KKR.

    KKR has gone back to 2007 IPL like squad.
  2. Lorraine

    Lorraine wise old lady

    When it comes to choosing a sports team that you want to support, I always thought a person should decide by what you expect of the team as a whole and as individual members, as well as what person/s you like, the uniforms, colors, mascot, the team's home-base location & Why-- in order to give you a basis for how & why you decide to choose a particular team. Also along with choosing a team, you decide for how long you will support that team & under what conditions you will stop supporting that team.
    Some of the people that I know kept supporting a losing team for years and years and they finally started winning again. Is that normal? Well, before SRK my team was [FSU ] Florida State University {USA) "SEMINOLES" Now, KKR -- Kolkata Knight Riders. I guess I'll stay with them since I don't know any better.

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