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KBC News - The week that was... (week 9)

Discussion in 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' started by sanjani, Mar 23, 2007.

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    KBC News - The week that was...

    Highs and lows from week nine.

    KBC this week began with rollover contestant Dr. Vikas Gupta from Pathankot who resumed play at 1,60,000 rupees. Steadily Gupta moved up to 6,40,000 rupees although he had only one lifeline left to bail him out if needed. However, on reaching the the eleventh question for 12, 50,000 rupees he decided to use his Phone – a – Friend lifeline. However, unfortunately Vikas froze the wrong answer and had to exit the game with 6, 40,000 rupees.

    Next on the hot seat on Monday night was Komal Ved – a student from Mumbai. At close of play on Monday night Komal had accumulated 1, 60,000 and had lost two lifelines.

    Ved resumed play on Tuesday night. However, she didn’t get very far on Tuesday. She used both her remaining lifelines for the very first question of the evening. But still unable to get the right answer, Komal came down to 20, 000 rupees. Shoba Rajgiri from Kolkata took Komal’s place. By the end of the episode on Tuesday night, Shoba had accumulated 6, 40,000 rupees but had only one lifeline left.

    Shoba began the evening on a winning note and reached 12,50,000. At the next question, for 25 lakhs, however she got stuck. Unsure of the answer she decided to leave the game and took home a respectable 12,50,000 rupees.

    Replacing Shoba that evening was Kanhaiya Lal from Delhi and by close of play on Wednesday night he had reached 1,60,000 rupees but had only one lifeline left.

    Kanhaiya began the proceedings on Thursday as the rollover contestant from the previous night. Not sure of the first question itself, he almost decided to quit but changed his mind at the last moment and took a risk by answering even though he was unsure. However, the risk paid off and Kanhaiya won 3,20,000 rupees. But he did finally quit on the next question as he didn't want to risk it again.

    Next on the Hot Seat was Rahul Ghai. A young student from Mumbai he played well for his age. However, at regular intervals he lost all his lifelines as he won 3,20,000 rupees. The tenth question was too tough for him to answer and he decided to leave the game at that point thereby completing all the action on KBC this week.

    How do you think they all played? Let us know here...

    Friday, March 23, 2007

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