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KANK music launch in London(SRK+Karan)

Discussion in 'KANK Photo Gallery' started by annous, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    yes he had a bit of a cold or something...
  2. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Even congested he sounds sexy!:p

    Hope he's okay though.:hug:
  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    thanks didi... i guess the link i posted wasnt supposed to be here na? :Cry: sorry about that.... but ur welcome kalee :) he did sound a bit stuffy
  4. Yummur

    Yummur ~punjabi kudi~

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG thanks so much for the pics!!!!! he looks GORGEOUSSSSSS :)
  5. Cristina4him

    Cristina4him Inspector number 8

    I think he looks wonderful!
  6. Lia

    Lia Well-Known Member

    I saw the video, mm...... Shahrukh looks so gorgeous !!!
    I've saw the trailer, I've listened the soundtract, I've saw the music launch video, but when I can watch the movie...?? mm.... I can't wait until august..!!

    btw thanks for the video, Wafa.
  7. narcissus_82

    narcissus_82 New Member

    he is wonderful in this program
  8. srkandrea

    srkandrea srkandrea

    thanks for sharing it, he looks so good in there. can`t wait to see more from the film an him.
  9. I<3SRK

    I<3SRK New Member

    aww, he did sound a lil bit sick ... but still very sexy :) the video was great, that is the first time i've heard any bits of the music at all ... thanks
  10. jihan

    jihan New Member

    Thank u so much for the pictures.....he looks so gorgeous......Shahrukh always makes my heart beat so fast.......:heart:
  11. A-JAY

    A-JAY New Member

    Thanks for the awesome pics.Keep 'em coming.
  12. cute_srk

    cute_srk Well-Known Member

    I can't wait to hear the music....are there any links to hear the songs? Please PM me. :)
  13. shahzura

    shahzura New Member

    Thanks Enass & Alloui for the pics!!!:thumb:

    Yep, he does look like he has gain a bit of weight :) ...it's a healthy gain
    I should say...I love to see his face nice & full :D ...
  14. filmifan

    filmifan bhangraholic nattu

  15. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

  16. cherine

    cherine Well-Known Member

  17. K

    K I love you Shah Rukh. Staff Member

    Aww Sweetoo!!:hug:

    Thanks Allaoui.:)
  18. Alana

    Alana New Member

    Oh yes, the last three are so great, can't find words.

    1. one a little bit sceptical
    2. discussing
    3. explaining

    And this glasses, I have to laugh everytime I see it. Can't imagine that I would do that with mine.
  19. maariposa

    maariposa New Member

    Oooh :faint2: What a cutie :heart: :kiss:
  20. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint:

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