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Discussion in 'Kal Ho Na Ho' started by srk_mai, Jan 24, 2006.

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    kriti24 says thanks.
  2. Hasret

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  3. irfan hl1

    irfan hl1 New Member

    i like it

    its good
  4. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    SRK looks so handsome throughout this movie :flame: thats something i realised from the first day i saw it :p
    in every scene he looks really good :thumb:
    i love this film and i think this is also another one of his great performances in his career

    thanks for the pics everyone :D
  5. darina4srk

    darina4srk SRKManiac

    reminds me back of the movie. :love: :love:
    i think i' gonna watch it again tomorrow :D
    why not now? because i have to sleep :p
  6. larina

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  7. King4Ever

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    :cheer2: Thank you everone for these pictures.. :love: Just love SRK in this film. :cheer2:
  8. Shabana_SRK

    Shabana_SRK Dr D&G

    i love that when they dance...with the rose...:faint:
  9. mumbiene

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  10. kriti24

    kriti24 New Member

    Ohh god ! lovely pictures! best movie of SRK ever!
    The role of AMAN was amazing !
  11. kriti24

    kriti24 New Member

    :( such an awesome scene !
  12. kiran23

    kiran23 Music and SRK

    Ya beautiful movie...really touched...

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    kiran23 Music and SRK


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    nika says thanks.
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    kiran23 Music and SRK


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    nika says thanks.
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    kiran23 Music and SRK


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    kiran23 Music and SRK


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    nika says thanks.
  17. kiran23

    kiran23 Music and SRK

    and finally...

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  18. nika

    nika Well-Known Member

    They are beautiful. Thanks Kiran
  19. frenchfan

    frenchfan mornings best dealt with dark as nite coffee.

    Will you marry me? :hurt:
    Please? :hurt:

    :hurt::hurt::hurt: I love Aman :heart::madgrin:

    Need to watch it again !!! :target:
  20. cmreeves

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    blu ray caps:
    2.jpg 4Iso2.jpg 5.jpg 15894508.jpg 35836161.jpg 51093212.jpg 73845042.jpg 82929131.jpg bkf9y.jpg fzob7.jpg
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