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Kajol asks Karan Johar to give her a more prominent role in My Name Is Khan

Discussion in 'My Name Is Khan' started by DianaDimple, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    I completely totally 100% agree!

    I know Kajol knew her role before starting the shooting, and this is an article from Mumbai Mirror... Hello people! From MUMBAI MIRROR!!! If we believe this article to be true, then we might as well believe all the c**p they write about Shahrukh.

    Everyone can of course make up their own minds how reliable they find MM but they should decide and then stick to it....
  2. rahulsn011

    rahulsn011 Well-Known Member

    Yeah...Mumbai Mirror are definitely not reliable...hence I stated that this article might be bogus...however IF it was true then this would be the case...
  3. prilvsrk

    prilvsrk ♥tere liye♥

    Firstly, I agree that MM is not a reliable source at all. They seem to want to sabotage shahrukh and his movies at every opportunity they get. we all have experienced them running crap stories about srk every other month, so this shouldn't really come as a surprise.

    secondly, keeping that aside, i don't think that kajol would ask karan to increase her role. she is intelligent enough and a fabulous actress in her own right to be insecure about how much screen time she gets in a movie. her role in k3g wasn't thaaat big if you compare it to kkhh, so why should she be complaining right now? i'm sure that she would not have done the movie in the first place if she wasn't comfortable with it. the fact that she is doing it, shows that she has confidence in karan and his ability to showcase shahrukh and kajol in a very positive manner.

    also, i don't believe that she is using nysa as an excuse. it is very hard to let go of children when they are so young, and it's even more difficult to do so when ajay devgan is so busy in himself. she has taken the right decisions at the right time for her life and her family, and i don't think tht she should be critised for it.

    i stand by her decision not to do kank. i love shahrukh-kajol as a pair and they are just amazing, and doing kank, no matter how brave a movie would not have been the best comeback for the #1 jodi of bollywood! i liked kank for the issues that were raised, the stark reality of the indian culture and the individual performances but seeing kajol in that light WITH shahrukh would have not worked for me at all.

    in anycase, if MM were writing stories that shahrukh asked karan to increase his role in some movie, we would not beleive it, so why are we giving any sort of importance to these dubious stories about kajol? it's all jsut lies and gossip!
  4. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    well, every body here knows kajol is my favorite actress.
    I dont belive this news at all, because it's from stupid mumbai mirror which comes with crap after crap.

    but according to the inside sources, it's a film about SRK and only SRK. kajol has an importnant role but not a lengthy role equalent to SRK.

    kajol read it and signed it, so I dont think this is true, but for any reason if it's true, it's so dumb act by kajol and I dont think kajol is that dumb.

    again why people fight here???

    I can clearly see people are over-reacting here and gone on and on about kajol.
    This is not a kajol forum at all.

    and it's not KKHH or K3G, it's an issue based film and a different one.:)
    Dont expect sugar romantic moments with SRK and kajol, they passed that age limit.

    If any body worried about kajol's screen presence time, more than the total movie, he/she is only a kajol fan.not a SRK fan at all.

    and please kajol fans, this is a SRK forum, dont drag other actresses and other non-kajol SRK films and dont degrade those actreses and films and dont try to bulid up an idea like only SRK-KAJOL films are the best at all.

    they are my all time favorite jodi and love to see them always together on screen, but if not kajol, other actreses also can do more-same or less job than kajol even though we(kajol fans) like to see kajol.:)

    This is a SRK forum because every body's favorite is SRK, but when it comes to acresses, different people have different views here.:)
  5. mj1984

    mj1984 Active Member

    i so agree with you. also i would like to add that the article is only a news item. to believe it or not depends upon an individual. so why are we fighting out like that. we are just fans who are dying to see the movie. so let's leave it at that.
  6. srkaj0l1

    srkaj0l1 [L] KabirKhan..

    First of all, we are not fighting. We are discussing things. Since kajol is also a part of this movie along with srk, we can discuss about her role also na. At kajols forum you can also see people discussing about srk. That doesnt make that site a srk site.

    That we are defensing kajol doesnt mean we are not a srk fan. I am a bigger fan of srk then kajols. But cant stand unfair reactions against kajol here. Not everyone has to like SRKajol, me and the others dont say that somewere. Ofcourse everyone is free to love another actress. Who am i to say that they cant? But if people write negative things about kajol, things that she doesnt deserve or things that arent true at all, i definitly will write that i dont agree with that, dont think that this make here an kajol forum.

    But it is almost a fact that if mm or another article write something negative about srk it is: ''aa bulsh!t dont believe it'' but if it is about kajol a you get a lots of negative comments. If it is a srk-forum or not, i just cant accept this.

    I cant get it seriously. Why dont some people try to understand us(SRKajol-fans) also? Finally they are doing a movie together and you get to face with such reactions. That pisses me off yaar.
  7. dilos

    dilos Well-Known Member

    Rahul..I agree some of your views like KANK is better film than Fanaa and Rani was really good there and in Black and in many of her films..but Rani being good doesnt make Kajol bad..why in the end its always finding a reason for bashing Kajol
    Kajol might have done KANK but I can imagine how she will be fired at ..I listened to her objections about the script of KANK and what she said is exactly the missing point in the film so maybe if Karan could reshoot KANK as he keeps saying he would do what Kajol said..who knows..

    Karan clearly declared time and again he wants to work with Kajol and any of his films was offered to Kajol first ..if anybody is a Kajol fan than its Karan Johar..
    He arranged the shootings of MNIK for her free time and finally when they start shooting this kind of crap comes out ..nobody shouldnt believe it ..Kajol might be an obsessed mother or a lazy actress but she is no fool to challange Karan or any other director about her role..this is just silly..

    and I agree with Sema the real problem is not the news but some people never miss the chance to jump the conclusions against Kajol ..
  8. Shabana_SRK

    Shabana_SRK Dr D&G

    i really love kajol and i am a huge fan and the response from die hard kajol fans is understandable. i honestly don't believe in this BS because it is the MM but i do agree with the point mrunal made about kajol and her daughter. please don't take me as insensitive but the attitude from her recently has been quite surprising i really do hope that all this will be sorted out. this article could be believable because kajol's mother has been known for diva like behavior with people in the film and industry and even with her own husband(who has passed on RIP).
  9. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    I agree with you Pri Partner! :) For the sake of cinema too, I believe we should realize that this article doesn't hold much basis! And as for Kajol, I too have felt that she is a great actress in her own right and and in most of her films I have seen her doing independent roles. Even KKHH or K3G had Kajol do roles that mattered - at no point was she only eye-candy or standing beside ShahRukh - at all times she in fact made the scene complete by being there. And as for the other films of hers that I have watched, I have felt the same too. However, it's ShahRukh-Kajol's specialty that they look so great together - it's both of them taken together that make them the formidable and lovable jodi that they are...

    And I too agree that KANK wouldn't have been a good decision for SRK-Kajol - the way the audience worships them and loves them, it would have been a shattering experience to have seen Kajol play Maya in KANK - and of course one can never deny that Kajol's absence was not felt as Rani did a wonderful job too...

    Anyway, seems it's story-time again for MM - and I strongly believe (as I have mentioned in my post too) that as soon as they heard Shah say "that it's a film based on a man called Khan's journey thro USA", they made their necessary assumptions and came out with a story trying to portray MNIK as a Shah-oriented movie and that Kajol is unhappy about it!
  10. mj1984

    mj1984 Active Member

    wow you got my point bang on. thanks:)
  11. Hasret

    Hasret Ullu-Club-Member

    Sema I agree with you and Rahul i agree with you also in some of your opinions.
    its not that we are fighting we are just discussing like sema said.
    and everybody have right to say what they think :)

    And i wanna say this, its not just kajol ! i have noticed that some people dont accept if you are hrithik fan or if you like the bachchans cause Shahrukh have problem with them ?? he doesnt have problem with them at all! we all know that its just the media and amitjii likes him and shahrukh ahve respect for him, jaya jii likes him and gauri, abhishek looks up to shahrukh everybody knows that. but still you cant like them, or hrithik or saif and so on.. everybody can like whoever they want ! I know this is a Shahrukh Khan forum but that doesnt mean that you cant be a fan of others also.. so i just wanna say grow up to some people. i know that this is not the topic but somehow its like the kajol topic that we discuss about.. so i just wanted to say it.
  12. avggomez

    avggomez New Member

    Agree with you on Kajol not doing KANK! well said...
    and also agree on how well Rani played Maya in the movie.......
  13. avggomez

    avggomez New Member

    you are a sweetheart Harset.....

    exactly my thoughts.....

    I also alwayz brushes of every news i get aginst SRK and Amith ji or Abhishek for that matter, cz I like them too....
    Like you say media is cooking them up for us and we eat it so nicely....
    and with convesations like this we have in our forums give us ready made "dessert" too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what a menue!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
  14. srk_kushal

    srk_kushal I Like Blue...

    Increasing the role in the movie, now she is trying to affect the movie the 'Akshay' way! I hope the next thing she demands is not that truncate SRK's role.
  15. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    And just as I had thought I will no longer comment on this thread... But seriously, how can you say that? This is MM! You believe every c**p they write about Shahrukh? No, you do not, right? So why would you believe this?

    If Kajol and Karan did not have a GREAT working relationship, Karan wouldn't want her in EVERY film of his. This "news" is BS!
  16. srk_kushal

    srk_kushal I Like Blue...

    Nothing against Kajol, but this is an article of MM for only the people who have read it here. In India, every news channel is saying this, actually showing this. And regarding my belief, i never even try to believe articles that create views, i believe articles that only report news. Whether it is SRK or anyone. Since I have seen this on a number of channels, and read in a number of papers, i am saying this.
  17. KhushiDreamz

    KhushiDreamz G.One Squad Member

    I totally agree with you!!!!

    Hopefully is not true this news. I looking forward to see them working together. Even though true the movie is more about Khan than Mrs Khan... But lets wait guys to see how the stories end. Just chill;):thumb:.
  18. dilos

    dilos Well-Known Member

    Its everywhere..in every channel !!!..so the media also wouldnt miss the chance of attacking Kajol :frusty::frusty:
    poor girl..
  19. dilos

    dilos Well-Known Member

    :ohwell:..is this a joke..
  20. Hasret

    Hasret Ullu-Club-Member

    thank you Amali for agree with me sweetheart :hug:
    but anyway i will not wirte in this thread anymore cause it makes me very angry... and i dont care about the stupid media ,i just waiting for this film and i knoww that it will be a fantastic movie !

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