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Josh -- the Movie

Discussion in 'Josh' started by Meghna04, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!


    Year: 2000
    Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Chandrachur Singh, Priya Gill, Sharad Kapoor, Vivek Vaswani, Sharat Saxena, Anjaha Shrivastava, Suhas Joshi, Kumar Bhardwaj & Nadira

    Producer: Venus Records & Amp; Tapes
    Director: Mansoor Khan
    Music Director: Anu Malik
    Awards :
    IIFA Awards
    -Best Art Direction
    Screen Award
    -Best Art Direction


    The movie is about twins (Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai) and the seething rivalry between two gangs, sworn enemies, who rule the streets in the small Goan town of Vasco.
    One group is led by Max (Shah Rukh Khan) and the other is led by Prakash (Sharad Kapoor).
    Prakash’s brother (Chandrachur Singh) comes back from Bombay and promptly falls for Max’s sister, Shirley (Aishwarya Rai). The stage seems set for a bloodbath.

    Songs from Josh:

    Song: Apun bola
    Singer/s: Shah Rukh Khan & Hema Sardesai
    Music Director/s: Anu Malik
    Lyricst: Nitin Raikwar

    Song: Hai mera dil
    Singer/s: Udit Narayan & Alka Yagnik
    Music Director/s: Anu Malik
    Lyricst: Sameer

    Song: Hum to dil se haare
    Singer/s: Udit Narayan & Alka Yagnik
    Music Director/s: Anu Malik
    Lyricst: Sameer

    Song: Mere khayalon ki malika
    Singer/s: Abhijeet
    Music Director/s: Anu Malik
    Lyricst: Sameer

    Song: Sailaru sailare
    Singer/s: Suresh Peter & Mano
    Music Director/s: Anu Malik
    Lyricst: Sameer

    Song: Zinda hai hum to
    Singer/s: Abhijeet, Jolly Mukherjee & Hema Sardesai
    Music Director/s: Anu Malik
    Lyricst: Nitin Raikwar
  2. chatranisrk

    chatranisrk Well-Known Member

    I am quite fond of this movie, which I saw for the third time yesterday! I like to see Shahrukh in his bad boy act, I found him very sexy of course and I wish I could capture those looks of him when he learns the truth and during the trial at the end, his expressions are terrific!!
    I like wery much the couple Shahrukh/Ashwairya, eventhough they are twins in this movie! And the dance during the festival, which Shahrukh as a pirate wanting to seduce his love interest is fabulously sensual, oh the look in his eyes and his body language sent me direct to heaven!!! :heart: :heart:

    I was wondering if anybody knew why the title was Josh, does it mean anything in hindi??
    I couldn't think of any proper explanation for the title, if you know, thanks for sharing :) :) :)
  3. roya20

    roya20 New Member

    It was a very amusing movies and a movie for yougesters.With a lot of Josh .I liked it .But Srk and aishwarya did not seem twins .they do not look like each other not at all. but I Loved this movie and it's songs very much.
  4. Alana

    Alana New Member

    I watched that movie last week after a long time and really like it. I like the story and the songs, the actors and and and.

    And Shahrukh looks so sweet and innocent in a way. The most impressive scene for me, is nearlly at the end, when Prashant has the wapon and Max' eyes get so big and you see that he cannot believe what happens and the fear.
  5. Chandani76

    Chandani76 New Member

    AW: Josh -- the Movie

    i Loved this fil and the actors :D:D:D:D
    and most of all KHan
  6. Shina001

    Shina001 Tina

    Re: AW: Josh -- the Movie

    I likes the movie

    And Srk sexy bad boy looks!!!!
  7. Gulya

    Gulya SRK lover

    I love dis movie :thumb: ,it's one of my favorites!!!!!!!:heart: SRK :heart: was SEXY and HOT....And i also love the couple :heart: :heart: SRK & Aishwarya :heart: :heart: !!!!!They look cute together. :clap2:
  8. Mia

    Mia New Member

    I just saw the movie and...I LOVE IT:heart: Shahrukh is the best. And he looks so good in this bad boy role. It was so cool that he had a twin sister. He was so protecting with her.The story was interesting. What can I say more...GREAT MOVIE:clap2:
  9. angelika13

    angelika13 New Member

    very good movie i like it srk is so cute when he plays a bad boy :)
  10. lovearagorn

    lovearagorn Ullu-Club-Member

    I liked the movie, Sharu looks just too hot playing bad boy :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
    Can somebody pls tell me what is going on there on the judge? prakash says something-I understood that that prooves that Sharu is innocent, but he says something else, too before he starts cryin and I don t understand what??? Can somebody explain pls? I dunno know hindi that well
  11. srk_kushal

    srk_kushal I Like Blue...


    Oh God!!
    If favorite movies section had the 4th option mine would have been Josh!!
    I had been deeply impressed with Maxie in it!! his goggles, his style, his kicks, and the way he rolled the football, his bike, the gun, and especially the dance.!! realli! that dance of srk with priya gill was the best dance of srk ever, better than any of his!!
    Loved it.
  12. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    i didnt like this movie.. :tape:
  13. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    I totally love it!!!!

    SRK rocks as max,
  14. JUG

    JUG Well-Known Member

    Ru u didn't like JOSH? :scared: WHAT?? why sweeto??

    One of my fav movies. And probably the only one where i liked Aishwarya. Hated that Chandrachud Singh..the dude really spoilt it for me at times. Loved the bro-sis bit..the typical tapori stuff and of course the music!! SRK is the best baddie ever :hungry: how can anyone be this sexy :faint:
  15. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    I like Josh. I think Shahrukh and Aish are great as brother and sister. Shahrukh is simply hot as a bad boy and his acting is really brilliant, so natural. And of course this is the first film where we got to hear Shahrukh himself singing :) that's a big plus! :thumb:

    Only if thinking strictly about the story, I guess we are supposed to feel something for Aish and the guy she falls for, but I can't. That guy was too annoying to get any sympathy and when there was Shahrukh on the other side, it was even more impossible. But, since I watched the film only for Shahrukh, who cares really...?
  16. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    lol i dont know
    i didnt like the story
    him being hot in this movie is another issue though :flame::eyebrows:
  17. Ricky80

    Ricky80 Member

    I love the movie Josh, great action movie...he played Max brilliantly
  18. Bridget

    Bridget Well-Known Member

    When I'm working I often listen to CDs of songs from SRK's movies and kept getting the carnival song Zinda Hai Hum To stuck in my mind so I decided to re-watch Josh.

    I so, so love the way Shahrukh looks in that film with the leather jacket motorcycle style. With that look he would fit right in with Marlon Brando's classic Hollywood movie The Wild One. And I just adore Shahrukh's dancing in
    Sailaru Sailare and most especially in the Spanish song Lola Lola where he's wearing the eye patch and how he dances and moves the girl around...and those fingers walking up her neck is so fantastic :heart:[​IMG]
  19. klouvios

    klouvios New Member

    I love this movie
    Shahrukh was great as a gang boy
    I like the scene where Max is in jail and the cop:mad: comes in and hits him, he looks so afraid :(
  20. kalhonaho

    kalhonaho New Member

    What I really didn't like about this movie was the music. Whenever I put on a dvd with filmi clips (mostly SRK of course) I always skip those songs.
    It wasn't a movie that kept me on the edge of my seat, but I do like it. Srk as a bad-boy-a-la-West Side Story,whow doesn't turn out to be so bad after all. Ah well, good or bad, SR is always good. :D

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