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Jab Tak Hai Jaan Member Reviews

Discussion in 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan Members Reviews' started by mumbiene, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Please get the DVD!!!!!!!!!!
    I know that you will gain so much more with multiple viewings. Reading subtitles slows your process for the appreciation of the actors and the storyline! I am really happy I got the DVD.
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  2. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    You guys have me convinced. All day I've had a happy excited feeling and it's because I know I am going to see him in JTHJ again.
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  3. Shanti Chand

    Shanti Chand BANNED.

    I have watched it just once and liked it and it is surely to be watched several times but "poor Katrina" always will remain poor for me... sorry.
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  4. Krisi_love_SRK

    Krisi_love_SRK Well-Known Member

    Honestly I love this movie"Jab Tak Hai Jaan" and I don't understand why so many people not like it. It's great movie,amazing love story. Yash Chopra is really The King of Romance and Shahrukh also.I liked the film's meaning.Love all songs-"Heer"-very beautiful and sad song, "Challa"so lovely and Shahrukh was so cute, "Jiya Re"-also lovely song,Anushka is so sweet and funny expecally with Shahrukh when she hug him and they dance together-so cute :) "Jab Tak Hai Jaan"-title song -so beautiful too."Ishq Shava"-also very nice,but I like before that song Shahrukh and Katrina dance.I know that she is very good dancer,but Shahrukh was so amazinng, just wow :eek: "Saans"-my favorute song-so beautiful,so romantic,Both Shahrukh and Katrina are so lovely together. just looked him,expecallu Shahrukh with white suit:bolt:I like Anushka as Akira-she is lovely giril ,very cute and very funny .I think Anushka is really very good actress.I like her chemistry with Shahrukh in "Rab Ne Badi di jodi",I like them together here too.Honestly I like Katrina too.I'm no see her movie, just her dance on "Agneepath" ,but I like her here and in"Ek Tha Tiger "too.Yes,she is not like Kajol or other actress,but I don't she is so bad.She is diffrent.Every actress and actor are diffrent.There must be a reason Yash Chopra to choose for this movie.I don't know why so many people hate her,may be most ot them they are just jelous becouse she was (may be only) actress who Shahrukh kiss her on movie(
    but "Maya Memsab" but there is a shortened stage):DDam,she is lucky really .I think she looks beautiful with Shahrukh,every actress looks good with,becouse he make them feel very special.someone had written how it occur two incidents with Samar ?Why not?
    Have someone who knows what will happen.Between these two incidents is 10 years.Why did not he fight for his beloved?What could he do?Would not deter her.To speak with her ​​father?He fought for it, proving to God that he would not abandon her and that she deserves.Otherwise it makes no sense to live.That is special and unique film.This makes it different from other stories.Shahrukh as Samar Anand-why I can say ?
    anything to say about it is not enough !!!
    Shahrukh does not stop to amaze me with their performances.Is there anything you can do?He played two different characters in the body of a man.On the one hand more fun lover who wants to make others happy,On the other hand plays a strict soldier who is lonely, think about how to do his job and every day risking their lives for their love.Surly is not smiling even his voice is different.OMG Shahrukh play lover boy Samar and Major Samar as two diffrent people !:eek: He looks so fantastic as Major Samar Anand-WOW how handsome and how sexy is he !!!Just because it stands the film is worth.I love this beard !:D as lover boy he looks great too,but love more major looks !:bolt:My favorute moments from this movie.All movie is my favorute,but more:
    1) Songs "Saans" and Jiya Re
    2) When Shahrukh and Katrina dance-was just too Good !
    3) When Samar says too Meera-"Happy Wedding"...WOW his eyes...so angry..........:eek:
    4)When he was in the church and then leave, giving him a soldier goes into the desert
    5) funny scene bettwen Samar and Meera-"Dond done London":D and when he says " Dr. Khan is a psychologist, not sexologist .I think she is lesbeen":biggrin1:,funny scene bettwen Samar and Akira,how she flirted with him:p
    6) Kissing scene bettwen Samar anad Meera-his first kiss...so lovely and how looked her ; when she kiss him before "Saans"song..... I think kissing scene was wonderful.Nothing wrong and vulgar.So sweet scene and beautiful. I was shoked too.but I like them.
    If Yash Chopra said that it should have it in the movie so this is supposed.I see nothing wrong with it.Even the bed scene was very nice.What was so bad about that?It was not porn scene.I would not be against Shahrukh other such scenes, I think it's completely normal, and it makes its own unique.:)
    When he kissed her on the forehead Akira ..so sweet and lovely :angel:
    8) scene bettwen Samar and Meera on church,how beautiful is Katrina with red sari and how handsome is Shahrukh. So emocional scene,
    words that he says he's leaving leaving her alone.This was one of the best scene !:bolt:
    9) when Samar save Akira...was really great scene and and when he is made.So angry Samar.,but so wonderful and sexy:bolt: Remind me of Kabir Khan from "Chak de India":D
    10) when Samar sing "Challa " and Akira watch him .....ah so niсе :)
    When he was a black tank top by the river !OMG ! How can this man is so SEXY and so charming !!!!!!!!!!!!:eek::angel:
    His first what makes your bike...how great entry....wow Majos Samar Anand just Love it !!!
    13) when Samar hugs Meera in room and say to her"Stay here"....so lovely........:angel:
    14) last scene bettwen Samar and Akira.
    15) last scene bettwen Samar and Meera,expecally when say to her"Do not pray for me.Just love me.Neither God nor the bomb will prevent me to get back to you !"
    OMG ! How can't LOVE HIM ! So amazing ,his eyes....MAGIC !!!:bolt::angel:
    When he returned alive to her and asks, "Will marry me ?""
    and shows you just ring was made.In my opinion, each in its place would say "YES":D The final embrace between them.So beautiful and romantuc final !!!!LOVE IT !
    17 )
    Akira's words "It's a great love story of a man and his great love and strong faith of a woman".Yes.WHAT TRUE LOVE !!! Thank you,Yash Chopra and dear Shahrukh !:):angel:
  5. Karan#1

    Karan#1 Well-Known Member

    I rated this film a bit too high (probably not wanting to rate it lower). On second thoughts would give JTHJ a 6.5 or 7/10, there were parts where it was good and parts that were boring and overall it was an OK film but doesn't match up to previous SRK romantic films.
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  6. Alenka

    Alenka Well-Known Member

    For me, this film is much higher than previous romantic movies SRK)))) So, really, to each his own ...
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  7. Lorraine

    Lorraine wise old lady

    I really enjoyed reading your review of Jab TAk Hai Jaan. Your way of describing what you liked about it sounds like you are so excited. I love your enthusiasm.
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  8. Lorraine

    Lorraine wise old lady

    I feel a little sad that you found it so difficult to like or to understand certain parts of this movie, especially after you watched over and over again. When there are so many aspects of the movie that you don't understand or that you don't like, I feel that it takes some of the joy and awe away from your experience of watching it. But, I appreciate your descriptions of what you considered weak points or things that did not seem to be understandable, and so it made the movie less than perfect for you.

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  9. Lorraine

    Lorraine wise old lady

    I am sorry that a discussion about one of SRK's movies has stirred up contentions between members, especially when we are only sharing our opinions about our views and experience watching the movie (Jab Tak Hai Jaan, in this case). I like to share a thought with you. With most all of us being individuals who care about Shahrukh, and with so many of us hoping he will visit PlanetSRK from time to time, none of us want him to read negative discussions about him that could affect him in negative ways, do we?

    Please understand that what I am about to say is said with love and kindness in my tone. Usually when he works out, since he says it is not one of his favorite things to do, he does it because his contract requires him to look a certain way physically. According to his statements in interviews and when sharing his personal thoughts He usually does not work-out out of some self-conscious need to look younger. If he cared about that so much he would never let his hair show the gray and he would not wear clothes that don't flatter him. He'd probably not go a day without makeup either. He has no illusions about his age and how it does or does not show on him. Yes, he chooses the movies he is willing to take on. But, if the producers and directors etc. of the films he chooses believe it is alright for him to play the roles (whether young or old) he accepts their judgment. As he says, when the viewers (fans & other supporters) start indicating that they don't like him in certain roles, he will consider not doing them anymore and change to doing something different.

    There are many movies /stories Shahrukh will still be able to be a romantic character and even comedic character even when he is in his 60's or 70's, and people would still be able to love him in them. In Hollywood, it's done all the time. One of my favorites (Sean Connery) was still going strong as a romantic hunk when he was that age... Medicine Man, The Rock, for example. Clint Eastwood in Bridge in Madison County, Tommy Lee Jones in Man of the House --- all really good movies and the guys did not have to be all that good-looking either. People will adjust as time passes. It is only the younger ones who may not be able to appreciate seeing Shahrukh at older age playing such roles, unless they grew up loving him with their parents, or something like that. Plus, there are plenty of gangster movies he can play, no matter what his age. So, Shahrukh's career is far from nearing the end. Besides, even if it were ending as far as drawing millions and millions of fans like he does right now, it would not be over for him. He insists he will keep acting until he himself wants to stop, even if he only does it in private showings for his own pleasure and amusement.

    My opinion has no authoritative weight. It's just how I feel. I hope we can all just love and appreciate Shahrukh as long as he continues to grace us with his acting skills, intellect, and charm. We can like or dislike his films, the characters, the acting, the story, the settings, the songs, dancing, etc., but it would be a better reflection on him and his efforts to spread love across the globe, if we would do it with love and respect for all concerned, and with gracefulness just as he generally tries to do, can't we? Many good wishes to you all. Lorraine

    Chennai - SRK.jpg

    483658_169400266551155_805850086_n Pumped up.jpg
  10. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Lorraine, I totally agree with our choice of Sean Connery as an actor aging well! Shah Rukh has the same potential, if the directors allow it! Amitabh Bachchan had this problem for a few years. Directors could not place me in age appropriate roles for a while, but that has passed now. I would hate to see our Sweetoo lost along the way in that quagmire! In my opinion, his age is not an issue as much as the role that is being portrayed! It is about perception on-screen! Do we believe he can jump over the tallest building? What is the line Shanti tells Om? I can't recall the words right now, but it is all about believing the actor!
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  11. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    Please don't ever stop Shah Rukh. I makes me feel like crying to think about it.
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  12. Lorraine

    Lorraine wise old lady

    Don't cry dear; I don't think you have to worry about that. He also said he can't imagine himself ever wanting to stop acting because he loves to do it and he needs to keep busy doing what he loves to do. When he has time off work he loves to enjoy time and activities with his family at home. I expect him to be with us a long time.
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  13. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    TY. I feel better now. :)
  14. Lorraine

    Lorraine wise old lady

    By the way, we will soon see whether he is believable in his next films like "Don 3" and in the film coming this fall August 2013 "Chennai Express" because there are supposed to be a whole lot of action scenes that most men his age would not be doing. I hope his double (stunt man) will be doing most of the dangerous stuff, but we shall see if Shahrukh looks the part and portrays the parts convincingly enough for people to love those movies --- or at least him in them. Personally, I am not a fan of Deepika Padukone being matched with SRK in Chennai Express. I don't have anything against her at all. She's beautiful and does good acting and dancing, even singing. I just don't see them as a very compatible couple. I mean I don't feel the bond between them when they are in films together. Maybe it's because it seems stronger with other women who have been coupled with him. I don't know. I hope this movie surprises me with them together. For now, SRK and Katrina Kaif (even though she's a little stiff sometimes) are very believable in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, as far as I am concerned. I watch that movie often.
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  15. Krisi_love_SRK

    Krisi_love_SRK Well-Known Member

    Thank you :) Yes,I really was very excited when watch this movie.I'm very excited everytime when watch his movies or shows..or whenever ...:D
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  16. ShahrukhLOVE100

    ShahrukhLOVE100 Active Member

    Looove thiis repriise <3
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  17. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    I love the words sung in this scene! Shattered dreams being awakened! It defines Meera's suppressed feelings, now being awakened! She has the face that lets you believe that she is melting from her "promise."
  18. shervin

    shervin Well-Known Member

    I love this film. Emotionally it's one of the most powerful films, i think. The ambiguity of the ending scene fascinates me.
  19. Dea

    Dea ♥SRK-Gauri♥

    i won't make a separate thread for this review, as i want to keep it short :biggrin1:
    i really love this movie! it is one of a kind! i love the story, very realistic, very powerful, very gentle- as he describes it

    Shahrukh looks like a million bucks... especially in the second half because i have a softspot for the beard :faint: his is just so natural and at ease with himself in this movie, he really sold his character very well! A1!!! loved every bit!
    Anushka is a million times better than Katrina... i'm sorry but it's just the way it is. she is now a spectacular actress, and i love the way she acts, she has come a long way and i know it's all due to Shahrukh who has taken her under his wing actingwise. Katrina, as fake as she is, has done a good job too. Yashji really knew how to wring out the best out of his actors. and he has done a miracle with her, whatsay :biggrin1:

    on the downside... of course, i am too disappointed that he kissed on screen- the thing he said he'd never do, along with riding a horse :lol: why couldn't he have riden a horse instead!!?? :lol: i have a problem with this just because it;s Shahrukh we're talking about here. Gauri was the one woman he had ever kissed, and it bothers me to know that, of all ppl (as in, me, for example :lol:) it had to be her (Katrina)! the kissses were tasteful (although i did read that one kiss was much lenghtier, and the public saw it at the premiere, but was cut out on Shah's request), but i would have much rathered they weren't there at all. the script demanded it... oh well, i realised Yashji tried to make this film more modern, more contemporary, but i felt as if he had broken some of the things that were so unique about his movies... of course people have sex before marriage, cheat on fiancees, kiss and swear all the time. but when i watch a hindi movie i like to escape from all that. i just felt as if the movie could have done without these parts, leaving us all wondering whether they had happened or not...baas.

    but i don't have a problem with these things actually, they did not bother me, i was just making a point, generally. although, the kisses did bother me, again, because it is Shahrukh we are talking about.

    so much to say, so little time... Yashji will surely be missed, he has made great films-his legacy. i think it is really ironic how he passed away just after shooting Jab Tak Hai Jaan... so filmy of him, hai na? :p belkol Yashji ka style
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  20. Krisi_love_SRK

    Krisi_love_SRK Well-Known Member

    love this scene so much very touching....Shahrukh and Katrina :hug:

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