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Is Devdas' ending a Mystery?

Discussion in 'Devdas' started by haseena, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. haseena

    haseena Tere Liye

    I have watched Devdas many times, and everytime I question ShahRukh Khan's death....

    I am sure everyone who has seen the movie noticed a bite mark on SRK's hand and the surrounding of the bite mark had turned purple and along with SRK's hand, his face was pale and alittle purple before his last breath.
    After watching the movie we had all come to the conclusion that SRK died from drinking too much Alcohol....but I think that was not it. I believe that along with Alcohol something had bit SRK during the night which caused his death.

    I had asked this question in one of the other threads and two or three members said that the bite mark on his hand didnt mean anything, but I still have doubts.

    Do you think in Devdas SRK died of Alcohol or the bite mark on his hand had something to do with his death?
  2. hashim

    hashim New Member

    bite marks :confused: I didn't notice that...
  3. haseena

    haseena Tere Liye

    really??? its the scene where SRK is out side Paro's house and right after he dies they do close up on his right hand and there is a bite mark and thats where the movie ends :(
  4. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    well i think it was suppose to be devdas dying by drinking alchohol but i didnt realise the bite ill watch it again to find out the bite could be it- thanks for pointing out
  5. filmifan

    filmifan bhangraholic nattu

    i just popped the DVD in and didn't see a bitemark. there's alot of dirt on the base of his palm though.
  6. haseena

    haseena Tere Liye

    u might have look alittle more closer...there is a bite mark...and its visible.
  7. mysterywoman

    mysterywoman New Member

    could anyone tell me what is going on?????????????????:mad: :crazy:

    And bite mark???????????? and if this SRK devdas had died of bite mark(Snake?????) then why was it never shown in the previous 2 devdas movies.

    This is something new I am hearing as I know SRK and the 2 previous devadas died of toooooooooooo much drinking and had liver failure :rip: that's why SRK was shown catching his liver area, am I right may be he was bitten by his own dog or something in his house that's why those marks may be visible or may be SRK bit it himself due to stress:banplease: :tape: :tape: :angel: :amen:
  8. haseena

    haseena Tere Liye

    I havent seen the other two devdas movies....but each movie doesnt have to end the same way....i mean look at DON. I am not sure if the bite mark means anything....but its just that everytime i watch the movie i question it and i thought maybe members here have noticed that too.

    SRK couldnt have bit himself :suspicious: and his dog couldnt have done it either because its more like a snake or a creature like a snake type of bite mark. And I dont think the director would have ended his movie doing a close up on the bite mark if it didnt mean anything....it must mean something....well thats just my opinion.
  9. cmreeves

    cmreeves Well-Known Member

    During the shooting of Devdas, Shah Rukh cut himself pretty badly while breaking bottles. Could be your "bite mark" is simply the result of that. If this scene was shot somewhat close to that happening (they don't usually shoot films in order from beginning to end) it's possible it was bad enough they couldn't cover it with make up.
  10. haseena

    haseena Tere Liye

    thats a possibility....but why do you think they would do a close up and end the movie there if they couldnt cover it with make up? :rolleyes2:
  11. cmreeves

    cmreeves Well-Known Member

    For a couple of reasons. You might notice that before he dies he has the shakes, most notably his hand is shaking uncontrollably. And secondly he was reaching out to her when he died...So his still, outstretched hand was the closeup at the end.

    Oh and I don't see a bite mark either. Can you point it out for me on this cap?: http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/2293/devdashand6zn.jpg
  12. haseena

    haseena Tere Liye

    I just wanted to say that i am not trying to prove here that what i am saying is right, i just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed what i noticed. :rolleyes:

    I watched the last scene of the movie couple times now and the last couple of mins or so of the movie when Paro is running towards him, SRK doesnt move his hand at all...and they do a close up on his arm, first to show writing on his arm ( I cant read hindi...but i think he wrote Paro on his arm...i am not sure) and then they move the camera from that and they do a close up on the "bite mark" (or whatever that is) and thats where the movie ends.

    and the link above has an okay view of what i am trying to show everyone here...but if you can watch the movie you will see a bigger and more clear view of the "bite mark" and its the upper left side of his hand and the surrounding of the "bite mark" is purple....it is very visible and it doesnt look like a cut caused by glass.
  13. KJC4SRK

    KJC4SRK Active Member

    Hi Haseena, you may or may not know who I am as I am often too busy to post a lot, but my name is Krishna Jewel, I am a Hindi Cinema Journalist, so Hindi films are kinda my life. I would like to address your issue here.

    It is not a bite mark, full stop. He died from liver failure due to alcohol poisoning only.

    One, if you have read the book, there is no mention of anything ever biting him. Also there is no biting in any film old or new.

    Additionally, if you think about it, that would have to be a big snake with as far apart as the black dots are. Also, the puncture wounds themselves would not turn black and the surrounding area would turn red, not purple.

    His hand is dirty from falling to the ground and then being dragged. The significance of outstretched arm is that he is reaching for her as she is running with arm outstreached toward him...as if they are trying to reach each others souls...at the same time we see that he has a tatoo for all time that says Dev-P (remember, she said he started to get it at a fair, but it began to rain).

    As for the cut Carol is refering to, that happened to his thumb. When he was breaking the bottles in the brothel, they were real glass and he cut his thumb very badly and needed several stitches.

    Ok, I do hope this clears this up for you.

    Krishna Jewel
  14. nainital

    nainital New Member

    Thanks Krishna!!
    Looks like you're very well informed. In case you check this thread before too long, what about this story:
    Shahrukh once said in an interview, he started drinking Barcardi straight at 11 am for the binge-scenes ... and actually had to throw up on the set at one point. Do you know anything about that?
    If that's right, then I'm even more impressed with his portrayal ... he really took this role very seriously!
  15. KJC4SRK

    KJC4SRK Active Member

    Yes. He had never really drank much or been really drunk before. Method acting draws on experince a lot, and this wasnt something he had experinced...so he did, he drank a lot of Barcardi. He also drew on his own loses to reach that level of saddness as well. He said he spent a year drunk and depressed, it was one of the hardest times of his life.
  16. terri

    terri New Member

    Yeah, I remember reading/hearing about it in an interview somewhere and it just made my heart go out to him. I think that's why Devdas for me is a very painful movie for me to watch. You can just see that sadness in his eyes and the way that he portrays Devdas so that by the end of the movie, I end up feeling pretty much the way he feels then -pained and empty. While I got it a while ago, I think I've only sat down and watched it once or twice.
  17. Anoush

    Anoush SRK's Lovely Sister

    thanks you all for this theard

    i am agree with carol
    if anyone have this article about making devdas plz add it or send it to me
    Krishna, can you plz send me this article you talking about
  18. nainital

    nainital New Member

    thanks for sharing!
    He said he spent a year drunk and depressed, it was one of the hardest times of his life.
    ... wonder how Gauri coped with all that? Must have been a difficult time for them.

    I just LOVE his Devdas ... not so much the whole film (to me, SLB tends to be a bit too self-indulgant and intrusive as a director) - but SRK just blows me away ... every time!!!!!!
  19. ClaudiaX

    ClaudiaX Member

    Hi, i just read this tread and... belive me, now I can understand all that feelings :rain: that I had when I watched DEVDAS, even when I was never heard anything about SRK... I am still amazed how deep can he goes with an interpretation.:clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:

    2 thumbs up again for him!!!
  20. aprs

    aprs New Member

    i've heard that the movie ending was different from the novel. does any1 know what happened in the end of the book?

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