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Indian Film Festival of LA welcomes Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan

Discussion in 'RaOne (Ra.1)' started by Devdas forever, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Devdas forever

    Devdas forever Well-Known Member

    Indian Film Festival of LA welcomes Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan

    October 29, 2011 04:30:39 PM IST

    The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA), Eros International, and Red Chillies Entertainment, hosted Bollywood icon Shahrukh Khan at a special screening of his latest movie RA.ONE on the eve of its general release in North America.

    The invitation-only event was held at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater at the prestigious Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, and the packed theater included IFFLA patrons, sponsors, and Hollywood media and entertainment executives.


    RA.ONE, replete with sophisticated special and digital effects never before seen in Bollywood films, is about the travails of a mother and son pursued by a monster who escapes the virtual world of a video game.

    In a rare Los Angeles appearance, Khan, currently the most successful Bollywood superstar and heartthrob of Indians around the globe, was accompanied by the movie's director Anubhav Sinha, Oscar winning sound designer Resul Pookutty, and Red Chillies Entertainment VFX COO Keitan Yadav. They addressed the audience before the screening and participated in a Q&A after.

    Khan acknowledged that at 45, he may be past the age to take on a superhero role but confessed his longtime desire to play one. "The idea was that if I could muster enough resources, enough talent, the best in the world, then perhaps I would attempt it and RA.ONE is a step in that direction."

    IFFLA, the premier Indian film festival in North America, will celebrate its 10th anniversary April 10-15, 2012.

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  2. Devdas forever

    Devdas forever Well-Known Member

    Shah Rukh Charms at Academy’s ‘Ra.One’ Screening
    indiawest.com November 03, 2011 02:43:00 PM

    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Shah Rukh Khan made his female fans swoon when he broke into an impromptu version of “Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jaana Sanam” onstage at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Oct. 27.

    It was Khan-style hijinx as usual, as the star and producer of “Ra.One” shared a 3D screening of the megabudget sci-fi Bollywood film with an invitation-only audience, alongside director Anubhav Sinha, Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty, Red Chillies Entertainment VFX chief operating officer Keitan Yadav, Eros Americas president Ken Naz and Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles board chairman Arnold Peter.

    Peter called it an honor to present the year’s biggest Bollywood film here, in the “epicenter of the entertainment industry.”

    The event, held at AMPAS’s luxe Samuel Goldwyn Theater, was presented by IFFLA, Eros International, and Red Chillies Entertainment on the eve of “Ra.One’s” wider North American release. Seen in the audience were IFFLA patrons, sponsors, Hollywood media and entertainment executives.

    Khan described his warm relationship with IFFLA, which had hosted his earlier visit when he had released “Paheli,” which screened at the festival and was submitted for Academy Award consideration in 2005. “[IFFLA founder] Christina Marouda kept me up till 6 a.m.!” he laughed.

    Khan said he was thrilled to be onstage at the Academy, and was inspired to ta ke lessons home to India. “India is a country not taking the steps it should to attract a global audience,” he said. “We can improve on the technology, and make the films a bit shorter.”

    “Ra.One,” he said, marked a lifelong dream of his. “I’ve been a superhero fan since childhood,” he said. “I wore my sister’s tights, and a cape, whenever I got a chance. I have always wanted to play a superhero.”

    So Khan patiently waited until the time was right for such an ambitious project, which is widely acknowledged as India’s most expensive film to date. “The idea was that if I could muster enough resources, enough talent, the best in the world, then perhaps I would attempt it and ‘Ra.One’ is a step in that direction.”

    In a Q&A session with audience members after the screening, moderated by Indian American actor Rupak Ginn, Khan and director Anubhav Sinha described some of the challenges of making the film.

    Sinha explained that the process of motion picture development, which is widespread in Hollywood, is not much used in India as it can take so long to put a special effects-heavy film together. “A movie like this cannot be done without development,” said Sinha. “I remember when I met Shah Rukh and he offered to produce and star in it, he asked when I wanted to start shooting — I said, two years from now. It actually took closer to three years.”

    Pookutty, who won an Academy Award for his innovative sound design on “Slumdog Millionaire,” took his time onstage at the AMPAS theater to reflect on his own experiences at the Oscars in early 2009.

    “When I came here as an Oscar nominee, I landed in L.A. and my name was picked up at random. An African American security officer asked me, ‘Why are you here?’

    “‘I am an Oscar nominee,’ I said. Believe me, his expression changed. He said, ‘For “Slumdog Millionaire”’? And the tiger turned into a cat! He escorted me and my wife and picked up my bag for me, and kept asking me questions about ‘Slumdog’ and India.

    “In my 14 years in the motion picture industry it was the first time I realized that cinema could actually change people’s perceptions.”

    After the film, Khan replied to an audience member’s question about the challenges in making “Ra.One.”

    Access to the latest technology was not the filmmakers’ biggest challenge, he said.

    Instead, it was “trying to make a film, which is a regular Hindi film, and set it in a genre which has not been too popular in India. To be able to mix the two was the constraint, actually.

    “If we were given free rein, all of us would make a very pure superhero film in which he saves the world and does the things a regular superhero is meant to do. But we had to figure out a way in that it would not lose its essence of its Indian, Bollywood masala commercial film, and still have a balance.”

    On Oct. 28, Eros International Media Ltd. announced that “Ra.One” had garnered a gross collection of Rs. 62.50 crore in its opening two days of Diwali and New Year. In a statement, Nandu Ahuja of Eros International Media Ltd. said, “The film has created history by taking over the mantle of the biggest domestic earner so far. It has touched the highest individual collection in circuits such as Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan. We see repeat viewings of the movie with the 3D version being equally sought-after.”

    The film has earned mixed reviews from Indian critics (see separate India-West review), but overseas critics have been enthusiastic in their praise. The Hollywood Reporter called it “vigorous and emotionally fulfilling,” while the Los Angeles Times called it “exhilarating … Bollywood at its Best"


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