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Important Announcement regarding Pictures

Discussion in 'Tutorials/Rules/Questions' started by Masala Maami, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Masala Maami

    Masala Maami New Member

    Hello friends, please take note that the images you upload to our Photo Gallery should be no larger than 550 px X 400 px in size. Larger images should be resized before uploading.

    Also when replying to a picture post, please only quote the link to that image [just right click on the picture and copy its "Properties"] and not the picture itself.

    We request your co-operation,
    Thank you.
  2. elimeten

    elimeten Well-Known Member

    you mean 550 px in height or in length?
  3. Masala Maami

    Masala Maami New Member

    Max limit for height and width is 550 px X 400 px :)
  4. Masala Maami

    Masala Maami New Member

  5. Anoush

    Anoush SRK's Lovely Sister

    ok meh , no problem
  6. elimeten

    elimeten Well-Known Member

    okie dokey :D
  7. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    I hope everyone is reading this announcement.
  8. Meghna04

    Meghna04 ChakDe SRK!

    For sure! :thumb:
  9. vwelling

    vwelling lois87

    I am fine with it
  10. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

  11. tixa

    tixa New Member

    i´ll do it this way, i promise!
  12. Evy

    Evy Well-Known Member

    important announcement in english and german

    Dear members,

    as Wafa and other mods wrote please take care for the size of the pics and wallpapers you want to post.

    Please use a size NOT BIGGER THAN MAX.~ 550 x 400

    The capacity of this forum is going down, because the big pictures need to much server storage. Otherwise we wouldn´t be able to post much new SRK pics in the future. And this would be very sad for all of us. Or ?

    Please don´t be upset when we have to reduce your pics by oversized. But it is deeply neccessary.

    If you have any question about this, please don´t hesitate to contact us.


    Liebe Mitglieder,

    wie Wafa und andere Modertoren schon geschrieben haben, achtet bitte auf die Größe Eurer Bilder und Wallpaper, die Ihr hier hinein posten möchtet.

    Bitte benutzt eine Größe, die nicht größer als max. ~ 550 x 400 ist

    Die Kapazität des Forums reicht sonst nicht mehr aus, da die großen Bilder sehr viel Speicher benötigen. Sonst sind wir vielleicht bald nicht mehr in der Lage, neue SRK Bilder hier zu veröffentlichen. Und das wäre doch sicher für uns alle sehr schade.

    Seit bitte nicht enttäuscht, wenn wir übergroße Bilder verkleinern müssen. Aber das ist dringend notwendig.

    Falls Ihr noch Fragen habt, wendet Euch ruhig an uns.
  13. Masala Maami

    Masala Maami New Member

    Thank you friends, for your co-operation :grouphug: :thumb:
  14. SRKeshini

    SRKeshini Active Member

    I just read the pm's cause I just came back from a holiday :p
    I will try to stick to it
    But I have a question
    If you want to upload a pic, but it is to big and you can;t resize it, that what do you do?
  15. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    I wish you luck guys with all the re-reading of the posts in order to re-size :) . Not an easy job to do!
  16. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    then you pm any of the mods, or members who are willing to help.
  17. SRKeshini

    SRKeshini Active Member

    thanx Wafa dear :)
  18. Masala Maami

    Masala Maami New Member

    Some members are still quoting pictures, please try and understand that quoting images eats up a lot of bandwidth.

    It is a time-consuming and not to mention, monotonous job for moderators to go back and edit all those quoted images.
    Please do not quote pictures hence forth, you may quote the image links instead.

    We request your co-operation :)
  19. Cosima

    Cosima SRK`s heartbeat

    Ok, :) I dont know how it works anyway, but if I know I will not do it. I think you have enough to do to keep us all updated.
  20. Masala Maami

    Masala Maami New Member

    When posting pictures from other sites, please request for permission from the owner. Also retain the logo if any on the pictures, cutting out the copyright signature/logo will result in deletion of the image in question.

    Thank you.

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