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IIPM Organizes Dare 2011 Quiz

Discussion in 'TV Game and Reality Shows' started by mumbiene, Mar 1, 2011.

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    IIPM Organizes Dare 2011 Quiz

    With a huge participation of 193 B-schools, the finale was hosted by Shah Rukh Khan.

    BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | March 1, 2011


    Curtains came down on Amaze – the biggest B school festival with the conclusion of its flagship event DARE, the IIPM 4P’s quiz competition! The B-School marketing quiz which also happens to be the biggest of its kind in the world, had participation from 3 continents and 193 B-Schools. The finalists included Kelley School of Business; Chicago Booth School of Business, ISB Hyderabad and IIFT Delhi. IIFT were the deserving winners after 4 hours of fun, celebration and quizzing with Shahrukh Khan at his wittiest, happiest and flamboyant best.

    It was a day of crazy excitement at IIPM. The badshah of bollywood Shahrukh entered the IIPM campus along with Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri. As the roof of the convertible Bentley opened and Shahrukh came out, the campus went berserk! Placards and posters emphasizing their love for Shahrukh were seen everywhere, the atmosphere was electric and excitement was in the air. In the anticipation for Shahrukh’s arrival, the students were gathered around the podium and the emcees kept the crowd entertained and the excitement levels charged with rendition of Shahrukh’s songs and dances. The arrival of Shahrukh along with Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri saw frenzy amongst the crowd only they could have generated.

    Shahrukh said, “I wish you all the best for you future & your whole life ahead. You all are fortunate to have been given the opportunity and the environment that is provided to you at IIPM and must make the most of this quality education. When you join whatever line of work you do, whatever aspect of life that you want to employ yourself in, make sure that your children at least can be very proud of the country that you leave behind, unlike us who feel a little shy and ashamed of all the news and all the things that we hear around us. God Bless, Work Hard!. IIPM is special always and I thank Arindam for giving me a chance to visit every year.”

    He also stressed on the importance of honesty and hard work and stressed on the aspect of India having the advantage of being a young nation and how India should capitalize on this to take it to greater heights.

    More than a thousand guests were waiting in anticipation as the country’s topmost entertainment icon walked in the quizzing arena, to host the 4PS Business and Marketing B-School Quizzing event DARE’11 at IIPM, New Delhi. The audience were chanting King Khan’s name and the magical entry of Shahrukh Khan justified that excitement .Nothing could have been more apt for an eventful start to one of the most challenging and exciting quizzing organized jointly by IIPM, the largest B-School on the planet along with 4Ps Business and Marketing, the most widely read Business and Marketing magazines in the country.

    Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri presented Shahrukh Khan with a copy of ‘POWERBRANDS’. Speaking on the occasion Chaudhuri said, “Everything at IIPM takes place in a grand manner and this is an initiative to take B-School quizzing to a new high by making it globalized and more appealing to a greater audience. Shahrukh’s presence in the event will obviously add the kind of glamour and brand value that such a world-class event so dearly deserves, as no brand in this country is as big as him”.

    “I feel proud to say that apart from achieving unparalleled academic excellence, IIPM’s B-school festivals have also been the biggest show for almost about a decade now and this event is the final benchmark to that effect. Overall it’s just thrilling!” added Chaudhuri.

    DARE’11 proved not only to be an international melting pot for the preeminent management students to celebrate their intellectual prowess but also as a platform for them to share cultural and intellectual insights across borders and B- Schools. All through the Quiz the audience remained captivated and enthralled by the wit and allure of their host, who enthralled everybody with his humour. He sang, he danced with full energy, did a handstand and mesmerized the crowd with his charm. He involved the audience and happily joked with the lucky ones that were invited on stage. In one row where quiz participants had to pick a question from his pockets, the participants had the time of their life trying to search pockets where questions were kept-in the specially prepared jacket he was wearing

    A lot of razzmatazz and glamour went in the making of the event a grand affair with various exciting rounds with one of them based on Shahrukh Khan himself. The quiz saw the clash of the top 6 teams(out of the 193 which participated) IIFT Delhi; Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad; ISB Hyderabad; Institute of Management, Nirma University; Kelley School of Business; Chicago Booth School of Business. Vaibhav & Aman from IIFT Delhi emerged the winners of this battle.

    The best of glamour events are rarely as grand and impeccable as the Business School event organized by IIPM. The rounds were well thought of (in one of the rounds participants had to dance to Shahrukh’s songs before picking up their questions and being a sport that Shahrukh is, he danced along with the contestants and taught them his moves). DARE ’11, the IIPM 4P’s B-school quiz was an affair that surely becomes the last word in its genre and a benchmark which will be almost impossible to achieve. Trust IIPM to have dared to think beyond…
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