IIFA 2014 in Tampa, Florida (Merged)

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  1. MaryAnnK

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    I am on the other side of the country! :( But I will contemplate this and consider it as we know more!
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  2. Debbie

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    MaryAnn you surely must come if possible....I am looking into moving even closer and if I do get this condo, I am looking at, it will be about 50 miles to Tampa!! If enough of us go we can share expenses.....it's something to think about!
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    I'm down for this..will have to consider the ticket cost...hope its not too crazy! i live in baltimore but if we are doing a condo or something similar..it would be awesome to see everyone!
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    There seems to be movement on the http://www.gobollywoodtampabay.com/home.html website - nothing about dates yet, but they've updated the design of the page from a basic "Under Construction" look to a functional placeholder design ...
  5. lauraleedooley

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    They are talking about moving the IIFA to March or April - announcement due in January ...

    Organizers to reschedule date of Bollywood Oscars in Tampa

    TAMPA — The Bollywood Oscars will come to Tampa a little earlier than expected.

    Organizers of the four-day awards gala — officially known as the International Indian Film Academy's Weekend & Awards — have decided to move up the event date from June to sometime in either March or April of 2014, according to Santiago Corrada, president of the Visit Tampa Bay tourism bureau.

    The reason? Crowds and weather.

    "We've actually been looking at it for some time," Corrada said. "We need to look for a less rainy season."

    Since July, when it was announced that Tampa would be the host city for the IIFA's signature green carpet — the first time the event has been held in the United States — demand for tickets has skyrocketed, Corrada said.

    Organizers anticipate at least 35,000 people will attend the main awards show — more than attended 2011's main event in Toronto — with a total of about 50,000 to 60,000 visitors in the area for concerts and other exhibits.

    The Tampa Bay Times Forum, which was supposed to host the main event June 12-14, can only accommodate about 8,000 to 9,000 people with a stage expected to be as large or larger than the one used at the Forum during the Republican National Convention. That leaves Raymond James Stadium as the only Tampa venue that can accommodate such a crowd.

    Outdoors in June in Florida means rain. So organizers plan to hold the event earlier to avoid it, Corrada said.

    Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg was considered, Corrada said. But the time needed to build a big stage and otherwise stage the venue, and hold the event itself, made finding enough time during the major-league baseball season a challenge.

    The only time that might have worked was around July 4, but that date presented problems with hotel availability.

    A new date has not been set, he said, but the organizers will announce it sometime in early January.

    The change presents a set of new logistical challenges, Corrada said. Those include choosing appropriate venues for a host of other events that will accompany the main awards show. Nevertheless, Corrada expressed optimism that the event would go smoothly.

    "They're professionals," he said of those organizing the event. "So they'll get it done."

    Even preparing for an event so potentially large in June was considered a timeline challenge. Moving it up a couple of months amps everything up. "They're going to be very busy," said Hillsborough County Commissioner Al Higginbotham, who was closely involved with recruiting organizers of the event.

    The Tampa awards weekend will be the 15th annual version of the IIFA celebration. Previously, it has gone to cities such as London, Johannesburg, Toronto, Amsterdam and Bangkok. Local officials say past IIFA weekends have generated in the neighborhood of 24,000 hotel room nights with a local economic impact exceeding $11 million for the host cities.

    In addition to the local attendees, the awards show will be broadcast to 800 million viewers in 108 countries.

    The Indian film industry is huge, turning out 1,255 movies in 2011 — more than Hollywood. (Still, Hollywood's big budgets and high ticket prices generate five times the revenue of Bollywood's $2 billion film industry.)

    "Bollywood" originally referred to movies made in Mumbai (formerly called Bombay), but it has become associated with films that can unfold over three hours, with an intermission, combining romance, comedy, action, drama and song-and-dance.

    Times staff writers Richard Danielson and Bill Varian contributed to this report.
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  7. Debbie

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    They are killing me with this.....when will they finally announce the dates and ticket sales....I hold little hope of getting any tickets with the way it is going right now.....it is really hard to get tickets for something like this through regular channels...and with them playing with the dates even harder....and how will they get the actors to come on such short notice? Even though I live in Florida this is gonna be a tough one...does anyone know anyone on the inside?
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  8. lauraleedooley

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  9. MaryAnnK

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    Oh, man!!!!! That is just too soon for me! :(
  10. lauraleedooley

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  11. lauraleedooley

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    Tickets for 'Bollywood Oscars' in Tampa go on sale Tuesday
    Monday, January 13, 2014 5:44pm

    Associated Press

    TAMPA — With 100 days to go, the International Indian Film Academy said Monday that tickets for its awards show in Tampa would go on sale today.

    Ticketmaster's website said tickets for the April 26 show at Raymond James Stadium would go on sale at 8 a.m.

    Individual ticket prices, with fees and taxes included, range from $93.50 in the upper levels of the stadium to $3,294.75 on the field near the stage.
    The IIFA's 15th annual Weekend & Awards is scheduled for April 24-26. The awards weekend includes events focused on Indian film, fashion, music, business and culture. It is expected to draw 30,000 or more visitors to the bay area.

    Every year, IIFA takes its awards weekend to a different country. This year is the first time it will be in the United States.

    Monday's announcement was made at a news conference in Los Angeles featuring Bollywood stars Priyanka Chopra and Anil Kapoor. A similar event is scheduled in Tampa today — it's not open to the public — with another in New York on Wednesday.

    The tour is meant to generate buzz for the awards weekend. In Los Angeles, planners talked to two or three dozen journalists about why IIFA chose Tampa.

    A lot of it boiled down to the commitment from local supporters like cardiologist, philanthropist and insurance entrepreneur Dr. Kiran Patel, according to Hillsborough County Commissioner Al Higginbotham, who attended the Los Angeles announcement.

    "They said there were markets with greater glitz and glamor," said Higginbotham, who has worked with local backers to land the awards weekend. "But unlike other markets around the world, they said that there was genuine interest (in the Tampa Bay area) in making this the best IIFA that they have had in their 15-year history."

    Organizers expect a big demand for tickets based on calls they've gotten from both inside and outside the Unites States as well as on sales for past IIFA galas.

    "We've had lots of inquiries," said Santiago Corrada, CEO and president of Visit Tampa Bay, Hillsborough County's nonprofit tourism marketing agency.

    In 2011, 25,000 tickets for the IIFA Weekend & Awards show in Toronto sold out in less than 10 minutes. By comparison, Raymond James Stadium has a capacity of 65,890.

    The schedule for the awards weekend includes:

    • April 23: "IIFA Stomp" Bollywood dance music festival at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, next to the Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa.

    • April 24: "IIFA Rocks" concert at the University of South Florida Sun Dome.

    • April 24 and 25: "IIFA Global Business Forum" at the Tampa Convention Center. This is expected to draw more than 100 CEOs of companies in India, Higginbotham said.

    • April 25: "Magic of the Movies & Technical Awards" show at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre at the Florida State Fairgrounds.

    • April 26: The 6:30 p.m. awards show at Raymond James Stadium. The arrival of stars on IIFA's trademark green carpet and the awards ceremony are expected to be broadcast to 600 million viewers in 108 countries.

    In addition, IIFA's website offers premium packages costing from $10,000 to $25,000 per person. Those include three-day hotel stays, meals, transportation to events, special access and chaperone service, personal photos with the stars and a good deal more.

    Information from CBC/Radio-Canada was used in this report.

  12. Debbie

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    The prices are insane....this is a giant venue and if you get the $100 seats you might as well watch on TV. God Bless America land of get all you can get...they will be making a fortune from this.
    All morning I have been arguing with myself .... no way will I spend over $3000, I can go to India for less than that! Don't even know if he will be here do we?
    Anyway I will buy a ticket somewhere in between $100 and $3000......and hope for the best. Please let me know if you are going, I have a two bedroom, 2 bath condo, only about 50 miles from the "show".
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    My husband just got our tickets - the cheaper ones so we are up in the nosebleed seats but in the front - Section 335.
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  14. Debbie

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    Got mine this morning too....I loved how it said "you are going to IIFA!"
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  15. Kalee

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  16. lauraleedooley

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    We definitely need to orchestrate a meeting of PlanetSRKians!
    Maybe even see if we can arrange to meet SRK!
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  17. Debbie

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    Wouldn't that be a dream come true!!! 101 days and counting.....
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  19. Debbie

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    I know - I'm in Virginia where they say "y'all" outside the Washington, DC beltway and I've also lived in Pennsylvania where they say "yuns".
    It just struck me as odd to see "namaste" and "y'all" together.
    I guess I'll have to put on my Virginia ham when I come on down! :)
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