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'I want Shahrukh to romance me'

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by sheribaby51, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. sheribaby51

    sheribaby51 Well-Known Member

    'I want Shahrukh to romance me'

    4/8/2008 11:41:22 AM


    Chitrangada Singh speaks exclusively to TIMES NOW on her comeback into movies
    An actor who in her very first film got noticed and was compared to Smita Patil, but after Hazaaron Khwashein Aisi she simply disappeared from the scene. However, the wait is over as actor Chitrangadha Singh is all set to face the arc lights one more time. Chitrangada spoke exclusively to TIMES NOW’s Sriparna Mitra on her come back into movies and more.

    (I'll skip ahead to the part that matters)

    Sriparna: Any actor you really want to work with?
    Chitrangada: It would be clichéd if I said Shahrukh Khan, but it is Shahrukh. It would be great to have him romancing me. It would be anyone's dream. I would love to work with Shahrukh and then Hrithik is fantastic of course. So, I would love to work with all the stalwarts. I am sorry that I don't have a different answer. But, who does not want to work with Shahrukh.

    Full interview:
  2. Rajshri

    Rajshri Well-Known Member

    hahahaah exactly! :D
  3. rosina89

    rosina89 New Member

    rightly said
  4. luv-ur-eyes

    luv-ur-eyes New Member

    lmao of corse she would wanna work with him who doesn't the perfect question!! lol :D
  5. Lia

    Lia Well-Known Member

    Of course it's everyone's dream ;)
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    of course....everyone wants to work with him, but thats different from having him romance you... :p for that woman, youll have to get in line :D
  7. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    ya, every ones' dream.:p

    :thumb: excatly
  8. Astri

    Astri New Member

    The actress looks familiar for me, but I couldnt find in what movie I saw her.
  9. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    I actually like the way she answers this. EVERYONE really does want to work with Shahrukh so she already realises it's a dream...
  10. meredd31

    meredd31 New Member

    any female with half a brain would want SRK "to romance me"!!!! She is definitely in a very big queue!!!!
  11. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    ... yes, the queue is loooooooooooooooooong.... :D ;)
  12. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    Yep, and it gets longer and longer and longer... :rolleyes:

    Luckily, we Shahrukhies are the first in line. :D :p ;)
  13. rahulsn011

    rahulsn011 Well-Known Member

    I would love to work with SRK!!! Like everyone says who wouldn't? The guy is one of the best proffesional people in the world!!!
  14. BeBeDana

    BeBeDana SRKLicious

    I want Shah Rukh to romance me too!!!:cool:
  15. mayoub

    mayoub Well-Known Member

    Honey even I want it too :)
    But aren't you too old for Shahrukh ??:tape::rolleyes:
  16. mayoub

    mayoub Well-Known Member

    Would you like him to romance you too ? :eek:
  17. rahulsn011

    rahulsn011 Well-Known Member

    Hahahaha Marwa!!! This is for the girls, i only love women:D

    But hey i would love to direct a scene where SRK is romancing women!!!:p
  18. mayoub

    mayoub Well-Known Member

    hahahhaha, i thought so :D

    Let's hope one of those ''women'' is me..LOOL:p
  19. rahulsn011

    rahulsn011 Well-Known Member

    Just go for it!!!
  20. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    wish her all the best
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