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'I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman's view

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by aamna, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. aamna

    aamna Active Member

    I cannot be friends with Shahrukh: Salman

    I cannot be friends with Shahrukh: Salman

    Shubha Shetty-Saha

    Sunday, August 10, 2008 04:30 IST

    Actor says there has always been animosity between the two, but this time it has gone so far that he is not interested in patching up

    MUMBAI: Actor Salman Khan has had it with his on-again, off-again friendship with Shah Rukh Khan. Talking, for the first time about their public spat a few weeks ago, Salman says he can never be friends with SRK again. “I cannot really tell you what happened at the party,” Khan said when DNA caught up with him on the sets of his film Veer on Saturday. “But I won’t deny that there is a problem between us. There has been this kind of animosity between us for a long time. In fact, this is the third time we have fought. We have tried being friends, but it just doesn’t seem possible. We are different people.”

    Asked if he would like to sort things out with Shah Rukh this time, Salman said: “No, why should I? Not interested. We are two different individuals. He may be a great person, but his values and scruples are not the same as mine. I can’t continue being a buddy to someone I don’t get along with. I am not the kind who would pretend to be great friends with someone and then back-bite about the person.”

    The incident took place on July 16, at a party Salman had organised for girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s birthday at Olive restaurant in Bandra. Almost the entire industry was there, including Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan.

    Towards the end of the party, when most guests had left, an altercation broke out between Salman and Shah Rukh, allegedly over their respective television shows, Dus ka Dum and Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass se tez Hain? SRK apparently stormed out of the party, with wife Gauri and friend Karan Johar in tow. According to sources, Aamir tried to intervene, but the two Khans were in no mood to make up.

    Sources added that Salman allegedly compared his show to SRK’s and said despite his (Shah Rukh’s) being a superstar, Paanchvi Pass was not doing well. Apparently enraged by this, SRK passed a snide remark about Salman’s love life.

    On Saturday it became clear the fight was indeed over TV shows. Salman was overheard comparing his show to SRK’s earlier show, and saying: “My show is not like Dus Karod (referring to SRK’s Kaun Banega Crorepati?) where there may be some ghapla. People end up winning phenomenal amounts. I would be the last person to support something like this. People in my show get out after having won just about a lakh, but it’s genuine...

    Asked further about his misunderstanding with SRK, Salman added: “It’s sad but that’s how life goes. His way of thinking is totally different from mine. Doesn’t look like we can be friends.”

  2. bluey[Ru]

    bluey[Ru] Guest

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    I am not the kind who would pretend to be great friends with someone and then back-bite about the person.

    ah just go and die Salman! :rant:

    edit: and its a GOOD THING he wont be friends with ShahRukh, because ShahRukh doesnt need friends who act like 3 year old kidos and fight over TV shows

    His way of thinking is totally different from mine
    AH! of course not Salman, you just cant compare the way SHAH thinks and SALMAN! :rolleyes:

    Doesn’t look like we can be friends
  3. Sunset1

    Sunset1 New Member

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    Whatever. I am so over this story.
  4. Becy

    Becy Well-Known Member

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    Thanks God, they are not the same!!!
    That's a rather absurd statement IMO, especially considering his history of violence against women, driving drunk, etc.

    Obviously it is...
    I usually find break ups between friends very sad, but it doesn't seem they have been too close for some years now and they have seriously fought before, so it might be the best.

    Well, I guess they were fighting with each other in the end, so...:D
  5. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    wow, he acts like a saint.:pound:

    ok, salman, what did you do in 2002 in the chalte chalte set? what kind of friend were you to sharukh at that time and what did you do there?what did you tell there? you insulted SRK.
    But SRK forgave you:mad:

    But anyway, I think this is good. If people cant be get along they cant be friends. Friendship needs respect.:sad:
    we cant be friends with everyone and thats the life.
  6. Marishah

    Marishah Te amo Shahrukh Khan

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    God wow..

    definitely they does not have the same values, Shahrukh knows values the friendship and has not waiting for the first opportunity to fight :fencing:and criticize the show and work of a friend like Salman.But If Shah going to have friends like these better not have them as friends, Shah has many more friends and people that love him and they know appraise his friendship:hug:
  7. GemaSRK

    GemaSRK Well-Known Member

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    Yea U right Maria.
    So Whatever he's say i don't care.
    still many more people loving SRK.
  8. irene

    irene Active Member

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    I think they live almost next too each other, must be difficult for them.
  9. clochette

    clochette New Member

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    Logical, Salman, because first, you were drunk, and second, it would not sound very good for you (if you tell the truth) :madgrin: !
    Thank God that his values and scuples are not the same!!!! And, dear Salman, he IS a great person (not "may be"!).
    Again Salman: I am happy that ShahRukh's thinking is totally different. And to say it clearly: YOU can't be his friend!!!

    The rest of the article is just of no interest because it's the same "alleged" and "source"-based wishi-washi as before...
  10. shahzura

    shahzura New Member

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    Salman, Salman...just when I have concluded that he was not so bad & was mostly 'misunderstood' ( since Shahrukh has patched up with him few years back & has only nice things to say about him), he went & spoil the whole thing...I just don't get it?? He'll gain NOTHING from this except to lose one of the most important friendship he could ever attain in his lifetime! I mean other people can only 'dream' of having a close relationship with Shahrukh & would give anything to have the kind of proximity he has with him...I don't understand it at all...& I feel strongly that Shahrukh doesn't belong in such a circle...he deserves better...

    Anybody know whether Shahrukh has said anything about this incident?...this article claim that he threw a snide remark at salman's love life..that doesn't sound like what Shahrukh would do...if it's in jest-I mean we all know how Shahrukh just like to joke around-then probabaly...if Salman could come up with a lame remark about his talk show doing better etc etc poking fun at Shahrukh so called 'inability' to do as well in his then he should jolly well be able to take in an equal punch to his own turf...don't start it if you can't handle it...
  11. RizwanaShahrukh

    RizwanaShahrukh I love SRK

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    can someone please give me salman's blog address? i need to give him a peace of my mind! :mad2:
  12. srk_kushal

    srk_kushal I Like Blue...

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    m not sure, but his mail address will be something like

    blackbuck_roadside_killers_misbehaved_overratedactor@sallu.com :crazy:!!
  13. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    LMAO kushal:pound::pound::pound:

    I mean if some one like Hrithik came and talk like this way, at least its tolerable.

    Look at the way salman speaks:eek:
    He speaks like he never made a problem against any one.

    He has fights with every one, SRK, ash,vivek,john,sahid,priyanka, i mean with every one.
    Only thing is SRK is the only one who forgave him for his stupid misbihavoir front of 100 people:(
  14. rainy

    rainy New Member

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    I don't think colleagues/contemporaries can be friends (and I include not only Salman but Aamir,AB,Akshay Kumar also in them ) whose way of talking can be different but jealousy is same....when it's not possible to be in the position of him with skills then jealousy or back biting is the only option remains for these actors to create some kind of hinderance for him.

    Shah Rukh's greatness can't be understood by everybody....he is on a different level....If a person is not able to be friends with him then it's only that person's loss...Shah Rukh should maintain a distance from these kind of so called friends.
  15. rainy

    rainy New Member

  16. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    That was excactly my first thought...

    Anyway, Shahrukh doesn't need "friends" like Sallu, he has plenty of truly good friends who care about him and have only best wishes for him.
  17. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

  18. nainital

    nainital New Member

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    Ehm, what exactly did Salman do in 2002...?? I know, there was some trouble with Aish and him and SRK... and that as a result SRK replaced Aish with Rani in CC... but what EXACTLY happend, I don't know...??? :confused:

    ... all in all, quite a lot of trouble for SRK these days... KAAPS not really being a hit, Manoj Kumar winning his OSO-battle, Ajay Monga claiming the first part of OSO to be a copy of his script, Salman falling out with SRK (again), Mannat being a bone of contention (yet again)... on top, he's got his knee and neck injuries... what next?

    2008 certainly hasn't been his best year, so far... :rolleyes:
  19. Serena1983

    Serena1983 Well-Known Member

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    Salman is biggest idiot ever!:crazy: He don't deserve a friend like Srk, and I for myself I'm so happy that their friendship is over and I hope the SRK never ever speaks with him again:amen:

    One More Thing! I hope that Salman's next Release GTGH becomes the biggest Flop ever:D
  20. clochette

    clochette New Member

    Re: I cannot be friends with "Shahrukh": Salman

    @ Morales
    2002, Salman's and Ash's relationship is not at the best, an angry Salman comes to the set of Chalte Chalte, drunken, and has a fight (first only verbally) with Ash. ShahRukh tries to do what he's always doing - to calm the situation. Salman, his furious best, makes some remarks about ShahRukh and Ash and something going on between both of them. And - that's what my logic is telling me - some remarks concerning Gauri (Gauri who already has her own thoughts about Ash - and certainly not very nice ones). That's it. There is the attempt from ShahRukh's (and Gauri's!) side to try to mediate (they went to Ash's and her parent's home) yet the reception is more than cool (in a way that ShahRukh and Ash go separate ways from then on), and ShahRukh has burnt his fingers enough to stay away from Salman (whom he, I insist, likes very much despite Salman's character - and you can bet, I have my own theory about that!!!...lol). Salman gets to know the hard way what it means to be not on friendly terms with ShahRukh and the ALSO affectionate guy he is, he patches up with ShahRukh (there surely were enough friends to encourage him). But if one hurts ShahRukh in the way Salman did, ShahRukh will never forget it even though he may forgive it. I think, ShahRukh is way too intelligent and has a genuine intuition concerning people that he would trust Salman in every way - I am sure he just knew that some day or the other something similar would happen...
    Kathrina's birthday: My logic is saying that Salman was in an unfavorable mood (deeply insecure) and as the macho he wants to be he had to convince himself and the little shallow world around that he is the master-blaster. First, as usual, he fuels himself with alcohol (to make a proposition - IF he made one - is simply NOT easy for him). Then, late as ever, ShahRukh enters with Gauri (and I bet, immediately ShahRukh got all the attention!)... Well, start the digging against ShahRukh who tries - as always (I repeat myself...lol) - to keep it on a bearable level. Yet Mr. Salman Khan WANTS to hurt ShahRukh, to make him explode for cooling his (Salman's) own temper. And oh yes, Salman exactly knows how to do THAT: when he does not yet succeed by stating that ShahRukh is an egoistic bastard he just makes a remark about ShahRukh and Karan (who is also present) or only about Karan (his love life probably). Now picture ShahRukh... sure that he will remind Salman of the "successful" love-life he had with Ash (and btw. IF Salman is really gay, ShahRukh would just feel/know it...) and both men would have gotten into a fight (I admire that ShahRukh still kept cool enough to warn Salman that if he does not stop he would beat him up in front of his friends) - but then Gauri intervened and Karan, Gauri, ShahRukh and Gauri's friend left. But as ShahRukh was hold back by media, Gauri did not want to wait and Karan, Gauri and the other woman went a bit down the road (not sooooo good because of lacking security... so Karan was a bit nervous to get Gauri in a car. Then ShahRukh came and picked them up.
    Just like film scenes, no??? :D

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