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How to upload a picture in the Album/Topic

Discussion in 'Help Corner' started by Wafa, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    To insert a signature:

    ** you must save the image on your pc first. you may deleted if you wish later after you upload it.

    1. Go to the Photo Album.

    2. Select the category your picture belongs to; wallpaper, event,movie,etc...

    3. Click on Upload from the menu.

    4. Click on Browse ( you have 3 browse options, you only need one for sig)

    5. in the box below the browse, Image Title, enter a name for the image.

    6. Click sumbit.

    7. a new window will open with the pic you uploaded. right-click on the pic.

    8. click on property

    9. copy the link of the pic.

    10. Go to your topic where you wanted to post the pic

    11. click on the yellow icon to insert image[​IMG]

    12. paste the link of the pic you uploaded

    13. click submit.
  2. Anoush

    Anoush SRK's Lovely Sister

    thank you wafa i will upload some pic soon
  3. nisha

    nisha New Member

    thank you for instructions.
  4. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    I know that we have a maintenance - or had - going on with the photo gallery. Since yesterday, most images are working. But there are still some images which do not work. For example, I created a wallie yesterday, it is a .jpeg file. When I go to the gallery and click on the image, it is not visualized in the bigger version (only visualisation is the thumb version). There is only the famous red cross. There are other images by other members, when clicking on them, it works. Since yesterday I am trying to insert the wallie into the topic Wallpapers but it does not work :( . Is this due to the maintenance that is maybe still going on with the photo gallery? Or did I do something wrong? I mean I have respected the size and the instructions given in the Help Corner.

    Thank you very much for your help!
  5. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    it might be the size of your wallie dear. we recently adjusted our max size to be no more than 550 pix. so make the necessary changes and try uploading again.
  6. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    Ok, thanks Wafa :) ! I will do it and try it again!
  7. seacow03

    seacow03 New Member

    AW: How to upload a picture in the Album/Topic

    i don´t understand this here, i have some WP, and i will show this here in the forum,
    but how?
    thx for answered.
  8. Evy

    Evy Well-Known Member

    Hi Nicole,

    please store the wallpapers ( and all other pics) first on your PC.

    Make sure that the size is not bigger than max. 550x400 pixel. Bigger wallpapers you can´t post in our forum, only the link for it.

    Than go to the photoalbum in the photogallery:
    - its called - ShahRukh Khan Photo Collections

    - there you will find different sections for different kind of pics

    - click on the wallpaper part

    - down on the page you will find "Quick upload"

    - put the stored pic from your PC there and upload it.

    - than on the top you will find the uploaded pic

    - under your pic you will find the link options for the forum
    "BB Image Code: ......"

    - copy this link go to the wallpaper section in which you want to post your pic and click on reply

    - on your posting message you will find on the top a little yellow frame with a pic (looks like mountain and a sun)

    - click on it and put the link on it

    - finish your posting as normal

    [B]Please don´t post pics from imageshack or other sides. This we have to remove. For all pics you want to post you have to upload it in our photoalbum first. And make your that you upload your pics in the right section.[/B]

    Ok, if its to complicated in english I can write it to you in german again when you want. No problem. Let me know.:)
  9. seacow03

    seacow03 New Member

    AW: How to upload a picture in the Album/Topic

    i dont can upload any picture here,
    ther is comming a warning,(?)
    ** WARNING **


    i want to upload in the PlanetSRK-Photo Album-Wallpapers.
  10. Evy

    Evy Well-Known Member

    To get access to the Photoalbum and the Hall of Fame (HOF) you have to be registered since 10 days and you need 50 postings.
  11. seacow03

    seacow03 New Member

    AW: How to upload a picture in the Album/Topic

    oh thank you,
    then everything explains
  12. chandeni 19

    chandeni 19 New Member

    I dont know about how I post .
    and I mixed in your site
    please some one help me :smash:
    I want to post you some picture
    thanks all:heart:
  13. Masala Maami

    Masala Maami New Member

    :welcome: Maryam! Sure I'd love to help you. As a newly registered member, you'll have to wait for atleast 10 days to be able to view the Photo Gallery, and you should have minimum 50 posts.
  14. angialy

    angialy Ullu-Club-Member

    hi! thanks for the tips wafa but it seems that whatever i do i just cannot post my avatar!maybe is something that i do wrong,i don t know... pleaaaaaaaaaseeeeeee!!!!!!!!heeeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!
  15. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    I can see your avatar dear, work on your sig now ;)
  16. srkadz

    srkadz Well-Known Member

    Dear Wafa, I have problems uploading pics in the forum's album! I don't know what could be wrong... No matter how big or small the pic is, I always get a message that the file is 'too big'! :confused:

    I also can't use an avatar... I tried the normal size 100 x 100 (also smaller ones) and it says that it's too big! :suspicious:
  17. angialy

    angialy Ullu-Club-Member

    thanks wafa! i managed to post my avatar as you can see!:D
    now i guess i must figure out how to post the signature...:confused:
    i'm waiting for a divine sign to enlighten me!!!:p
  18. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

  19. angialy

    angialy Ullu-Club-Member

    i managed to post my signature to! :cheer2: thank you so much for the patience didi!(i am a little slower) :D (i hope you don't mind that i call you like that.i saw everyone does.) :kiss:
  20. ghada

    ghada ♥♥♥SHAH RUKH ♥♥♥

    hi wafaa
    i've edit avator to my profile but this message
    "Your file of 58.0 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 19.5 KB for this filetype" and in the first time i edit avator the message was that i must wait approval ithink i'm lost

    so please help:confused: ..........thank you

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