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How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by TARA, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. shanti22

    shanti22 Shahrukh is my life.

    Thank you my dear for such a nice words :hug: :)
  2. aliciamaya

    aliciamaya New Member

    Re: Re : How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

  3. MarjorieGK

    MarjorieGK Ullu-Club-Member

    Kasia, Andrea and Alicia, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful stories of meeting ShahRukh! :grouphug:
  4. Jagibaby

    Jagibaby SRK-लत

    AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    Hi guys,
    sorry, i wasn´t around from Friday on over the weekend. Had too much to do. Besides i was out on Saturday-evening...
    But i´ll write the (hopefully) last part of my Berlin-Shah Rukh-experience later this evening. ;)
    So once again - sorry! :eek:
  5. malukita7

    malukita7 Yeh ladka hai Allah!

    Re : How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    No problem Andrea :hug: ;)
  6. Jagibaby

    Jagibaby SRK-लत

    AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    So finally i´ll go on with my "story"! ;)
    I know, you all are curious about everything what happened next and what i had to say to him on behalf of all his fans there - all of us. So there you go:

    For the last time i took a little bit air and said exactly these words: "We would like to say to you a bahut, bahut shukriya from the bottom of our hearts for your visit here in Germany and for bringing us Om Shanti Om. And we would like to ask you to transmit our most heartly thanks also to your lovely wife Gauri – this time as a producer“ (at this point i first looked at yhim and he looked straight into my eyes. Gosh, what beautiful eyes he has. They were glittering and said anything. Simply without words. And he gave me a million-smile – really the more as ever before, so cute! :flame:)
    "– and to Farah of course. Without them, OSO wouldn´t have been possible. We would wish us many, many visits of you in Germany and also Europe in the future and we would wish us very much, that many more films of you will release at the same time here, so that we can watch our so much beloved Shah Rukh on the big screen.“ (after this sentence he said something, but i was too loud so i didn´t get it) "Thank you so very much for being here!“
    In fact he was listening very attentive (eventhough he was a bit busy with signing autographs). After i had finished my ´speech´, he hugged me once more, went down, took my hand and gave me a gentle kiss on it. I felt like the queen of the world again! (credit to OSO) Then i held slowly but surely my wallie to him and he signed it. But suddenly i was scared and said with fear in the eyes: „One last thing (i held my letter in direction of him): "I already sent it to Mannat a few days before the Berlin Film Festival. I would like to ask you to..“ Then words failed me and he went on on a serious note: „Yes, i take it. Thank you.“ I further said: "Ähm but i would like to beg you to read it in a quiet moment. It´s really very personal!“ He nodded and said with his so ´wunderbar´ voice: "I´ll do it…ok!“ I guess this time the camera goes to everything but not to film him. ;) I was so nervous, that i really had no sence to hold it right. But Melanie filmed all and everything - once again, thank you Melly-Sweetie! You were my rescue!
    I was in heaven. All the other guys behind and next to me got their autographs and i only stood there and stared at him with this stupid camera in my hand. He actually came shortly back to me, hold his hand on my forehead and gave me his blessings. then he walked with Dieter Kosslick down the red carpet again and back to the cinema entrance. My letter he held all the time in his hand and didn´t give it away. I cannot find a single word for what i felt that moment. Then after he spent a little more time in the french-corner again, he went on walking, also turned around one last time to all of us.
    I quickly decided (ok, i already decided it when i was still at home) to do a gesture, of which i hoped, he will notice it: I half-hung over the barrieres, touched the ground and then my heart. He got it right and understood exactly, what i wanted to say/do. So he „bowed“ to me (let this a little bit on your mind: HE bowed to me!), made also a gesture with his hand (his ´famous´ one to say ´thank you´) and sent a flying kiss over to me. I was on cloud no. nine! Then he went into the cinema. I only could still see my letter in his hand and was damn happy. I think, i was half crying, don´t know any more. :eek:
    That was my magic-experience on Friday, the 8th.

    Saturday, 9th:
    This day my dear ´ladies´ and i went to the Urania-cinema and watched OSO a second time at 3pm. I cannot help myself, but any time, i watch OSO again, there´s always something i discover! Crazy, na? Aaaaach, Shah Rukh in Om Shanti Om...what a great thought. *melting away*
    After the show we wanted to eat something and went to an - of course - indian restaurant. Gosh, meanwhile indian food become almost my favorite one. Hehe...
    Ok, we hurried up to come back to our ´flat´, styled us a little bit and went to the party. Unfortunately Sonja´s car had an incident so that we decided, i should go and they will come later, because i won a ticket before and feared a bit not to come in time to this GateClub. So i took a taxi. As i reached the club, i didn´t trust my eyes - all my dear members and friends were still standing outside. I wondered, what went wrong and asked. But as always and in any club, entrance-time was postponed so we had a little bit longer to wait for it. But that did bother me not really. I had all the people around i wanted to spend a fantastic night - even Sonja and the rest came finally.
    Inside we looked around, kept on talking and some of us danced a little bit to almost only Shah Rukh songs...hehe But we all were wondering, what´s going on with Shah Rukh to come! So some of us, including me, took the opportunity and ´worked as a spy´ there. :cool:
    Gosh, the security-guys ran up and down all the time, whispered with each other, called around and what happened? Nothing...meanwhile it was 2am and i almost gave up the idea of Shah Rukh´s arrival. Then we got to know, that he is still busy with interviews. Then we heard, that bodyguards of him was `inspecting´ the club. But he didn´t come. At 3am or similar, we heard, that he has finished all interviews and was on his way. But where? We didn´t know - the securities were still busy with phone-calls and the guys behind the bar said (after i had asked them), that there´s a backentrance on one building-side, where Shah Rukh could eventually come in. But nothing happened. If i remember myself right, i was saying to a few of us, that it didn´t bother me, when he won´t come. For me it was much more important, that he will rest a little bit - instead of making a club/location-hopping! I didn´t want him to still come, because i thought, he better does this, for what he also came to Berlin (business-stuff) and he took care of his health.
    So time was passing by and ´my girls´and i decided to go back ´home´. We tried to catch some sleep.

    - to be continued -
  7. Jagibaby

    Jagibaby SRK-लत

    AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    Sunday, 10th:

    We woke up and i rang Kikki to question her, what is already going on on HAU1, the location where the Lecture will start soon. Then we packed our bags and were on our way. As we arrived there, i saw many, many people waiting for our Jaan. From my little group, Sonja and i were the only ones, who had tickets for the Lecture so we ´searched´ for the others. Finally we found them directly in the hall, where the Lecture would start. But i wanted to go on a balkony to look for Shah Rukh´s arrival along with a few other people standing there. We all saw the black limousine coming with him inside. But it drove the other way, i think directly to the backentrance. Then we all went inside the hall again, took a seat and waited for the 3 ladies and of course for him.
    First we got to see Dorothee. Then the two other ladies entered the stage and as last one - Shah Rukh! I was wondering, who of the three was coming too late - because the Lecture started round about half an hour too late. :D My god, he was looking sooo hot in his blue-jeans, a black pullover, this black-grey scarf and a kind of totally cool sneakers. He looked damn young in this outfit like at the photocall on Friday. :hail: :faint2: :hail:
    Everyone was clapping and whispering. He greets everybody in the hall at his good old own manner. Sooo sweet!
    Then the discussion started. I tell you - His voice is sooooo ´wunderbar´ to listen to and he was on his witty best, his hilarous humour. And sometimes he was a little bit shy. Gosh, i wish, you all would had seen his smile when answering the one or other question. Hihi! *sigh
    BTW GAI: I also saw his undies - i even filmed it! :p :redface:
    The whole event took 1-1,5 hours. When coming to an end all the 3 of the Lecture-guests thanked each other and shortly the audience. But Shah Rukh thanked not only the ladies on stage but all of us in the hall. He even gave a few autographs and shook hands with the guys in the first row, for what i could see. He waved still a few times and sadly went away. I filmed about 40 mins of this discussion-round - of course mostly when he was talking. ;) None of us thought, he would still spend such a long time outside the building with his fans.
    When i came out, the sun was shining the more as in the last days and a few of our members were standing in front of the entrance and Sonja and i went there too. So i stood on the steps for a good view of everything what will go on next. :D
    I couldn´t believe it - the limousine and the other black car stopped and Shah Rukh came out. His smile said everything. He was in very good mood. He went from one side to the other like on Friday-evening, and gave autographs. Nevertheless i decided not to go to the barrieres but let others got something of him also. I only watched the happenings from the distance. You really could see how much fun he had there. He smiled all the time, waved around, even took photos with fans by himself, hugged fans, took children up, hugged and kissed them - sooo cute! He really has a golden heart! As i always say: None other star has this, what Shah Rukh has - this caring for his fans, this love and warmth, this spending of time together with all of us - he´s simply an extraordinary person and the best-looking star at all! Simply the world´s greatest (my new favorite description for him :laugh:)!!! :love:
    He originally spent time outside for at least 1 whole hour! :eek: Almost at the end he suddenly looked up directly to us. Claudia, me and one or two other ladies started shouting (not what you might be thinking: only one or two times ;)) "Shukriya". He even heard that and thanked us back by doing his hand-gesture and waving. Aaaaaahhhh.....I was happy! But all good and beautiful things must have an end. That was the last, i saw of Shah Rukh before he was going into the car. And he drove away.
    I really felt sad - for me it was like i lost a part of my soul and he has taken a big piece of my heart with him.
    The whole drive back home i saw his eyes and his sweet smile! I sometimes started crying, but thank God, nobody of my ladies saw this.

    The end!

    That was the ´story´ of my magic-filled encounter with Shah Rukh at the Berlin-weekend. But i still can´t get over it all. I have to look more than often to the autograph he gave me and to everything, what i took with me - the cinema-tickets , the lecture-tickets, the forum-pass, all the pics we have here and on the net of him at the Berlinale and most important for me - the videos i and Melanie made! I could spend every single minute with only staring on all these things. My heart´s still jumping up and down by remembering all and everything what happened in Berlin. And I still just see him standing directly in front of me, i still feel every touch i got. In every cloud, better when i look up to the sky i only see his cute dimpled smile. It was simply too good for only a dream...don´t wake me! This weekend meant so much to me. Heaven and of course he, gave me the most precious gift a woman can ever get in her lifetime: HE HIMSELF!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. clochette

    clochette New Member

    Andrea, sweetheart, thanks sooooo much for your lively report. You just recreated the magic we all sensed those special days!!!
    Your words to him on our behalf: What a gorgeous idea to pen them down so you could read them. I bet it was the longest thank you speach he ever received from a fan in such a situation. And no wonder that he was all deep smile, you did not forget the both (living) women that mean the most in his life!!!
    I am immensely happy for you that you could give him your letter and that he kept it with him and did not give it away to his bodyguard. Heaven really was kind to you! But you deserved it, with all the work you did to make the Red Carpet a special one for him. (The same for Heike who did all the work with the balloons and got tickets from ShahRukh and even the possibility to meet him in the hotel, even though she could not do it due to the girl's illness. And also Kikki and Gai and Yesim, who each got something they can cherrish now!) I am really happy that you had such a great time!!!
  9. malukita7

    malukita7 Yeh ladka hai Allah!

    Re : How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    thank you so much Andrea for your beautiful story :hug: you told it so well that I felt like I was with you everytime and everywhere :) only the fans screams were missing :p

    thank you once again Sweetu :kiss:
  10. MaryAnnK

    MaryAnnK Well-Known Member

    Andrea, if I could not be there personally, your sharing of this story is the next-best thing to it! :thumb:

    I don't know if I would have been able to retell it, if it had happened to me. I would have just been lost in the moment and not been able to remember anything!! Thank you, again. I hope you have written this down in a diary to re-read again and again as time passes. I know I would not want to forget any detail.:heart::heart:

    He bowed to you:hail:; he kissed your hand:kiss:; he hugged you:hug:. I don't know how you could concentrate for the rest of the weekend. :D:
  11. dilos

    dilos Well-Known Member

    thank you Andrea..you told everything so good as if we the reading ones were there ..the feelings would be similar..I am happy for all members who had been there..by reading many now it sounds they all got what they were there for..all happy memories ..a kind of fullfilment..excitement..wonderful..I dont know if it ever happens again..
    and how are you now Andrea..I hope all better..lots of love..
  12. Jagibaby

    Jagibaby SRK-लत

    AW: Re: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    Awww...Dear! That´s really so sweet of you. Thank you so much for all your lovely words! :hug: :kiss: :hug:
    Yes, you´re absolutely right: Heaven was very kind to me this weekend. I won´t forget it my entire life. :eek:
    As you also said and what i wasn´t aware of: It was certainly the longest ´thank you´-speech he ever got when being with his fans! :laugh: :D
    Yes, that was my will to mention these two most important living women in any case! The answer of him was his so damn bright, shining and cute smile - love it and can´t get enough of it (thank God, i have the videos here to watch all over again)!!! :heart:
    As for the letter: Now i have to wait and see...:eek:
  13. Jagibaby

    Jagibaby SRK-लत

    AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    @Melissa, MaryAnn, Dilsat and all the others:
    It was a real pleasure for me to write my experience as best as i can, to give you the possibility of imagining, that all of you were also there with me.
    Thank you all so much for your ´feeling´ words. :grouphug:

    Concentrate? Kidding? Till now i cannot concentrate. Doesn´t matter, what it is! :lol:
    Of course i feel much better now. When thinking of Shah Rukh all day long, how someone won´t feel better??? :eek:
    And also my email with all these parts in a short-form i sent to Wafa-Didi.

    Yeah, of course - like the most of you would do - i wrote it in a kind of diary not to forget any detail of this magic weekend. Ok, it took me a while before to re-tell it, but now i´m glad, i had penned it down to re-read it as often as i´m able to (you know: when you read such moments again and again, you probably become the more depressed and that´s one thing, i don´t want and cannot afford myself this time. It should remain as the most joyful and wonderful experience as it was. :thumb:

    I´m grateful, you liked it - so thank you once again!

    Btw: I also will upload my videos - the one from the RC and the other one from during the Lecture. Sadly it still took a while, because i have to wait to upload it first on myvideo. I´m not a cutter of videos, so please be patient. It will appear here soon, think of end of this week or the next. ;)
  14. maira

    maira SRK-fanatic

    Re: AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    Wow Andrea!!...:D..that is succh a wonderful experience!!..:rockon:..i'm sooo happy for you!!..:hug::hug:....mannn!!..you totally rock!!..i wish i had the ability to talk to him like that1!..:rolleyes:...and your little 'speech' was sooo cuttee!!..:kiss:...i bet he loveed it!!....no wonder he kissed your hand too!!..:eyebrows:...i love when he does that..he;s such a gentlman!!..:love:.....and OMG..you looked right into his eyes!!..:eek:..i still havent had the courage to do that!!..but one day, inshahAllah, i will do it!!..;)....thankss soo much for sharing your loveely experince with us!!..:hug:...i wanna watch the video!!..:dance:..have you posted it somewhere??...
  15. Jagibaby

    Jagibaby SRK-लत

    AW: Re: AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    Awww...thank you Maira-Sweetoo! that´s really sweet of you. You make me blush. :redface: :kiss:
    I hope too, that he loved my little ´speech´. :p
    I´m sure, you´ll get the chance one fine day....and when it comes, then you really don´t have to worry. Shah Rukh makes everyone feel so very comfortable! :heart:

    As for the video: Not yet. I have to wait for one person to upload it. But be sure, i´ll hope i can do it till the end of this week, evtl. the next one. So please be a little bit more patient. :thumb:
  16. pleasant

    pleasant Active Member

    Thank you very much for sharing your story Andrea. I am really moved reading it. I loved reading other's experiences as well. I think you all have the greatest skills of narrating your experiences with Shah Rukh so beautifully. Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences with us.
  17. clochette

    clochette New Member

    Pratima, a warm wellcome to the planet!!!!!!

    Thank you for writing that. You know, when it comes to ShahRukh, words just flow... it's such a joy to meet this man...
  18. yasmino

    yasmino yaso

    wow.i can't believe that,pls tell us all about it,tike??????????????????
  19. yasmino

    yasmino yaso

  20. dilos

    dilos Well-Known Member

    welcome to Planet Yasmino..Yasmin..what a lovely name..its great reading all this meeting stories isnt it..keep posting

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