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How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by TARA, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. shanti22

    shanti22 Shahrukh is my life.

    Thank You wafa, I'm going to send my common letter with malinQa tommorow :)
  2. Suhana2000

    Suhana2000 Yvonne-SRKfan


    I was attended the Berlinale and the Zee Carnival and it were expressions which i will never forget. OK I saw Shah in Berlin not so close how in London thefore it was a wonderful time. Especially, the Talent Campus was really fantastic and interesting.
    Now, to London. I was attendet it for 2 days. And now there are pics of our sweetheart who he looks the worse for wear because of the whole stress from all these 3 days. I coulndn't see him on Friady because i be arrived late in afternoon. Nevertheless, i must say that this all was too much for him. I saw a lot of pictures with Shah and his Fans from all 3 days and on the last he looked the worse for wear. I was each time once with Shah on theautograph stage on Saturday and Sunday. On one side i was very happy about to see him and on the on the other hand i was very sadly to see the sadnes in his eyes. Saturday he was ok and looked fresh and happy but on Sunday i felt it was all too much for him.

    When you had seen how to behaved a few crazy fans towards him, words fail me. They coulnd't hold back and embraced him so dashing and have to smother him with kisses than i can't understand it. We are all Fans ok, and everybody want to see him and to hug him - that's ok, but that's going too far. They are not his kids and not his wife. He is not a doll and he has deserved our respect. As i was with him on my second day, on Sunday i vanished into thin air. He was not the same like Saturday his eyes betrayed it. I barley to mistrust to hugs him and he too. After this autograph stage he hardly wrote autographs and he ignored the little children and the disabled persons who stands on the side. I understood him and not every day is the same and i thought his fans understand it but i felt they was to be annoyed of him. Why, just because he gave no autographs? Nobody of them understood it - thereby he makes so much for us. I was very sadly.

    Nevertheless, i'm so happy about my two autographs and my impressions of him. Saturday i wanted to see him on the music stage but it was almost impossible. First because i stand on the autograph stage and after then it was overfull on this stage. And a few youths was very cheeky and impertinent. They came in groups and to jumped the queue. And others to pushed me from behind and hit me in my back or stomach. I felt they hate me then i was almost the onlyone white. That's all was too much for me and i went away. I only wanted out of the crowd i felt badly.

    And ever when i speak about my experience to overwhelm my tears me. On Saturday people tried to jump over the barrier to come near and touch him. It was direct in front of me and then tried it an other behind me. It were two young mens and they was very cheeky. The security called the policewoman and she helped the security to push back them.

    But my quality time to keep in my heart.
  3. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    Re: If you have attended the Berlinale Festival & Zee Carnival

    @ Yvonne: Thanks dear for sharing your story and your gorgeous pics with us. :)

    And I can totally relate to what you wrote about the bad and rude behaviour of some of the fans, it makes me very sad when I read such things. Shah Rukh certainly doesn't deseve to be treated in such a way. :( :( :(
    But I think sometimes some fans do forget that he has feelings too and that he can get hurt. Afterall he's not our 'property'. We don't own him and we should be always respectful towards him and not jump, pull, push and tear at him, just as you mentioned he's not a doll.

    Luckily, it's only a minority of these so called fans who behave in such a irresponsible way, but only too often they seem to spoil it for everyone else.
  4. Jagibaby

    Jagibaby SRK-लत

    AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    Third part:

    Ok...then a lady from DW TV came to me (along with Dorothee Wenner) and asked, to whom the CD-player belongs. I answered it´s mine. She also said, the idea is great and fantastic and she would like to gift me a ticket for the premiere now at 20:30. I thanked her very much, but also said that i cannot go inside because of my friends who i would leave alone outside. She understood and went away.
    Last week, as i saw in the videos, what was going on inside the cinema, i could bite my a...:tape:. But this moment it didn´t bother me. I only had an eye for Shah Rukh, who i actually still didn´t see.
    Suddenly someone, better the crowd at the front of the red carpet was shouting: "Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh!" :eek:
    I was irritated and my heart almost stands still. I couldn´t believe it, because i saw nothing over there.
    But then i saw two black cars parking in front of the entrance of the red carpet. Shah Rukh came out of the second car together with this bodyguards. Thank God, i´m tall enough to see this.
    Gosh, he looked so damn good, just perfect. Worn a black suit, black shining shoes and a silver tie. The only thing i could say better half shouted, was: "OMG, he cuts his hair!" and "Gosh, he is looking soooo awesome!"
    Sadly he was quite far away, but i even was scared of breathing. Crazy, what only one single man can cause!
    I talked to Kerstin, if i would be able to use my camera right and all such stuff.
    As always, i analysed everything on him - i watched every single step of him - his walking from one side to the other - his mindblowing look - his writing of so many autographs - his hugging of the fans - his "thumb up" and most of all - his soooo cute smile. He really smiled all the time. You really could see, what a pleasure it was for him to be there in Berlin. He cared sooo much on his fans. He didn´t look at the watch, eventhough his bodyguards sometimes "pushed" him in the direction of the cinema entrance. But he didn´t care! Such a sweetheart. :heart:
    You know, when you see him, all and everything is forgotten this moment. You simply cannot the other way, as only get your eyes on him. How he walked, how his gestures were - how he looked at someone - how happy he was. All this made my heart jump! I personally thought, i won´t be able to see him so close, because in London i only saw him over a distance of 50 metres or like that.
    Even now, i cannot describe, what i felt in this few minutes, which will follow now:
    Meanwhile he was opposite us in the corner of the french fans. He hugged a girl in the wheelchair and went on with writing autographs. Sooo sweet of him!
    Then he walked over to us. First he was standing in front of Gai´s friend Christa , i think, then he came up to Gai herself, Melanie (sunnycom) and Yesim. I also filmed this funny scene with the cows. Gosh, his smile! Even already there, i smelled his parfume! It really smelled damn good - a little bit sweet, a little bit like roses - a little bit like wood - all in one, something what fitted perfect to Shah Rukh and made him even sexier! hihi :D
    He went on to Melanie, gave her an autograph also and then to Kikki.
    Stop, one thing: Kerstin and i agreed before, that if words would fail her, it will be my part to say the rest because of the giving of our DVD - the Valentines gift.
    Shah Rukh stood in front of her and she was very sweet. She wanted to hand over the DVD to him and also said this. I don´t know what was going on, but in fact, words failed her a bit. So i "half-interrupted" Shah Rukh (never thought of myself i would ever do this) and said exactly the following words:
    "Ähm...sorry...that´s our gift for you, but please watch it first on Valentines Day." Then he smiled, looked at me and said to both of us: "I´ll watch it tonight!" with a very boyish smile! Gosh, so sweet! His beautiful eyes were glittering really like a little child, who gets a lolly!
    Kerstin and i were so perplex, that i only could babble: "Oh no...ok...do what you want." Can you imagine, i was saying this to Shah Rukh? But sorry, i was so nervous and didn´t know at this moment, what to say. I guess, we were too shocked. ;) After that, the first hugged Kerstin and gave her a kiss on her cheek, then me. I also got a gentle kiss on my cheek. Gosh, i couldn´t believe it - i was cheek on cheek with him, i felt him, smelled him, could notice, what a tender skin he has, touched him softly.
    Then time stood still for me. I stopped breathing, my heart beated very fast, i thought i would faint and would fall down on my knees - as he came close to me! :heart: I thought: ´When you look at him now, maybe then all and everything is over, the dream is over!´
    Never felt this before: It was like a young god was standing directly in front of me. His aura spreads directly in my heart - my eyes were still scared of looking at him, i really feared about it, so much awe and respect i had towards him. I was shivering, everything around me didn´t exist any more, i could really feel the love and warmth he had inside him. I also felt like being one with him, i really touched the sky. Heaven literally sent something so precious to me, i had ever missed in my life. My mind didn´t work during this magical moments. But i had a mission (i call it like that): I held my camera in the right hand and my piece of paper in the other hand along with my wallie to sign. Then i said to myself: ´Now or never. This chance you will never ever get again!´
    Before i began, i looked at him, finally. hihi Wow, what a man, so beautiful, so extraordinary, only to die for! :flame: And i started talking to him exactly with these words - of course with a lot of shyness: "I would like to say something on behalf of all of us - your fans here." He nodded with a cute smile and his eyes were saying everything. He came even still closer to me and i had the feeling, that he was curious of what i had to say. Believe me: It´s the truth - when he is in front of you, he really give you the feeling, that all other things are absolutely nothing at all. You and he are the only two persons and that´s it, what count in such a moment. You are the most important person then for him. I really thought: ´I feel like the queen of the world!´ :rolleyes: But i went on talking:

    But all this in the next chapter! I first have to regenerate myself.... :eek: and get my sleep.
  5. malukita7

    malukita7 Yeh ladka hai Allah!

    Re : How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    Andrea Sweetu I felt like I was next to you while reading your story :hug:
    I'm eagerly waiting for the next episode :)
  6. dilos

    dilos Well-Known Member

    Andreaaa..phir..tell us the rest what did you say..tell us more..
  7. maira

    maira SRK-fanatic

    Re: If you have attended the Berlinale Festival & Zee Carnival

    Thanksss soo much Yvonne for sharing your loveely experience and gorgeos pixx with us!!..:hug::hug:

    i soo agree with both you guyss too!!..its sooo embarrassing to see SRK's fans behaving like this!!..:eek:...not to mention how annoying it might get for SRK!!..:hug:....he is no doubt the nicesst person on the planet!!...but he's still a human being and can get annoyed/irrittated with this kind of behaviour!!!...:(!!....and about all the fans kissing and pulling on him...i bet it sometimes gets too much for him!!....that's why the first time i met him, i only hugged him after asking his permission :rockon:..and the second time he hugged me himself!!..;):eyebrows:.....i wish some of the so called 'fans' would understand the importance of him having some space too!!..
  8. Suhana2000

    Suhana2000 Yvonne-SRKfan

    Re: If you have attended the Berlinale Festival & Zee Carnival

    Thx so much that you share my opinion.
  9. BeBeDana

    BeBeDana SRKLicious

    Hello Andrea :wave:

    First off, thank you so much for sharing this heartwarming story with us…I as everyone else has expressed send you my best wishes and :pray: for your health, Insha`Allah everything is going well for you!

    Secondly, I wanted to mention that I've seen the video when Shah Rukh was talking to you, how he listened to you, how attentive he was of what you were saying, and that hug he gave you after you were done then kissed your hand…just told me the whole story about how this man felt at that moment…it seemed from just looking at him that you made him feel like "the king of the world" *credit OSO*…whatever you said to him must have been so beautiful that you could see when looking at him that it made his heart flow…he probably was so very emotional…and won’t be surprised that inside he was crying with joy!! Thank you so very much for giving us the opportunity to see that happening in front of our eyes…I can't wait to read about those wonderful things you've said...And I'm almost certain that as they've done to Shah Rukh, they will move us all to tears as well…lovely story :hug:….anxiously awaiting for the rest :cool:
  10. clochette

    clochette New Member

    Re: If you have attended the Berlinale Festival & Zee Carnival

    Yvonne, dear, thanks a lot, a lot for these wonderful pics; they are like telling a story!
    As for what you are writing about a special kind of fans, I have read other reports about the Zee Carnival that are even worse. There are so many fans that only think about getting what they want without considering other's feelings, let alone ShahRukh's. In their wish to get what they want they become very egoistic and lose the respect (if they had one before). I admire ShahRukh's patience and understanding of human nature but as you wrote, Yvonne, that also tires him and makes him sad.
  11. shahzura

    shahzura New Member

    Hi there Afkar!:) That was really sweet of your brother! It was really a good idea that he stayed on the queue for the tickets ;) & all the fans there were so sporting & generous! That is so beautiful that they cheer you & gave you their best wishes when you enter the auditorium!:heart: & that lady who gave you space at the front row was another sweetheart...I'm glad that Shahrukh hug the both of you! :thumb: A beautiful moment shared with equally beautiful people..I love reading about the whole atmosphere there :)Thanks!
  12. shahzura

    shahzura New Member

    :) it's almost 3am here & I'm still stuck on this thread!:D

    @Claudia :)-dearest yaar, finally I got the time to read your account of that beautiful weekend :)...Like what Dilsat said, you had me at the edge of seat & it was like watching a serial!:D Jokes aside, I feel you like I was there with you watching the whole thing & experiencing the same highs & lows...that's the beautiful thing about breathing in Shahrukh, i guess...it stretches you in every possible corner emotionally & in ways you never thought possible...it doesn't help when what the heart desires is within grasp but seeps through like water through clenched hands...but it still touches the hand& lingers long enough before it becomes one with the air, doesn't it?:) Maybe next time both hands will joined side by side in a prayer, & like a cup it will contain the water long enough for it to pass your lips & nourish your heart's calling :):heart:
  13. shahzura

    shahzura New Member

    Re: AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    @ Andrea :) - Haha! " Then he smiled, looked at me and said to both of us: "I´ll watch it tonight!" with a very boyish smile! Gosh, so sweet! His beautiful eyes were glittering really like a little child, who gets a lolly!
    Kerstin and i were so perplex, that i only could babble: "Oh no...ok...do what you want." Can you imagine, i was saying this to Shah Rukh?"-That was really a cute reaction! :D Shahrukh must have that effect of mushing people's thoughts & blurts like that are bound to happen :D...I saw some of the vids posted here & it's amazing how he really take his time to be with his fans & talking to them just like what you describe...Shahrukh is living the moment...nothing matters except what happening 'now' & now is when he is with with people who loves him the most :)...can't wait to read the rest of your encounter with him;)
  14. shahzura

    shahzura New Member

    Awww...That was beautiful Kasia:heart: I love the way you describe being engulfed in his hug & his wonderful scent...I think the scent has somewhat 'floated' towards me too!:D haha! You are right yaar...it takes a lot of courage to dream :) It brings both happiness & sadness but in daring to do it has gifted you a moment with him :) May you continue dreaming & inviting more beautiful moments!;)
  15. aliciamaya

    aliciamaya New Member

    Shahrukh has cut his hair!!!! And he looks so handsome!!!! But I am not telling you anything new...

    Now I understand! At last! What looks like a trip to London or Berlin or, why not, like the end of the world, on our way to meet our favourite
    man: it is in fact a true initiatory trip. Each time, I come back changed, full of energy, of desire to live and live more...

    Shahrukh radiant, so handsome; beauty, light, kindness... Yes girls, I love him, but here again, I am not telling you anything new... But, why do I never manage to tell him?! Why on earth?!!! Why do I always loose my words? But, this time, I found my speech back, to tell him the essential.

    We waited for him for eight hours, at the best place. Without eating, without moving... Couldn't have a pee!!!!! With the fans from Planet SRK in front of us. They had had what sounded like an awesome idea; music player, Deewangi turned right up. I can swear after a few hours of Deewangi, we knew the song by heart. By heart. They could have recorded the whole CD, at least!

    Shahrukh coming. The crowd becomes crazy. It tightens around me. I am scared. I see the crowd like a restless tiger, becoming more and more nervous. Meha asks a good-looking guy if I can be allowed to wait on the other side of the barrier. After many comings and goings and thanks to the help of a very dynamic Clochette, I end up in front of the barrier.
    Shahruuuuukh!!!! But it's not Shahrukh who comes to me. He is too busy touching each and every hand, signing, allowing people to kiss him, smiling... It took him one hour and a half to reach us.

    A lady comes to me and offers me two tickets for the première. I should be in seventh heaven, but, for God's sake! We are five, not two!! I ask, I plead, please, please. Nothing. It's horrible. We have to decide right now. Have you seen the film “Sophie's choice”, where a mother has to choose which of her children will die, if she wants to save one of them at least? I'm not far from this. I take the tickets, with a heavy heart.

    Shahrukh comes, very handsome, very tender; I press my head against his neck. Shahrukh, I am so happy to see you. He answers that he is happy, too. I tell him I'll come to London next week. “Really?”, and I answer “Of course!”, shrugging my shoulders, as if not going was just impossible. It WAS impossible. He told me “but it's so cold for you”, and then, of my God, instead of saying “I'm warm” I told him “I am hot”!!! I felt so ashamed!!! He looked at me, amused. I felt so ashamed!!!!

    He tells me, see you later in the theatre. And then, the words Eliah had told me a few days before echoed in my brain. “You can ask him whatever you want, in that kind of moments he is like God the Father”. I answered in perfect English, yes, but I have only two tickets and we are five. He goes away, and comes back with three tickets. He is so cute. So cute. He asks who is with me, he knows I can't take the tickets myself. I show him Anne with my head.

    But Anne, lost somewhere between the Planet Mars and who knows where, doesn't get it, doesn't realise Shahrukh is standing in front of her, holding the three tickets. And I say “Anne take the tickets!!! Anne!!!
    Anne, for God's sake, take the bloody tickets!!!”. Eliah, to her right, repeats mechanically “take them take them take them take them take them take them”. And Shahrukh is still standing there, holding his tickets, like a child waiting with a flower in his hand.

    Suddenly Anne sees him. She doesn't realise. How often do you find a Shahrukh standing in front of you, trying to give you something? Is she going to stretch her arm and try and touch him to check she is not dreaming? Eventually she takes the tickets, and, so happy and without saying thank you (I didn't thank him either. I'm so ashamed) she turns to us and says, hey!! Girls!!! I have the tickets!!

    Do you remember Vivian Leigh, the carrot in her hand, swearing to God she will never be hungry again? Well, if I can meet Shahrukh again, carrot or no carrot, I swear I will thank him.

    We walked into the theatre. He spoke for three seconds and said that he “might” come back later. And we now had to watch three hours of a film we knew by heart, like a train that wouldn't stop for three hours. It was great but we wanted Shahrukh for real!!! I had a good time; it was funny watching a film with viewers who cried, clapped, laughed...

    At the London première, apart from the “****” Eliah let out when mister Shahrukh opened his shirt, nobody reacted. You'll tell me, maybe they were all dead...

    Shahrukh came back and answered a few questions. I leave it to others to tell you more about this.

    Oh God. He is so cute, so radiant, so everything.

    And now you can't hear me any more, I say it to you...

    I love you

  16. malukita7

    malukita7 Yeh ladka hai Allah!

    Re : How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    hey alicia are you from shahrukhfan.fr?
  17. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    Re: If you have attended the Berlinale Festival & Zee Carnival

    That's the big difference to Berlin.... in Berlin the fans wanted to show their love
    for him, they wanted to give him back what ShahRukh gave them.... :hug: :heart:
    In Zee there were a lot who only wanted.....
    Poor fans.... they will never feel and experience his special aura
    with making so much stress.... :mmph:
  18. maira

    maira SRK-fanatic

    Re: If you have attended the Berlinale Festival & Zee Carnival

    hmm!!..:rolleyes:..i see your point Brita!!!!....alll i can say is i'm soo verry ashamed at the behaavior of these people!!...:eek:...and i hope SRK doesnt stop coming to london or attending such shows because of these fooolss!!..:scared::eek::eek::scared:......i sure hope he doesnt!!..:pray2:....

    and i hope in future these soo called fans dont behave in such a way!!...:mad:...
  19. semaay

    semaay Senior Member

    Re: If you have attended the Berlinale Festival & Zee Carnival

    It's true that we in Berlin showed our love to SRK, but I have to be objective here and tell you that also in Berlin we had fans like this pulling him, almost pushing him around, or even throwing presents at him, which can be dangerous - it was only a minority of fans who acted like this, but still enough to make me mad :mad:! London, Berlin, Mumbai, New York...no matter where you are, you always going to have people misbehaving.
  20. sanjani

    sanjani Ullu-Club Member

    Re: If you have attended the Berlinale Festival & Zee Carnival

    Well, I couldn't be there and probably never will,
    (go to such an event...)
    but that's the "picture" I've got from reading.... :eek:
    You're right... crazy people one can find everywhere... :(:(

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