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How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

Discussion in 'Shah Rukh Khan Dhamaal' started by TARA, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. dilos

    dilos Well-Known Member

    Andreaa ..what happened to you girl..I forget the rest of the story and start worring about you and your pain :(..how are you now..I hope its something to be get over soon..
    and your story of going to Berlin ..wow..as Claudia said victory of brain over body..sounds very Indian ..
  2. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Thanks Gai, I've been around, but its this topic which has inspired me to post!! LOL!!!
    Thank you for the important information - I will file it away for future reference.

    And what trouble are you referring to....???????? :D
  3. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    Thanks dear, that's very sweet of you to say. :kiss:

    It's my tremendous pleasure to keep you all informed as well as entertained :)... and to be honest I like it even more to make people smile and laugh... as I always say a good laugh a day keeps the doctor away. :D

    I just try to be a happy-go-lucky Chicky. :becky:
  4. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    @ Andrea: Wow, your story is very intense... thanks for taking your time to share it with us.
  5. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    Yes, Sweetoo's chaddi can be indeed very inspiring... hai na ?

    LOL... as if you wouldn't know which trouble I'm referring to :rolleyes:...
    'Oh yes, this chicky has been very very naughty lately...' :whip:...:eyebrows:

    See my chaddiwala doesn't want me to talk publicly about these things :whistle:... so, shhhh... keep this information top secret... :tape:... or else Chicky will end up as Chicken Tandoori style on the plate. :fear:

    And if someone asks... you don't me. :spy:
  6. dilos

    dilos Well-Known Member

    go on Chicky :thumb: make us laugh :D
  7. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Now who do we know who likes Chicken Tandoori.....?
  8. Chicken

    Chicken ♥ ♥

    LOL... I'm trying my best, Dilsat. :D

    Ummm... I have not the slightest clue !!! :confused2:... :noidea:...:whistle:
  9. shanti22

    shanti22 Shahrukh is my life.

    I promised you my story from Berlin – here it is:)
    Sorri, for all mistakes – my written English is not so good but I am going to try to avoid them :eek::eek::eek:

    For me everything started on 8th of February when me and some fans from Poland began our big trip to Berlin.
    First we had two interviews – one for the Polish Radio and one for the Polish TV ( Shahrukh’s media stars from Poland :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtTNXEQ5nmA :crazy: )
    At about 2 pm we already were in Berlin.
    I went with one Polish girl (carinae) to pick up our tickets and then straight to the Kino Internationale. We could see there a quite big group of fans from Germany, France, Planet etc :)
    Waiting began… We were standing there for quite few hours – but we knew that this is worth this – we were waiting for HIM to come.
    At about 5 pm. few of my friends (Isabelle was also there) called from Hayatt – they could see Shahrukh at the press conference and after – we knew how he looks, what is he wearing, OMG I was were so excited :bounce::dance: For whole this time I was keep saying to myself: In few hours, minutes you are going to see Him… I couldn’t belive :shocked:
    When whole group from Poland came, with all our banners and flags - I knew that THIS moment is very close :whoo:
    I saw his car, his hair, his suit… I have almost lost my sense but I knew that I have to be strong :D My moment came, I saw Shahrukh so close to myself, he gave me an autograph on my Dil Se cover and I could hold his hand for a few beautiful seconds. I just shout : “Shahrukh we love you” and few second later I saw him disappearing in Kino…
    OMG, I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t believe that my dream just came true, I had tears in my eyes… I saw Him, I touched Him, I had His autograph… but you all know human nature – It was not enough for me. We went very quickly to the back part of cinema and I saw him again… standing there in darkness, smoking cigarette, giving hugs and autographs - He promised to us that he will be back here… and then I just remember myself running behind his car :doh::crazy: It was worth this. He send me a beautiful kiss:redface: :D
    Unfortunately we didn’t see Him again this evening because when he left Kino after premiere we were standing on the wrong side of cinema :doh:
    But… Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost…:)

    After amazing time with OSO in the ciema we came back home, sleep for 2 hours and went shopping – I bought many beautiful Shahrukh things in Motti Mahal, we spend some time looking for his hotel, we had fun at the evening party (so shame that rumor about His visit at the party was just a rumor :gossip:) Nice day but unfortunately without Him…

    The best day for me :redface: After party we just took a shower and by metro went to the place where Lecture was. I went to see and hear the lecture (thank you Gai :heart:), my friends stayed outside and were waiting for Him.
    Time with Shahrukh was a big pleasure, lecture was interesting but awareness of Him being so close reduced my capability of understanding (especially words of three other ladies). Shahrukh was amazing, so intelligent, clever, polite and… handsome :)
    Whole lecture had about 90 minutes but for me it was just a second.
    I could hardly believe that it’s over :scared:
    I quickly went downstairs and I found good place outside. I saw Him again, for one scary second :scared: I thought that he will not come to us, that he will stay in his car, just waving and and driving away as other stars…
    But not Shahrukh … He came to us and for about one hour ha was giving autographs, hugs, taking pictures with fans…First, when he was close to me he gave my an autograph on my King Khan book, I saw him so close again, I heard: “I have to go back to India now”, I saw his smile, brown eyes… Something inside me told me: RUN.:eek:
    Few minutes later I was standing in the place where Shahrukh didn’t come yet. Waiting for him again… OMG, now begins the best :D After 10 minutes he was so close again, next autograph and… I remember that I just saw his open arms (as in DDLJ),welcome smile and… the next few second I spent in the heaven. Azzaro smell heaven. :eek: It was the best moment ever. I never felt so good as in this short time :p:eek:
    Then I remember tears, tears of joy and sadness that this amazing time is over.
    But now I know that it was not the last time, Shahrukh showed me that we can’t be afraid of dreaming, because all dreams may come true one day.
    Thank you Shahrukh for everything, for this special days, for friends who are the best gift from you to me :hug:
    See you soon Shahrukh. :heart:
  10. isabell

    isabell Active Member

    Thank you Shanti22-we had a great time in Berlin:) Unforgettable moments.
  11. malukita7

    malukita7 Yeh ladka hai Allah!

    Re : How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    here's another lucky girl!! :)
    thank you for your beautiful story Kasia:hug:

    and your English isn't that bad ;)
  12. Jagibaby

    Jagibaby SRK-लत

    AW: Re: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    :eek: Thank God, one cannot see it what´s going on with me... And that´s another story. :eek: I wouldn´t like to talk about it. Please don´t get angry with me, but some things one should better keep private, because it´s simply too personally. :)

    Thank you, Dilsat, for your sweet and kind words. :kiss:
  13. Jagibaby

    Jagibaby SRK-लत

    AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    @ Claudia-Dear, Melissa, Marj-Sweetie, Asma, Chris and Gai:

    Thank you all sooo much for your sweet and encouraging words. :kiss: It´s very touching and i´m also very glad, you liked the first part of my "story" with Shah Rukh!
    Khabi khabi life requires decisions, you haven´t to think about, only simply to do! If the reason is so clear and is called "Shah Rukh" :heart: , everything is worth it!
    So i´ll quickly come to the next chapter of my trip! :D
  14. Jagibaby

    Jagibaby SRK-लत

    AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    Second part:

    We hurried to bring all our luggage inside, took once again my pain-medicine and a little refreshment, dust ourselves...
    I began to "push" my ladies a little bit to quickly go to the cinema International. I think, it was rush hour and the minutes on my watch didn´t want to pass by. Then we finally reached it. I saw not that biiiig crowd than suspected, but surely enough.
    We parked the car, took the banner and my CD-player and went in direction of the cinema entrance.
    On the drive to it (and before) i called Kikki (don´t know, if someone else, too), so that i knew, where the guys of Planet were standing.
    I didn´t get it in time and half walked over the red carpet. :lol: hihi
    Before i did this, i stopped at the beginning of it, saw Claudia, Kikki, Gai, Yesim and all the others and asked a security for putting the banner like others did, on the barriere. He told me, he didn´t know if it´s allowed and that he´s not sure if i can do it too, because they´re very big. I begged him sooo much and then he said, when somebody feel disturbed or would say something, i would have to take them off.
    He was really a sweetheart and said also: "I haven´t seen anything!" I thanked and was on my way straight over the whole red carpet to the left corner of the entrance.
    I said ´hello´to all my dear members and asked for their help to put the banner on the barrieres. It was such a pleasure to see them all! So far, so good. Once again, i looked after the time: Quarter to 3 pm. :eek:
    I thought: ´Still sooo long till it´s evening.´ And: ´Shah Rukh surely will come too late as always.´ But this didn´t bother me. Not at all. I smiled only of the thought of Shah Rukh! How will he look like? He surely will wear a suit like he did in London for the premiere. Will i see his cute dimpled smile? Will i talk to him and get the chance to give him my letter personally (for me it was much more important as getting an autograph)? aso...
    Next i put the CD-player on the ground, but didn´t know, if i should let the music play now, because of the batteries. Then i decided, first to go to a store near the cinema and buy more batteries. I took Kerstin with me and we speculated together, what will happen this evening.
    Back at the cinema, i let the music play. I made a CD with only the song ´Deewangi, Deewangi´, because i thought, that´s a song which holds the mood high and animates all fans to sing.
    I was sooo glad, they clapped after they had heard the first beat of the song, so that i was sure, i did it right. ;) It was a great feeling singing and feel happy with all the others for only one song! I asked for putting the player on a plexiglass-box. After a while, some of the "french corner" gave me the complete OSO-soundtrack-CD and it worked even better yet.
    I don´t know, how often i looked at my watch. But i did it once again. It was half past 4pm. Still too long!
    It was getting darker and darker. Quarter to 6pm. The place in front of the cinema became more crowded. I first was in the second row but decided to take place directly next to Kerstin. So we were all in a line: Christa, Yesim, Melanie (sunnycom), Gai, Melanie, Kerstin and myself. Sonja had taken place on the other side right behind us after the corner with the other ladies next to the press-area. I was glad, that i could still see her.
    I became more and more nervous. My heart began beating faster and i smoked a few cigarettes (together with Kerstin) while this stupid :tape: waiting.
    Then i (and some others) asked the responsible person (don´t know his name any more, but know, he was very kind to all of us and looked quite good) of the cinema, when Shah Rukh is going to be awaited on the red carpet. He said, about 7pm. 7pm? ´Only half an hour´, i thought. I prepared myself as best as i could.
    It was 7pm, but no trace of Shah Rukh! :confused: So we kept on waiting. Someone asked a second time for Shah Rukh. It was said, HE´ll attend round about 8pm. Gosh, another hour. I said to myself: ´If you´re now sooo nervous, what will be, when you see Shah Rukh or when he even is in front of you?´ Can time not pass by faster!?!´
    It really took me unrestricted nerves - all this waiting. But it really was a waiting with pleasure, because i knew, for WHAT i was waiting. Shah Rukh :heart:

    And then? Finally?

    Sorry guys, i´ll keep the tension - but only till tomorrow... :D
    Good night... :grouphug:
  15. souad1

    souad1 New Member

    nooooooooooooooooo! why i want to know what happened it's not fair!
  16. malukita7

    malukita7 Yeh ladka hai Allah!

    Re : How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    oooh :( :p
    can't wait for tomorrow ;)
  17. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    thanks shanit. please email me what you want to say to srk for the ikhan, per this topic:


    and you can get graphic and descriptive to express your feelings.
  18. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    Re: AW: Re: AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    andrea, please send me your experience, email it to me also as per this topic:

    if you have a pic with srk too send it to me.
    please be breif, one, and only one paragraph describing what you felt when you met him in berlin.

    I don't know who asked me about the banner you guys have in germany, but keep it with you in Germany we're going to need it again ;)

    sorry for not being around her much these days, I'm very busy with the ikhan and other.

  19. Jagibaby

    Jagibaby SRK-लत

    AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    Wafa-Didi, no need to be sorry...we all know, you´re busy all the time. :eek:

    I´ll better email you my experience, before posting it in another thread. I´ll make sure, you get it latest on saturday to wafa2@cox.net (i remembered this email-address from the contribution for the award). Sadly i don´t have a pic of SRK and me to send along with the email...
    I´ll also try to make my experience and feelings as short as i can...
    Ähm, did i understand it right: We should speak directly to Shah Rukh like: ´Dear Shah Rukh, when i met you in Berlin,...´ Right?

    Btw: I was that one, who asked you because of the banner. I talked to you in my last PM a few days ago. ;)
    But Didi: OK, i´ll keep both of them with me, but why and when we would need it again??? Please tell us details...you made me all excited and very curious now! :D
  20. malukita7

    malukita7 Yeh ladka hai Allah!

    Re : AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: How I met Shah Rukh at Berlinale...Experiences

    well you can use it for the Temptation Reloaded concert in June ;)

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