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Hot Scoop! Shah Rukh Khan got something really LOUSY for shooting Jab Harry Met Sejal in Amsterdam

Discussion in 'Jab Harry Met Sejal' started by tasifa, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Hot Scoop! Shah Rukh Khan got something really LOUSY for shooting The Ring in Amsterdam!
    By Katie -
    September 22, 2016


    You go to any place on earth and there will be at least one SRK buff. Why they call him King Khan maybe that’s. But do you realize that several lovers were found by him even at the center of Europe? That’s the fact that although not actually the highlight of the post someone gifted the celebrity something truly bad or ‘ghatiya’, in his words! Yes! Well, courtesy Instagram of course and his fan club, we’ve been getting glimpses of what the performer continues to be up to.

    The Insta handle out this pic where they all were in one framework, appearing happy and things but wait there up, is SRK a tad little depressed? It seems slightly depressed. For all those that aren’t capable to get great peeks at the top, we’ll read out it . “Maine Amsterdam mein picture banaye aur badle mein mujhe yeh ghatiya tshirt mili.” (I made a film in Amsterdam and in return I got this bad tshirt.) NewAmsFilmCo captioned this picture as, “We really had a blast the last two weeks with these stars from India. Many thanks to iamsrk that is @, @ director and anushkasharma Imtiaz Ali for the excellent cooperation, energy and your devotion. It was a honour and we’ll miss you!

    Does that mean the team has also wrapped up the second program of The Ring? Because this looks like a text that is good-bye. Having two gifted performers like Anushka and Shah Rukh, isn’t it jump to be a program that is rapid? The first program occurred where the pair, like professionals they are, completed the shoot of the exact same. The truth is, just recently, we shared a scene that was leaked in the second program of the movie. We weren’t able to decipher much fanatic from your video that has been shared by fanatic. Nevertheless, we think it was a kind of flirtatious move from Mr Khan towards Sharma as the offer was refused by her. We’ve only told you how Shah Rukh’s character is that of a womanizer in the movie.
    The movie will be clashing with Akshay Kumar‘s Wisecrack and is slated to release. What are your ideas on the top SRK is wearing?

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