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    I know I have skipped episodes to translate, but because this one was so cute and because lots of us were waiting to see this one, Ill post this first and Ill come back to the others on Wednesday. That means Ill have translations for Episodes 21-23 on Wednesday, :pray:

    Bhaiyya gajab machi hai
    Something extraordinary is happening
    Kaisi sham saji hai
    What a colorful evening
    KBC ke jalve
    KBC is radiant
    Khao puri halve
    Eat Puri and Halva
    Rang ke sang bhang hai
    There's color and intoxication
    Duniya dekh dang hai
    The world is looking on with astonishment
    Ye hain sab humjoli
    All are friends here
    Mana rahe hain Holi
    And they are celebrating Holi
    Ho jaaye KBC mein Holi?
    Shall we have Holi on KBC?
    Bulale Holi ke toli
    Shall we call the group?

    SRK: Alright! Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. Listen carefully. One has a style that’s unique and the other has a smile which drives the world crazy. The heart sighs looking a t one, and the other takes your life away. I try to dodge one’s smile and how is the other’s dimples better than mine? One is the pride of Bengal the other is the life of Shimla. Today both these beauties are guests of KBC. Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for the 2 most beautiful women in the world. Presenting Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherji. Let's play KBC.

    Facing me are 2 of the world’s most beautiful women so I too have become a bit poetic. I have written something too.

    Saaf dil ki jaise ho ganga ka pani
    A pure heart like the Ganges water
    Gussa Bengal ke tiger sa…choti si pyari prem kahani.
    But anger like a Bengal tiger
    Ankhin mein hai acting bhari, awaz hai sexy
    Her eyes are filled with emotion, her voice is sexy
    Sirf yeh tamanna hai ke jab yeh ban jaaye dus bachon ki nani
    I wish that when she becomes a granny of 10 kids
    Tab bhi mujhe yaad rakhe.
    She’ll still remember me
    Meri dost, meri Rani
    My friend, Rani

    Now starts the 2nd story….
    Ankhon ankhon mein yunhi raat beeti
    I spent the night
    Sochkar yeh ke subah use dekhenge toh kaise maarenge usko seeti
    Thinking of how I’m going to whistle when I see her
    Gaalon mein pyare se gadde aur hath uska hathoda hai
    Pretty dimples on her cheeks but her hand is like a hammer
    Dil ko thodti hai par kaiyon ka munh bhi usne toda hai
    She breaks hearts and she’s also broken a few faces
    Apne terms par jeeti hai
    She lives on her own terms
    Duliya ki khwabon ki malika
    The dream girl
    Pretty pretty Preity hai.
    Pretty Preity.

    SRK: Everyone knows why you have come here. To loot me on Holi day and give it to charity. A very good cause. So Rani, you tell me first which charity you are giving the money too.
    Rani: My charity is for the Holy Family Hospital. There are lots of young babies and children who have heart problems and the hospital has no ward for them.
    That’s very sweet Rani. And you’ve always liked children. I pray that you have 100-150 children. Ten of out Cricket teams will be made from your kids. Preity, which charity are you giving to?
    Preity: I’m also giving for children, to the Red Cross, Himachal Pradesh.
    SRK: Can you tell us something about it?
    Preity: Red Cross is everywhere but this is specifically to Himachal Pradesh. They also have many kids who have problems with different diseases and they don’t have specialized treatment so hopefully this will make a difference.
    SRK: Very good. You 2 are doing a great work. I hope you win a lot of money and give us a lot of smiles. Preity you're the only heroine who has only one dimple.
    Preity: and you're the only hero who has 2 dimples.
    SRK: Both of you have also been here before. So you know this game……we have given new meanings to the lifelines. 50-50 is a pichkari (color water tube), audience poll is a gulal (color powder), phone a friend has color and flip is a gujjia. You know what that is?
    Preity: those twing types which are filled with something sweet.
    SRK: Let's start the game. The first few will be easy. Don’t be scared, I’m very nervous.
    Preity: we feel very nervous sitting opposite you and saying aap.
    SRK: You can say tumhare saath. Just relax, laugh a little and I’ll ask questions later, very personal questions to make you very comfortable on the show.

    1st question


    Preity: C-Hips don’t lie.
    SRK: Right answer. Are you happy now that the 1st question is over? We’ll dance after this, I like the way you dance shaking your hips. Rani will show us. 2nd question


    Rani: B-Shikanji.
    SRK: Smile and tell me. Right answer. 3rd question


    Rani: C-Dabbawallahs.
    SRK: Say Shahrukh color it. And that’s the right answer.
    It's very rare for someone to be beautiful, smart, intelligent, be famous in their career. There are very few like me. Let's take a break now.

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  3. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back to KBC Holi Hungama. Make your Holi even more colorful by winning 2 lakhs through the har seat hot seat contest. Todays question is this: (quest). At the end of the show Ill give you the answer to the question and one of you at home can win 2 lakhs! And I'm sitting with Rani Mukherji and Preity Zinta. How are you both feeling?
    Preity: great.
    SRK: I didn't think there’s any boy younger or older who doesn’t want to marry you. I want to know, genuinely, but please smile because it gives me energy, who's the kind of man you’ll like. Rani?
    Rani: why not Preity?
    SRK;Ok preity?
    Preity: Someone normal, who won’t lie…
    SRK: And? These are very small wishes.
    Some good looking too? Not as beautiful as you but he can try.
    Preity: Yes, but he should be beautiful from the inside too. What's the point of beautiful from the outside?
    SRK: How will you check that, you’ll put you head in his mouth? And you Rani?
    Rani: very simple. Someone who loves me.
    SRK: And someone who’s beautiful inside?
    Rani: No, Just loves me.
    SRK: I’m available on Sunday. But seriously I want to say that I've know you for many years, Preity made her first film with me and Rani yours was also one of the first films with me. and I'm so proud, I won't say like a father, I'm still not very fatherly, but I'm very proud that you made a mane for yourselves through your own hard work, your self respect, and you are both most beautiful. So I’ll ask an easy question


    Rani: D-Bhagvad Gita. I like it when you say Compaq da.
    SRK: Right answer. Why do you like it?
    Rani: Because it's bengali
    SRK: When the next break comes, you’ll say it in Bengali. 5th question…what do you say among Rajputs for da?
    Preity: Ha
    SRK: Ok Compaq Ha!
    Preity: Among Rajputs also you say dada.
    SRK: Ha dada.
    Preity: (laughs) Ha was just a joke.
    SRK: Ok 5th question


    Preity: D-Wardrobe malfunction.
    SRK: Right answer. Now I’ll ask you a difficult question.
    Rani: Why? What did we do wrong?
    SRK: Ok I won't. You now also have flip the question lifeline. You're playing very well. 6th question


    Rani: C-Bali.
    SRK: Right answer. I know this goes to charity but what will you do if you won money so quickly, because these sort of opportunities hardly come every day. I know Rani will shop.
    Rani: NO.
    SRK: You don’t like shopping? Life your hand up and take God’s name and say you don’t like shopping.
    Rani: I love shopping.
    SRK: Rani is a shopoholic. And what do you do? You like gadgets a lot.
    Preity: Yes I do.
    SRK: What's the latest gadget you bought that’s completely useless?
    Preity: I bought a small hair clip for a movie which has an insect on top but it has a camera in it. A secret camera.
    SRK: What use is that?
    Preity: I bought it for a film but didn’t use it, then I thought I’d give it to you for Don but you didn’t ask
    SRK: You wanted me to wear a hairclip with an insect on it?
    Preity: Not you, somebody else.
    SRK: It’s impossible to catch me (makes a buzzing sound like an insect). Ok 7th question


    Preity: Ratan Tata.
    SRK: Right answer. When I was a kid I was very naughty.
    Rani: Are those balloons? You can’t be doing this….
    SRK: Your hair will get spoiled for a moment. I’ll hit once (the bag of baloons were wet, but the baloons were only filled with air) Now I know how scared you are. Next question…I’m having a lot of fun too. But I want you to do some work too, I’ve done a lit, I made you laugh, Rani I want you to announce the next break in Bengali. You can sit there or on my seat.
    Rani: I’ll sit in yours.
    SRK: Say it in Bengali for all those Bengali viewers who watch KBC.
    Rani: (says it in bengali)
    SRK: What did you say?
    Rani: You all go for a break I’ll explain to Shahrukh.
  4. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. I'm confused because Rani said something which I didn’t understand.
    Rani: I said…Shoshi Babu of Sham bazaar, on Monday morning is going on a bike to his father-in-law’s house, eating a cucumber.
    SRK: You said something so meaningful and I didn’t understand it. How do you think of such things?
    Rani: It’s a tongue twister.
    SRK: I forgot to say that Preity’s friend is here, he’s related to Preity. He's Inder, we call him Indy. He's a very good friend of ours. How are you Inder?
    Inder: I’m good.
    SRK: If Preity gives you that clip for the hair, where would you wear it?
    Inder: Not on the head.
    SRK: Ok let's quickly go to the next question


    Preity: We’ll go with D-Vikram Seth.
    SRK: Did you know or was it a guess?
    Rani: Kachcha kachcha-pakka pakka.
    SRK: It's the right answer. Very well done, you still have 4 lifelines. We have something new at KBC. You want it? If you get confused, wear this hat and all your doubts will clear. You’ll know the answer.
    Rani: Is the answer written inside?
    SRK: Yes, open it and read. Say something about my style.
    Preity: When you ask us questions, do you get the answers on your screen?
    SRK: No. my computer doesn’t say anything. I tell it to talk to me…but if you kiss the computer, sometimes…
    Preity: I've seen one guy kissing.
    SRK: No it works only with ladies. Want to try it? 9th question


    Preity: B-George Bush.
    SRK: Sure? Don’t want to use a lifeline?
    Preity: No, they are definitely his.
    SRK: (laughs) Know anything about Putin? And which Bush had 2 daughters? I’m so sorry (Pause) for fooling you for so long. Bush is the right answer.
    Preity: You can't do this. You make a person so nervous.
    SRK: I'm sorry, I’ll be real nice and in the break I’ll give you a big hug but you have to announce the break Preity in Punjabi.
    Preity: (in punjabi and then joins them to sing Sadde naal raho ge te ash karoge, zindagi de sare mazze cash karoge)
  5. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. Preity and Rani with me, playing for 6 lakhs. I'm sorry I won't give you any more trouble. I’ll ask easy questions. Wear the cap if you need it and if you answer correctly Rani has to dance. 10th question


    Preity: C- Dhyan Chand.
    SRK: Why do you think that?
    Preity: Because my dad was in the army and there's a statue of his and a stadium also named after him.
    SRK: Right answer. Ok as promised, there's a step Rani knows and we don’t. Rani come and do it. this is a step only Rani can do and no one else.

    (dance to Mahi Ve)
    SRK: 6,40,000 is yours now. Let me sign the check.
    Rani: When so we get the sweets?
    SRK: Right now. I’ll eat too. I ate the paper along with it. 11th question


    SRK: Any idea?
    Preity: I think it's Norah Jones since that’s the only western name here.
    SRK: If you're confused between 2 options, you can go for 50-50, audience poll or any other.
    Preity: I’ve seen that whenever I think of 50-50, the ones I think of are the ones that disappear.
    SRK: So think the opposite.
    Preity: We’ll go for audience poll.
    SRK: Ok audience poll, (results are in) 41 %think it's Norah and 40% think it’s Shreya.
    Rani: Let’s go for 50-50….
    SRK: OK, two wrong answers will be removed. One right answer and one random one will remain
    Rani: It’s Norah Jones.
    SRK: Right answer. Well done. For that I’ll put some color on you two. I’m not looking like a monkey am I? you confused me with your languages for the break I’ll do the same in Urdu which nobody knows:

    Nikalke Khalwate Khursheed se Khudne Khulus Aana
    Khalal Khalti Khalish Hoti Khuli Hai Khulke Khal Jaana
    If you know the meaning come back soon and tell me.
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. We’re playing the Holi Special for Red Cross and Holy Family with Rani and Preity who have won 12, 50,000. 2 lifelines are left. 12th question


    Rani: D-Tarachand.
    SRK: If you're right you get 25 lakhs, if you're wrong you still get 12,50,000. Yes, right answer. 13th question… let me give you the check first. Now you have to play carefully. 13th question


    SRK: Right answer gets you 50 lakhs. Wrong answer, you lose 18, 60,000. You have 2 lifelines. Rani you're mentioning every answer. Let’s do this, let’s do that.
    Preity: Should we flip the question?
    SRk: If you have doubts, use the lifelines.
    Preity: Let’s flip.
    Rani: Please Computer, give us easy questions.
    SRK: Ok which would you have chosen?
    Rani: Touch the North Pole.
    Preity: I think it’s B
    SRK: No, the right answer is A-Walk on the moon. He's my friend you know? I’ve met him. He's the last man on the moon. It's such a pity that everyone knows the first man but not the last. Now the flipped question


    Rani: This is as tough as that. I have no idea.
    Preity: I think we should phone a friend.
    SRK: Which friend?
    Preity: Javed uncle.
    SRK: Javed saab, greetings. The two girls are here, anxiously waiting for you help.
    Javed: And I’m shaking with fear.
    SRK: They are playing very well, the question is for 50 lakhs….
    Preity: (reads the quest and it gets cut)
    Preity: What do we do now? Can we call him back? (laughs)
    Rani: Let's go for Salman, he’ll be lucky for us.
    SRK: You two have worked with him too.
    Rani: Let’s go woth Salman Rushdie.
    SRK: If this guess is right then you get 50 lakhs.
    That’s the right answer.

    (buzer rings)

    Oh here goes the bell. I've got a call from home. Gauri’s calling. No Gauri, I can’t come now, I’m here with Rani and Preity and we’re playing KBC. No, those are not lipstick marks, that’s Holi stuff. 50 lakh rupees. The game is over. Here's the check for 50 lakhs. Now don’t say you want to play more.

    Now for the answer to the har seat hot seat question. Todays question was this: (reads the quest and answer)

    Ladies and gentlemen let's hear it for Rani and Preity. The Holi celebration ends here but when you play Holi, keep a few things in mind. Put color powder on people but not so much that they get red with anger. Color them but not so much that it gets to be too much. Balloons should fly in the air, not thrown on any girl walking by. And like the colors of Holi, fill someone’s life with happiness and joy.
    Rani: And no ice or eggs inside balloons.

    SRK: Yes, please don’t put ice or eggs inside balloons. Holi is a day of happiness, friendship and love so don’t’ make anyone feel bad. Best wishes from all of us to all of you for Holi. Boys and girls have a great Holi this Sunday and lots of love to you all. See you next week.
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    Thaaank you!!! :) :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :peace:
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    thank you sonal for your hard work this makes things so easy for us to understand srk and kbc.:)
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    thank you sonal
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    Thank u for the translation this is one of my favorite episodes..thank u so much..Preity ,Rani and Shah are the best ;)

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