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He's out done himself again

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by sonal, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    :hug: First, off I missed all of you guys here!!! Been busy as of late, but had to come back and read/write a review! :D

    I didnt get to see the first show, because it was already sold out! No surprise there, but I did get a poster of the movie ;)

    Content: Beautiful story, hands down. I loved the way the honest to god truth about Islam is portrayed with Khan's innocence. How the "other" side has been shown is mind blowing. But there was one thing I didnt agree with totally and that was Mandira's character.
    Mandira left Khan because she partially blames their marriage and him for her son's death. I understand because of his surname she does this, but, I dont see how its justified

    Performances: (Main performances, SRK, Kajol, and Jimmy)

    SRK: Words dont exist to describe how beautiful his performance was. You really feel for his character and I have to say, this is nothing like ever before. There was this sense of "deadness" in his eyes at the beginning...I dont know how to explain it, but as emotional as his eyes can be, this time there were stoic...he has this new look about his face which was needed for the character. Im sure he did detailed research because everything from the way he walked, to the way he held his pen was perfect in imaging Rizwan for us. His voice modulation, his emotions, facial expressions were too perfect. You feel his pain, and you feel his happiness in the film. He has won over my heart all over again.

    Kajol: Honestly, I have never been a huge fan of hers, BUT, she performed with utter honesty.
    The scene in which she mourns her son's death has been done with such honesty you cant help but to share her pain
    She has definitely matured as an actress and her portrayal of Mandira proves that...she is a very strong woman with her heart in the right place but her thoughts are scattered.

    Overall: All in all this is Rizwan's story. Mandira is the medium through which the plot unfolds, but mainly this is about him. Seeing him with this form of autism, you really feel for this character knowing that he cannot emote, but realizes that his words would have meant the world to his family, had he used them, but that understanding is not there because he is not able to comprehend feelings. I felt though there were some parts or scenes of the film, where you see that SRK wanted to cry, to emote...but his character has his restrictions making it that much harder for him to do so.

    Scenes: (all spoilers here)

    The frisking scene touched me, and partially angered me when J. Marshall mocks Rizwan's reason for seeing the president. But this is the scene where you realize how innocent Rizwan's thinking really is....leading to his autism. Even the scenes where they interrogate him near the end of the film, you feel for him because of the innocence in which he describes whats happening...the room gets hot and he cant bear it, or they freeze him and he cant deal with it so he prays. The scene which really hurt was actually the scene in which Mandira asks him to leave...as someone totally partial to srk, i didnt understand the justification of the situation...each one to their own opinion, but i didnt "like" that part...The scenes with him and Momma (forgot her name) were too cute...especially where she gives him the gown to wear because his clothes were dirty. The funniest scene had to be the night they consummate the wedding...again his innocence wins you over...

    Rating: A+. Its an overwhelming film and more than that, its an experience. BEAUTIFUL film, well done. Hats off to Karan and SRK...they have proven it again...it really touched my heart, and its a lovely way of portraying the truth of humanity...will love to see it again!
  2. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    i agree with that first spoiler Sonal, i felt the same and i didnt understand the thought behind it entirely
    (i mean the script and the way it was written for that scene/s)
  3. SRKfanforever

    SRKfanforever Well-Known Member

    Great sonal....thanks for the review and i am surely going to agree with you once i watch it:thumb:
  4. sheruka

    sheruka SRK forever

  5. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Oh I absolutely understood her!
    She had to lash out at someone, blame someone. There was no-one else, so she blamed herself and him. In a twisted way, she was correct - Sam was killed becasue of being mistaken for a muslim - and that was becasue she married Rizvan. Of course it wasn't logical to push Rizvan away, but she was out of her mind with grief.
  6. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    i see what youre saying and i get that...also because she is a mother and they feel for their children first, but somewhere i felt that was a bit weak..idk it didnt sit right with me somewhere... like it didnt make sense that she blamed him...i get it, its his name...makes sense..but.... i dont know if im making sense anymore...*Sigh* lol
  7. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    oops messed up my reply. It is right below this.
  8. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    (Spoilers) Mandira had survivor guilt. "Survivor, survivor's, or survivors guilt or syndrome is a mental condition that occurs when a person perceives themselves to have done wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others did not." (From wikipedia) Sometimes marriages are ruined and survivors even commit suicide because of the guilt they feel just because they lived or were unharmed. In her own eyes she had a real reason to feel guilty because she thought Sam would have lived if she hadn't married Khan. I thought she well expressed how painful it was for her to even look at Khan after what happened. It is hard to imagine anyone turning on Khan (SRK) that way but it was realistic.

    It was very unfair to Khan though and I do not believe that he ever did understand why she rejected him. He tried to figure out why she didn't love him any more but he didn't really get it.

    It was sweet that he asked her for a hug and cried and told her he loved her in the hospital scene. All things he had been unable to do before. SRK dominated the movie with his wonderful portrayal of Khan.

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