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Heart beats

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by Srkajol-1, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Srkajol-1

    Srkajol-1 Forever Shahrukh

    Okay so my fic Tum mere ho is about to end and I thought I might start posting my most recent fic (i'm still writing it but theres plenty to post and share) - Just wondering who is interested in reading.




    He's a teaching doctor at a prestigious hospital and she's an intern under his care. As all the girls go wild for she stands back and silently admires - he watches her and is slowly drawn in by her - He makes any excuse to be near her, to get to know her - she welcomes all of it - BUT someone is out to get her because of his actions. What did he do? Who is this stranger?

    Wait and see! Interested?
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  2. danshula

    danshula Well-Known Member

    wanted to surprise you but I am reading this on BB ;)
  3. franny

    franny smile!

    yayyy....it's great you decided to post this here :) i love this story...:D
  4. SRKnKajol

    SRKnKajol SRKAJOL no.1 JODI

    Oooo another great FF!! love it already!
  5. SRKnKajol

    SRKnKajol SRKAJOL no.1 JODI

    What's BB?
  6. franny

    franny smile!

    BB is "Bollywood Boards"....a forum....:) Shani already is posting this there....
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  7. SRKnKajol

    SRKnKajol SRKAJOL no.1 JODI

    Ohhhh Thank You!!!! :)
  8. Srkajol-1

    Srkajol-1 Forever Shahrukh

    OH :p haha i didn't know! I would love ur feedback - always interested in what u think of the chapters!
  9. Srkajol-1

    Srkajol-1 Forever Shahrukh

    Thanks Dani :p u always support me :hug:
  10. Srkajol-1

    Srkajol-1 Forever Shahrukh

    yeyy :D Tisha glad ur interested!!! Will post now
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  11. Srkajol-1

    Srkajol-1 Forever Shahrukh

    For those who know what medical interns do – please do excuse me, I’m making ALL of it up because I don’t know what exactly they do lol [​IMG] Just going by the stuff I’ve seen at work as well as a whole heap of make believe [​IMG]
  12. Srkajol-1

    Srkajol-1 Forever Shahrukh

    Chapter 1

    She watched him intently as he did the demonstration. She was keen to show how interested she was. It was the first day of her medical internship after four and a half years of studying medicine at college and she didn’t want to mess anything up.
    One of their tutors, the only one she had met so far, was quite handsome and she found herself drawn in by him. She noticed his eyes, the concentration in them – She admired that. She moved down to his lips, they spoke but suddenly she didn’t hear anything. He looked up and asked something. She kept watching him. His mouth was moving revealing his beautiful dimples. She felt her heart skip a beat and then suddenly.

    “If you don’t want to listen you can leave” She heard him say. She snapped back into reality.

    “Uh, Sorry doctor” She stuttered. DAM!! How did I zone out like that!?

    “Pay attention” He said sternly with a twinkle in his eyes. She kept her head down unable to look at him anymore.

    He continued examining the fake patient, showing the interns exactly how to do it. The other girls watched him with as much awe as she did. She had seen him for the first time today and something had completely taken over her. This is crazy, she thought.

    “So who wants to try it?” He said steering his eyes away from the patient and onto the five interns in front of him. A girl who was wearing glasses watched him keenly, another with her hair tied back was jotting down something frantically, two boys with sleepy eyes starred back and then there was the other girl. She watched him with wide eyes and looked a little frightened, probably after he had told her off – he figured. He couldn’t deny she was beautiful, and he found himself watching her for a longer time than he had intended. She was tanned, her eye brows met in the middle and she had beautiful honey coloured eyes. He shook himself out of it – just another beautiful girl, he thought to himself. He chose the girl with the glasses.

    “You, what’s your name?”

    “Gina, sir, uh Doctor Sharma” She stuttered shocked that he had chosen her. She walked over to him and took over the patient, performing the examination perfectly.

    “Well done!” He said smiling, his dimples appearing on either side of his beautiful lips. She felt her heart skip more beats ad decided to tear her eyes away from him.

    “Thanks!” She said looking relieved.

    “So Mr. Rai has volunteered today to let you all try it – so who wants to go next?”

    Gina, Lisa, Arun and Kumar all had their turn. Lisa seemed a little distracted and made a couple of mistakes here and there. The two boys were also average. After Kumar had joined the rest of them, Doctor Sharma looked at her. He watched her for a little while and spoke.
    “Your name?” He said casually. He noticed just how beautiful she was, her eyes lined with black kohl. He shrugged it off.

    “Kajal” She replied quietly. Why she felt so nervous, she couldn’t understand.

    “It’s your turn” He said gesturing for her to come forward. She walked toward him, her mouth drying up. She felt his eyes on her and she went up to the “patient”. She hesitated feeling nervous.

    “This is a basic beginners exam Kajal, c’mon you can do it” He encouraged.

    She calmed down a little and started. She went through the steps easily and was done before she knew it. She looked up at him eagerly, waiting for some sort of praise but he had already started talking to the other interns.

    “Okay we’re done for today – some of you need to brush up on your skills – you seem to have forgotten some stuff over the holidays eh?” he joked and chuckled. The other two girls watched him with dreamy eyes. Kajal felt annoyed that he hadn’t given her any feedback or praise; she knew she had done well. She felt he hated her, and she stalked off the moment they were dismissed feeling discouraged. She knew why he hated her. He thought she wasn’t as smart.

    The others walked behind them and she heard the two girls chatting away.

    “He’s so cute!!!” Gina said

    “I know!! I was so nervous around him” Lisa replied.

    All five of them walked to their hospital dorms. Kajal lived locally while the others had travelled from all around India – She and the other four were selected out of many to attend this prestigious hospital for their training. They all arrived the day before and had all their belongings unpacked and settled. Her mother had insisted she stay at the dorm, for easy access to anything she needed for her studies. Kajal came from a very poor family, and had worked very hard to get into medicine; she had to get to a good place so she could treat her mother well.
    She sensed she had blown her first impression with Doctor Sharma and she would never have another again. She found herself thinking about him again. The way he talked, how close he was to her when she was doing the examination – she started getting goosebumps.

    “Hey Kajal” Gina called out.

    “Hmm?” She said coming out of her dreams.

    “Our tutor doctor is hot nah?”

    “Sure” She said absent minded. She didn’t know if she found him hot or handsome or what. She just felt an instant connection to him – but she needed to forget him. She felt droplets of rain hitting her face, holding her books above her head she ran before anyone could see her looking sad.


    Thanks for reading! [​IMG] Feedback is always welcome and cherished :p
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  13. Srkajol-1

    Srkajol-1 Forever Shahrukh

    anyone reading this here at all? lol except Anshu and Tisha :p
  14. Srkajol-1

    Srkajol-1 Forever Shahrukh

    Chapter 2

    That night Kajal studied thoroughly, afraid of what other things she had forgotten over the break. Doctor Sharma had told them that this week, their first week, he would spend testing them on some basic examinations and theories.

    “Hey what chapter are you reading” Lisa called out from her room. The three girl’s rooms were joined and all shared one bathroom and one kitchen space.

    “Chapter 7” Kajal called out, feeling sleepy.

    “I’m doing chapter 11” Gina said yawning. It was past twelve and all the girls were tired.

    Kajal closed her book unable to keep her eyes open anymore. She crawled into bed and turned her light off. Soon she found herself thinking about Doctor Sharma.

    I wonder what his first name is.

    She made a mental note to look at his name badge tomorrow.

    I wonder if he had a girlfriend, if he does she must be very beautiful. She started feeling a little sick so decided not to think about that.

    I wonder where he lives. Hmmm I sound like a stalker now.

    Before she knew it, she was sleeping. Time was rushing forward and her alarm was ringing waking her up from an incomplete sleep.

    The girls got ready and dashed out the door and used to lifts to get down. As they walked toward the hospital followed by a rush of employees, she noticed him. He was driving toward the pedestrian crossing they were about to cross at. She made sure she didn’t look at him at all as she crossed, but the other two girls noticed him and waved at him. Kajal kept walking watching the ground.

    “He waved back!!” Gina said gleefully

    “Are you sure? His windows are partially tinted so I can’t be sure” Lisa said examining the situation.

    “Guys hurry!” Kajal called out from across the road. She didn’t want him to see her at all. She felt so nervous. Her stomach did flips when she thought about him. Today is going to one heck of a nerve wracking day, she thought. The two boys reached as well and all five went up to the teaching level of the hospital. There were two doctors in charge of them, one was Doctor Sharma and the other was doctor Mehta, a female doctor with a friendly face. Today was Kajal’s lucky and unlucky day as doctor Mehta was taking them for a lesson. She was happy not to see Doctor Sharma, but her heart also longed to catch a glimpse of the man who was plaguing her head with crazy thoughts.

    After some practicals and theory quizzes they were allowed to go to lunch. Kajal couldn’t help but look around to see if he was in the cafeteria as she ate her sandwich. But he wasn’t there and her heart sank. They finished lunch and went back up were Doctor Mehta got them diagnosing various conditions by giving them the patients age, sex and some symptoms. Kajal finished first and got them all right, even the possible differential diagnoses.

    If only he was here today to see me…

    She sighed and watched as Lisa finished her paper and handed it to Doctor Mehta to correct. She was the last to hand hers in and soon they were set on other tasks. Kajal couldn’t wait to interact with patients and do some real work.

    That afternoon the girls walked back together, the boys were packing up slowly. Kajal noticed Doctor Sharma’s car again as he drove away from the hospital. Someone was inside it. She thought she caught a glimpse of the other person, it was a woman. All sunlight seemed to disappear from around Kajal as her heart became dark and cold.

    Who was this other woman?

    She knew she had no right what so ever to question anything about his life. But her new found feelings for him made her extremely jealous and curious about him. She wished she knew him better. She guessed he would have been at most ten years older than her. She felt he had had much more experience in life than she had. Deep in thought she reached her room and walked in after the other two. That night she didn’t sleep well.

    A week passed and everyday was a lesson led by Dr. Mehta. Where was Dr. Sharma? All the girls wondered this and the other two more than Kajal seemed to show outwardly just how much they desired his presence.

    “Kaj have you seen him?” Gina asked looking down.


    “I thought we were to have both of them equally!” Lisa complained.

    “Next week is our rotation week into each department” Gina said

    “We definitely won’t see him then!!”

    “He’s a tutor, I’m sure he’ll monitor us” Kajal said without paying much attention.

    “I hope so. He’s soooo cute – I think I need to see him or I’ll die” Gina said pretending to faint.
    This made even Kajal laugh tearing her away from her gloomy mood. She loved having the two other girls around; it was a nice break to chat to them about things when study became too overwhelming.

    That weekend Kajal went to stay with her mother. Returning on Sunday night she prepared for another long week. She felt a scrap of hope that she might see him again next week after an entire week of nothing.

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  15. franny

    franny smile!

    now i understand so many things when i know the end...:p it's really cool....glad you decided to go on with this here....it's awesome:D
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  16. Srkajol-1

    Srkajol-1 Forever Shahrukh

    doesnt look like anyone here wants to read it though hahaha :p
  17. Sabrina Koster

    Sabrina Koster Active Member

    I loved the first 2 chapters. Specialy because it's Shahrukh and Kajol!:rolleyes:
    They are great together.
    Oh and the cover is sooo cool.:D
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  18. Srkajol-1

    Srkajol-1 Forever Shahrukh

    Thanks a lot for liking darl!
    Would u like to read more? :)
  19. meena

    meena Well-Known Member

    hey hun i know we havent spoken before but i have just caight up with this story and i can safely say i want to read more :p xx
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  20. Srkajol-1

    Srkajol-1 Forever Shahrukh

    Hey Meena :) Im Shani...thanks for showing interest sweetu - I will update tonight then :D Im happy someone wants to read it hahaha finally :p

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