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Guess the Differences

Discussion in 'Games and Trivia' started by phul, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Hello every One :wave: Today Lux Cosi and our dear Chris inspired me for a new Game.Lux Cosi had a Pic on thier Facebook Page. To Times the same Pic from Shah Rukh but in One was 3 Differences. Chris and me Thought why not make a Game with that. So i have created one. Lets see if you can find the 3 Differences. I thought maybe all who can Photoshop can make Pics and all can geuss the Differences. Let us have fun. And if the Game find no Interest We just an delete the Thread. :)

    Ok here comes the first. I was in KKR Mood :D Lets see if you can find the 3 Differences in the Right Pic. :D

    Henry Vyne says thanks.
  2. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Anke's idea to make this a game! :D I was just the eager supporter! :D
    I can see one Anke - the logo on his waistcoat is different.
    phul says thanks.
  3. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Yes thats right can you find the other 2 too?
  4. Henry Vyne

    Henry Vyne Kal Ho Naa Ho

    Great idea and some really tough differences, too!

    The wisp of hair above his left eye and the end of his glasses are gone in the right photo? Are those right? I can never tell if there's actually a difference or if I just get so desperate as to make things up. :D

    I'll try and get a picture of my own up soon!
  5. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    Yes this is right
    Henry Vyne says thanks.
  6. Henry Vyne

    Henry Vyne Kal Ho Naa Ho

    All right, here's mine! There are three differences. Let's see if you can find them all!

    RNBDJ After.JPG
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2016
  7. Henry Vyne

    Henry Vyne Kal Ho Naa Ho

    Bringing this thread back because I still really love the game idea! (I also still have the answers to the last picture if somebody wants to still guess ^_^)

    Raj and Simran DDLJ.jpg Raj and Simran DDLJ After.JPG
  8. Rishima62

    Rishima62 Defying Gravity

    Thank you for brining this game back - love it!

    The golden thing on the Simrans bag, the buttons on Rajs jacket, the logo on Rajs basecap

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