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    SRK: Hello everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome, namaste, adaab, salaam. I Shahrukh Khan present for the last time, KBC. Sometimes life brings us to a place where it's impossible to say anything. What to say, how to say it…I don’t know what to do. When I came to do this show I never thought that it would make such a deep place in my heart that thinking of parting brings tears to my eyes. I never felt a lack of love in my life because you all were here with me, you gave me so much love, prayed for me and wished me well and gave me so much support. How can I repay your for all the love you gave me. I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to cry but this is really emotional, I really need….hey I'm not crying, these guys have put onions in my tissue. I know that there's a lot of crying going on, on Star TV. They’ve been trying for so long to make me cry. Let these mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law cry their hearts out. Why do you want to make me cry? I like tears a lot but tears of joy because my daddy used to say that if you smile when you're sad, then grief will go away crying. So today, we’re all sad to part but we’ll leave smiling because that’s how we’ve been through all our KBC episodes. And to make this episode even more fun are my friends, India’s big superstars.

    Let me first present….2 wildcats. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, 2 of the most beautiful, the pyazi (oniony)…pyari (lovely) Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor. Thank you for being here. Please wave out to all the people here. We will not waste any more time, were going to play the last and final episode of KBC.

    Thank you everyone. Sitting in front of me are 2 beautiful, talented and intelligent heroines. Intelligent because both of them consider me their favorite hero. Both have also read the encyclopedia. We’ve done many movies together and I'm glad that we three are together again. Actually we never got a chance to sit together during Don. It was my fantasy to meet with both the wildcats. Of course there's no need to introduce them but I’ll tell you all a bit about them; where they were born their secret fantasies and desires, and what they do in their spare time.

    Priyanka was born in Jamshedpur, Bihar. So she's a little Bihari. Kareena was born in Mumbai. both like to watch films. Priyanka loves Thai food, I like thighs a lot. Kareena likes Chinese food. Other than acting, Priyanka likes to sing and Kareena is not bad at singing either. Both have decided to donate whatever they win here to different charities. So would you both tell me about your charities? Kareena you go first,

    Kar: whatever I win I'm going to give to St. Anthony’s old age home.
    SRK: Where is it?
    Kar: In Bandra, near my home. Half will go there and the other half I’ll give to the orphanage in Mount Mary.
    SRK: Priyanka, which charity are you giving to?
    Pri: there's a place in Orissa which not many people know about, called Kala Handi, which is the lowest point of starvation. Most deaths happen because of malnutrition and lack of food. I think in our constitution we have the right for food. No one should have to die because of lack of food. I would like to give half the money to an NGO which will support that and make sure the food gets to those people. The second one I'd definitely like to give to is research for alternative energy. I hope the coming generation will have trees and greenery to see so I think research for that is very important.

    SRK: Very good thoughts both of you, very pious and really nice. People usually think that actors and actresses, except for me, don’t think of these matters. But to first of all accomplish so much at this young age and then to think like this and to come here…these two are very busy but they have taken time off not just for me and my sex appeal but to get maximum money for their charities. Let's hear it once for them.

    SRK: Let me point out that you don’t have questions from 1-15 but from 5-15. So you have fewer questions and they start from 20,000 rupees all the way to 2 crores. You already have 4 lifelines since were starting at 20,000…..India for the last time I bring KISS….

    All the best Priyanka and Kareena. And all the best whole of India. Let's play KBC. oooh I'm enjoying this.
    Pri: Yeah we can see that. Your evil fantasies.
    SRK: I'm becoming very evil. I’ll ask such questions….6th question…


    Pri: D-An Evening in Paris.
    Kar: Pakka pakka.
    SRK: Right answer. 7th question…


    Pri: If I don’t know the answer to this my brother who's in the audience will get up and walk away. He will disown me.
    Kar: I know the answer too. C-Xbox.
    SRK: Right answer. I haven't met your families yet. Shabina, who's a very close friend of Kareena and a designer, how are you feeling?
    Shabina: The last time I came here was when you were on the hot seat.
    SRK: But they’re not playing as well as I did right? Please say openly that there's no one like Shahrukh.
    Kar: Say it…
    Shabina: I will, you’ve said it already.
    SRK: And Priyanka, you're aunt is here. What's her name?
    Rina: I'm Rina Chopra. I'm on a short vacation visiting Priyanka and the family with my 2 sons Sahej and Shivang.
    SRK: How are you? Nice to have you all here. Are you enjoying yourselves so far?
    Rina: We’re having a great time, it's a great experience.
    SRK: Thank you for being here. Please pray and keep your fingers crossed.
    Kar: My brother’s most happy that I got this.
    SRK: Yeah I can see his smile. Let's take a short break now. I know the audience will be back very soon since you 2 are here. I also want to announce certain nominations for awards today. There are awards galore nowadays so we thought we’ll also have them. So please come back soon.

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    SRK: Welcome back to KBC’s last episode. I have some good news I want to share with you. I've just heard that for the 3rd time I've won the Best Passenger 2007 award. This award was started by my driver Mohan. I've also won the award started by my cook, Shamim…Best Eater Award – Dinner. Unfortunately I lost Best Eater Award – Lunch to my son. What to do, nowadays awards have become such a fashion that every house and street has an award. Yesterday I was the chief guest at a Miss Pani Puri Awards. Inspired by this we started our own KBC awards called Khaamakhan (for no reason) awards, or Aiwen awards. These are based on the best moments spent with the contestants and were selected by 3 very prominent juries. Their names are I, me and myself.
    The first category is Khan Ki Khoj (Khan’s inventions) award and here are the nominations.
    1. Massage, invented by Shahrukh Khan.
    2. Thinking Cap, again invented by Shahrukh Khan.
    3. Mujhe Gale Laga Lo, guess what? Once again invented by Shahrukh Khan.
    4. I want my guests to tell everyone which invention gets the award. Of course I get the award but let's see which invention gets it. Kareena, please do the honors.
    Kar: Definitely I think the award goes to Mujhe Gale Laga Lo.
    SRK: Thank you very much. I had thought of this invention because I don’t know why I don’t like to hear someone say he's leaving. So I thought whether a contestant wins or not, if he hugs me he might or might not remember it but I will always remember it. I'm glad that Rachna Sharma refused to hug me. It needs courage to stand up to your principles in front of so many people. But I was happier to hug Rachna Ji’s mother Santosh. Santosh darling I dedicate this award to you. Mmmuaaaa.

    Another category is Khullam Lhulla Pyar Karenge (we’ll openly show our love) and the nominations are…
    Vasu Jaitley from New Delhi.
    Santosh from Jind.
    Neetu Gogoi from Assam.
    Jeenu Priya from Meerut.

    Priyanka will reveal the winner.
    Pri: The Khullam Khulla Pyar award was a difficult choice but I think this definitely goes to Vasu Jaitley.
    SRK: Thay say that man should not look back but whenever I look back on KBC all these memories come back and I realize what I'm going to miss from you. These moments can only be found here. When Vasu proposed to me I was taken aback too because her dad was sitting right behind her and I didn’t want him upset. But he replied, “When the man and woman are willing what can I do”. So this award is dedicated to Vasu.

    Now the 8th question…


    SRK: You like Thai and Chinese, you both love to eat.
    Pri: We like Indian food too. Both of us are Punjabis.
    Kar: Chopra and Kapoor.
    Pri: Murabba is sweet and made of fruits. I don’t know what Munakka is.
    Kar: I haven't heard of the others.
    Pri: Makhana is probably something from makhan (butter).
    Kar: I know about Murabba. I think it's Murabba.
    SRK: Are you sure? please don’t end the game soon because you're playing for charity.
    Pri: I don’t know how it's made but from the ingredients I think it's Murabba because it's made of fruits and it's sweet.
    SR: That’s the right answer. It’s so simple. Now the 9th question…


    Kar: This is an easy one, we know this.
    Pri: This is related to our fields so we know this. It's B-Fashion designing.
    SRK: Have you seen his work? Do you like it?
    Pri: I think he's very good.
    SRK: But he does Photography. No, it's the right answer. Let's take a break now and Kareena I would request you to come here, sit on my chair, I’ll stand next to you and you go for the break with the audience. Do it to my favorite song Yeh mera dil pyar ka deewana.
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    SRK: Welcome back. On KBC’s last episode are Priyanka and Kareena, the 2 most beautiful girls in the world. And I never tell a lie. But tell me something Kareena, who's the most important man in your life? It could be anyone, father…
    Kar: Shahrukh Khan.
    SRK: Well done, good choice. Absolutely right. Now you tell me, what kind of dream man do you have in your life or what kind of thought you have about your dream man?
    Pri: the list is very long, you’ll need more time. I'm very finicky.
    SRK: No, tell me.
    Pri: He has to be very intelligent…
    SRK: Say it in Hindi. Is it ok if he's the host of KBC?
    Pri: Yeeeah, I think I can think about it.
    SRK: That’s very intelligent right?
    Pri: Very. He has to be able to dress well, and…dimples will work too. He has to have a smile that reaches his eyes…
    SRK: My smile reaches my head.
    Pri: And last but not least he has to smell very good.
    SRK: One second… tell me, who’s your dream man?
    Pri: One more thing. He should be taller than me.
    SRK: Will it work if I stand on the seat? I missed by just this much. I’ll come after doing some pull-ups. But thank you for being here and I also thank you on behalf of the charities that you're playing this for. 10th question…


    Pri: I'm pretty sure the torch is in her right hand.
    SRK: The one you use to see in the dark?
    Pri: No, the mashal torch.
    Kar: I've been to NY many times and seen the Statue many times too.
    SRK: Kareena, you're not the only one, don’t show off, I’ve seen it many times too.
    Kar: You're the king of NY.
    SRK: I've seen it! I've seen it!
    Kar: I mean, I've seen it since childhood and taken pictures of it.
    SRK : Of course I was very poor as a child, I never went to NY!
    Kar: Freeze torch.
    Pri: I don’t like this music.
    Kar: Don’t kill us like this.
    SRK: I asked you left or right hand, are you sure? You had 4 lifelines, you could have used them to reconfirm. The right hand does….not have the book. Right answer.
    Kar: You're very bad.
    SRK: Aren’t you happy you're only 5 questions away? Are you happy?
    Pri: I'm very happy.
    Kar: I'm too excited.
    SRK: Were gonna make Priyanka do a song for us. The same song Kareena sang for the break or any other song, you sing very well. Very few people know that Priyanka sings very well.
    Pri: If I sing she’ll dance.
    SRK: In this segment you sing and she’ll dance. In the next segment she’ll sing…
    Kar: I can't sing.
    Pri: I’ll sing Kareena’s song for the spirit of Don…..
    SRK: Thank you. Ok 11th question…..


    Pri: Govinda is more recent.
    Kar: If it has to be the 1st then Prithviraj Kapoor…
    Pri: Do you know if he was nominated?
    Kar: No I don’t know if he was nominated to the Rajya Sabha or…
    Pri: But he was nominated?
    Kar: I think so.
    SRK: Kachcha kachcha or pakka pakka?
    Kar: Kachcha. I think Vinod Khanna also was.
    SRK: You have all 4 lifelines.
    Kar: I don’t think it's Govinda for sure.
    Pri: Do you know if Prithviraj Kapoor was nominated?
    Kar: I think he was in something but I don’t know if it was the Rajya Sabha. SRK: It's between Sunil ji and Prithviraj.
    Kar: I'm confident that he was nominated. I think we should freeze it. You’re stressing me out even more, Shahrukh.
    Pri: This one is all on your head, I’m telling you. No, I’ve heard it too. We’ll freeze it.
    SRK: You have a check for 6,40,000. You will share for your charity.
    Pri: Are we wrong?
    SRK: No you're right, you’ll get more. It's the right answer.
    Pri: Good job, Bebo.
    SRK: Now here's the check for 12,50,000. and you have to do a refresher course about your whole family.
    Kar: But I got the answer.
    SRK: You know about food….ok let's take a break now. This time it's your turn Priyanka.
    Pri: You didn’t say why I'm doing the break?
    SRK: She's doing it for a special reason. Priyanka can talk just like Meena Kumari ji. She has a joke too which we’ll talk about later….
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    SRK: Welcome back. On the last episode for the season on KBC with me are Priyanka and Kareena. You still have all your lifelines. Ok the 12th question…


    Kar: I think it's Pig or Rat.
    Pri: Audience poll.
    SRK: 57% think it's C-Year of the Pig.
    Pri: I still think we should do a 50-50.
    Kar: I think we should go for year of the Pig. But if it's not…
    Pri: Let's just go with you. You have an instinct…
    Kar: More than me it's the audience.
    SRK: Don’t worry about who’ll get blamed.
    Pri: Audience also thought that and instantly she went for that too.
    Kar: I'm shutting my ears.
    Pri: I'm shutting my eyes.
    SRK: I’ll shut my mouth. I don’t know the answer myself but the audience is usually right. Only 7 times they have been wrong.
    Pri: I hoe this is not the 8th.
    Kar: I'm not looking there.
    SRK: Do you want to face that side and sit?
    Kar: Shahrukh please, we’re dying here.
    SRK: Right answer. Now hold your check. It's a team work. 13th question…


    SRK: Now the questions will get tough. Think carefully.
    Kar: You want to phone a friend? What do I do, I'm in tension.
    Pri: 50-50 or phone?
    Pri: I think we should call Farah, she'll know this.
    Pri: OK we’ll call Farah Khan. She said to call her on any film related question.
    SRK: You want to narrow the choices or ask her all 4?
    Kar: Maybe we should do 50-50 first.
    Pri: But do we even have an idea?
    Kar: We’ll do 50-50 and then if we don’t know we’ll cal Farah. We think it's Superman’s costume.
    SRK: Superman’s costume is gone, he's nude now.
    Kar: Priyanka thought it was the Oscar statue.
    SRK: My 2 beautiful heroines are so scattered.
    Kar: Hurry up, let's either call up Farah or decide.
    SRK: So you want to call Farah?
    Kar: I think it's Majestic theater, but I don’t know.
    SRK: What shall I do then? Someone tell me!
    Pri: We’ll call Farah.
    SRK: Mr. Computer, please call Farah before they change their minds. Time is running out.
    SRK: Hello Farah? Darling I'm Shahrukh from KBC.
    Farah: Oh God I was dreading this.
    SRK: I'm getting hyper too. This is a film related question and they have narrowed down the choices.
    Farah: It was the Oscar statuette.
    SRK: See? You wasted your 50-50.
    Right answer. Here’s your check. You played extremely well.

    SRK: Ohhh times up.
    Pri: That’s just wrong.
    SRK: They gave you a lot of time. You played very well. I'm going to request you to give me a kiss, I should get something too. So I’ll get a kiss from you and then we’ll play yeh mera dil and all 3 dance to it.
    You guys had a good time?
    Kar: We had a blast.
    SRK: God bless you for coming here and I'm very happy and so thankful to you and the whole team at KBC is too.
    Pri: I would like to thank the team of KBC for thinking for giving this much money to charity.
    SRK: You also say something emotional.
    Kar: Love being next to you.
    SRK: Thank you.

    This was fun. I'm gonna miss Priyanka and Kareena and KBC. And what I'm gonna miss is saying to you guys please take a break.
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    SRK: Welcome back one more time to the last episode of this season’s KBC. now I'm going to call a very dear friend, a friend who's like family to me, who looked after me when I came to Mumbai, fed me and who's father jokingly said, which was true to a certain extent too, that I would become an actor because I ate at their house. And that really is true. Ladies and gentlemen I'm going to call 2 very special people in my life. Please put your hands together for huge superstars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. These two have come here solely to support me and because this is the last show of the season.

    We won't let you run away Salman. I've brought him here with a lot of difficulty. With me are…ladies first. The heroine of the super hit film Namastey London, Katrina Kaif. With her is her friend and mine, and the Indian film industry’s super duper star Salman Khan. First of all thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for being here. Katrina is fond of gyming, painting and movies. Salman is fond of paintings too and he does some very beautiful paintings. He’s a bigger painter than a star.
    Sallu: I've painted my whole house.
    SRK: he has and his neighbors will be calling him very soon to paint their homes.
    Sallu: I also paint the town red nowadays.
    SRK: Yes but he's genuinely making some great paintings and I'm nobody to say that really, but they are beautiful. It shows a very sensitive side to you. He's a very old friend and I've know his family since I came to Mumbai. I want to ask you Salman, maybe people don’t understand you or maybe they misunderstand you but I know that you're very good at heart and because youngsters look up to you, think of you as an icon, as someone who's made his life, tell us something about your philosophy of life by which they will get to know you.
    Sallu: He says I'm good at heart. I thought I'd take this secret with me to my grave, I won't tell anyone, but he gave away my secret.
    SRK: But truly, say something that youngsters should follow because there are some really nice things he tells you especially when you go and sit with him in the evenings.
    Sallu: It's a very simple theory. When people ask you how you want to be remembered after you die, who cares? You're dead. But my theory is that you should be that only one man should tell his child…son, you should be like Salman Khan. And the other father should say…son, be anything you want but don’t be like him.
    SRK: I don’t think any father would say that.
    Sallu: There are some girls’ fathers who would say that.
    SRK: Salman, control yourself. This is a family show, we’ll be respectable here. Katrina loves Japanese food and football and her favorite actors are not Salman and definitely not me, but Rishi Kapoor and Brad Pitt. Whatever they win here they want to give it to a charity which is being introduced for the 1st time on our show and is being registered right now and it's for a great purpose. It's a multi-faceted charity, a Salman Khan foundation which he has been talking about for years and has put his own money into. It's to take care of people and kids who can't afford medical attention.
    Sallu: you’ve heard that charity begins at home. the Salman Khan Foundations begins at home too.
    SRK: Katrina will you also be taking part in the work for this charity? I've heard even your mother has a wonderful charity so will you be offering your expertise to Salman’s charity?
    That’s a wonderful thing to do Katrina and the Salman K Foundaton will fund money for various charitable organizations.
    Sallu: When you open a charitable organization you basically become beggars. SRK: You have to ask people to give you money. They may give you once or twice but the third time they won't even pick up my call. The friendship is gone and the money is gone too. And no one ever believes that the money is going to the right cause. So I'm slightly embarrassed of asking people for money. So I've started painting and I'm going to do programs like KBC so I on my own steam will make a little bit of money that can help people who money can cure. If someone is dying and money can buy him life, I’ll do that. Applause!
    I hope you win 2 crores.
    Sallu: Only simple questions please.
    SRK: You know the rules.
    Sallu: How much time do we have?
    SRK: Plenty, man. What else do we have to do?
    Sallu: great, because I always submitted my exam papers 3 hours late.
    SRK: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's going to be a late night tonight. So get ready and play KBC.
    5th question…


    SRK: You’re laughing at us?
    Sallu: What astonishes me is that she thinks the answer is easy and I haven't figured out the answer. any hints?
    SRK: Fusili is like biryani, spaghetti is like Korma, Macaroni is like kheema,
    Sallu: And Sushi is like Sushmita Sen?
    SRK: Now Sush won't talk to both of us. Katrina you answer.
    Kat: I'm first going to say, you're on your own, you answer.
    SRK: No, please, you tell us the answer, you're the spokesperson. If the answer’s not through you we won’t accept it.
    Sallu: I'm confused.
    Kat: I’ll give you a clue. The answer is the thing you hate the most.
    Sallu: Oh sushi. Wait. Are you sure? She’s been saying we’re late and I don’t want to get out the first round.
    Kat: The answer is the thing you hate the most.
    Sallu: Now I hate all of them. It's sushi.
    SRK: Right answer.
    Sallu: Now I don’t think we should be greedy. I want to hug you.
    SRK: Someone tie him to this chair! Ok 6th question…Salman, don’t keep looking here and there, you can't run.
    Sallu; I'm scared the glass will break.
    SRK: No it won't, it's not that delicate. 7th question…


    Sallu: If I do some acting on this one I’ll look a fraud. It's A-Badminton.
    SRK: Salman go and act from afar, I’ll talk to Katrina.
    Kat: If I ever have to play the game for myself, can I call someone else?
    Sallu: Basketball.
    SRK: Wow! It just came upon you. It's the wrong answer, thank you for coming. no it's the right answer. Can anything be simpler than this? You're thinking you should stop acting and just do shows like these and get quick money?
    Sallu: My dad must be reading the Kalma and my mom the Hauman Chalisa. That’s why I'm getting all the answers.
    SRK: We want you to win the maximum money, some questions may be tough.
    Sallu: Then why don’t you give us the answers?
    SRK: I will. Let’s take a short break.
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    SRK: Welcome back. We are playing with Salman and Katrina. But let's go ahead with the Khaamakhan awards’ next category which is Crazy Kiya Re (you made me crazy). it's for those who made us crazy with their style. The nominations are…
    DJ from Rajkot.
    Rachna Sharma from Jind.
    Vikas Gupta from Pathankot.
    Katrina will you announce the winner?

    Kat: The winner is DJ.
    SRK: Alright DJ! He's the best example of fun and mischief. When I see my films I'm reminded of DJ and even a romantic film like KKHH looks like a comedy to me. I'm thinking of dubbing that film in Gujarati and DJ will dub for me.
    We have another set of awards called Kyunki Hum Bhi Kalakar Hain (because we are also performers). The characters are…
    Shahrukh Khan’s Bengali rap
    Mridul Gogoi’s Bihu dance.
    Vishal’s whistle.
    The results will be announced by my very good friend Salman.
    Sallu: Mridul from Bihu. Why is SRK also there?
    SRK: They were trying to give me a joint award because I danced with him.
    Sallu: Man, you get awards from Filmfare, Stardust, Zee, now leave something for others.
    SRK: There’s no award I’ll let go. I’ll grab all the awards. Actually this was Mridul’s dance but they made me a joint winner because I danced with such dedication and passion. I want to teach Salman this dance too. And right now to Mridul’s steps will dance Salman, Shahrukh and Katrina will you join us for the Bihu dance?
    Oh Mridul’s dance will become famous all over the world. All the heroes will be jealous of us. Hrithik will come to learn from us.
    Sallu: He won't be able to do it.
    SRK: Ok let's get on with it, Katrina is getting angry because we’re showing a shameless side to the audience. 8th question…


    Sallu: Nankhatai.
    Kat: After all that I hope you know the answer.
    SRK: Nankhatai is not an option.
    Sallu: It's not slingshot.
    Kat: I have no idea what Aikuchi is.
    Sallu: What's Aikuchi?
    SRK: Like amchi Mumbai aikuchi?
    Sallu: Bruce Li has used a lot of things in his film. He's used Aikuchi, slingshots…
    Kat: He's known for his very fast movements. That Nanchaku…
    SRK: You remember any of his films?
    Sallu: I know this answer, so ask her. I've even performed it.
    Kat: Since he's so beautifully demonstrated that I think the answer’s A.
    Sallu: Look at that, after I've done all this. Should I do even more high speed? SRK: We’ll run short of time so let's answer.
    Kat: I think it's A.
    SRK: Right answer. You guys are an extremely beautiful couple. I love the way you guys chat and joke with each other. Katrina what has been the most romantic thing Salman has ever said apart from the Nanchaku dance?...has he said so many that you're finding it hard to remember?
    Kat: (pause)
    SRK: Oh you’ve not heard the story? Salman c’mon tell it one more time. But that’s really sweet.
    Sallu: my memory is like Nemo. I forget in 7 seconds.
    SRK: Ok 8th question…but before that you and I have something to discuss Salman, a secret…because Katrina has said such bad things about us.
    Sallu: You can talk, she doesn’t understand much Hindi.
    SRK: Oh, so I can say anything about her? Please take a small break.
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    SRK: Welcome back with Salman and Katrina on this last episode of KBC. 9th question…


    Sallu: I wish I had studied better.
    SRK: About gems?
    Sallu: She's the Hindi scholar, she’ll tell you.
    SRK: Katrina you have to answer this one.
    Kat: I don’t know.
    Sallu: Nandan is the hugest diamond from London. Nandan means diamond from London.
    Kat: No it isn’t.
    SRK: What's Mukesh?
    Sallu: If you take them as 2 halves, mu is face and kesh is hair.
    SRK: If you want to learn Hindi then pay attention because you will never get a Hindi lesson like this one.
    Kat: That’s the most correct thing I've ever heard.
    Sallu: There's Ratan Tata.
    Kat: Which means what? You can do all this comedy but I hope you have the right answer.
    Sallu: No I don’t. That’s why I'm doing all this comedy.
    SRK: The answer is very simple. Salman knows.
    Kat: Do you know what any of these names means?
    Sallu: I do. I told you what Mukesh means.
    Kat: I don’t think that’s correct. Anil means what?
    Sallu: Like you have Anil Kapoor, you have Anil Ambani. Anil means number one and nobody after that. You're A and everyone after that is nil. Nandan actually means the guys who give naan (bread) as daan (charity).
    Kat: Can he come there and you come here for 2 minutes? Ok eliminate 2 for me and I’ll guess.
    SRK: Remove B and D.
    Sallu: If she answers like this I’ll have to hug you and leave.
    SRK: Answer fast, time is running out.
    Sallu: C. We’ll make only 6 lakhs at this rate.
    SRK: No, it's not right.
    Kat: I’ll kill you.
    Sallu: I told you Nandan means diamond from London.
    SRK: You know what he's done? He joking and doing all this and he's got it wrong and we’ll have to lose all the money and start all over again. This is a celeb episode, I don’t want you guys to look bad. C-Ratan Tata is the right answer. I'm going to tell the audience to take a small break. They won't take long, they’ll come running to see you two.
  9. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. Now you’ll get a question which he’ll have no answer to and only you’ll know. 10th question…


    Kat: I really know the answer to this so I can say quickly. It's A-Persian. I love carpets.
    SRK: But you don’t like cats?
    Kat: Not so much.
    SRK: Somebody who loves cats may hear it. So we’ll not talk about that. Right answer. 1st check for the foundation. It may not be a big amount but it will be used for such a good cause. I thank you on behalf of all the charities that this will go to.
    Sallu: You’ll take it back?
    SRK: Yes, if you want to continue playing but you can keep it in your pocket and keep on collecting the checks.
    Sallu: No, you keep it. It’ll get crumpled in my pocket.
    SRK: 11th question…


    Sallu: Can I go to the Masjid and come back? It's not Mecca or Medina/
    SRK: Why?
    Sallu: Because they are Mecca and Medina.
    SRK: You can use the 50-50.
    Kat: I've been to Saudi Arabia, I'm pretty confident it's not Mecca. It's not Rome…what does Rome have to do with anything Arabic?
    Sallu: It has a lot to do with Gladiator. Rome can be Roma…
    Kat: Which holy city….how is Rome a holy city?
    Sallu: Before Islam it was. Why are you looking like that?
    SRK: It's your choice.
    Kat: I'm going to take the call and say Jerusalem.
    SRK: You don’t want to use your lifeline?
    Sallu: If this is not the right answer my life is gone anyway. Ma’am, Jerusalem, we don’t have all day.
    Kat: It's my call and I say Jerusalem.
    SRK: It's the right answer. Ok 12th question…but we have to do a break first and Salman, you have to announce the break like a host.
    SRK: Thank you very much Salman, I’ll talk to you later.
  10. sonal

    sonal SRK's D&G lover!

    SRK: Welcome back. With me are Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. They have all 4 lifelines intact. 12th question….before we go there I have to say that we may not be here next week but you’ll have Roshni…that means from 23rd April on Star Plus will start Meri Awaz Ko Mil Gayi Roshni from 9pm. And Kasturi from 9:30 pm. Now the 12th question…


    Kat: I just have to say I kind of know a little about this. It has to do with some Armstrong…
    Sallu: I totally agree with you. My arm is strong too and I cycle a lot.
    SRK: Ok so, on the basis of what Katrina said about some Armstrong…
    Kat: Lance.
    Sallu: I'm glad she didn’t say it was her boyfriend.
    SRK: Yes that’s the right answer. Here’s the check. We’ll take a short break.

    Welcome back here with Salman and Katrina on KBC, last episode of this season. 13th question…


    SRK: Use your lifelines, please don’t answer wrong.
    Kat: So this name should come before James Brudenell.
    Sallu: I doubt the audience poll will work here. But let's do it.
    SRK: 39% think it's Jersey and 39% think it's Cardigan.
    Sallu: Thank you very much.
    SRK: You can use your 50-50 too. Time is running out.
    Kat: I think it's Cardigan.
    Sallu: Is this connected with Balaji?
    Kat: Can you turn off his mike one second? I think it's Cardigan.
    Sallu: I'm going with Balaclava.
    Kat: That’s the name of a cake.
    SRK: Kartrina you answer.
    Kat: I think it's Cardigan.
    Sallu: This is making me tense.
    SRK: C’mon sit down here and take off your shirt.
    Kat: I think it's Cardigan.
    Sallu: Balaclava.
    SRK: 30 seconds to go.
    Sallu: Balaclava.
    Kat: Ok Balaclava.
    SRK: Are you sure?
    Sallu: Cardigan.
    SRK: I'm not playing this.
    Sallu: Then you tell us if you're so intelligent.
    SRK: I don’t know!
    Sallu: Let's go look in his computer.
    Kat: I’ll kill you if it’s wrong.
    SRK: Balaclava was a battle in the Crimean War so that’s why James Brudenall’s name could have been given that title. The right answer is Cardigan. Balaclava is a monkey cap.
    Kat: Can we try and get 1 crore?
    SRK: Please try.


    SRK: Oh times up. The check is here for 50 lakh rupees. On behalf of KBC and all the audience here, everyone enjoyed this so much, I'd like to give you both a hug. Thank you so much for coming here.

    That was fun. Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka and Kareena, all together on this KBC stage. I want to thank them from my heart. Priyanka and Kareena won 50 lakhs for their 4 charities and Salman and Katrina also won 50 lakhs for the Salman Khan Foundation which is going to be registered and is going to do some great work for the underprivileged people. So I couldn’t have had a better ending. I had 4 friends come here, they played so well and entertained us and collected money for charity.

    Now we take leave for this season. All this time I said please come back soon, I'm waiting eagerly for you. Now I’ll say that we’ll come back soon and please wait for us. KBC is your show, the prize is yours, but if anyone is leaving as a crorepati it’s me, because I came here empty handed but I'm taking with me all your love, blessings from the elders and a whole lot of memories. I got so much live in such a short time here, something that people don’t get in their lifetimes. I hope you all are happy, all your troubles fade away, and all your dreams are fulfilled. We’ll meet again very soon. Don’t forget us.

    Boys and girls, one last time, please freeze this in your hearts….mmmmmmmuuaaaaaaaa!
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    Thank you again so much, Sonal! :clap2: :hug:
    Great work and so helpful for me!!! :clap2: :thumb:
    It is easier now to catch up and understand... :nod: :clap2:
    :cheer2: :cheer2: :first: :cheer2: :cheer2:
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    youre welcome brita...enjoy :thumb:
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    thanks alot sonal..I never knew salman has such a sense of humour ,I loved his showman side, he is a star..
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    youre very welcome guys...

    i cant believe its over...though im proud to say that now all the translations are up :thumb:
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    I don't know how to thank you Sonal for all the efforts you put in the translation of all the episodes of KBC.
    Thank you so much Sonal :hug: :kiss: ! You did a great job, Sweety :thumb: . Now, you can rest and believe me, this would be a well-deserved rest :) .

    I saw the Grand Finale yesterday on the internet. I enjoyed it throughoutly. It was a pleasure to see Salman with Shahrukh again. I didn't know Salman was so funny. Such a beautiful way to end a beautiful season of KBC... I'll miss Shahrukh in KBC a lot :( .
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    aww :hug: youre welcome yaar...

    yeah the finale was very sweet.... though i hope the year moves faster so that the next season can begin soon :p

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