Gauri Khan celebrates birthday with Shah Rukh, and AbRam in Alibaug; head back to the city

Discussion in 'Personal Life' started by SharlaJ, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Gauri-Khan-birthday (5).jpg DLqpY2PUMAUmxPV.jpg Gauri-Khan-birthday (3).jpg DLqpYcBVwAAWZZ1.jpg DLqpZEcVYAAWo77.jpg DLqpZnBVwAA6wEP.jpg
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  4. mumbiene

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    DLtSYfJW0AAyzf3.jpg DLtSYfJXkAQyykr.jpg DLtSYfKXcAEJuz7.jpg DLtSZ7eXkAEZ0bv.jpg
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    22228660_1642920999085432_4570092230635903990_n.jpg 22279772_1642921189085413_869795103535634986_n.jpg 22281865_1642921319085400_3970509428491469569_n.jpg 22309120_1642921299085402_4875703469141511370_n.jpg
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  7. natalyaK

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  8. Amber.K

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    I can see a little backpack and water bottle which might belong to Abram kids grow up so fast...Mashallah

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