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    By Priyanka Kapoor on December 17, 2015

    After their last outing in Chennai Express, I kind of had an inkling of what Rohit Shetty and Shah Rukh Khan were going to offer in Dilwale. Just another typical run-of-the mill entertainer. While Chennai Express didn’t leave me disappointed, it didn’t leave me in awe either. But Dilwale still does manage to look a lot more appealing from the promos, songs and the trailer. Living in Dubai, with a few spare hours to kill, I decided to go watch the film anyway. And two and a half hours later, I came out completely satisfied. Each Dirham was well spent!

    The film captures you in its very opening. The first bit of the story is told in a flashback where the protagonists are in their late twenties. Shah Rukh Khan is every bit his charismatic self. Kajol is drop dead gorgeous. And the chemistry between them hits the roof! Even after all these years, the two of them can still pull it off with panache. Let me clarify, Dilwale is no DDLJ. The relationship dynamics between SRK and Kajol is very different here. They are born into rival gangster families in Bulgaria, Vinod Khanna’s gang v/s Kabir Bedi’s gang. This very setting warrants large scale action pieces and Shetty doesn’t disappoint. With car chases and guns blazing, the action is easily at par with Hollywood! Khan is in top form, drifting his black sedan and firing away with his golden pistol at the same time, taking out the baddies ruthlessly and unmercifully. But a major twist awaits. A twist that is an ace up Shetty’s sleeve. The two warring gangs are about to make peace, for the sake of SRK and Kajol’s love. But all is not as it seems, with betrayal around the corner. The songs especially Gerua and Janam Janam are magnificent, and are going to stick with you throughout.
    The second part of the story, is where the cool kid Varun Dhawan and the subtly eye-catching Kriti Sanon come into the picture. Varun is SRK’s younger brother and doesn’t know much of the family’s past (of them being gangsters). Instead, SRK runs a huge car modifying garage (think DC) along with Varun. Varun, of course, comes across Kriti and falls head over heels in love with her. Or Manma Emotion Jaage, as he sings. Their love story now blooms, and is less tense than SRK-Kajol’s, but equally watchable. Varun with his charming smirk and Kriti with her beautiful eyes pull off almost every scene with ease. The energy between them is superb. Naturally, they fall in love. But there’s one catch. Of course.

    The direction by Shetty is awesome, to put it simply. His vision and the scale of the film is insurmountable by any other entertainer in this genre. There are no compromises on budgets and it reflects on the film.

    The comedy element in the film is its strength. With top notch performances from the likes of Varun Sharma, Boman Irani, Sanjay Mishra and Johnny Lever, you will definitely laugh out loud every time they are on screen. A special applause has to be reserved for them, as they lift up he film, the moment you feel it might lag.

    All in all, Dilwale was a great joyride with plenty to watch out for. Superb music. Stunning action. Unbelievable landscapes. Energetic youth in the form of Varun-Kriti. And of course, the enigmatic SRK-Kajol! Each of these elements can make you want to watch the film by themselves. And when put together, Dilwale is the great entertaining result! The film ends on a high note with Tukur Tukur, a song that you will keep singing to yourself long after the film is done. Watch it, as by Rohit Shetty’s standards, it’s his most complete and entertaining film!
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