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FilmFare - Valentine's Day Issue [Feb 4th]

Discussion in 'Magazines' started by darina4srk, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. King4Ever

    King4Ever I ❤ @iamsrk - My Hero!

    ShahRukh!! Valentines Is Special Because Of You!! :heart:

    thanks everyone! & marlies for the scans!
  2. rihanaaa

    rihanaaa ♥I like blue♥

    hmmm I just can't stop to see the scans I'm in love with them OMG:heart:
  3. ghada

    ghada ♥♥♥SHAH RUKH ♥♥♥

    thank you so so much marlies for the scans..amazzzzzing
    iloooove them:heart::heart:
  4. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Thanks for the scans, vids. OMG! :faint::faint::faint:
    They are soooooo adorable together! :love::love::love:
  5. kotsheno

    kotsheno Well-Known Member

  6. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Wow! Just finished reading the whole thing! My God - SRK's maturity and conviction seriously bowls you over.:faint::faint:

    Loved the way Karan talked about their first meet and how he came to respect SRK in a space of 7 minutes. It's like meeting the Magic Man yourself and understanding what he is. It's great to hear him speak about SRK, Kajol, the two of them together and the film...

    Kajol's interview is very sweet too - she talks a bit about her equation with Karan and the movie etc. (But I guess one of the scans is missing - I am not sure tho!)

    And SRK's is pure delight. Every time you read a new interview, you realize how fast the man thinks and understands. From the changing equations in the film industry to being different in your own space - he has a deep understanding of where he is and how his surroundings are. And to all this he adds his positivity, his respect and his ideology and comes out shining like the Most Beautiful Star in the sky. Love him to death for who he is... :love::heart:

    I am also glad that he talked about Salman and Aamir and explained beautifully why they are so different. It's good to read that SRK will invite Aamir over for the premiere of MNIK. Hope things will be nice...

    Go SRK... :D
  7. mumbiene

    mumbiene Well-Known Member

    wow ...samahsrk,great caps!
    Thanks a lot!:):thumb:
  8. rihanaaa

    rihanaaa ♥I like blue♥

    what a great caps:eek:
    tnx soo much
    SRKajol's really love :heart:
  9. kotsheno

    kotsheno Well-Known Member

  10. ghada

    ghada ♥♥♥SHAH RUKH ♥♥♥

    woooow wonderful caps

    thank u samah...srkajol best couple 4eveeeeeeeeeeer
    i love them :heart::heart:
  11. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

  12. rihanaaa

    rihanaaa ♥I like blue♥

    OMG I fell like all night we will give more and more pics of the angels:rolleyes::heart:
    In these withe ones they look like Raj & Simran:eek::)
  13. GemaSRK

    GemaSRK Well-Known Member

    thanks for scan magazine :)
    SRKajol their always looks so amazing:heart::thumb:
  14. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Thanks so much Marlies, :thumb: but P. 86 appears to be missing.
    He's talking about MNIK - and how its not made exactly as he would have done! :( - so it would be really good to read the rest of that part.
  15. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    soooo, sooo lovely
    thank you, thank you so much Marlies:hug:
  16. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

    What wonderful interviews (too bad one of SHAHRUKH's is missing :scared: can you please scan that as well?!?).

    I was very moved by Karan's story about his first meeting with Shahrukh. I had of course heard before that they met on the sets of KA and also how Karan was impressed by the respect Shahrukh showed to his father, but I had never heard the story this detailed. Reading it I really felt it. I also enjoyed the candidness of Karan's interview, he was so open and honest...

    Shahrukh, as always, was amazing. He has so much wisdom. I was surprised to read he had issues with MNIK. I must say though that without having seen the film yet, I'm glad Karan decided not to make it more funny, if that would have meant there would be the kind of silly scenes like the silly scenes of KANK, in which Karan himself has said, that he finally didn't have to guts to make the kind of film he had wanted to. What ever MNIK will be like, and what ever it's fate at BO, with the critics and even with the fans will be, I'm glad and I salute the three Karan, Shahrukh and Kajol for making a film like that...
  17. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    the one page that was missing

  18. Pompula

    Pompula Shahrukh Fan-Girl

  19. bonita

    bonita Shahrukh-My LOVE

    mention not!:hug:
  20. shublee

    shublee ~ShahRukhaholic

    i didnt even realise there was a page missing :lol:

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