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Feel-Good cinema at its BEST!

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews - Members' started by jg2k, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    I don’t know how to begin this Review here. I am all smiles! After watching Om Shanti Om – and not once or twice; in fact almost 4 times now! :) Every time I watch it, I know I have discovered something new – something to make me smile, something to enjoy, and something that touches my heart…

    The re-incarnation theme was all known, the climax was unexpected but not surprising either… So what exactly took my breath away? – The execution, the brilliant flow, the emotions, and ShahRukh Khan and Deepika Padukone.

    As the story goes Om Prakash Makhija (ShahRukh Khan) is a Junior Artist aspiring to make it big in his career and also be on Cloud No. 9 with the love of his life Shantipriya (Deepika)… Life is not easy for him but he has his happiness in staring at Deepika’s poster and sharing every bit of his life with her. Circumstances click – the Star-struck lover meets the Queen of all Hearts. He saves her on the sets of a movie and their Friendship moves on a pleasant musical note… Until Om comes to realize that he can’t make Shanti his own. In comes the villain Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal) who weighs every bit of life in terms of money and burns down his dream along with Shanti in a bid to keep his reputation safe. Om tries to save her but dies in the incident.

    Thirty years down the line Om Kapoor (ShahRukh Khan) is the Superstar-ka-beta who is not hard-working but has all it takes in the family name to make him the biggest thing in the industry. He changes plots, he comes late to sets, and he’s the spoilt brat… But he has the face of Om Prakash. He is fire-phobic. While shooting for a film he chances to come across the burnt out set of Om Shanti Om and life flashes back his unfortunate story to him! From here, it’s the usual course to revenge – filled with drama; gripping at times, exciting and unbelievably stunning!

    Kudos to Farah for making this such a big celebration! You are bound to wear that smile when you step out of the theaters! Her execution is brilliant – the simple way of capturing things with the subtle tone of emotions brings that much needed smile to your lips or that tear in your eyes. The film’s fast paced and packs in exact amounts of everything that is needed to carry forward a film of this genre with élan. And believe me; in fact, now that I have watched the movie 3/4 times and heard the music umpteen numbers of times, I enjoy it more and more!

    Pointing out specific scenes is impossible as the entire story is sewed into one happy big family and it’s impossible to like one and miss the other. In fact this in itself is a big achievement as Farah has been able to bring in so many small elements from so many sources and stitched them all together to perfection! Bravo – take a bow, lady… Anyway, here’s a list of my favorites:

    1. On the sets of Karz (beautifully filmed – instantly gives you the kind of 70’s set-up that makes the rest of the first half journey wonderful)
    2. Om’s name-controversy with his Filmy Maa! (Aur Makhija Bolke Hum Makkhi Udhate Hai… LOL!:lol:) The background score in this part in fact is fantabulous!
    3. The Star-struck Lover talks to his Dreamy Girl! (I almost blushed!)
    4. Ajab Si scene. ShahRukh does this part so beautifully that you can see the look in his eyes – that of love, admiration, surprise, happiness – all in one expression! He’s the dumbstruck fan who’s just met his Biggest Dream!
    5. The Dhoom Tana number is a visual treat!
    6. The Filmfare speech! Itni Shiddat Se Maine Tumhe Pane Ki Koushish Ki Hai Ke Har Zarre Ne Mujhe Tumse Milane Ki Saazish Ki Hai…
    7. Anna Rascala... Mind It!!!
    8. The final scene of the first half is heart-wrenching! With not many dialogues to portray the feelings, Farah has used ShahRukh’s and Deepika’s eyes to convey the message. And God – how well they have emoted is evident from that pain in your heart on watching this scene!
    9. The introduction of Om Kapoor! The narration in the background and the way he has been born to be what he had dreamt to be.
    10. The shooting part of Apahij Pyaar! “Iss Film Mein Iss Hero Ka Koyi Body part working condition Me Hai Ya Nahin?” had me in splits! And but of course Dard-E-Disco gave me a big Dard-E-Dil and lots of “physically viable” things to dream of! :tape::rolleyes:
    11. The “Shove it up your nose scene” followed by “…And after this we are gonna try other holes…” just cracked me up! I won’t be surprised if ShahRukh turns out to the writer of this dialogue!
    12. Om Kapoor’s confrontation with Om Prakash Makhija!
    13. The Filmfare awards episode is just amazing. Right from Akki to Bappi Da to Abhishek – people were at their wittiest and entertaining best! The speech given by Om and its picturization were also rather touching…
    14. Deewangi Deewangi is pure celebration. And especially the way the song climaxes with the entry of Mike!
    15. The cafeteria scene has some wonderful sarcastic dialogues from Om.
    16. The entry of Sandy! I kinda imagined myself in her position! Oh, and I am sure I would have fainted too.
    17. The entire training of Sandy (hilarious). :D Especially touching is when Om tells her that Om Shanti Om is the story of his life but it sounds too unbelievable and Sandy replies “Main Nahin believe Karoongi Om…” It’s all on belief after all!
    18. From here onwards till the climax and especially the picturization of Daastan-E-Om Shanti Om! Brilliant!:thumb:
    19. And the last scene is definitely the most memorable one. The way Deepika (Shanti) turns around with that painful smile on her face and that sole drop of tear in her eyes. ShahRukh looks at her helpless. There’s an emptiness which fills your heart – the lead pair drives home the essence of the Om-Shanti love story! You look at them and you realize the unspoken words. You realize the feelings of unrequited love, of long lost dreams, of impossible happiness. The tranquility touches you deep inside and you know that the ending is happy but the sadness remains untouched and unforgotten forever. Kudos to Deepika and ShahRukh for this scene!

    Well, Shreyas is a complete natural and a wonderful actor. He carries his role so well that it’s difficult to believe he was acting!

    Kiron Kher is beyond words! The over-the-top loving Mom couldn’t have been defined better I guess!

    Arjun does a commendable job. He looks very handsome and stands real tall in some of the scenes. As the bad Producer he awes you and as the devil Mike he expresses his inner turmoil pretty well.

    Deepika is more than a revelation. She is fresh, she is innocent, and she is gorgeous! She carries herself so well that you don’t believe it’s just her debut in Bollywood. Her beauty stuns you in the form of the elegant Shanti as well as the bold-and-beautiful Sandy. She’s the Star of tomorrow!

    And that leaves me to talk about ShahRukh – to my heart’s content! I know there’s nobody else who could have done his role. From the innocence in Om Prakash’s characterization to the naughty childish ways of Om Kapoor’s traits – he has walked the most glorious walk yet another time! He looks so cute and lovely and down-to-earth in the first half that you never get the feeling that he is the real-life Superstar standing opposite his fan Deepika. And in the second half he plays the spoilt brat! And both of them with equal convincing power! When he tells his Dad that he is just a Star because he is a Star’s son and nothing else, the emotions of Om well out through his eyes. When he vies to try to be better it touches your heart! I somehow know he should get two separate award nominations for his performance in Om Shanti Om – one for the lovable Om Prakash Makhija and the other for the hip-hop Om Kapoor! And especially Farah uses ShahRukh’s eyes very well – in the climaxes for both the halves! The belief, the maturity, and the emotions of both the characters show in his eyes.

    Somehow, Om Shanti Om has given me a lot to talk about. The sets are wonderful, the cinematography is amazing, and the music as well as the background scores add so much to the movie that they look absolutely indispensible. Vishal-Shekhar’s score has given a great feeling of diversity throughout the entire movie and that in itself is a big achievement!

    It’s definitely a very big movie and it gives you every instance to be happy and smile and cry with the characters and most importantly it does so with a huge quotient of Feel-Good factor. Om Shanti Om scores – almost in every department! And it scores with the critics and audience too. It definitely is wonderful cinema at its BEST.
  2. KKhan

    KKhan Well-Known Member

    your review is really good its about time i watched the film lol but ill have to wait im sure you will watch it again and i dont blame you its just a really good film
  3. Wafa

    Wafa I want my Mom!!!

    thank you Jaya for a fantastic review :thumb:
    lucky you have seen it 4 times. I was able to see it only twice, but hopefully if they're still showing it this weekend I will go inshaAllah.
  4. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Hi Kassa,

    Don't worry dear... I am sure you'll get to see the film soon... It'll be worth the wait! :)
    And I am waiting eagerly to watch it again! ;)
  5. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Thanks so much Wafa Di. :)
    Insha Allah - you'll again be able to watch it this weekend...
  6. Ximena

    Ximena Addicted to SRK

    its was a fantastic review and I agree completely. :thumb:

    Lucky you girls that get to see it more than one time.

    Here where I live they only show one Bollywood movie once a month only one time and that is it. If you miss it Oh well till next month. :mad:

    :pBUT of course for SRK I will put on hold anything just to see him in the big screen. I came out dancing and singing from the theater.:dance:;)
  7. clochette

    clochette New Member

    Jaya, I am very, very happy about your review. As I've seen the film three times, I know exactly what it means when the intensity is growing with each view. I am sure, that you've only written a tiny part about all you think of and feel about this exceptional film. Reading you I read my own thoughts, my own feelings. That makes me relive my experience and I am nodding during the whole reading ... and smiling... and... yes, I feel again that sadness... Did ShahRukh put some of his soul in the film? Yes, he did. And Farah knows him very well. May be, she is the one who knows him best.
    Knowing that the writing process for the dialogues was mainly done on the sets, it's a team work of three persons: Farah, ShahRukh and Mushtaq. And yes, I am almost sure that this dialogue with the pen is coming from him...(or at least the idea).
    This film is like a huge treasure box or like a gorgous scenery where you can go on an almost never ending discovery-journey... Thanks for your review, Jaya!
  8. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Thanks so much Ximena. You are great girl! :hug: You have to wait so long but you enjoy it! That's very sweet...

    Ya, I agree with you completely! First I saw it all alone and I was more than happy and next I went with 4 friends of mine and when we came out, all of us were beaming! :)
  9. Pakiza

    Pakiza New Member

    ooooh jaya really detailed but enjoyed it
  10. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Hey Claudia...

    It should be my turn to thank you! :hug:
    You have put your words so wonderfully. I totally agree with you - I definitely do feel that ShahRukh put in his soul in the entire movie - from the smiles to the tears... Everytime I am watching this film I'm like all-happy and all-smiles! Full fledged entertainment doesn't always come so beautifully!

    As for the dialogues, some of them were just awesome! Just loved every bit of the movie I guess... :heart::heart::heart:

    Thanks again Claudia... :)
  11. jg2k

    jg2k The.One

    Hey Pakiza! Thanks dear... :)
    Sorry tho - for making it a long one! But I guess, I could have gone on and on... :p

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