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Fan Review : SRK's 'Two Good' Treat!

Discussion in 'Fan Media Reviews' started by roger, Apr 15, 2016.

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    Fan Review : SRK's 'Two Good' Treat!

    By Jaidev Hemmady

    15 April 2016



    What's better than having the super charming and intenseShah Rukh Khanin a movie? Having two super charming and intense Shah Rukh Khans, of course!

    YRF and Khan, who have always teamed up to come up with blockbusters, have come together again this time to come up with a thriller about the dark side of stardom withFan, which stars SRK in a double role- as reigning superstar Aryan Khanna and his lookalike Gaurav Chandana, who has always dreamed of meeting his idol.


    Delhi-based Chandana (Khan), a lookalike of Aryan Khanna (Khan again) and his most devoted fan, has always dreamed of going to Mumbai and meeting his idol. After winning a local competition, the eager beaver Gaurav heads off to Mumbai to meet the star, not knowing about the difficulties involved in meeting a superstar even for five minutes.


    When Gaurav doesn't get to meet Aryan, he decides to get his attention by beating up Aryan's rival and forcing him to apologize for his nasty remarks about Aryan on camera. However, the situation develops for the worst when he is arrested by cops and even Aryan rebuffs his attentions on getting to know about the incident. This pushes Gaurav off the edge and leads to a cat-and-mouse game as the scorned fan makes it his life's mission to wreak havoc in Aryan's professional as well as personal life.

    What works in favour of the film is the one and only King Khan, who is dignity personified as Aryan Khanna and absolutely adorable in an underdog way as Gaurav Chandana. Khan plays both the parts perfectly and leaves you in awe with his restraint and exuberance as and when both are required. As Gaurav is more colourful than Aryan, SRK gets to play around a lot as the Delhi-based fan nerd, who can do anything, even commit murder, for his god Aryan Khanna.


    Another point worth mentioning about the film is its engrossing screenplay-atleast in the first half. The plot doesn't drag even for a minute and keeps you waiting for the ominous moment when Gaurav and Aryan will finally come face to face and when that happens, you start looking forward to Gaurav's reaction to the cold shoulder offered by Aryan. The female leads do not get much to do in this film, which is an out and out SRK fare.

    The special effects in the film is absolutely awesome and the technical wizardry that has gone into making a 50-plus actor look like a gawky and lanky youngster in his twenties, is something that makes you realise that Bollywood has arrived when it comes to VFX.

    Where the film fails is in its second half, when the plot shifts from Delhi and Mumbai to London and Dubrovnik where Gaurav follows Aryan and unleashes his rage on the superstar. Chandana's transformation from a geeky cyber café owner to a suave criminal mastermind, who always stays a step ahead of Aryan and his security team and also manages to fool the local authorities, is quite difficult to swallow. Director Maneesh Sharma tries to turn a lookalike fan into someone like a Dhoom antagonist, which will make you shake your head in disbelief.


    However, if you overlook that, the cinematography will impress you and the thrilling chase sequences will keep you on the edge of your seats. Watch out for the climax scene, when Aryan turns the tables on Chandana, which is worth the ticket price alone.

    Sharma's Fan is delightful and dark in equal measures and the film would have been much better had it been infused with some realism, especially in the second half.

    But all said and done, if you are a die-hard Shah Rukh Khan, don't missFan this weekend.

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