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FAN my detailed review – MAJOR SPOILERS

Discussion in 'Fan Member Reviews' started by Rishima62, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Rishima62

    Rishima62 Defying Gravity

    As I said – this movie could have been boring and average, but it is not.

    All the critics who write the movie gets confusing and unrealistic in the second half while the first half is quite realistic – helloooo? This is an over the top thriller? Why the heck should it be realistic in the second half? Is “Silence of the Lamps” realistic? No! Not that I compare FAN with SotL but I compare the genre. If you want realism go and see a documentation report. Of course there are some illogical sequences but who cares – this movie wants to entertain, and it does big time.

    The Gaurav we see in the first half we can relate on in some parts – but even in the beginning not in all parts (a least I can’t). So you can feel that there is a hidden destructive side in his fandom. The Aryan we see in the first half is a very serious, sometimes moody superstar who has a quite calm life with his wife and kids. He seems to not very humble in some situations, but not to the extent of being charmless. Not at all.

    When it comes to first show down at the prison I was completely on his side (despite the beating) but I also felt heartbroken for Gaurav – not because what Aryan said to him but because he touched my heart with his childlike innocence and his lack of understanding of what he had done – actually the same what Aryan let the police do to him.

    The scenes at the prison – Shah Rukh was breathtaking (I don’t even have the right words for it). The transformation after that - to this revenge driven seeker of an apology is brilliantly filmed and directed and Shah Rukh is just out of this world.

    The end of the first part and the second part now is pretty fast, pretty over the top and the things Gaurav does to ruin Aryans career and live to get his apology are unexpected and so mean, it is real thriller worthy stuff. Uff, I was at the edge of my seat! The actions scenes are a bit too long for my taste but nothing what bothers me really. They are amazingly choreographed and filmed. The background score is superb! One of the Aryan scenes I found so amazing was the press conference in London, where these stupid journos began to laugh and Aryan freaks out and yelled at them why they are laughing and if they would still laugh when this would happen to their family. And you think he is talking about himself and what happened to him. And then he says – it is not that I have to prove that I am not guilty but this woman got molested – and you laugh??? I was like WOW!!!! A very small sequence but it caught me.

    The portraying of the stubbornness of Aryan (which I understand) and the losing more and more touch with reality of Gaurav is – I have to use this term again – out of this world.

    From the point Aryan uses Gaurav’s parents (with their knowledge) to get him through to the climax Shah Rukh took himself to another level (for I-don’t-know-how-often in this movie). I mean the climax – all what Aryan says to Gaurav and the possibility that the movie might have a happy end made me please NO. But I should have known better, the end is perfect. No happy end for both of them – well actually even more for Gaurav, because his misery is over forever and also did he win if one can say so, because Aryan will never be free of this experience. So Aryan will never be without Gaurav in a certain way.

    Sorry for the long writing – I will watch the movie again – I might come up with further conclusions or different ones?? All I can say is that I almost forgot that is Shah Rukh who is playing Gaurav and Aryan. Goosebumps most of the time.

    People remained in their seats until the end credits rolled – silent. I can’t remember such silence after a movie since “Philadelphia” and “Schindler’s List”.

    10/10 for Maneesh Sharma and the whole team

    1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 and even more for Shah Rukh – he took his acting to another level again. He almost never fails to surprise me!
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  2. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    You've exactly captured my feelings on so many things. Totally agree with you. :thumb:
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  3. phul

    phul SRK my heart my soul

    In the Train back Home after my 4th Time Fan i have nothing more to add Rishima you spoke out my mind :hug:
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  4. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Going to see a second time in a few minutes. Riveting and brilliant. And I agree with everything Rashima62 wrote.
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  5. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    More spoilers.

    I am glad people are seeing it more than once. I can't take Emma to it again- it's so intense, once is enough for her. I will have to wait for the DVD to immerse myself in the experience once more. We both loved Shah Rukh's performance.

    We are having a little trouble forgiving Aryan for the punishment of Gaurav in the beginning. We can't help thinking there must have been a better way although we thought he was right to never give in to Gaurav's manipulative behavior. Gaurav caused the whole tragedy by acting the way he did. Aryan did nothing to deserve what he went through.

    I didn't always like Aryan that much but Shah Rukh was very brave making him such a flawed character since in a sense he was depicting himself. I feel that in the end his basic decency and normalness did win out. He was damaged by his experience but not destroyed. There was no possible outcome for Gaurav other than the one we saw. He did indeed go too far and reaped the consequences. Aryan in spite of his flaws and less than admirable behavior was definitely the good guy.

    It's a movie that makes you think, no doubt about it.

    Usually when I see him die in a movie I am comforted that he isn't REALLY dead- Shah Rukh lives on to delight us another day. But in this movie the character he created did die for real it seems like. Gaurav is gone for good.

    One last comment. Gaurav was cute and appealing and similar to Shah Rukh in his looks, but when we saw Aryan/Shah Rukh at Mannat the first time- he was simply breathtaking. There is nobody like him anywhere.
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  6. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    One question guys- we were disappointed that the Fan Song is not in the movie. Was that ever made clear that it wasn't going to be? I kind of understand why it wasn't- not sure where it would have fit in.
  7. Rishima62

    Rishima62 Defying Gravity

    It was clear that the song will not be in the movie - it was only for promotion I understood. And I was so happy it wasn't in the movie!
    And I love the fact that Aryan is portrayed as a nomal human being with flaws and everthing.
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  8. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    There was something so honest and personal about his portrayal of Aryan. His flaws are the flaws of a normal human being living in a most unusual and unique situation. I almost think Aryan was the more interesting and compelling of the two performances. I have always admired Shah Rukh's intelligence but he shows a depth of understanding I hadn't expected even from him. This is making me want to rush out and see it again.
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  9. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    The most amazing thing is that every time Aryan was on screen I never once though this is Shahrukh Khan. He changed his body language and speech for Gaurav but he did the same for Aryan. The punishment after the Six Kapoor stunt was a little harsh but corporal punishment is very common in India. Even the neighbour's have the right to "discipline" the kids. I have to go watch it for the third time now.
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  10. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I woke up thinking about Fan. My analytic mind has lots to mull over after seeing the movie and reading all the reviews I could find. I was going to talk Emma into going again but last night she said flat out "I didn't like it" so taking her again is out of the question and these trips are our together time so I won't go without her. I have to wait for the dvd now.

    I think this was the first time Emma saw him die in a movie. She has seen Duplicate and Darr but I always skip the death of Manu (so much blood...) and she refused to watch the end of Darr although she knows he died. She is upset by this. She doesn't want to see him die ever. Normal for a sensitive 12 year old I think. Her favorite Shah Rukh movie is still Happy New Year.
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  11. Baree

    Baree Shah Rukh Khan forever

    yes. I think children wont like Darr and Fan. Happy New Year was MOST liked by children. My brothers daughters, 11 and 8 LOVED Happy New Year.
    They live in California. They don't know Hindi. But they know the songs of HNY by heart and used to see the movie every other day.
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  12. Rishima62

    Rishima62 Defying Gravity

    Well this is my review about FAN and not about HNY (which I hate) #justsaying :lol:
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  13. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    I'm glad you made this thread because you have spoilers and I love to chat with other fans about the whole movie. I talked about Emma here because the reason she didn't like Fan was that it has a sad ending. It's interesting to see how a child reacted to the movie. It is not really a movie for children. On the other hand Happy New Year was designed to appeal to all ages, and the fact that children love it shows that it succeeded to at least some degree.
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  14. rubyroo

    rubyroo Art student. Inspired by him.

    BTW Emma has very sweetly consented to go with me to see Fan again tomorrow afternoon. YAY!!!
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  15. Rishima62

    Rishima62 Defying Gravity

    Will watch the movie today for the 7th time - unbelievable - Austria is going to show the movie next week as well. 4 weeks for us is amazing!

    I still completely agree with my first review. The movie is fantastic for me at least. The story is touching me deeper and deeper - deeper as I thought. I am so blown away by Shah Rukh's acting that I still have slight problems with getting up after the end credits rolled :lol:. I repeat myself - thank you, thank you, thank you for FAN!
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  16. Journey95

    Journey95 Guest

    Great review, can't disagree with anything. Fan was a great movie (at least a 8.5/10) and I was shocked to hear that it didn't perform very well at the Box Office.

    People always whine about SRK doing bs like HNY but then when he does something unique they dont watch it...wtf? Hopefully this doesnt discourage him
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