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    Fan movie review
    Kunal M Shah
    15 April 2016, 2:52 pm

    Star Cast: Shah Rukh Khan Khan

    Director: Maneesh Sharma

    Maneesh Sharma’s Fan does what many others have failed to do in the almost last two decades. Maneesh Sharma has managed to get the King Khan Shah Rukh Khan to come out of his romantic boy screen image and play an obsessed character which SRK was known for when he started his film career with films like Darr, Baazigar and Anjaam.

    In Fan, the actor plays movie star Aryan Khanna and a Delhi young fan called Gaurav Chandana, an obsessed fan with prosthetics and white teeth. The difference between the two characters apart from being a star and a fan are that Gaurav is a street smart, techno savvy, cynical and crazy guy. In order to fulfil his childhood dream of meeting Aryan, Gaurav comes to Mumbai exactly like how Aryan had come during his struggling days in Rajdhani Express, without ticket. He stays at the same hotel and same room number 205 which Aryan did in his struggling days. However, for Gaurav things don’t go as expected and his love for Aryan turns in to hatred and he starts a war to damage the stardom and reputation of the Aryan Khanna.

    Maneesh Sharma, who had earlier directed the interesting Band Baaja Baaraat and Shudh Desi Romance has tried his best to do justice to the legendary status of an actor like Shah Rukh Khan and has been successful to a large extent. Even though Maneesh has tried his level best to define every moment of the film, the viewers may find something amiss (esp. in the second half). While there are hardly any characters in the film, the film's weak storyline falters the film. While he establishes all the characters reasonably well in the first half, the dragging second half seems to take the steam off. The fight between the two SRKs shall appeal to niche audiences but not to masses.

    The biggest drawback in Fan is the fact that there is no song in a Shah Rukh Khan film. Some of the situations especially in the second half are half baked and defies logic, especially the Madame Tussauds incident and the wedding sequence where Aryan Khanna is performing. The fact that a huge super star like Aryan Khanna is roaming on the streets catching an imposter sounds completely farfetched and unreal. The magic created in the first half goes for a total waste with a lacklustre second half and even a far tamer climax.

    What works for the film, however, is the magic of SRK. One can’t deny the fact that SRK is probably the biggest star of the country and he does complete justice to his super stardom image. While he is brilliant as Aryan Khanna, he walks away with the film with his portrayal of Gaurav. Not only does he gives a career best performance but also manages to salvage the half-baked screenplay. While there is also an element of thrill in the film, a cine-goer might enjoy on what’s happening next. A couple of chase sequences are fascinating.

    The other characters do not have anything significant to do. While Shriya Pilgaonkar does succeed in making her presence felt, Waluscha De has nothing significant to do in the film. The rest of the cast pass muster.

    On the whole, Fan is a film, which could have been a brilliant film, had it been handled and directed properly. However, it is SRK who saves the day for the film. Watch it only for him.

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    another negativly biased review ....

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