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Discussion in 'Fan Media Reviews' started by tasifa, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

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  3. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    I don't understand what they are talking about. How is it telling a story again? Which story? It keeps suggesting that this is the retelling of Darr but it's totally not. The whole point is the fan's switch - that was even in the trailer.
    And the review is full of spoilers, from the first paragraph. (Perhaps a warning in the thread title?)
    Very frustrating!
  4. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.

    Sorry about that. I put a spoiler alert and moved the article further down.

    Reading some of the critics I wonder if we saw the same movie.
    rollercoast says thanks.
  5. rollercoast

    rollercoast Zindagi

    Oh great! Thanks for that. :thumb:
    I agree that some of the comments in reviews leave me scratching my head. The first media review I saw was out a couple of days before the film came out and I'm convinced they just had a punt on what was going to be in the film. It was very general and stated it was a remake of DeNiro's The Fan. Were they suggesting DeNiro was impersonating Wesley Snipes? Good luck to him! :rolleyes:

    However very heartening to see some serious reviewers recognising the complexity and subtlety of the film.
    There are so many layers to the movie that it is worth dissecting and analysing in detail - not making comments like 'the main problem is lack of songs'. :doh:
  6. tasifa

    tasifa which means Blue Eyes in Thai.


    There will always people to find fault in everything. Had there been a song, they would have said that it was spoiling the rhythm of the film. You know what they say: Those who can't act, become critics. lol,
    rollercoast says thanks.

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