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Family is Family

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    Chapter 42

    'Abhishik, you really didn't know how my parents died?' Amira asked angrily

    ‘Oh, that’s why you were cold with me today?’

    ‘Just answer my damn question!’ Amira yelled

    ‘Ok, ok don’t get angry’ Abhishik said at once trying to calm her down, it was the first time he sees her angry that much ‘ok, well I didn’t at first, but then I found out that they committed suicide, but all was by coincidence. I just didn’t know why you hid that or that if you really know the truth or not. I was going to ask you anyway’

    Amira sighed ‘well I thought… ugh never mind’

    ‘No, no tell me’

    ‘I thought you already know and you asked me to see what I will say, I am sorry I misunderstood, that was completely stupid; but hello it was in the newspapers and I am sure your father knows so he will tell you, and that is why he hates me’

    ‘no no wait .. one minute "Hates" you? that's a big word’

    ‘Yeah, your father completely hates me’

    ‘He’ll hate you because your parents committed suicide and bankrupted? And he’ll hate you for something you have nothing to do with?’

    ‘Yeah but...no, maybe I am the girl with bad family reputation’ Amira said sarcastically

    ‘that’s completely stupid’

    ‘I didn’t say I am sure, I am just thinking with you in a loud voice that "maybe"’

    ‘my father doesn’t hate you, but you aren’t in the same age, so he maybe "just" doesn’t like you. He doesn’t know you well’

    Amira smiled ‘and you know me well?’ she asked playfully and Abhishik smiled back, then she asked ‘by the way, all of us answered the question and you didn’t yet, what is love in your point of view?’ she stopped and stood in front of him

    'you didn't answer it too, really? ice cream?'

    'I asked you first, so reply'

    He thought for a second ‘Love to me is a noisy, ambitious, angry and cute girl with curly hair and with a Scorpio zodiac sign’ Abhishik said calmly yet excitedly, Amira widened her eyes, nearly dropped her jaw.

    ‘I … love you’ Abhishik said hesitantly with half a grin, waiting for her to say anything or change her incomprehensible reaction. Amira giggled, covered her face with her palms shyly then ran towards the house.

    Shahrukh was sitting on the swing in the garden, he was laughing so hard that his eyes started becoming teary and he felt like that his heart will stop beating from laughing. He just kept remembering what happened few minutes ago. Not laughing because of happiness, he was shocked, sad and puzzled.

    'yes Auntie Poja' Shahrukh said

    Poja looked at him and said 'stay away from my daughter'

    Shahrukh felt like his brain was paralyzed, he just stood there looking at her speechlessly

    ‘… and before you say anything or try to act clever and try to lie to me. I just want to tell you that I know that you love Kajol and I know she loves you back since you were kids. I know that Arjit knows about both of you since that time and now too’ she said calmly, Shahrukh was still speechless, he couldn't deny his love to Kajol anyway so Poja continued ‘how could all of you think that I don’t know or that I don’t see what you are doing or how you look at each other or behave around each other? That is so stupid’

    Shahrukh started blinking not understanding what she is up to and he was about to smile.

    ‘No, no don’t smile my dear it is not for your own good, it is over. This childish behaviors has to stop’

    ‘m… matlab?’ he mumbled

    Poja sighed ‘how could you think I would agree on your marriage to Kajol? And are you that blind that you don’t see that I am planning her marriage already?’

    ‘What about what she wants? She loves me as you said’ Shahrukh asked angrily

    Poja burst out laughing ‘oh no, now you are affected with romantic films that Preity watches, there are priorities my dear’

    ‘I love Kajol, I don’t agree, you can't do this’ Shahrukh said angrily yet sadly

    Poja rolled her eyes ‘ugh, I thought that talking to you will make a difference but you prove to me every minute that you are so stupid and this conversation is worthless’

    Shahrukh didn’t reply, he just looked at her silently, crossing his arms and furrowing his eyebrows in anger

    ‘You said you love Kajol right? Okay so if you really love her stay away from her and let her marry someone better than you, don’t be selfish’ Poja said kindly placing her palm over his arm, but he put her arm away in disgust

    ‘Shahrukh, this is my final warning, stay away from my daughter, or else’

    Surprisingly, Shahrukh smiled confidently ‘well in that case, I choose “or else”’ he said then continued ‘Kajol is mine and no one can change that, not anyone, not even Kajol herself’

    Poja looked at him silently, just looking challenging, and Shahrukh too. He placed his palms in front of each other ‘Happy Diwali auntie Poja, be careful of the fireworks’ Shahrukh said sarcastically then left her standing alone in the big hall.

    Shahrukh started coughing because of the weather and because of laughing, and he wiped a tear that was about to escape. He really felt so stupid, not because Poja said that but because he knew that she already knows everything while he, Kajol and Amira were trying to hide it from her. He came back to the starting point and all his “or their” efforts were worthless, but he had a new challenge now already which is to fight to make Kajol “really” his and to spoil Poja’s plans. The point is that Shahrukh still has the same problems, he doesn’t have much money, he has no other place to live, and he has to take care of his sister. Shahrukh also wasn’t going to ask his uncle for anything.

    What really busied his mind was Kajol, he was waiting until Kajol finishes her college to take any serious steps; he wanted her last year to pass peacefully, but he was torn between two ideas, first is to tell Kajol that her mother already knows so at least he won’t feel alone and he knew Kajol will fight next to him, but on the other hand she will ask him to marry her on the same day which is obviously impossible.

    Second is not to tell Kajol at all, not because he is afraid from Poja’s threats “which he doesn’t even know” but to avoid what may happen in the idea number 1 and because he wants Kajol to act normally, also to make her think that everything is still okay and he keeps pretending that they are still hiding it from her mom, just to give himself a longer time and plenty of chances. Shahrukh preferred not telling Kajol and just stick to the plan, stay away from her, physically at least; even if he was afraid that Kajol may gets bored or that she might do anything stupid, so he prayed to god that nothing bad happens. He really loved Kajol and really wanted to marry her, he hated all what was happening but he was helpless.

    Shahrukh closed his eyes tightly and placed the lower part of his palms on the sides of his forehead and started rubbing gently, headaches has been attacking him for a while because of his deep thinking for so long. He then heard footsteps coming near him, the person was running, before he looks back he knew it would be Amira and he was right, she came running happily and hugged him.

    ‘okay’ Shahrukh said happily to her when she pulled back, she was grinning ‘what makes you so happy?’ he asked

    ‘Abhishik told me that he loves me’ Amira said, still grining.

    ‘oh, that’s great… I am so happy for you’ Shahrukh said happily and patted over her hand

    ‘anyway, I just came to tell you. Now I will go to sleep, it is getting late and you should go to sleep too’ she said and stood up, he held her hand

    ‘no stay, and I don’t feel like sleeping’ he pleaded and she sat down

    ‘are you okay? I am not saying this because you asked me to stay but I feel that something is going on even if I see that everything is stable, except Kajol’s stupid behaviors’

    “ugh, you always feel right” he thought ‘it is just a headache’

    ‘ugh, it means that you are over thinking Shahrukh’ she said in boredom resting her head back, he rested his head over her shoulder

    ‘I feel like my head will explode’

    ‘just calm down, everything will be alright’ she said reassuringly

    ‘all I need right now is someone to be by my side’

    ‘I will always be your side Shahrukh’ she said patting over his hand

    ‘I need you… I need you… I need you right now… so don’t let don’t let me down’ Shahrukh started singing

    (don’t let me down- Chainsmokers)

    Amira chuckled ‘really? Ugh you are completely crazy and moody’ she said and he laughed

    Day 3 (Lakshmi Puja)

    "The third day of Diwali is believed to be the most auspicious day; this is when Lakshmi Puja, or the worship of the goddess of wealth is performed"

    'horoscope? no, i don't believe in these things' Saif replied when Preity asked him when they all were in the sitting room

    'me neither' Karan said too

    'so no one wants to tell him what his horoscope says today? this app is awesome and i really trust it' Preity said

    'so tell us what does my horoscope say today?' Shahrukh said

    'so you really believe in these things?' Abhishik asked in a shock

    'no, but let's see' Shahrukh replied

    'hmm, okay. it says " you win when you lose and you get strong when broken"'

    'confusing' Shahrukh replied

    'i want to know too' Kajol said

    'it says "what you seek is seeking you, be patient" oh wow' Preity said happily, Kajol felt strange yet relieved and she wished that is is true. Shahrukh really liked that one, when he heard that he looked at Kajol at once who he found her looking at him, they couldn't help but smile to each other and he also wished that is comes true, he knew she wishes for him anyway. Shahrukh was trying to find any kind of hope even a false one after all what he gone through and what is still waiting for him.

    'me too, please' Amira said

    'it says "new changes in your life that will bring happiness only to you'

    'only to me? how this should make me happy?' Amira asked herself but in a loud voice, she felt uncomfortable and looked at Abhishik, he looked back at her, he smirked and shook his head not believing that she believes in horoscope. Amira then looked at Shahrukh and mouthed "only to me?" Shahrukh shrugged his shoulders, he found her horoscope very strange and it also made that bad feeling he has stronger.

    'Rani, do you want to know yours?' Preity asked

    'tell us yours first then tell me mine' Rani replied

    'ok, mine says "All that glitters is not gold''' Preity read out loud and didn't seem satisfied

    'i think you mentioned that it is an app for horoscope not an app for proverbs' Shahrukh said laughing

    'shut up Shahrukh, this is really not funny. What am i going to discover?' Preity asked herself out loud 'ugh anyway' Preity continued ' Rani's horoscope says " the truth lies behind closed doors'' hmm, nice'

    'after a second thought, i would like to know my horoscope, i am feeling curious' Karan suddenly said

    Preity smiled and said ' "happiness knows your address, wait for it and share it with who really need it" oh wow Karan'

    'hmm, sounds good' Karan said smiling

    'okay we are all moving to Karan's house' Kajol said and all laughed

    'i think i need to share it with Shahrukh, he needs it when he loses and wins and... ' before Karan completes his sentence Shahrukh punched his arm playfully

    'I would love to know too Preity' Jaya said sweetly

    ' it says "your kindness is you strength and your weapon"'

    ' that's lovely' Amira commented happily, Jaya smiled back to her

    'still don't want to know Abhishik?' Preity asked

    'come on, tell me' Abhishik said rolling his eyes

    ' it says "time for decisions, what seems easy looks hard and what is hard will be easy"'

    'still don't care' Abhishik said and laughed

    Preity shook her head then looked interested at her phone 'Amit ji's one is quite interesting'

    'so tell me' Amitabh said with a smile

    'it says "you welcome a new member at your family" oh wow' Preity said in excitement

    'what does that mean?' Saif asked Preity

    'it means that someone new will be born or someone new will join his family' Preity replied then gasped 'what if it means you will be a father in law and Abhishik will get married soon' Preity said happily to Amitabh who gave her a big smile

    'that's a great one actually, and yes maybe it is true' Poja said, all nodded smilingly, except Kajol, Shahrukh, Amira and Abhishik who was sure it won't go smooth as he thinks. then all remained silent before Poja speaks again to Jaya 'i really don't want the Diwali days to finish, I am really enjoying you staying with us'

    'we really enjoyed staying with you too, you are such a nice family' Jaya replied smilingly

    'yeah, and i am looking forward to make this relationship between the two families closer and stronger' Poja explained

    'we would love to of course'

    'it is just a matter of time'

    'yeah it is' Amitabh said

    Kajol, Amira, Shahrukh and Abhishik all looked at each other, all puzzled and speechless. Kajol was feeling that someone is hitting her head with a hammer, she felt a lump in her throat and controlled her tears, she then looked helplessly at her father who was just watching since the beginning of the conversation, but he nodded calmly at her and that made her calm down a little, she trusted him, but she knew she had to talk to him about it.

    'Preity, you didn't tell us about Auntie Poja's one' Shahrukh said coldly, talking to Preity but staring at Poja and crossing his arms before his chest

    'oh , yeah, thanks for reminding me' Preity said suddenly and looked at her phone again, she was about to read but stopped

    'come on Preity' Poja said

    Preity cleared her throat, looked at Shahrukh then looked back at Poja 'you really want to know?'

    'yeah' Poja said, not understanding

    'Ahem, okay umm, it says " don't be surprised if some of your fantasies and dreams put on trail are put off by a harsh force that cuts right to the truth of the matter" uhm, what you are planning for won't success, oh that's bad' Preity finished her sentence and looked at Shahrukh who was trying to manage not to laugh by placing his palm over his mouth, but he failed and burst out laughing and Poja was staring at him. Everyone looked questioningly.

    'i am just laughing at Preity who made everyone concerned and nearly believing these superstitions' Shahrukh explained quickly

    'we were just having fun, but for sure what i want will come true' Poja said challenging

    'of course, of course' Arjit said calming the conversation down and patting over Poja's hand

    'very funny guy you are' Amitabh said to Shahrukh coldly

    'yes he is' Amira said calmly and stable yet angrily to Amitabh

    Karan and Saif looked at each other, feeling confused and both didn't know what to say as the whole thing is getting tensed and they found Jaya looking at them, she smiled and talked to Poja ' you promised me to show me some magazines'

    'oh yeah sure' Poja said

    'so let's go' Jaya said and stood up, Karan looked at her and mouthed "thank you" making sure no one notices that, she smiled and went out with Poja

    'uhm, why don't we go out to the garden? the weather is really nice today' Saif said at once

    'yeah let's go' Preity said in excitement and stood up, all thought that it is a great idea and agreed leaving Arjit with Amitabh to talk about work stuff.

    'I'll go see Shivan and Meera then join you' Rani said and left

    'i have another great idea, what about PlayStation?' Karan said suddenly before they go to the garden

    'okay' Shahrukh said and all went to the living/playing room

    While they were walking to the living room Abhishik walked near Shahrukh 'I need to talk to you' Abhishik whispered

    'Amira told me' Shahrukh said

    'excellent' Abhishik said then asked 'so what do you say? okay?'

    'yeah it is cool' Shahrukh replied smiling

    'OK great' Abhishik said. All went in except Amira and Abhishik, she grabbed his arm and they walked in the corridor away from the room and when they were away enough from the room Amira punched Abhishik's arm ' you tell me you love me then you get my cousin? i need an explanation for the "'we would love to of course'" statement that your mom said which I know that it wasn't about me at all' Amira said angrily

    'calm down first. I don't know about it, but whatever happens i won't be with anyone but you, i love you' Abhishik said placing his palms over her arms, she put them away and crossed her arms before her chest

    'My mom loves you, I know she will agree. Don't be angry I will tell her as I told Shahrukh'

    Amira cleared her throat and calmed down a little 'you told Shahrukh'

    'yes i did, and he told me that you told him which is a great thing you did' Abhishik said smiling, she gave him a half smile. They walked for few steps until he sat her down on a chair they met at the end of the corridor, he stood on one knee in front of her.

    'i want you to know that i have no interest in Kajol at all, that doesn't make her a bad girl no, Kajol is really nice, except that she is behaving strangely for a while; but I love you and i have no interest at Kajol or any other girl' he said placing a lock of her hair after her ear

    'I know that you like everything to be clear, but i need you to trust me, I will tell mom soon and my father too even if i don't think it will be that easy but i want you to know that i will fight for you to be mine. We should make an engagement or something then get married after you finish your exams, what say?'

    'marriage?' Amira asked happily

    'yeah, if you think i am a good guy and you love me back' he said and she blused

    'still angry?' he asked

    'no, and yeah of course i love you and i want us to be together, that's why i was angry, and anyway Kajol won't agree to marry you anyway'


    'because Kajol and Shahrukh already love each....' Amira suddenly stopped, she realized what she was saying and she slapped her forehead with her palm '...other'

    'you shouldn't be saying that?' Abhishik giggled

    'no, you won't be telling them that you know right?'

    Abhishik chuckled 'no, don't worry. I thought that too that there is something between them but i wasn't sure'

    'really? so i think everyone see this, i bet that Auntie Poja already knows about them, so who the hell are we trying to hide it from?!'

    'what about her?'

    Amira sighed and said 'it is a long story'

    'well anyway that makes our mission easier' he said and she looked at him

    'so you will help me at helping them?'

    'absolutely' Abhishik grinned 'anyway, what is their story?'

    'once upon a time...'

    'what is wrong with you Shahrukh?' Karan said when he pushed Shahrukh to the balcony at the living room, leaving the others inside busy playing

    'what is wrong with me?' Shahrukh asked calmly

    'so you see you are normal?' Karan asked and Shahrukh sighed 'tell me' Karan said kindly. Karan already knew what is between him and Kajol for years but he missed the updates, Shahrukh told him everything, even Poja's part and then Karan was speechless, what he heard was too much, he felt completely puzzled too.

    'and after all what i said and after all what happened she keeps pushing me, i really love her and i really want to marry her, but i am helpless' Shahrukh said angrily through his teeth

    'i don't know what to say, really, yaar it is really complicated. This doesn't even happen in films' Karan finally said after a long pause, Shahrukh shook his head then both got inside. Amira and Abhishik came in at the same time. Also Rani and the kids were there too already. Karan went to sit with the others while Shahrukh headed towards the door frame

    'where have you been?' Shahrukh asked Amira and Abhishik playfully when they came in

    'we were just walking' Amira said

    'only walking?' Shahrukh asked raising an eyebrow then wrapped his arm around her shoulder

    'just walking i swear' Amira said and giggled then all went and sat on the couch watching Saif and Shivan playing. Amira sat in between Shahrukh and Abhishik. Kajol was eating chocolate while she was watching the guys playing, she was about to put the box of chocolate on the table but she found Abhishik looking at her, so she offered him some and Abhishik grabbed the small box of chocolate from her hand. He unwrapped one, placed the box again on the table and ate the chocolate then he shaped the golden wrap into a ring, Shahrukh was watching him in amusement then shook his head.

    'attention please' Abhishik said and all looked at him, Shahrukh burst out laughing at him.

    'what is going on?' Kajol asked

    'you will see' Shahrukh replied

    'after i asked Mr Khan and he agreed i have to ask his sister' Abhishik looked at Amira 'will you accept this priceless engagement ring until i bring you a "real" one' Abhishik said calmly

    'oh my god' Amira covered her mouth with her palm then looked back at Shahrukh happily

    'if you don't like him I will say no' Shahrukh said jokingly

    'no' Amira said shyly then hugged Shahrukh

    'um excuse me' Abhishik said and Amira looked back at him 'so?' he asked, she smiled and gave him her hand, he placed that temporary ring to her finger and all clapped and whistled.

    'okay guys it is just a rehearsal, now only you know so I just have a small request. Act like you know nothing and do look shocked when i tell the elders later. Ok?' Abhishik said and all nodded

    'i just wanted you to know guys, I am just showing her how serious I am about her, this little cute and suspicious creature' Abhishik said happily, Amira blushed and hugged him

    'whoa' Kajol said and whistled in joy

    'finally i lived to see this day' Karan said jokingly and all laughed

    'I am so happy for you' Rani said

    'this means new dresses' Preity said playfully

    'yeah' said Shivan and Meera happily

    'no one is happier than me today' Kajol said and jumped from her chair, she pushed Shahrukh aside a little to make space for herself, she sat next to Amira and hugged her tight. Abhishik looked strangely at Kajol then looked at Shahrukh.

    'you have no idea how close they are' Shahrukh explained to Abhishik

    'i can see that' Abhishik said smilingly

    'i just don't understand' Saif said to Preity then continued ' so what was all it about back there?'

    'i don't know, but I am sure...' Preity was about to continue but Abhishik interrupted her 'I can hear you and okay I will explain that, actually it was me and Kajol who were meant to be, but no. I fell in love with this young lady from the first sight, or fight literally' Abhishik said gesturing to Amira, who hid her face with her palms.

    'Actually I am so happy for you, you and Amira look great together' Kajol said quickly with a smile

    'thank you' Abhishik replied smilingly

    'this is enough for today' Amira said and stood up ' i will go and get my clothes changed, we are getting late' she said and ran out of the room

    'oh yeah let's get ready' Preity said excitedly and all stood up, she pushed Saif playfully towards the door and got out, Karan, Abhishik and the kids followed them. Rani was looking in a concerned way at Preity getting out.

    'it is fine Rani' Shahrukh mouthed, Rani shook her head and went out, then Shahrukh looked back at Kajol who was still waiting in the room, standing away looking at him, with a big smile on her face.
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    Chapter 43

    Shahrukh and Kajol looked at each other and couldn't help but burst out laughing, they felt like hugging each other from happiness. He came closer to her and both sat down on the couch.

    'oh, that was close' Kajol said


    'you don't know how happy I am, I just didn't expect that. Oh my god' Kajol said happily and Shahrukh gave her a dimpled smile.

    'it is a pleasant incident, I.. am... I am happy... I have always waited for the day when... ugh, but it wasn't expected to be that way. It is a good thing for both... well all of us ' Shahrukh said, still smiling.

    'you have no idea how i was scared' Kajol said sadly looking at him, he looked down, Kajol sighed and said 'i just hope it goes well, for all of us'

    Shahrukh nodded and sighed deeply and Kajol asked again 'so when did you find out?'

    'couldn't you wait to hear from her?' Shahrukh giggled

    'i am dying to know yaar' she pleaded

    'i have already noticed that he is into her for a while, but i wasn't so sure and I was afraid that they are maybe just close friends and i am imagining it because i want him away from "us", but yesterday she came to me and told me he told her that he loves her'

    'oh, that's so cute' Kajol said happily 'so i think Preity was right'

    'about what?' he asked

    'what i am seeking is seeking me too' she said resting her head over her palm

    Shahrukh smiled then sighed 'Kajol i know what you really want to say, I just want you to know that i really love you, that I am dying to be with you and I want to marry you, try to understand that and believe me. Please Kajol be patient, it is only a matter of few months and anyway i don't want to be thinking of what Preity said cuz i don't like it, what the hell i am losing and winning and all that blah blah' he said

    'You say you love me and you want to be with me but on the other hand you are pushing me away, does it make sense? or you are a psychopath?' Kajol asked angrily

    He grumbled 'no Kajol, i am not pushing you away'

    'and what do you call what you said that day?'

    'which day?' Shahrukh asked while blinking many times

    Kajol rolled her eyes in boredom 'do you suffer from memory loss too? that day, when you asked me to stay away from you'

    'I didn't mean it that way'

    she scoffed 'oh really?'

    'ok fine listen to me. Your stupid behaviors is the main reason, and also another important reason that it is hard for me to control myself around you' he then continued 'and you are not helping at all my dear' he clicked his tongue

    'oh, now Kajol is wrong and cruel and Shahrukh is so innocent and helpless' she said sarcastically

    'yeah' he replied calmly and she blew angrily so he continued ' and there are also why reasons you should be near me; that we are cousins and close friends anyway, it would look strange if we stayed away and ignored each other, we should not grab anyone's attention at least for now'

    'anyone's?' Kajol asked raising and eyebrow

    'please Kajol be helpful. I promise I won't stay away and won't ignore you and i will be nice and please you do too ' he held her hand and said kindly 'Kajol. I have nothing in my hand and i am completely helpless so just stop pushing me to do things and stop embarrassing yourself with your stupid behaviors. I really care about you. Keep close to me, I really want you close to me, but... you know... no crossing lines' he finished pointing firmly with his index finger. Shahrukh found it a great chance, to be close to Kajol as she wishes but without crossing lines and to tease Poja at the same time as he knew that Poja won't discuss it with Kajol as she knows she will be more stubborn about this topic because she knew that she loves him so much, so it will be between only him and Poja so he is safe. Shahrukh wanted to be the one who controls how things goes not Kajol anymore, he took advantage of her ignorance of the fact that her mother knows everything and nearly threatened him. He made her think that everything is still the same.

    Kajol was just listening silently, looking at him in the eyes. Shahrukh came closer to her and wiped the corner of her lips with his thumb, she flinched 'there was ... just... chocolate' Shahrukh said handing her a tissue, she took it and wiped her lips. Shahrukh then sat back away from her, but she came closer to him.

    He stood up 'go and get ready, we are late' he said and she stood up and came closer. Shahrukh moved away few steps from her but she came closer again.

    'what?' Shahrukh asked

    'what?' Kajol acted like she doesn't understand

    'what are you doing? you remember what i said to you?'

    'kya karon yaar ha? what should i do?' Kajol whined jokingly 'there is a power attracting me to you, it is like magnet, and anyway you said we should be close'

    Shahrukh smiled and shook his head, then he headed towards the door and Kajol followed him

    'fine, you go first' Shahrukh said, but Kajol just stood there looking at him smiling. Shahrukh rolled his eyes and looked at her, then he ran to the door, Kajol laughed very hard then followed him.

    'no Shahrukh wait' Kajol said laughing while running after Shahrukh

    The third day is the main festive day. People wear new clothes or their best outfits as the evening approaches. Then diyas are lit, pujas are offered to Lakshmi, Lakshmi is believed to roam the earth on Diwali night. On the evening of Diwali, people open their doors and windows to welcome Lakshmi, and place diya lights on their windowsills and balcony ledges to invite her in.

    Before the prayers, the girls were at Kajol's room as usual after Rani took care of Shivan and Meera's clothes. Kajol had already tied Preity's and Rani's saris, Kajol was finally tying Amira's.

    '.... I really don't know, it all happened so fast. We were just talking and... okay... liking each other, Then ... oh my god you saw what happened'

    'oh my god, you have no idea how happy i am' Preity said happily

    'how are you feeling?' Rani asked Amira

    'it all happened so fast that i can't even react' Amira said then continued 'but i think...i am ...happy' she blushed

    'finally something exciting is going to happen' Preity said, clapping in excitement

    'yeah, it is a matter of few months, he is just waiting until i finish my exams, he cares about my last year of college' Amira said

    'fine, i get your point' Kajol whispered to Amira who chuckled 'okay i finished, you go and i will follow you' Kajol said and went towards her dressing table, Rani and Preity went out first. Amira saw Kajol taking out a silver necklace and earrings so she came back.

    'be careful Preity' Rani said when Preity nearly fell on her while they were walking

    'i am fine, don't worry. I stepped on my Sari, god i hate these things' Preity said

    'are you sure you are fine?' Rani asked coldly

    Preity swallowed 'yes Rani... I am fine, nothing important' Preity said then went downstairs before Rani.

    'those earrings and the necklace...' Amira said when she came back

    Kajol interrupted 'Shahrukh gifted them to me'

    '...are very.. nice' Amira continued then said 'I didn't know'

    'oh, i thought you knew' Kajol said and Amira came closer to look at them ' he gifted them to me the first time he came back from London'

    'so, everything is okay?' Amira said kindly

    'I guess, and you really... really helped, oh my god you have no idea, thank you so much'

    Amira sat next to Kajol in front of the dressing table, she rest her elbows over it and placed her cheeks over her palms 'i hope it goes well'

    Kajol sighed and said 'yeah, i hope so, for all of us'

    'i'll go and see my future husband, finish and follow me' Amira said playfully leaving the room and Kajol laughed, she put on her necklace and earrings and checked her look at the mirror and smiled to herself.

    Kajol saw Shahrukh when she was walking out of her room, he was heading towards the stairs but stopped and waited for her to go down with him, he smiled widely when he noticed the necklace and the earrings.

    'I am happy you wore them' Shahrukh said happily when she was close

    'just for you' Kajol replied happily then she came closer and sniffed 'um, smells good, don't you need any more spraying?' she giggled and he did so, but Shahrukh's smile faded suddenly, he felt like it had happened before. The stairs and the silver necklace and the earrings. He stepped back and rest his elbows on the handrails. Kajol could read his mind, she came closer and patted over his shoulder.

    'okay, let's not remember or talk about this. it happened and passed, Right?' Kajol said and Shahrukh nodded

    'come on, it is going to be okay this time' Kajol said reassuring placing her palm over his shoulder then said 'I just want you to relax, you seem puzzled even that everything "thank god'' is going well'

    Shahrukh nodded then said 'yeah, I see no threats now'

    'you sister seems puzzled and worried too even that she is acting happy, god, you are just so alike' Kajol sighed

    'I can feel that, I know it won't be easy, but what reassures me that I know that Abhishik loves her so much, I can see this'

    'yeah, i see that too' Kajol said then cleared her throat 'so it is clear now'

    Shahrukh rolled his eyes 'KAJOOOOOL' he said in boredom

    'what? I was just saying' Kajol shrugged

    'I see that you really enjoy making me angry' Shahrukh exhaled sharply in boredom and Kajol nodded happily and said 'Yes i do, you have no idea how this relieves me'

    'come on, let's go and open all the windows and the doors and attend the prayers with everyone' Shahrukh said smilingly pushing her to move. They roamed together all over the house, opening all the doors and the windows.

    'where were both of you?' Poja asked Shahrukh and Kajol when they arrived late at the prayers

    'we were opening the windows' Shahrukh replied

    'hmm, good' Poja said coldly

    'come on, get in' Poja said to Kajol and Kajol entered the big hall

    'opening the windows?' Poja asked Shahrukh sarcastically

    'yeah, why don't you believe me?' Shahrukh asked coldly

    Poja sighed 'don't act smart' she said coldly 'fine, it is only a few months and all this will disappear, keep dreaming, but you will wake up to a nightmare my son'

    Shahrukh chuckled 'what guarantees that you will live till that time? you look so sure'

    'you are such a rude person' she said angrily through her teeth and entered the big hall. Shahrukh exhaled sharply then followed her silently.

    'I have always respected Shahrukh and saw him as a good man, but after what you told me I respected him more. He is a great person' Abhishik said walking out the big hall after the prayers

    'so now you know it all, what is happening to him is all because of me, I am his problem, I am the burden over his shoulder. Shahrukh can't focus on his life because of me' Amira said sadly

    'don't be so hard on yourself' he said reassuringly

    Amira sighed ' I pray everything goes well, Shahrukh deserve to be happy'

    'I promise you, I will do my best' Abhishik said confidently with a big smile

    Preity stood away near one of the corners, her heart was beating very fast. She finally decided to tell Saif about her secret, but she would wait after midnight as the fourth day of Diwali was a special day. This day ritually celebrates the love and mutual devotion between the wife and husband. Preity's eyes were full of tears of happiness, she placed her palm over her chest then touched her collarbones with her fingers tips remembering how Saif used to kiss her there as it was his favorite spot. She wiped her tears then joined everyone.

    Shahrukh had a very bad feeling for Preity, her words that day didn't convince him at all but made him more worried, he decided to talk to her again at night, she should tell him everything that time. He tried not to show how worried he was to the girls, not only Amira. He knew that Kajol won't stop asking and she will think it is something about their relationship. He was also scared for Rani, he was happy that everything is going well with Meera.

    Day 4 ( Padwa, Balipratipada)

    'hide and seek? at that time of the night? guys I am dying to sleep' Amira pleaded when Shivan and Meera asked her to play with her

    'all said no, please Amira' Meera asked sweetly

    'Meera, she is saying no because she knows she will lose already' Shivan said teasing Amira

    Amira placed her palms over her hip bones 'I never lose. Fine, only one round then we all will go to sleep' she said and both nodded. Amira stood facing the wall and Meera and Shivan ran away when she started counting.

    'I have a great idea' Shaivan said panting


    'let's go to my room and sleep so she remains looking for us all night, okay? she will never think of that'

    'wicked' Meera smiled then sulked 'it is our room'

    'fine, our room. Let's go' Shivan said and they ran away. Meera had a separate room but she always loved sleeping at Shivan's

    'where are you taking me?' Saif asked Preity

    'I have something to tell you' Preity said happily grabbing his arm while walking

    'ok, tell me'

    'not here, I don't want anyone to hear us' Preity said pushing the two sided door of the store room, they came in and she closed it back slowly.

    Saif winked 'well, that's a great place too for...' he placed his palms over her waist and kissed her


    Preity cut the kisses and looked at him in the eyes 'I have something important to tell you'

    'hmm?' he said kissing her again

    'I have a surprise for you, I am afraid that it may knock you down from happiness' Preity said happily

    'oh yeah, really?' Saif smiled at her 'come on, tell me quickly, what are you waiting for?'

    'do you like boys or girls more?'

    Saif winked 'what do you think?' he said kissing her neck, Preity pulled back

    'no, no it is not like that' Preity giggled then said 'I am Pregnant Saif' Saif froze, he was speechless and his face turned pale. He just stood there stared at her.

    'I told you that you will be shocked but this is too much' Preity said, her smile faded when she looked at his pale face

    'shocked? what the hell are you saying?' he asked coldly, he grabbed her arm tightly 'tell me you are joking Preity'

    She said in pain 'no, I am not. it has been for nearly 3 months now, I have calculated it and did a pregnancy test many times'

    'it is a disaster Preity' he said angrily 'why didn't you tell me before?'

    'it is not a disaster Saif, and I have just found a few weeks ago'

    'I don't want that child, just get rid of him' he said in disgust

    'tell me that "you'' are kidding now' Preity said sadly, suddenly the store room's door was opened.

    At the end of the night after celebrating with the whole family, Shahrukh decided to talk to Preity, he found it a good chance as everyone was asleep. He started looking for her all over the house, after he found that she isn't at her room. Shahrukh went to Saif's room but he didn't find him too. He didn't feel good about that, he was already worried and had a hunch of something bad on the way. Shahrukh looked everywhere, The garden, the roof, the living and the sitting room. He didn't search at the girls' rooms, he felt they would sense something so he gave up and decided to talk to her at the early morning, but while he was on his way to his room he saw that Parvati was still awake walking in the corridor, so he decided to ask her.

    'haven't you seen Saif?' Shahrukh asked casually

    'yeah, he was with Preity ji, last time i saw them they were walking near the store room' Parvati replied politely

    "The store room" he felt confused, as he never thought of searching there, even if he tried of searching there he felt that it would be a stupid idea as he didn't expect them to really be there as it was odd. Shahrukh cleared his throat 'cool, I will go find them. I can't sleep'

    'do you want me to bring you anything sir?'

    'no thanks, you go to sleep' Shahrukh said then left, his legs taking him to the store room

    'Shivaaaaaan' Amira called 'Meeeraaaa' she said in boredom then she went downstairs to look for them, she saw running shadows so she went towards it.

    'boo' Kajol appeared to Shahrukh out of nowhere, she startled him.

    Shahrukh placed his palm over his chest, he was gasping for air 'if we didn't have any children in the future remember that you are the reason' he said panting

    Kajol burst out laughing then said 'everyone is asleep, it is a good chance to spend some time with you, the Diwali is ending and both will be busy later' she pleaded, suddenly she found Shahrukh placing his palm over her lips and pushing her to a wall. They were a few steps away from the store room.

    Preity giggled then said 'I am Pregnant Saif'

    'I told you that you will be shocked but this is too much'

    'shocked?' he asked coldly, he grabbed her arm tightly 'tell me you are joking Preity'

    She said in pain 'no, I am not. it has been for 3 months now, I have calculated it and did a pregnancy test many times'

    'it is a disaster Preity' he said angrily 'why didn't you tell me before?'

    'it is not a disaster Saif, and I have just found a few weeks ago'

    'I don't want that child, just get rid of him?' he said in disgust

    'tell me that "you'' are kidding now' Preity said sadly

    Shahrukh and Kajol widened their eyes in shock, they couldn't believe what they heard. Shahrukh put his hand away from her and was about to move but Kajol grabbed his arm tightly 'no' she mouthed in fear but that didn't stop him. He pushed the door and stormed to the store room startling Saif and Preity.

    'I have always knew that you are a bastard' Shahrukh said angrily and punched Saif in his stomach, as he didn't want to leave any marks on his face to not grab attention in the morning. Preity and Kajol nearly screamed and tried pulling Shahrukh away from Saif.

    'stop it Shahrukh, don't hit him' Preity pleaded, and Shahrukh pushed Saif away

    'why the hell are you hitting me? how dare you?' Saif said angrily

    'just shut the f*ck up' Shahrukh yelled at Saif, Kajol ran towards the door and closed it at once.

    'Shahrukh don't shout please' Kajol begged

    'and you? why didn't you tell me?' Shahrukh said looking disgusted at Preity 'I have asked you if there is something but you denied, I would help you' he ran his fingers through his hair in anger 'oh my god, how could you do this Preity? how could you be so selfish? and how the hell could you believe that jerk? didn't you even think of Rani? Why are you so cruel Preity?' he asked sadly, Preity just sat down on a wooden box and sulked.

    "All that glitters is not gold''

    Shahrukh looked again at Saif and was about to move towards him but Kajol grabbed his arm tightly 'just calm down, and be practical. What happened had happened already, we need to discuss what is going to happen next calmly like adults' Kajol said calmly

    'discuss what? what the hell are you saying guys?' Saif asked angrily

    'I remember that i told you to shut up' Shahrukh replied angrily

    'no I am not going to shut up' Saif said through his teeth 'I didn't promise her anything, it is not my responsibility' he said and Shahrukh suddenly shushed him and asked Preity and Kajol not to make any sound when he heard Amira's voice outside the store room. He and Kajol quickly stood behind the door to prevent it from being opened.

    'you won't be hiding forever guys, I can hear voiiiceeess' Amira said coming close to the room. She tried to push the door to be opened but she found it jammed, she tried many times and Kajol and Shahrukh kept pushing in the opposite side. Then the pushing stopped from out side so Shahrukh thought that she gave up and left. They stood like that for few seconds but nothing happened so they were sure that she left.

    Kajol sighed deeply 'oh my god, that was close'

    'yeah' Shahrukh replied

    'gotcha!' The door was opened suddenly and strongly that it rebounded and closed it self back when Amira ran in suddenly. Preity burst out crying once she saw her 'I wasn't looking for you guys actually' Amira said then looked at all of their tensed faces 'what the hell is happening here?' she asked as she was confused. Everyone looked silently at each other 'why is Preity crying? what did you do to her?' she asked looking at Saif

    'what does she exactly know?' Saif asked Preity angrily who just kept crying

    'I don't know much but now I think i need an explanation' Amira said placing her palms over her hip bones.

    'ma'am' Kumud said when she was in Rani's room

    'yes Kumud'

    'I did what you asked me ... they are all in the store room'

    'thanks a lot Kumud' Rani said calmly

    Shahrukh took Amira's hand and sat her down on a wooden box near the door, he kneeled in front of her, he closed his eyes and exhaled deeply calming himself down 'what I am going to tell you Rani shouldn't know about it'

    'Shahrukh' she said with breaking voice

    'Amira don't interrupt me please'

    'Shahrukh' Amira said again but he found that she wasn't looking at him, her sight was fixed on something behind him. Shahrukh stood up and looked through the door which was ajar "which was closed as far as he remember" and Kajol did so. The three of them froze.

    'Rani!' Shahrukh said calmly, Preity wiped her face at once. Rani pushed the door slowly and came in.

    " the truth lies behind closed doors''
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