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    OMG i really miss this place, ok i couldn't wait and i posted the new chapter :D
    actually it should be posted a little bit earlier but i had problems with the internet connection and the site didn't allow me to post anything for a while and i don't know the reason :noidea:

    enjoy reading and tell me your opinions, thaaanks a lot for your patience , love yoou aallll :grouphug::love::love:
    new chapters after couple of days i promise :D

    Chapter 31

    Amira went downstairs to stay with everyone else, it wasn't too late so everyone was still awake, she sat on the couch and grabbed a plate of sweets was over the table.

    "It is my plate" Preity said
    "Make yourself another one" Amira sighed and said

    "What are you busy with by the way?" Preity asked and continued" and why do you look so tired, the drawings are tiring you that much?"

    "Yeah I had to finish some things before I go with Shahrukh" Amira said

    "Going where?" Rani asked

    "To London" Amira replied

    "Oh, we completely forgot that!" Poja said shaking her head

    "Why didn't you tell us? When did you decide that?" Preity asked angrily

    "Just now, and it is a good chance to see London, I have never been to it" Amira replied

    "When are you leaving?" Rani asked and furrowed her eyebrows sadly

    "The day after tomorrow" Amira replied

    Everyone was at the airport on time to say goodbye to Amira and Shahrukh even if they were angry with Amira for her sudden decision and they were sad that they were busy with Kajol and forgot all about Shahrukh's trip. They all arrived a lilttle bit early so they had enough time to stay with them and goodbye them.

    "Take care of her" Kajol said

    "Of course I will" Shahrukh said smiling and putting his arm around Amira's shoulder " I really appreciate that all of you came to drop us to the airport"

    "It is nothing beta" Arjit said with a warm smile

    "I hate you" Preity said angrily to Amira

    " I'll miss you too darling" Amira replied showing her tounge to Preity

    "Call us a lot, ok?" Rani said smiling

    "Don't worry, I will call a lot that you won't even feel that I am not home" Amira said giggling

    "It is the first time they both leave the house after the first time they came to live with us" Poja said sadly to Rani and patted gently over Amira's head in a pity, Shahrukh was furious but managed to act calm, it is not suitable time to remind him of what happened. Amira blinked many times to prevent tears from escaping. Everyone was silent and no one knew what to say, but Shahrukh quickly broke the silence, he cleared his throat " we don't want to be late" he said to Amira.

    "Take care of yourself my dear boy" Arjit said

    Shahrukh gave a short smile "I will, uncle"

    Amira and Shahrukh held their bags, waved to them and went towards the hall to wait for their plane.
    They put their bags near their waiting chairs and sat down.

    "Coffee?" Amira asked Shahrukh suddenly

    "Yes, please" he replied calmly

    Few minutes and Amira was back, she handed him his cup and sat down looking at him "are you okay?"

    "Yes dear" he smiled

    "Umm, I am so happy that I am finally travelling with the airplane" she said and Shahrukh looked at her and chuckled shaking his head

    "I am fine, ok? So stop acting like that" he said, Amira smiled acting that she believed him.

    "I know that he is sad for our parents death, but why does he get furious every time anyone mentions it, what is the secret behind that?" She said to herself, she flinched when Shahrukh put his hand over her shoulder and told her that they called for their flight, she nodded and held her bag.

    "Oh first class!" Amira said happily when she sat on her chair.

    "Do you want change places and to sit next to the window?" Shahrukh asked

    "No it is okay" she replied

    Many thoughts were running inside Shahrukh's head and irritating him, he closed his eyes tightly to sleep and try to ignore all the thoughts.

    Amira noticed that and looked sadly at him "poor boy" she said. She passed her time between watching a movie and eating, they were travelling at night and she felt hungry, she woke Shahrukh up to eat but he told her that he wasn't hungry and went back to sleep, then she got bored and slept.

    Amira suddenly woke up, she heard Shahrukh's loud breathing, he was furrowing his brows while sleeping and he seemed uncomfortable, suddenly he opened his eyes and started looking around, it took him some time to know where he is.

    "Are you okay?" Amira asked him in a worry

    He wiped his sweaty face with his hand and managed to breath slowly " I am fine, it is just a nightmare"

    Amira pressed a button on her chair, an air hostess appeared " will you bring me a glass of water please?" Amira said

    "Sure" the air hostess replied with a smile and left, a few seconds and she was back with the glass of water.

    "Thank you" Amira said and handed the glass to Shahrukh who sipped the water calmly then have the glass to the air hostess.

    "Do you need anything else?" The air hostess asked with a smile

    "No thank you" Amira replied politely and the air hostess left, Amira looked back at Shahrukh "how are you feeling?"

    "I am fine, I will go and wash my face" he replied and left his chair heading to the bathroom. Amira shook her head and went back to sleep.

    Everyone was back at home after they dropped Shahrukh and Amira to the airport, Arjit entered his study and Poja looked at the fashion magazines. Rani stayed with her kids and Preity called Saif on the phone, who completely forgot about Shahrukh's flight and Preity told him about Amira's sudden decision, everyone had something to do back home except Kajol, she couldn't focus on her studies, she also felt that the house is gloomy. Shahrukh had his magic touch, and Amira also.
    She remembered few years ago when they came to live with them after the death of their father and mother.

    Kajol had a very bad feeling and she didn't know why she was feeling like that "what would happen in two weeks?" She asked herself. She prayed that they pass quickly, she wasn't ready for and surprises, she wasn't also in a mood for Saif or Abhishik.

    "Oh my God, I didn't imagine that it will be very cold like this" Amira said when she got in the taxi blowing in her hands and trembling.

    "We will go to the hotel now and you will get warm don't worry" Shahrukh said smiling and patting over her shoulder, he closed the taxi door next to him and they moved.

    "Do you think we should call them back home?" Amira asked

    "They will be asleep now, we will call them tomorrow" Shahrukh replied

    "What time is it?

    "It is 12 a.m. , it is 3:30 In India now"

    After half an hour they were in front of the hotel, they checked in and went up to their rooms.

    "It is a big room" Amira said when she came in.

    "I am happy you liked it" Shahrukh smiled then he handed her a card" don't forget your key"

    She took the key from his hand and asked "so where are we going tomorrow?"

    "I have no plans, you decide and tell me when I come back"

    "Don't tell me that you are going to work tomorrow!" She said raising her eyebrows surprised " Are you joking? We have just arrived"

    "I want to finish my work here as soon as I can so we go back to India quickly"

    "Hmmmmmm" Amira said happily raising her eyebrows many times jokingly

    "Shut up" Shahrukh said rolling his eyes then giggled then said " but really, it wasn't the right time to travel, I wanted to spend that time near Kajol until everthing is okay"

    "Everything will be okay, why are you so worried?"

    "Saif and Abhishik are there and I am here plus that I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen"

    "Don't say that and pray that every thing will be okay"

    "I hope" he sighed then said " now go to sleep you look tired"

    "Ok, good night Shahrukh" she waved her hand to him

    "Good night dear" he said and headed towards the door

    There was a faint sound of a song being played, the sound was increasing, Amira opened her eyes and found that her phone was ringing, she grabbed it and found 3 missed calls they were from Rani, Preity and Kajol. Kajol's name appeared on the screen again.

    "Hello" Amira said with a sleepy voice

    "She is still asleep" Kajol laughed and said to Preity, Preity took the phone " you are still asleep?"

    "What time is it?" Amira asked

    "It is 2:45 pm here" Preity replied

    "Oh my poor biological clock" Amira said

    "Put her on the loudspeaker" Rani said

    "Hey Rani, I can hear you" Amira sat up and smiled

    "How are you dear?" Rani asked

    "I am fine dear"

    "Did you sleep well?" Kajol asked

    " I didn't sleep well during the flight so I woke up late now" Amira said rubbing her eye

    "Why didn't you sleep well?" Kajol asked

    "Shahrukh is responsible for that, I woke up because of him, he saw a nightmare"

    "Did he tell you what he saw?"

    "No he didn't and I didn't want to talk about it with him but what I noticed that it really irritated him"

    "Nightmare?! Again?!" Kajol thought

    "Anyway, ask Shahrukh to finish his work quickly, we really miss you" Rani said

    "I really miss you too, I know that the house is really bad without me" Amira said giggling

    "No actully it is calm and nice" Preity said teasing

    "I hate you" Amira said and laughed

    "What are you going to do now?" Preity asked

    "I think I will think about breakfast now then wait for Shahrukh to come, I will call you again girls"

    "Ok dear, enjoy your breakfast" Rani said and put the phone on the table

    "Earth to Kajol" Preity said popping her fingers in front of Kajol's face "what is in your mind?"

    "The nightmare thing, it happen before to him"

    "But everyone sees nightmares don't over react" Rani said

    "No, do you remember that night when Shahrukh was fevered? He saw a nightmare, a bad one, you would believe me if you saw his face" Kajol said

    "Why didn't you tell me that?????"

    "Who said that?" Preity asked

    "I am still on the phone idiots" Amira said and laughed, the girls looked at each other for few seconds until Rani came up with something to say.

    "Both of you are overreacting, it happened because of the fever" Rani said

    "But he wasn't fevered last night!" Amira said

    "Maybe because of the pressure of work" Rani said

    "Hmm, Maybe, ok call you later"

    "Ok bye" Rani said

    "Bye" she said and hung up

    "Take your phone and check it" Rani handed the phone to Kajol

    "Shahrukh will kill me" Kajol said

    "I hope that it is just a nightmare, if there is something bigger than that Amira won't calm down until she finds out" Rani said

    "Now you are overreacting, both of you" Preity said

    "Shahrukh doesn't want Amira to feel worried for him, we pray that it is just a passing nightmare, because if it is repeated he has to go to doctor to see what's wrong. Nightmares are reactions to what irritates us and if there is something irritating Shahrukh, Amira will find out sooner or later"

    "Maybe because of work as you said" Preity said

    "Or maybe something else" Rani said

    "What's in your nightmare Shahrukh??!!" Kajol thought
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    Chapter 32

    'it is good that we ate outside, it is a good chance to see the streets of London' Amira said happily and took a bite of the slice of pizza in her hand

    'do you like the pizza?' Shahrukh asked

    'a loooooooot, it is really delicious, oh i remembered, the girls called me this morning'

    'that's great'

    'God, i really miss them' she paused for a while then spoke suddenly like she remembered something ' how is work?'

    'it is fine' he said then sighed ' gosh, i want to finish everything as soon as possible and go back to India'

    'i hope' then they continued eating, after they finished, Shahrukh ordered for coffee, he remained sipping quietly and Amira remained looking at Shahrukh questionably folding her hands before her chest.

    'What! why are you staring at me like this?'

    'what did you see in that nightmare?'

    'What nightmare?' Shahrukh acted like he has no idea about what she is saying

    Amira rolled her eyes then said 'the one you saw during the trip'

    Shahrukh cleared his throat ' i don't remember' Amira kept looking at him silently

    'What! why don't you believe me? do you remember all the nightmares you saw?'

    'no' she nodded in denail

    'see? and by the way it is a bad dream, so i won't like to remember it'

    'i know, but what is the reason for seeing a nightmare?'

    'i don't know, it is no big deal' he said and shrugged his shoulders

    'maybe the flight was the reason' Amira acted thinking

    Shahrukh rolled his eyes ' maybe'

    Amira sighed ' ok'

    Shahrukh shook his head and sipped his coffee quietly, while Amira kept looking at the people in the restaurant, suddenly she found Shahrukh's hand moving in front of her face.

    'what are you doing?' she said putting his hand away

    'i am talking to you'

    'sorry i was absent minded'

    'let's call the girls' he said taking his phone out of his pocket

    'the girls' Amira said and winked to him jokingly

    Shahrukh rolled his then shook his head and smiled 'i shouldn't have told you' he said and Amira laughed.

    Rani was walking to the garden when she heard Preity's mobile phone ringing " Preity your phone is ringing" Rani shouted but Preity didn't hear her, she went towards the table where the phone was placed to see who is calling, she smiled when she saw Shahrukh's name on the screen and she picked up.

    'hello!' Rani said happily

    Shahrukh put her on the loudspeaker, he shook his head looking to Amira 'oh, finally one of you picked up, where are you guys? Kajol isn't picking up her phone too' Shahrukh said in anger

    'all of us are in the garden, i heard the phone with consedince'

    'What are you doing in the garden without us? did someone visit you?' Amira asked

    'oh yeah, it is Amit Ji with his wife and his son, Saif is also here' Rani explained

    Shahrukh put the phone in Amira's hand angirly, he folded his hands before his chest and looked away.

    'Rani? What are you doing here and who are you talking to?' Kajol asked when she saw her inside the house

    'it is Shahrukh and Amira'

    Kajol took the phone from Rani's hand 'hey guys' she said happily

    'hey girl' Amira said happily, when Shahrukh heard Kajol's voice he took the phone from Amira and put it on his ear 'hey girl'

    'hey Shahrukh' she smiled, Shahrukh was about to talk but he found Amira watching him with her palm under her cheeck, he gestured to her with his hand to go somewhere, she laughed and went to the bathroom.

    'how are you?' he asked

    'as if you care' she said coldly

    'Kajol please'

    'why i can't hear Amira saying anything?'

    'she went to the bathroom'

    Kajol noticed that Rani is still there, she smiled to her and said to Shahrukh ' we miss you'

    'i miss "you" too '

    'What are you doing with my phone?!' Preity appeared and snatched the phone from Kajol

    'I am talking to Shahrukh and Amira' Kajol said and snatched the phone from her hand

    'I want to talk to them too' Preity snatched it again

    'I was talking first'

    Shahrukh rolled his eyes and wiped his face with his hand in boredom 'Girls??'

    Rani shook her head ' that's stupid'

    'talk to them from your phone' Preity tried to grab it from Kajol, they kept grabbing it from each other until it fell from their hands on the floor, crashed into pieces.

    'oh that's great' Preity said angrily folding her hands before her chest

    'girls, that's childish!' Rani said

    'what the hell are all of you doing here?' Poja entered and asked angrily

    'we were..' Preity was about to complete but Poja interrupted her 'explain later, now come out'

    'hello??' Shahrukh said then looked at the phone, he shook his head then put it back to his pocket, Amira came back at the same moment

    'what happened?' she asked

    'nothing' he said and sighed

    'don't worry, it is only few days and we will be back' she said putting her hand over his, he nodded and gave her a short smile.

    There were only a few days until the end of the two weeks, they passed slower than an old turtle for Shahrukh, his time was between his work and Amira, he was counting days until he goes back to India to be with Kajol. Amira really missed the girls and the house but she enjoyed her time in London, Shahrukh took her to restaurants, theaters, museums and they walked in London's beautiful streets. The girls called them a lot that they felt as if they were with them in London.

    After everyone was asleep, Kajol entered her room, putting her hand over her head in pain, she opened the drawer of the nightstand near her bed and started searching for painkillers, suddenly she had no control her knees, she fell over and everything went black.

    Kajol opened her eyes slowly, she found herself sleeping over the floor, she didn't know how long she remained like this, she put her palm over her forehead in pain, suddenly she widened her eyes.

    'What was her fault to get mad at her? your problem is with me, did some lyrics really affect you? ' Kajol asked him when they going upstairs. She was about to fall of because her long dress, he didn't reply. They met Rani and Preity near the stairs when they were coming back.

    'She is okay' Preity said coldly to Shahrukh and walked away ' good night all, thanks for the night Shahrukh' she said sarcastically heading to her room, Rani shook her head and left to her room too. When Preity was on her way to her room Saif grabbed her hand and they ran to the roof.

    Shahrukh folded his arms before his chest and narrowed his eyes looking at Kajol 'what!' she said, he clapped sarcastically 'bravo, you are great actress Kajol, you deserve a film fare'

    Kajol rolled her eyes 'Shahrukh please don't start'

    'you are so cheap Kajol and I really don't care about you, I hate you. Now go marry Saif or marry Abhishik or whoever you want or you can have them both, you are free; I don't give a damn'

    Kajol couldn't believe what she heard, she felt like it was a nightmare, she shook her head sadly, speechless, tears rolling down her cheek. She tried to walk back but Kajol stepped on her dress by mistake and her leg slipped, she lost balance and rolled down the stairs, her head hit the floor; bleeding.

    Kajol placed her palm over her mouth and burst out crying, she felt like her heart will jump out of her chest, that's what Shahrukh was hiding from her, and he was acting like nothing happened, she could have died because of him, and he didn't dare to tell her or apologize for what he did.
    She stood up slowly and went to her bed, she put her head over the pillow and cried herself to sleep.

    In the early morning Amira found her phone ringing, she grabbed it without opening her eyes and put it over her ear 'hello' she said with a sleepy voice

    'ask your brother to stop acting innocent and honest, there is no need for that, and tell him that i will do what i promised' Kajol said through her teeth

    'is that a suitable time for guessing games Kajol?' Amira said with a sleepy voice and sat up slowly

    'don't act smart you too' Kajol said coldly

    'what the hell is going on Kajol?' Amira asked loudly with boredom

    'tell him that i remembered everything' Kajol replied

    Amira widened her eyes and placed her palm over her lips, she swallowed and asked for more details and Kajol told her everything.

    Amira cleared her throat and said 'maybe he said that out of jealousy'

    'don't defend him' Kajol screamed, Amira kept quite, she had nothing to say, she felt like her brain doesn't want to work and come up with something clever. They remained like this until Kajol started crying and hung up.

    Shahrukh heard a knock on the door, he was awake even if it was a day off, he opened the door and found Amira standing at the doorstep, he let her in 'why did you wake up so early? are you okay?' he seemed worried.

    Amira sat on a chair and Shahrukh sat in front of her curious to know what's wrong 'what happened?' he aksed her

    She cleared her throat and rubbed her hand then looked at him ' i have bad news for you'


    'umm, Kajol' she paused, Shahrukh narrowed his eyes understanding nothing, she continued ' she ummm, she remembered... everything!' he looked at her silenlty.

    Kajol heard a knock on the door, she acted as if she is asleep and didn't reply. The door was opened and Rani came in and sat in front of her on the bed and patted gently over her shoulder.

    'Kajol are you okay?'

    'hmm' Kajol replied with a sleepy voice

    'you slept for a long time we felt worried, it is nearly afternoon'

    'i am fine, let me sleep'

    'are you feeling okay? is something hurting you? you feel sick?'

    'can't you just leave me alone?' Kajol sat up and screamed in her face, Rani was speechless, she stood up quietly and left the room, shutting the door behind her.

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