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Family is Family

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by Egyptian Fan 95, May 11, 2016.

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    OMG i really miss this place, ok i couldn't wait and i posted the new chapter :D
    actually it should be posted a little bit earlier but i had problems with the internet connection and the site didn't allow me to post anything for a while and i don't know the reason :noidea:

    enjoy reading and tell me your opinions, thaaanks a lot for your patience , love yoou aallll :grouphug::love::love:
    new chapters after couple of days i promise :D

    Chapter 31

    Amira went downstairs to stay with everyone else, it wasn't too late so everyone was still awake, she sat on the couch and grabbed a plate of sweets was over the table.

    "It is my plate" Preity said
    "Make yourself another one" Amira sighed and said

    "What are you busy with by the way?" Preity asked and continued" and why do you look so tired, the drawings are tiring you that much?"

    "Yeah I had to finish some things before I go with Shahrukh" Amira said

    "Going where?" Rani asked

    "To London" Amira replied

    "Oh, we completely forgot that!" Poja said shaking her head

    "Why didn't you tell us? When did you decide that?" Preity asked angrily

    "Just now, and it is a good chance to see London, I have never been to it" Amira replied

    "When are you leaving?" Rani asked and furrowed her eyebrows sadly

    "The day after tomorrow" Amira replied

    Everyone was at the airport on time to say goodbye to Amira and Shahrukh even if they were angry with Amira for her sudden decision and they were sad that they were busy with Kajol and forgot all about Shahrukh's trip. They all arrived a lilttle bit early so they had enough time to stay with them and goodbye them.

    "Take care of her" Kajol said

    "Of course I will" Shahrukh said smiling and putting his arm around Amira's shoulder " I really appreciate that all of you came to drop us to the airport"

    "It is nothing beta" Arjit said with a warm smile

    "I hate you" Preity said angrily to Amira

    " I'll miss you too darling" Amira replied showing her tounge to Preity

    "Call us a lot, ok?" Rani said smiling

    "Don't worry, I will call a lot that you won't even feel that I am not home" Amira said giggling

    "It is the first time they both leave the house after the first time they came to live with us" Poja said sadly to Rani and patted gently over Amira's head in a pity, Shahrukh was furious but managed to act calm, it is not suitable time to remind him of what happened. Amira blinked many times to prevent tears from escaping. Everyone was silent and no one knew what to say, but Shahrukh quickly broke the silence, he cleared his throat " we don't want to be late" he said to Amira.

    "Take care of yourself my dear boy" Arjit said

    Shahrukh gave a short smile "I will, uncle"

    Amira and Shahrukh held their bags, waved to them and went towards the hall to wait for their plane.
    They put their bags near their waiting chairs and sat down.

    "Coffee?" Amira asked Shahrukh suddenly

    "Yes, please" he replied calmly

    Few minutes and Amira was back, she handed him his cup and sat down looking at him "are you okay?"

    "Yes dear" he smiled

    "Umm, I am so happy that I am finally travelling with the airplane" she said and Shahrukh looked at her and chuckled shaking his head

    "I am fine, ok? So stop acting like that" he said, Amira smiled acting that she believed him.

    "I know that he is sad for our parents death, but why does he get furious every time anyone mentions it, what is the secret behind that?" She said to herself, she flinched when Shahrukh put his hand over her shoulder and told her that they called for their flight, she nodded and held her bag.

    "Oh first class!" Amira said happily when she sat on her chair.

    "Do you want change places and to sit next to the window?" Shahrukh asked

    "No it is okay" she replied

    Many thoughts were running inside Shahrukh's head and irritating him, he closed his eyes tightly to sleep and try to ignore all the thoughts.

    Amira noticed that and looked sadly at him "poor boy" she said. She passed her time between watching a movie and eating, they were travelling at night and she felt hungry, she woke Shahrukh up to eat but he told her that he wasn't hungry and went back to sleep, then she got bored and slept.

    Amira suddenly woke up, she heard Shahrukh's loud breathing, he was furrowing his brows while sleeping and he seemed uncomfortable, suddenly he opened his eyes and started looking around, it took him some time to know where he is.

    "Are you okay?" Amira asked him in a worry

    He wiped his sweaty face with his hand and managed to breath slowly " I am fine, it is just a nightmare"

    Amira pressed a button on her chair, an air hostess appeared " will you bring me a glass of water please?" Amira said

    "Sure" the air hostess replied with a smile and left, a few seconds and she was back with the glass of water.

    "Thank you" Amira said and handed the glass to Shahrukh who sipped the water calmly then gave the glass to the air hostess.

    "Do you need anything else?" The air hostess asked with a smile

    "No thank you" Amira replied politely and the air hostess left, Amira looked back at Shahrukh "how are you feeling?"

    "I am fine, I will go and wash my face" he replied and left his chair heading to the bathroom. Amira shook her head and went back to sleep.

    Everyone was back at home after they dropped Shahrukh and Amira to the airport, Arjit entered his study and Poja looked at the fashion magazines. Rani stayed with her kids and Preity called Saif on the phone, who completely forgot about Shahrukh's flight and Preity told him about Amira's sudden decision, everyone had something to do back home except Kajol, she couldn't focus on her studies, she also felt that the house is gloomy. Shahrukh had his magic touch, and Amira also.
    She remembered few years ago when they came to live with them after the death of their father and mother.

    Kajol had a very bad feeling and she didn't know why she was feeling like that "what would happen in two weeks?" She asked herself. She prayed that they pass quickly, she wasn't ready for and surprises, she wasn't also in a mood for Saif or Abhishik.

    "Oh my God, I didn't imagine that it will be very cold like this" Amira said when she got in the taxi blowing in her hands and trembling.

    "We will go to the hotel now and you will get warm don't worry" Shahrukh said smiling and patting over her shoulder, he closed the taxi door next to him and they moved.

    "Do you think we should call them back home?" Amira asked

    "They will be asleep now, we will call them tomorrow" Shahrukh replied

    "What time is it?

    "It is 12 a.m. , it is 5:30 In India now"

    After half an hour they were in front of the hotel, they checked in and went up to their rooms.

    "It is a big room" Amira said when she came in.

    "I am happy you liked it" Shahrukh smiled then he handed her a card" don't forget your key"

    She took the key from his hand and asked "so where are we going tomorrow?"

    "I have no plans, you decide and tell me when I come back"

    "Don't tell me that you are going to work tomorrow!" She said raising her eyebrows surprised " Are you joking? We have just arrived"

    "I want to finish my work here as soon as I can so we go back to India quickly"

    "Hmmmmmm" Amira said happily raising her eyebrows many times jokingly

    "Shut up" Shahrukh said rolling his eyes then giggled then said " but really, it wasn't the right time to travel, I wanted to spend that time near Kajol until everything is okay"

    "Everything will be okay, why are you so worried?"

    "Saif and Abhishik are there and I am here plus that I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen"

    "Don't say that and pray that every thing will be okay"

    "I hope" he sighed then said " now go to sleep you look tired"

    "Ok, good night Shahrukh" she waved her hand to him

    "Good night dear" he said and headed towards the door

    There was a faint sound of a song being played, the sound was increasing, Amira opened her eyes and found that her phone was ringing, she grabbed it and found 3 missed calls they were from Rani, Preity and Kajol. Kajol's name appeared on the screen again.

    "Hello" Amira said with a sleepy voice

    "She is still asleep" Kajol laughed and said to Preity, Preity took the phone " you are still asleep?"

    "What time is it?" Amira asked

    "It is 2:45 pm here" Preity replied

    "Oh my poor biological clock" Amira said

    "Put her on the loudspeaker" Rani said

    "Hey Rani, I can hear you" Amira sat up and smiled

    "How are you dear?" Rani asked

    "I am fine dear"

    "Did you sleep well?" Kajol asked

    " I didn't sleep well during the flight so I woke up late now" Amira said rubbing her eye

    "Why didn't you sleep well?" Kajol asked

    "Shahrukh is responsible for that, I woke up because of him, he saw a nightmare"

    "Did he tell you what he saw?"

    "No he didn't and I didn't want to talk about it with him but what I noticed that it really irritated him"

    "Nightmare?! Again?!" Kajol thought

    "Anyway, ask Shahrukh to finish his work quickly, we really miss you already" Rani said

    "I really miss you too, I know that the house is really bad without me" Amira said giggling

    "No actually it is calm and nice" Preity said teasing

    "I hate you" Amira said and laughed

    "What are you going to do now?" Preity asked

    "I think I will think about breakfast now then wait for Shahrukh to come, I will call you again girls"

    "Ok dear, enjoy your breakfast" Rani said and put the phone on the table

    "Earth to Kajol" Preity said popping her fingers in front of Kajol's face "what is in your mind?"

    "The nightmare thing, it happened before to him"

    "But everyone sees nightmares don't overreact" Rani said

    "No, do you remember that night when Shahrukh was fevered? He saw a nightmare, a bad one, you would believe me if you saw his face" Kajol said

    "Why didn't you tell me that?????"

    "Who said that?" Preity asked

    "I am still on the phone idiots" Amira said and laughed, the girls looked at each other for few seconds until Rani came up with something to say.

    "Both of you are overreacting, it happened because of the fever" Rani said

    "But he wasn't fevered last night!" Amira said

    "Maybe because of the pressure of work" Rani said

    "Hmm, Maybe, ok call you later"

    "Ok bye" Rani said

    "Bye" she said and hung up

    "Take your phone and check it" Rani handed the phone to Kajol

    "Shahrukh will kill me" Kajol said

    "I hope that it is just a nightmare, if there is something bigger than that Amira won't calm down until she finds out" Rani said

    "Now you are overreacting, both of you" Preity said

    "Shahrukh doesn't want Amira to feel worried for him, we pray that it is just a passing nightmare, because if it is repeated he has to go to doctor to see what's wrong. Nightmares are reactions to what irritates us and if there is something irritating Shahrukh, Amira will find out sooner or later"

    "Maybe because of work as you said" Preity said

    "Or maybe something else" Rani said

    "What's in your nightmare Shahrukh??!!" Kajol thought
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    Chapter 32

    'it is good that we ate outside, it is a good chance to see the streets of London' Amira said happily and took a bite of the slice of pizza in her hand

    'do you like the pizza?' Shahrukh asked

    'a loooooooot, it is really delicious, oh i remembered, the girls called me this morning'

    'that's great'

    'God, i really miss them' she paused for a while then spoke suddenly like she remembered something ' how is work?'

    'it is fine' he said then sighed ' gosh, i want to finish everything as soon as possible and go back to India'

    'i hope' then they continued eating, after they finished, Shahrukh ordered for coffee, he remained sipping quietly and Amira remained looking at Shahrukh questionably folding her hands before her chest.

    'What! why are you staring at me like this?'

    'what did you see in that nightmare?'

    'What nightmare?' Shahrukh acted like he has no idea about what she is saying

    Amira rolled her eyes then said 'the one you saw during the trip'

    Shahrukh cleared his throat ' i don't remember' Amira kept looking at him silently

    'What! why don't you believe me? do you remember all the nightmares you saw?'

    'no' she nodded in denail

    'see? and by the way it is a bad dream, so i won't like to remember it'

    'i know, but what is the reason for seeing a nightmare?'

    'i don't know, it is no big deal' he said and shrugged his shoulders

    'maybe the flight was the reason' Amira acted thinking

    Shahrukh rolled his eyes ' maybe'

    Amira sighed ' ok'

    Shahrukh shook his head and sipped his coffee quietly, while Amira kept looking at the people in the restaurant, suddenly she found Shahrukh's hand moving in front of her face.

    'what are you doing?' she said putting his hand away

    'i am talking to you'

    'sorry i was absent minded'

    'let's call the girls' he said taking his phone out of his pocket

    'the girls' Amira said and winked to him jokingly

    Shahrukh rolled his then shook his head and smiled 'i shouldn't have told you' he said and Amira laughed.

    Rani was walking to the garden when she heard Preity's mobile phone ringing " Preity your phone is ringing" Rani shouted but Preity didn't hear her, she went towards the table where the phone was placed to see who is calling, she smiled when she saw Shahrukh's name on the screen and she picked up.

    'hello!' Rani said happily

    Shahrukh put her on the loudspeaker, he shook his head looking to Amira 'oh, finally one of you picked up, where are you guys? Kajol isn't picking up her phone too' Shahrukh said in anger

    'all of us are in the garden, i heard the phone with coincidence'

    'What are you doing in the garden without us? did someone visit you?' Amira asked

    'oh yeah, it is Amit Ji with his wife and his son, Saif is also here' Rani explained

    Shahrukh put the phone in Amira's hand angrily, he folded his hands before his chest and looked away.

    'Rani? What are you doing here and who are you talking to?' Kajol asked when she saw her inside the house

    'it is Shahrukh and Amira'

    Kajol took the phone from Rani's hand 'hey guys' she said happily

    'hey girl' Amira said happily, when Shahrukh heard Kajol's voice he took the phone from Amira and put it on his ear 'hey girl'

    'hey Shahrukh' she smiled, Shahrukh was about to talk but he found Amira watching him with her palm under her cheek, he gestured to her with his hand to go somewhere, she laughed and went to the bathroom.

    'how are you?' he asked

    'as if you care' she said coldly

    'Kajol please'

    'why i can't hear Amira saying anything?'

    'she went to the bathroom'

    Kajol noticed that Rani is still there, she smiled to her and said to Shahrukh ' we miss you'

    'i miss "you" too '

    'What are you doing with my phone?!' Preity appeared and snatched the phone from Kajol

    'I am talking to Shahrukh and Amira' Kajol said and snatched the phone from her hand

    'I want to talk to them too' Preity snatched it again

    'I was talking first'

    Shahrukh rolled his eyes and wiped his face with his hand in boredom 'Girls??'

    Rani shook her head ' that's stupid'

    'talk to them from your phone' Preity tried to grab it from Kajol, they kept grabbing it from each other until it fell from their hands on the floor, crashed into pieces.

    'oh that's great' Preity said angrily folding her hands before her chest

    'girls, that's childish!' Rani said

    'what the hell are all of you doing here?' Poja entered and asked angrily

    'we were..' Preity was about to complete but Poja interrupted her 'explain later, now come out'

    'hello??' Shahrukh said then looked at the phone, he shook his head then put it back to his pocket, Amira came back at the same moment

    'what happened?' she asked

    'nothing' he said and sighed

    'don't worry, it is only few days and we will be back' she said putting her hand over his, he nodded and gave her a short smile.

    There were only a few days until the end of the two weeks, they passed slower than an old turtle for Shahrukh, his time was between his work and Amira, he was counting days until he goes back to India to be with Kajol. Amira really missed the girls and the house but she enjoyed her time in London, Shahrukh took her to restaurants, theaters, museums and they walked in London's beautiful streets. The girls called them a lot that they felt as if they were with them in London.

    After everyone was asleep, Kajol entered her room, putting her hand over her head in pain, she opened the drawer of the nightstand near her bed and started searching for painkillers, suddenly she had no control her knees, she fell over and everything went black.

    Kajol opened her eyes slowly, she found herself sleeping over the floor, she didn't know how long she remained like this, she put her palm over her forehead in pain, suddenly she widened her eyes.

    'What was her fault to get mad at her? your problem is with me, did some lyrics really affect you? ' Kajol asked him when they going upstairs. She was about to fall of because her long dress, he didn't reply. They met Rani and Preity near the stairs when they were coming back.

    'She is okay' Preity said coldly to Shahrukh and walked away ' good night all, thanks for the night Shahrukh' she said sarcastically heading to her room, Rani shook her head and left to her room too.

    Shahrukh folded his arms before his chest and narrowed his eyes looking at Kajol 'what!' she said, he clapped sarcastically 'bravo, you are great actress Kajol, you deserve a film fare'

    Kajol rolled her eyes 'Shahrukh please don't start'

    'you are so cheap Kajol and I really don't care about you, I hate you. Now go marry Saif or marry Abhishik or whoever you want or you can have them both, you are free; I don't give a damn'

    Kajol couldn't believe what she heard, she felt like it was a nightmare, she shook her head sadly, speechless, tears rolling down her cheek. She tried to walk back but Kajol stepped on her dress by mistake and her leg slipped, she lost balance and rolled down the stairs, her head hit the floor; bleeding.

    Kajol placed her palm over her mouth and burst out crying, she felt like her heart will jump out of her chest, that's what Shahrukh was hiding from her, and he was acting like nothing happened, she could have died because of him, and he didn't dare to tell her or apologize for what he did.
    She stood up slowly and went to her bed, she put her head over the pillow and cried herself to sleep.

    In the early morning Amira found her phone ringing, she grabbed it without opening her eyes and put it over her ear 'hello' she said with a sleepy voice

    'ask your brother to stop acting innocent and honest, there is no need for that, and tell him that i will do what i promised' Kajol said through her teeth

    'is that a suitable time for guessing games Kajol?' Amira said with a sleepy voice and sat up slowly

    'don't act smart you too' Kajol said coldly

    'what the hell is going on Kajol?' Amira asked loudly with boredom

    'tell him that i remembered everything' Kajol replied

    Amira widened her eyes and placed her palm over her lips, she swallowed and asked for more details and Kajol told her everything.

    Amira cleared her throat and said 'maybe he said that out of jealousy'

    'don't defend him' Kajol screamed, Amira kept quite, she had nothing to say, she felt like her brain doesn't want to work and come up with something clever. They remained like this until Kajol started crying and hung up.

    Shahrukh heard a knock on the door, he was awake even if it was a day off, he opened the door and found Amira standing at the doorstep, he let her in 'why did you wake up so early? are you okay?' he seemed worried.

    Amira sat on a chair and Shahrukh sat in front of her curious to know what's wrong 'what happened?' he aksed her

    She cleared her throat and rubbed her hand then looked at him ' i have bad news for you'


    'umm, Kajol' she paused, Shahrukh narrowed his eyes understanding nothing, she continued ' she ummm, she remembered... everything!' he looked at her silenlty.

    Kajol heard a knock on the door, she acted as if she is asleep and didn't reply. The door was opened and Rani came in and sat in front of her on the bed and patted gently over her shoulder.

    'Kajol are you okay?'

    'hmm' Kajol replied with a sleepy voice

    'you slept for a long time we felt worried, it is nearly afternoon'

    'i am fine, let me sleep'

    'are you feeling okay? is something hurting you? you feel sick?'

    'can't you just leave me alone?' Kajol sat up and screamed in her face, Rani was speechless, she stood up quietly and left the room, shutting the door behind her.

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    Beautiful of day
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    Chapter 33

    'Shahrukh you must be kidding!' Amira said in a shock

    'so what should I do?!!' he asked, she held his hands and sat him down on the chair in front of her, she sat down and said calmly 'we should be sensible Shahrukh'

    'Sensible?! don't you understand what happened?' he asked in anger

    'I understand, but what are you going to do will appear unreasonable' she said but he didn't answer, he folded his arms before his chest

    'listen to me Shahrukh, first you can't delay our flight, what would you tell uncle Arjit?'

    'i will tell him that i haven't finished my work here'

    'he will ask uncle Jamal'

    'i will tell him that it is my point if view and i need to stay for a while'

    'and you think he will believe that? and if you could convince him, it is a matter of a few days and we will be back to India anyway'

    Shahrukh thought for a while, he was about to say something but he retreated.

    'you will have to face it Shahrukh, sooner or later' she said putting her hand over his.

    'at least i will delay facing her, Amira please only another week'

    'we can't Shahrukh, what about my college? ok, i can go back to India alone, but you have to come back one day, you won't run forever'

    'I don't know' Shahrukh sighed and hid his face in his palms

    'both of you said stupid things to each other, you need to talk'

    'that's it, Kajol won't even give me the chance'

    'try to Shahrukh, life is not so easy you know'

    Shahrukh looked at her and shook his head laughing, he kissed her forehead ' you have grown up' he said happily and she smiled back.

    'but we will wait for a few days anyway'

    Amira pleaded 'oh no' and hid her face in her palms.

    'Morning girls' Preity said happily entering the dinning room, everyone was there except Arjit.

    'Morning' everyone replied

    'Gosh i really miss Shahrukh and Amira' Preity said sadly, at the same moment Arjit entered and sat to his chair 'Morning' he said happily then he said ' Shahrukh called at the early morning and told me about his flight number, I will send a car for them'

    Kajol was hearing silently, she was looking at her plate and barely touched the food

    'I don't understand the point, they should have been here four days ago or something, what happened?' Rani asked

    'Shahrukh said that he has to check that everything is okay before he leaves and revise everything' Arjit replied

    Kajol stood up suddenly ' I will be late, i have to go'

    'you didn't eat well' Poja said

    'I am not hungry' Kajol said and left the room

    'Girls, what is wrong with her' Poja asked in worry

    'I don't know auntie, maybe she didn't sleep well' Preity said, Rani remembered when Kajol shouted at her, Kajol was behaving strange for a while and she didn't know why, every time they ask her she says that she is just busy with college stuff and that's all.

    'If Amira was here we surely would find out' Meera said happily and everyone laughed.

    'did you check everything?' Shahrukh asked Amira when they were checking out

    'yeah don't worry' she said and paused then spoke again 'that's strange'

    'what is strange?'

    'everything you do, like now'

    'i don't understand ! what do you want to say?' he narrowed his eyes

    'you haven't seen your face when you came back from London, it seemed that it was a though time and you hate coming back to London, but now you are dying to stay'

    He closed his eyes managing to be calm 'I have a reason that makes me want to stay' he paused then said ' and yeah it was a though time like you said because of the stress of work, and I don't want to talk about it again, ok?'


    'shall we leave?'

    'now you want to leave'

    'what is wrong with you today?' he shouted at her that everyone at the hall looked at them

    They went out silently to ride the taxi which was waiting for them, someone from the hotel put their bags in the taxi, they got in and headed to the Airport.

    Amira was sitting quietly folding her arms in anger, looking away from Shahrukh while they were waiting for their flight.

    'you were provoking me' Shahrukh said quietly

    'Shahrukh you have been acting strange' Amira said in anger, he looked at her silenlty

    'don't you feel it? after our parents death, moving to live with uncle Arjit, that time at London and now'

    'are you stupid or something?' he looked at her in anger, she was listening quietly, he continued ' don't you see that all these events are enough to change me and make me behave in a strange way? you are asking like you have seen nothing. our parents death of course affected me, we had our own house but we live at someone's else, i had a bad time at London and in short we were in trouble, and now you see what is happening between me and Kajol, is that a life?? Thank god that i bear all this and i didn't commit suicide and now you are asking me why i behave strangely' he said through his teeth in anger, Amira burst out crying at the same moment he finished.

    'I didn't tell you this to cry for god's sake!!!' he said and rolled his eyes and said 'i know that you are worried for me and please don't be, i am fine' she remained looking silently at him 'I will.. be fine, okay?'

    'I know all what you said for god's sake, but like you said i was worried for you' she wiped her face with the back of her hand and said ' but i felt that you are hiding something and this is not the whole truth'

    Shahrukh cleared his throat 'I am not hiding something, i hate you over curiosity'

    'I hate to feel that something is hidden from me'

    'trust me. it is not always good to know the truth' he said sadly, Amira shook her head, she stood up and headed towards the bathroom leaving him alone to his thoughts.

    "why are you putting salt over the wound Amira? How long are you going to hide it Shahrukh? How long can you bear keeping that secret in your chest?" Shahrukh asked himself and closed his eyes in sadness

    "Amira, we arrived"

    Amira opened her eyes, they have arrived India. Amira have slept for the whole flight that she felt that the trip was just a dream. They found the car that uncle Arjit sent for them when they went out, the bags were put in the car and they moved.

    'I am... sorry' Shahrukh said, Amira was looking away towards the window, but looked at him when he talked and he continued 'I should have spoke in a better way, I know you were worried for me'

    'it is okay' she smiled to him reassuringly

    'Thank you' he smiled back

    'just focus on what you are going to do, and don't spoil it too' she said laughing

    'I am a good man you know' he said and that made her laugh harder

    'what? do you have any kind of suspect?'

    'no no at all' she said while laughing, Shahrukh was happy that she was laughing and looked happily at her.

    'thanks for being here for me, and for coming with me to London'

    'I will always be here for you whenever you need me, and it was a good chance to stay together, I really missed you'

    'God bless you dear' he said to her then they looked back through the windows, Shahrukh was lost in his thoughts, he thanked god thousand times for Amira's presence in his life was more useful than his parents'

    They were only a few kilometers away from home, it was late night and Shahrukh thanked god that he will take sleep as an excuse to not to speak to anyone, he was absent minded for the whole time, he flinched when Amira put her palm over his shoulder.

    'every thing will be okay, don't worry' she said and he nodded silently

    'and take my advice, don't talk with her for a couple of days, it will be better' she said and continued 'I think she won't even talk to me'

    'why? it is not your fault'

    'I know, but I am your sister after all'

    'that's ridiculous' he said and shook his head

    They finally arrived, the driver took the bags inside the house, Shahrukh and Amira entered and everyone was still awake waiting for them, even Shivan and Meera, they insisted on waiting for them.
    Everyone was happy that they were back, they all hugged, even Kajol, she tried to act normally in front of everyone; she hugged Shahrukh coldly and she didn't even look at his face.

    'God, finally you are back' Rani said happily

    'Yeah' Amira replied happily

    'Shahrukh beta, are you okay?' Arjit asked him in a worry

    'both of us are exhausted from the flight and we should directly head to bed' Amira replied quickly, Shahrukh smiled at her

    "Finally you did something clever" Shahrukh thought

    Amira looked at him like she read his mind, he cleared his throat and looked away

    'Ok go to bed now and tomorrow tell us everything' Poja said to Amira

    'You are not going to work tomorrow Shahrukh' Arjit said firmly to Shahrukh

    'I am really tired so i won't say no to you uncle' Shahrukh said

    'oh, when Shahrukh finally says he is tired it means he is dying' Preity said sarcastically

    'I will hit you Preity, but not now, tomorrow' Shahrukh said jokingly

    'you don't dare to' Preity said showing him her tounge teasing him

    'Let me show you your room sir' Meera said holding Shahrukh's hand

    'Yes please' Shahrukh said and everyone laughed, but Kajol didn't react.

    'Good night Shahrukh' Rani said holding Meera's hand

    'Good night' he said and waved to Meera who gave him a big sweet smile and left. Shahrukh closed the door behind them, he was happy that the night finally ended. He was so exhausted that he lied on bed without changing his clothes or even combing his hair like he does every night before he goes to sleep, he prayed that everything will be okay. Even he was afraid from the next days, he was curious to know what will happen. He put his head on the pillow, closed his eyes and felt nothing.

  7. Egyptian Fan 95

    Egyptian Fan 95 Dreamer ツ

  8. Egyptian Fan 95

    Egyptian Fan 95 Dreamer ツ

    Chapter 34

    Amira woke up early, even she was exhausted the previous night but she couldn't sleep more, and she really missed the house and the girls so she decided to go downstairs to see if someone is awake. She met Kajol when she was walking in the corridor heading to the stairs, she didn't know what to do and what to tell her, she knew how angry she is with Shahrukh, she didn't know how Kajol is going to behave with her.

    Amira remained looking at Kajol silently for a few seconds but at the end she cut the silence 'hey' Amira said in a low voice

    'hey girl' Kajol sighed and said

    Amira cleared her throat ' are you okay?'

    Kajol nodded and said 'yeah, I am fine'

    'ok, see you downstairs'

    Kajol smiled to her and put her palm over her shoulder 'ok'

    Amira smiled back and went downstairs headed towards the garden and sat on the swing. Half an hour and she could hear Meera and Shivan's voices, she knew that Rani is up too and she went in.

    'morning' Amira said happily to Rani

    'hey girl, did you sleep well?' Rani smiled and asked


    'come on Shivan hurry up, the bus is on the way' Rani shouted

    'ok mom' Shivan replied

    Kajol came downstairs 'Good morning' she said to Rani

    Rani sighed 'good morning' then she found that the bus had arrived; she went with Shivan towards the main door and then came back

    'I need to talk to you' Kajol said to Rani and Amira, they all sat on the couch and Kajol sat in the middle between them 'I want to apologize, I have been behaving strangely with all of you for a while, I really didn't mean too'

    'it is okay' Rani said

    'no problem' Amira said

    'it was just some stuff at college and i was busy with my studies, i didn't mean to behave meanly'

    'All what we care about is that you be okay' Rani said smilingly

    Kajol gave a relived sigh 'oh my god, it felt like that there was a load over my shoulders'

    Amira shook her head giggling 'Pagali'

    'oh and here Preity comes' Rani said

    'hey girls' Preity said rubbing her eye, she pushed Kajol and sat in the middle

    'ouch' Kajol said

    'eh, tell me what did i miss?' Amira asked with interest and everyone laughed

    'Amira is back girls' Kajol said happily

    'really, what did i miss?'

    'nothing, Amitji and his wife and son visited us, Saif was here too at that day' Preity replied

    'what did you do?'

    'not much actually, dad remained talking with Amitji and his son and Saif, we talked with Jaya auntie and oh my god, she is so sweet woman, not like her husband' Kajol replied

    'i really love Jaya auntie, she is really kind' Amira said

    'Abhishik joined the conversation too later, he is a funny guy' Rani said

    'yeah, he is' Amira said

    'mom when is Shahrukh going to wake up? I want him to draw with me' Meera asked

    'Meera he is really tired, let him have rest' Kajol replied at once, Amira looked at Kajol and raised an eyebrow and Kajol looked away.

    'oh, let me show you the pics i took in London, i haven't uploaded all of them' Amira said and took her phone out of her pocket, they all gathered to watch even Meera.

    'oh my god they are really beautiful' Kajol said smiling while looking at the photos

    'I really enjoyed that trip, but the weather was really cold there'

    'I want to go to Paris one day, London seems boring' Preity said

    'why don't we go on school vacation?' Kajol asked

    'That will be great' Rani replied, but Amira remained silent

    'and Amira, you are coming with us' Kajol said

    'of course she is coming with us' Rani said

    'no that's not what i meant' Kajol said

    'i understand nothing' Preity seemed confused

    'she has been saying stupid things for a while like we are poor and shitty blah blah blah' Kajol said rolling her eyes and continued 'I am sure it is one of Shahrukh's stupid ideas'

    Rani shook her head looking at Amira 'that's ridiculous' she said

    'Who said Shahrukh?' All the girls screamed at once when they heard the voice, Shahrukh was standing behind the couch.

    'oh my god, you scared me' Preity said placing her palm over her chest

    'and I hit you too' Shahrukh said and hit her arm jokingly then sat on a chair next to them

    'Shahrukh that's evil' Preity said angrily

    'I promised' Shahrukh said raising his eyebrows teasing her, so Preity threw a pillow over him. Shahrukh took the pillow and hit Preity with then ran away and Preity started running after him round the chairs. Meera was watching happily clapping her hands.

    "Children" Kajol and Amira said looking at Rani who laughed hard

    'What are both of you doing?' Poja appered suddenly in front of them, she was angry.

    'we were just...' Preity said but Poja interrupted her

    'You are not kids to behave this way' Poja said, shook her head and left them, Preity showed her tongue to Shahrukh, teasing him, he rolled his eyes and went back to sit with the girls.

    Kajol looked at the clock hanged on the wall and said 'Dad will come down in five minutes' she stood up ' i will see if Anarkali have finished making the breakfast, I am really hungry' she said and headed to the kitchen

    'we will come with you' Rani said and headed with Preity to the Kitchen while Amira stayed back with Shahrukh.

    'hey' Shahrukh said

    'hey' Amira replied

    'did you sleep well?'

    'yup' she replied then asked 'what about you?'

    'I put my head over the pillow and literally felt nothing' he said and smiled, then sighed and looked back at the kitchen

    'be patient' Amira said

    'koi fayda nahi' he said and shook his head

    'Aisa mat kaho,don't talk like that, everything will be okay, just do what i say, trust me Shahrukh' she said, he just nodded.

    Few minutes and everyone were sitting on the table, including Arjit.

    'did you both sleep well?' Arjit asked Shahrukh and Amira

    'yes uncle' they both replied

    'I feel very happy to see all of us together' Arjit said smiling

    'yeah, thank god they came back, the house was gloomy without them' Rani commented

    After breakfast Shahrukh headed to the garden, he was trying to stay away from Kajol who was already ignoring him. Amira was inside with the girls, gossiping as usual. Shahrukh was feeling bored when he was sitting on the swing, suddenly his phone rang, Saif’s name appeared on the screen, Shahrukh sighed and put the phone on his ear.

    ‘hey bud’ Saif said


    ‘welcome back again, I heard you arrived yesterday’

    ‘Amira spread the news very fast’

    ‘no, it is Preity this time’


    ‘I was asking if all of you are free tonight’

    ‘you have plans?’

    ‘not exactly, but let’s go to a café or something’

    ‘I am free, I will ask the girls and tell you’

    ‘ok, that’s great’


    ‘when are you coming back to work’

    ‘after three days’

    ‘ok, have a nice vacation, don’t forget to tell me if you are coming tonight’

    ‘don’t worry’

    ‘ok, bye’

    ‘bye’ Shahrukh said and hung up, he thought about it, he had no problem, even if this will give Saif a chance to speak to Kajol. But Shahrukh was so bored and he had no plans for the day and Kajol was ignoring him anyway. He went in to tell the girls.

    ‘Girls, Saif called and he was asking if we have plans for tonight, he is suggesting to go out somewhere’

    ‘I am in’ Amira said raising her hand

    ‘ok, no problem’ Rani said

    ‘I am coming’ Preity said happily

    ‘I agree’ Kajol said looking at her phone

    ‘great’ Shahrukh said

    ‘why don’t we just eat lunch outside, then meet Saif’ Amira suggested

    ‘I completely agree’ Preity said in an interested way

    ‘I have no problem, what about the others?’ Shahrukh asked

    ‘I think it is a good idea’ Rani said

    ‘umm, Kajol?’ Shahrukh asked

    ‘no problem’ Kajol replied with her eyes still focused on her phone.

    ‘ok, get ready all of you’ Shahrukh said and went upstairs.

    After an hour and half everyone was ready, Shahrukh was the first one to finish and waited for the girls to come down. They took a longer time than him, he finished in 10 minutes and waited boringly for them. Preity was the first one to finish then Amira followed her.

    ‘Why do you take all this time to get ready?’ Shahrukh asked Preity

    ‘you should take some, it is for free’ Preity said sarcastically

    ‘very funny’

    ‘I have finished too’ Amira said

    ‘what about Rani and Kajol?’ Shahrukh asked

    ‘they will be here in a minute’ Amira replied

    ‘or a year’ Shahrukh said and chuckled

    ‘I heard you’ Rani said coming downstairs, Kajol followed her.

    ‘You are leaving?’ Poja asked

    ‘yeah mom’ Kajol replied

    ‘ok dear’ Poja said and smiled ‘Enjoy’

    ‘Thanks auntie’ Amira said then they all went out

    ‘Why don’t we go with my car?’ Preity asked suddenly

    ‘I don’t want to die at this age’ Shahrukh said sarcastically ‘come on’ he said and all headed to the car. Amira, Rani and Preity were walking faster than Kajol so they reached the car first and sat back, so Kajol had to sit in the front next to Shahrukh.

    'Shahrukh will you please turn on the radio?' Amira asked

    'no, no let's play songs on my phone, Shahrukh hand me the aux please' Preity said

    'Preity, you play slow romantic songs' Amira Pleaded

    'just one song' Preity said

    'Daaaaaamn !!!' Amira said rolling her eyes

    'Kajol please open that drawer in front of you' Shahrukh said

    Kajol tried to open it but she couldn't 'I can't open it'

    Shahrukh leaned a bit towards her, put his hand over hers and opened the drawer 'see, it is easy' he said, Kajol tried to leave his hand but he was holding it strongly, Amira suddenly coughed loudly that all of them looked at her.

    'Are you okay?' Shahrukh asked in a worry

    'yeah, we just need to buy a bottle of water, there is dust in the air' Amira said reassuring them

    Kajol took the chance and left Shahrukh's hand, Shahrukh looked back at the road.

    'dust!' Rani said

    'yeah, lots of dust' Amira said and kept coughing slightly, then she looked at the mirror in front of Shahrukh, he noticed that she is looking at him, Amira narrowed her eyes and shook her head, he understood that she was acting to make everyone look at her, he nodded and gave her a short smile, she looked away managing not to laugh.

    'you said you will play songs' Rani said

    'they didn't give me the aux' Priety said

    'here it is' Kajol handed it to Preity, she connected the phone with the cassette and started looking for a song to play.

    Kajol thought for a while and found that she shouldn't agree to come, she has to act normally with Shahrukh in front of the girls so they don't notice that something is wrong but she can't bear looking at him or hear his voice, and she noticed that he is taking chances, that was too much pressure for her. She was still really angry with him, and what made her more angry that he is behaving like he did nothing.

    Kajol took a deep breath "you will be okay" she said to herself, then she looked at Shahrukh 'don't forget to stop to buy water for Amira' she gave a short smile.

    'she will be okay, don't worry' Shahrukh replied smiling

    Kajol shook her head then looked at the girls ' all this time and you didn't choose a song?' she asked Preity

    'that's better' Amira said

    'found it ' Preity said with confidence and showed her tongue to Amira

    Tere naina tere naina tere naina re
    Tere naina tere naina tere naina re

    Tere naina tere naina tere naina re
    Tere naina tere naina tere naina re

    Naino ki chaal hai, makhmali haal hai
    Neechi palkon se badle samaa
    Naina sharamaye jo, ya anake bar aaye jo
    Tham ke ruk jaaye dono jahaan
    Rab ki neemat hai teri nigaahein
    Jisme basti hai uski duayein
    Aise naino ki baaton mein koi kyun na aaye
    Hoo Tere naina, tere naina, tere naina re
    Tere naina tere naina tere naina re

    Tere naina tere naina tere naina re
    Tere naina tere naina tere naina re" Tere Naina-My name is Khan (2010)

    'well that's a good song' Amira said happily 'that's new for you Preity' Amira said and giggled

    'Shut up, i always have a good taste in music' Preity said with pride jokingly, they all started singing and clapping with the song, even Shahrukh was singing. Kajol looked at him silently "Gosh, i really miss him, and i really hate him" she thought.

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    Chapter 35

    'no, no don't eat' Preity said suddenly

    'why?' Shahrukh asked 'is there anything wrong with the food?' he looked at her

    'I will snap-chat it' Preity said interestingly taking a photo of the food

    'fine you took your photo, can I eat now?' Shahrukh asked in boredom

    'wait, Instagram'

    'I am starving' he said and started eating

    'ugh, no taste of art' Preity said and shook her head

    'we care now about the taste of food Preity' Rani said and giggled

    'Preity, leave the phone and eat, we are about to finish our plates and you haven't touched your food' Kajol said

    'why do you eat so fast?' Preity asked angrily, put her phone over the table and started eating.

    'I finished' Amira said then she started looking around 'do anyone know where is the bathroom?'

    'I will show you the way, I finished my plate too' Shahrukh said and stood up and they both headed towards the bathroom

    'you want to say something, Am I right?' Shahrukh said and looked at Amira

    'yeah' she nodded then said 'I just want to remind you to behave normally, we will be meeting Saif after a while'

    'I think that is not all what you want to say' he looked suspicious

    'umm.. yeah you know, Saif and Abhishik are our friends anyway.. you know she has to act normally with them even if there is something between you and her or if there is not... what I want to say... umm'

    'what do you want to say?'

    'don't make me feel that every man on the planet is a threat to you' Amira pleaded

    'the answer is yes and also no'


    Shahrukh shook his head 'a memory of a fish' then he continued ' again I have to remind you, Kajol promised that she will marry the first one who proposes to her'

    'but you said she loves you'

    'but i hurt her'

    'then do your best and apologize'

    'she won't give me a chance'

    'look, in short, if she loves you she loves you, and she will fight the whole world to be with you, and if she doesn't it is okay don't bother yourself, just do your best to show her that she has to fight for you'

    'hmm okay'

    'just act normally and trust her a little please, all the girls speak to boys but it doesn't mean that there is something between us, and if she provokes you and teases you act like you don't care'

    'any other orders?'

    'shut up' she said and laughed

    'Why did you take all this time?' Preity asked them when they came back

    'The ladies bathroom was full' Shahrukh replied

    'okay where is it?' Rani asked

    'walk straight then...' Amira interrupted Shahrukh and suddenly said 'I will show them'

    'ok, let's go' Preity said and both she and Rani stood up

    'Kajol aren't you coming?' Amira asked

    'She made fun of me and she haven't finished' Priety said

    'the Pepsi was really cold and hurt my teeth, so i had to wait' Kajol replied ' but i will follow you'

    'let's take selfies in there' Preity said happily when they were walking

    Shahrukh sat down next to Kajol ' he cleared his throat and was about to speak but she interrupted him 'Stop acting like this' she said coldly

    'like what?'

    'look, I am talking to you only because the girls are with us'

    'Kajol please listen to me'

    'I don't want to listen to anything and I don't want you to talk to me'

    'I apologize'

    'for what? hmm let's see, for hurting my feelings? or because I was about to die because of you? or because you were acting like nothing happened and took benefits of my memory loss?'

    'are you stupid or something? you have been in a condition that no one should push you to remember anything and I was about to apologize but I had to go to London, I swear i was about to tell you, but I had to take care of Amira and the work, and you remembering what happened wasn't calculated, i didn't know you will remember so fast, and everything was against me' Shahrukh said angrily

    'excuse me!'

    they both looked at the source of the voice 'What?' they shouted

    'umm, the bill' the waiter said in an hesitated way

    'sorry, i didn't mean to shout' Shahrukh said politely

    'I apologize too' Kajol said

    Shahrukh opened his wallet and took some money and gave it to the waiter ' thank you' Shahrukh said smilingly and the waiter smiled back and left.

    'what were we saying?' Shahrukh asked Kajol

    'why did you pay the whole money? you should have waited for the girls?'

    'that's not what we were talking about'

    'Haven't you finished yet?' Preity suddenly asked and sat down, Rani and Amira were following her

    "no, why did you come back now??!!!" Shahrukh thought

    'I am full, i will just go wash my hands'

    'I will show you the way' Shahrukh said and he was about to stand up but Kajol stopped him

    'I will go with Amira, it is a ladies bathroom after all' Kajol said coldly

    'I feel like a tour guide' Amira said and giggled 'let's go'

    They went to the bathroom, Kajol washed her hands and combed her hair, she sighed and remained looking at the mirror

    'are you okay?' Amira asked

    'we need to talk'


    'not now of course, when we go home, but i will give you a hint'

    'okay say'

    'your brother apologized' Kajol said and left

    "Shahrukh!! couldn't you wait?!" Amira thought, shook her head and followed Kajol

    'okay, here they are. shall we leave?' Rani asked

    'ok, but ask for the bill' Preity said

    'he paid' Kajol said and sat down

    'why didn't you wait for us?' Rani asked Shahrukh

    'girls it is okay' he said

    'but we should share it' Rani said

    'don't overreact it is fine' Shahrukh said

    'oh god, A fight!' Amira said in boredom

    'it is not okay we should pay too' Preity said

    'Shall we leave?' Amira asked

    'oh yeah we should' Preity said suddenly

    'why is she so excited?' Shahrukh asked

    'Saif called, to check if we are coming or not, and we must leave now' Preity said happily

    'did he tell you where to meet?' Shahrukh asked

    'yeah he did' Kajol said

    'but where we are going is a place when you can drink and dance, not a disco and not a cafe but something in between' Amira said

    ' and you are telling me this now?!' Shahrukh asked

    'come one Shahrukh don't overreact, we are not young' Rani said

    'fine' Shahrukh said and they left the restaurant

    'but you shouldn't have paid' Rani said to Shahrukh

    'shut up' Shahrukh said and laughed

    'do you know the address?' Shahrukh asked Preity when they got in the car, she sat next to him.

    'yeah, he sent me the location'

    The place wasn't so far so they didn't take much time to reach it, and they could easily park the car. Saif was waiting for them so they all go inside together.

    'so before we get in, promise not to over drink' Shahrukh said

    'come on Shahrukh, it is just one night' Preity pleaded

    'Preity, what will uncle Arjit and auntie Poja say when they see you drunk?' Rani asked

    'they will be asleep when we come back' Prity replied

    'come on guys, don't make me feel I am out with my grandparents' Saif said

    'I need to have a word with you when we go in' Shahrukh said then they all got in.

    'so? what did you want to say?' Saif asked when he and Shahrukh were near the bar

    'you all surprised me, i didn't know we will come to a place like that with the girls' Shahrukh said

    'It is kind of a cafe don't overreact, and they are not children any more' Saif said

    'come on let's order' Kajol said, when Kajol said that Shahrukh looked at Amira, she noticed and said quickly 'What? you know i don't drink, don't look at me like this' she said and giggled

    'why? are you underage?' Saif asked sarcastically

    'no, it is not like that, but i don't like to drink. Ok, i have tried it for a couple of times at one of the parties but i was forced to' Amira explained

    'wow, you are a saint' Saif said putting his hands in front of each other

    'shut up' Amira said and laughed then said' they do serve tea here, i will drink tea'

    'ok, who is going to dance?' Saif asked, Preity raised her hand, he looked at all of them but Preity remained raising her hand 'oh come Preity' he took her hand and started dancing. The girls got their drinks and started moving with the music.

    'you are enjoying, ha?' Shahrukh said and hit Amira's shoulder jokingly and she laughed and sipped her tea 'we are going to talk about this when we go home' Shahrukh said

    'no we won't' Amira said and nodded in denail

    'Shahrukh let's dance' Rani said

    'fine, let's go' Shahrukh said and they left, few minutes and Saif came back with Preity.

    'now your turn' Saif offered his hand to Kajol

    'Saif, i don't know, i don't want to dance now' Kajol said

    'when will you have the mood? in a funeral' Saif said and Kajol laughed

    'ok fine, let's go' Kajol took his hand and went with him, few seconds and Shahrukh and Rani were back.

    'now dance with me' Amira said to Shahrukh

    'you will dance holding a cup of tea?'

    'yeah, let's go' Amira said and headed to the dance floor with Shahrukh, she remained dancing and sipping, on her final sip someone's back hit hers, she was lucky that nothing fell over her clothes.

    'hey watch it' she said and turned back then smiled 'Abhishik!'

    'hey girl' Abhishik said with a smile then he saw Shahrukh ' oh hey Shahrukh' Abhishik said happily but Shahrukh just waved to him

    'oh my god, what are you doing here?' Amira asked

    'I usually come here and by the way Preity checked in so i knew that she is in here, she is so active on social media'

    "i need to kill Preity" Shahrukh thought and rolled his eyes

    'yeah she is' Amira replied

    'so Shahrukh, can I dance with Amira?'

    'yeah of course' he nodded

    'ok, take the cup with you so you won't feel alone' Amira said and giggled, Shahrukh took the cup and left.

    'what were you drinking?' Abhishik asked



    'yeah, is there a problem with that?'

    'no but that's strange, you are strange too, I mean different'

    'they do serve tea here so i ordered for tea, i usually don't drink'


    Shahrukh came back to the bar and put the cup back, Kajol was standing alone, Preity and Saif went back to the dance floor and Rani went to the bathroom. He remained looking silently at Kajol, he knew he won't be able to complete what he started because the girls or Saif can join them at any moment.

    'Dance with me' Amira suddenly found someone grabbing her arm fiercely and he seemed so drunk

    'what are you doing?' she said in pain

    'don't you see that she is dancing with me? now get the hell out of here' Abhishik said pushing him away

    The drunk man put his arm around Amira's waist 'but she is dancing with me now' he said

    Amira put his hands away in disgust 'I am not dancing with you' she pushed him away

    'no one says no to me' the drunk man said and slapped her, Amira spit over his face and kicked him in his belly and Abhishik started punching him. Shahrukh appeared from nowhere and grabbed the man from his shirt and punched him in the face harder than Abhishik and laid him to the ground.

    'does it hurt?' Abhishik asked Amira putting his palm over her cheek in a worry

    'a lot' Amira replied in pain ' oh my god, Shahrukh!' she suddenly shouted and ran towards him 'that's enough!'

    The security came and separated Shahrukh from the man, but they didn't ask him to leave, it was the policy of the place.

    Kajol grabbed Shahrukh's arm to stay away from the man and to calm him down, all the girls went towards Amira near the dance floor.

    'are you okay?' Shahrukh asked Amira through his breaths

    'i am fine, don't worry' Amira replied reassuringly

    'but your cheek is very red' Kajol said in a worry

    'i will go bring ice for her' Abhishik said and headed to the bar, he came back in no time, handed the ice to Amira and she placed it over her cheek.

    'let's go' Shahrukh said

    'why? guys i am okay, let's not ruin the night' Amira said and looked at everyone

    'okay let's sit together' Kajol said and they headed towards one of the tables and sat down

    'but oh my god, you should have seen her, Amira was a hindi film hero' Abhishik said and Amira giggled

    'we were a great team' Amira said happily and high-fived Abhishik and everyone laughed

    'come on Shahrukh forget it, don't be angry' Amira said and he smiled back

    'but Shahrukh I have to admit, I have never seen someone who love his sister that much like you, you are great man' Abhishik said and Shahrukh gave him a big smile.

    'i think mom and dad have slept, we should go home now' Kajol said

    'ok' Rani said and all stood up

    'ok see you later guys' Shahrukh said to Abhishik and Saif

    'we are happy we met you' Amira said to Abhishik happily

    'me too' Abhishik said and shook her hand, they all said bye to Saif and Abhishik and left.

    'is your cheek still hurting you?' Shahrukh asked Amira when they were on the way home

    'I am fine, don't worry' Amira said

    'do i still smell alcoholic?' Preity asked

    Kajol sniffed and said ' yeah a bit'

    'Rani is asleep, thank god' Preity whispered, Rani was sitting in the front next to Shahrukh

    'what is the difference if she was awake or not?' Amira asked

    'i am not in the mood for lectures' Preity said rubbing her forehead with her both hands.

    They all arrived home, everyone was asleep so they all went peacefully to their rooms, Amira ran to her room, she closed the door and ran to the bathroom and burst out crying placing her palm over her cheek in pain, while she was crying she sniffed a beautiful fragrance, it was in her right hand where she shook Abhishik's hand. Amira passed her fingertips over her cheek and remembered his touch, and smiled.
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    Chapter 36

    Preity opened her eyes, smiled and stretched her arms happily. She sat up, leaned her back to a pillow and started thinking about the last night. Dancing with Saif, drinking and the kisses they stole in the darkness. It was all good before the drunken guy harassed Amira and spoiled the night. She was enjoying her relationship with Saif, even if she didn’t plan for the next steps. Preity looked at the alarm next to her and knew it is time to go downstairs. She got up and went to the bathroom.

    ‘Good morning everyone’ Arjit said and sat down and all replied him

    Poja stared at Amira’s cheek in worry then said ‘What’s wrong with your cheek Amira?’

    ‘Amira before you leave, please don’t tell them at home….’ Saif said but Amira interrupted

    ‘Don’t worry; they won’t know anything about what happened and where did we were’ Amira said reassuring

    Shahrukh and the girls eyes were fixed on Amira, they were scared that she might say the truth as usual.

    ‘Oh, I slipped and fell over’ Amira said and looked at Poja who didn’t seem convinced so Amira said quickly ‘the floor was hard and it actually really hurt me, but I am fine now I put ice on it’

    ‘Hmm, you should be careful next time’ Poja said

    ‘I will, by the way, you won’t believe who we did met yesterday’ Amira said

    ‘Who did you meet?’ Arjit asked


    ‘Oh really, that’s nice’ Arjit said

    ‘He is a really nice guy’ Poja said and continued ‘he is handsome, rich, successful and there is no family can say no to him’

    Shahrukh smirked when he heard Poja’s words

    ‘Are you okay?’ Poja asked Shahrukh

    Shahrukh cleared his throat, held the glass in front of him and sipped some water from it ‘I am fine’ he replied

    Kajol looked at Amira, and after she checked that no one is looking she mouthed ‘we need to talk’ Amira nodded

    ‘Come in’ Kajol said and Amira got into the room then Kajol closed the door and they sat on the bed.

    ‘So you said that Shahrukh apologized’ Amira said


    ‘Did you forgive him?’

    ‘Not completely, I feel like there’s a fire in my chest’ Kajol sighed then sighed ‘a part of me believes that he is honest and a part doesn’t’

    ‘I see that it is just a problem of time, everything was messed up, you were injured and he had to travel for work at the same time’

    ‘Ugh, I don’t know, I need time’

    ‘Make him understand that, I understood that when I was told that’

    ‘I have another problem now anyway, you heard mom down there, right?’


    ‘I hope what I understood was wrong, but let’s face it, if someone proposed, what would I do? I have nothing to say and your brother is making it hard for me’ Kajol said and kept looking at Amira ‘tell me what to do? Come up with one of your ideas’ Kajol said

    Amira stretched her lips helplessly and shook her head ‘I don’t know’ she said and sighed

    Amira went out of Kajol’s room, she found Preity running after Meera in joy. Amira went downstairs and looked for Shahrukh, he was sitting over the swing, and she sat next to him.

    ‘Are you going to talk to Kajol again?’ Amira asked

    ‘I will try’ he sighed and said

    ‘Why do you look so pessimistic?’

    ‘I think all what I am doing is in vain?’

    ‘What are you doing for god’s sake? You didn’t even tell the girl her you love her!’

    ‘Do you have any suspect?’

    ‘I don’t, she does’ she said and shook her head ‘you did nothing to show her that you are serious about this relationship’

    ‘You see that I am doing nothing? I am working so hard so…’ he said but didn’t complete what he was about to say, then he said ‘why should I tell you that when you already know it’

    ‘Why don’t you tell uncle Arjit and Auntie Poja, they love us’

    ‘only Uncle Arjit who loves us, Auntie Poja doesn’t, at least she doesn’t like me and she will never agree that I marry her daughter, I have nothing, and by the way I hate to owe anyone anything’

    ‘You have a problem Shahrukh, you don’t fight, you want to just wish for things and wait for a miracle’

    ‘Maybe because I have bore enough?’ he looked at her and said coldly

    ‘Shahrukh, If you didn’t fight for Kajol you will lose her forever and I won’t blame her’ she said and he just looked at her and then she said ‘take a step or forget all about Kajol’ Amira said and stood up, she was about to leave then she looked back at him ‘and by the way, when you talk to her, listen to what she says and try to put yourself in her place’ she said and left him to his thoughts.

    “What if she was right?” Shahrukh asked himself

    At night everyone were at the living room together watching TV, when Arjit announced his news ‘Abhishik is visiting us tomorrow, and because it is holiday he might spend the day with us’

    Shahrukh knew that this decision was for sure Poja’s decision, he and Kajol stole glances and both felt that Poja was planning something.

    ‘yeah, he is a friend of the family now’ Poja commented

    ‘and I really like that guy’ Arjit said

    ‘Is Jaya auntie coming with him?’ Amira asked

    ‘We’re not so sure, she is a little busy’ Poja replied

    ‘Amira loves her some much’ Rani said

    ‘yeah, a lot; she is so kind’ Amira said happily and then said ‘ I hope she can come tomorrow’

    ‘I really don’t understand, you have just met her couple times and you love her that much!’ Shahrukh said questionably

    ‘I don’t know, but I really feel comfortable talking to her’ Amira replied then said ‘there’s something different about her’

    Shivan started yawning in front of the TV, Rani was about to take him and Meera to their rooms but Preity volunteered.

    ‘let’s make a race and see who will go to his room first’ Preity said in an excited way and started running with the kids.

    ‘she will never grow up’ Shahrukh laughed and said

    ‘I think I will go to sleep too’ Arjit said and stood up

    ‘take me with you’ Poja said and stood up too then they both left saying goodnight.

    Only Amira, Rani, Shahrukh and Kajol remained at the living room.

    ‘Are we going to do something?’ Amira asked

    ‘Let’s change the channel and watch a movie’ Rani said and grabbed the remote and started changing the channels.

    ‘I will go to the balcony’ Shahrukh said and left the room

    ‘I fed up, I can’t find any good films, I will go to sleep’

    ‘ok good night’ Kajol and Amira said, Kajol waited for Rani to leave then she started talking with Amira.

    ‘Your brother hasn’t talked to me all the day; it is like he is ignoring me!’ Kajol said angrily

    ‘What? Why?’ Amira was surprised

    ‘I don’t know, is he crazy? I am the one who should be angry not him’ Kajol said

    “What are you thinking of Shahrukh? What are you doing?” Amira thought

    ‘Amira, I am talking to you’ Kajol said moving her hand in front of Amira’s face

    ‘Yeah, yeah I am listening’

    ‘He is behaving strangely’

    ‘I don’t understand you, do you want him to talk to you or not?’

    ‘I don’t know, I am angry that he is not talking to me and at the same time I am angry when he talks to me’

    Amira giggled ‘you really love him’

    Kajol hid her face with a pillow ‘unfortunately’ she said

    Kajol didn’t feel asleep so she kept roaming in the corridors of the house, the weather was getting cooler every day, so she decided to go to the balcony, but she found that Shahrukh was still there, when he felt her presence he headed towards her.

    ‘You are crazy, you know what…’ Kajol said but he interrupted

    ‘I love you’ Shahrukh said, Kajol widened her eyes and didn’t know what to say, it was like she forgot all the words and he continued ‘I really love you Kajol, I know I have been acting stupid and said stupid things but all I want from you is to trust me, I won’t let you get lost from my hands’ he held her hand and kissed it then he left her alone, lost in thoughts.

    Kajol couldn’t sleep that night, her feelings were mixed and she couldn’t think. Shahrukh shocked her; she was really surprised that he finally said that he loves her.

    Kajol felt like her heart will jump out her chest from happiness, and at the same time she was afraid and asked her self ‘Why did he choose this time to tell me?’ she was really confused.

    ‘Kajol, what’s wrong with your eyes? Why are they so red?’ Poja asked when she saw her coming downstairs.

    ‘I haven’t slept well’ Kajol replied

    ‘Abhishik arrived, let’s go to the dining room’ Rani said and they all headed towards it.

    ‘Sorry for being late, but the streets are very crowd even at the early morning’ Abhishik said apologizing; he was sitting next to Preity.

    ‘It is okay son, no problem’

    ‘Why Jaya auntie didn’t come along?’ Amira asked

    ‘She is really busy, she had some things to do’ Abhishik replied

    ‘Amira is really fond of your mother’ Shahrukh said

    ‘My mom really likes her too and talks about her a lot’

    ‘Oh my god that’s really cute’ Amira said happily

    ‘By the way I won’t be able to stay for the whole day; I have to help mom with some things’ Abhishik said then he said ‘umm, Amira if you aren’t busy you can come along with me to meet mom’

    ‘I am free’ Amira said then looked at uncle Arjit and asked ‘can I go?’

    ‘Of course dear’ Arjit said

    Amira looked at Shahrukh and mouthed ‘can I go?’ and Shahrukh nodded and smiled.

    ‘So you are back to work tomorrow?’ Abhishik asked Shahrukh when they were in the sitting room

    ‘Yes’ Shahrukh replied

    ‘Is everything okay now?’

    ‘Yeah, thank god; everything is settled now’

    ‘I think you have to visit us more often Abhishik and bring Jaya auntie with you, we are a lovely family and now you are a friend of the family’ Preity said

    ‘I have no problem, and I really love all of you, you are such a kind family’ Abhishik said smilingly

    ‘Have you seen our swing in the garden?’ Meera asked Abhishik

    ‘Oh wow, you have a swing? You are so lucky’ Abhishik said smilingly and Meera giggled then he asked her ‘what’s your name you beautiful?’


    ‘Meera and Amira in the same house, it is really confusing’ Abhishik said to Amira

    ‘Do you want to see the swing?’ Meera said

    ‘I don’t mind’ Abhishik said and held Meera up

    ‘Kajol my dear, show him the way’ Poja said

    ‘okay’ Kajol said and stood up

    ‘Here it is’ Meera pointed happily at the swing when they reached the garden.

    ‘Oh it is really beautiful’ Abhishik said and sat Meera on the swing.

    ‘This was Amira’s idea, Dad made it for her when she came to live with us, she was really young’ Kajol said to Abhishik

    ‘Your family is lovely, you are really close to each other’ Abhishik said happily

    ‘Yeah, we are’ Kajol smiled back then Abhishik looked at his watch

    ‘I think I should leave now or I will be late’ Abhishik said

    ‘Okay, let’s go in’ Kajol said and they all went in

    ‘We wanted you to stay for a longer time’ Arjit said

    ‘I wish uncle, but I have to go, I will visit you again soon I promise’ Abhishik replied

    ‘Thank you’ Kajol mouthed looking at Amira who nodded smilingly

    ‘Okay, let’s go?’ Abhishik asked Amira

    ‘Ok, I am ready’ Amira said, they said bye and left

    ‘So, where are we exactly going?’ Amira asked when they got in the car

    ‘Mom is preparing for opening a charitable organization and I am helping her’ Abhishik said and started the engine.

    ‘Wow, that’s great’ Amira said and smiled

    Jaya was talking with some people when she noticed Abhishik coming towards her
    'look what I brought with me for you' Abhishik said smilingly

    'oh my god' Jaya said happily and hugged Amira

    'how are you auntie?'

    'I am fine dear'

    'hey mom' Abhishik said and kissed her forehead

    'so what can I do to help?' Amira asked

    'I don't want to tire you' Jaya said

    'no, don't say that' Amira said smilingly

    'mom why are you behaving strangely?' Kajol asked Poja

    'what do you mean?'

    'you know what I mean, you were acting strangely when Abhishik was here'

    'what's wrong with that? he is a nice guy'

    'mom enough, I am not thinking about these things now, and by the way we won't discuss anything except when I finish college' Kajol said and left

    Poja smirked 'it is only few months'

    'so tell me, who named you Amira?' Abhishik asked when they were walking together after they finished helping Jaya

    'mom did'

    'and why did she choose such a strange name?'

    'it is not so strange'

    'maybe, but I haven't heard it before'

    'mom was interested in Arabic and Persian cultures and languages, and the name Amira is often named to girls in countries like Morocco, Egypt and Jordan and so on. by the way she taught me some Arabic'

    'oh, that's great' he said then asked 'Kajol told me that you are living with them since you were young'

    'yeah that's right'

    'and what about your parents? I haven't met them yet, Are they abroad like Preity's parents?'

    'no, actually they are dead'

    'oh, I am sorry'

    'it is okay, they died when I was 10 years old and since then Shahrukh and me are living with uncle Arjit and the girls'

    'how did they die? if you don't mind my asking'

    'no, it is okay, they ate poisoned food they bought from the street, I was at uncle Arjit's house and Shahrukh was at a trip with his friends, he was the first one to discover. Since then Shahrukh is taking care of me and over doing that. It was a really tough time actually'

    'sorry again'

    'no problem'

    'do you want to drink something?'

    'Chocolate milkshake' Amira said happily

    'Shahrukh relax, he didn't kidnap her, she will be here soon' Rani said, Shahrukh was looking at the clock all the time

    'I will call her' Shahrukh said picking up his phone from his pocket

    'hi everyone' Amira said happily when she came in to the sitting room

    'I was about to call you' Shahrukh said

    'it is not a late time' Amira said then checked the time again at the clock hanged on the wall

    'how was your day?' Kajol asked

    'it was cool, I really enjoyed Jaya auntie and Abhishik's company' Amira said smiling

    'did you eat?' Shahrukh asked


    'what did you eat?' Preity winked


    'why didn't you come early to have lunch with us?' Shahrukh asked

    Amira cleared her throat 'Abhishik invited me for lunch and he insisted to pay for the food'

    'why did you let him?' Shahrukh asked and stood up

    'here we go' Kajol said in boredom placing her palms over her face

    'Shahrukh don't overreact' Preity said

    'don't interfere please' Shahrukh said to Preity

    'Shahrukh please, you have been teaching and telling her strange things for a while and we didn't comment but that's enough' Kajol said

    Amira folded her arms before her chest in anger 'I am not begging, he just insisted why don't you believe?'

    Shahrukh remained silent, so Amira spoke again 'and you know what? we were alone, Jaya auntie didn't join us, happy? you have no right to tell me what to do and what not to do, I am not young anymore' she said and left the room, then came back and said ' and next time I want to go out I will not ask any one' she said and went out, then came back 'except uncle Arjit' she said and headed to her room.

    'happy now?' Kajol said and left the room

    'you are overprotecting the girl, that suffocates her and you lecture her all the time as if you are her father' Rani said angrily, Shahrukh didn't reply and left the room

    Kajol knocked Amira's door room and came in 'are you okay?'

    'yeah, i am fine, I just got bored from his overprotection'

    Kajol sat her on a chair and sat in front of her 'he is doing this because he cares about you, okay he is overdoing that, but he loves you'

    'he should know that I am not a young girl anymore, and even if he cares and he advises me for my own good it shouldn't be like this' Amira said angrily

    Kajol patted over her shoulder 'come on don't spoil your mood'

    'it is already spoiled, thanks to Shahrukh'

    'you didn't tell me how was the pizza'

    'oh my good it was so delicious'

    'only food can change your mood' Kajol giggled 'so now come and eat with us'

    'no thanks, I's full, you enjoy'

    'okay dear, don't be angry' Kajol said, stood up and left the room

    'I will try to' Amira said to herself
  13. Egyptian Fan 95

    Egyptian Fan 95 Dreamer ツ

    Chapter 37

    ‘Where is Amira? Hasn’t she come yet?’ Arjit asked when he sat to the table

    ‘She has arrived, but she ate outside, Abhishik invited her to lunch’ Rani said

    ‘Why didn’t she join us for lunch? Not to eat but to stay with us’ Arjit asked again

    ‘It is all because of Shahrukh, he fought with her and made her sulk’ Preity said rolling her eyes

    ‘We were just talking and she made a scene’ Shahrukh said coldly to Preity

    ‘And you were overreacting for no reason’ Kajol said in boredom to Shahrukh

    ‘Enough!’ Arjit said calmly but firmly, they all remained silent for a few seconds before Kajol started talking again.

    ‘But dad honestly, Shahrukh is behaving with Amira in a strange way and overprotecting her since their parents passed away, I know he cares for her but that’s suffocating her and she isn’t young anymore and I think she can make decisions on her own’

    Shahrukh put down his knife and fork ‘excuse me’ Shahrukh stood up and left the room.

    ‘Shahrukh!’ Rani called him but he didn’t come back

    ‘Leave him, he always sulks’ Poja said and shook her head

    ‘You know what’s funny? That Shahrukh and Amira behave the same way, they fight for the same things and sulk quickly’ Preity said giggling

    ‘Maybe because they are siblings’ Kajol said sarcastically

    ‘No you genius, they are the same zodiac sign’ Rani explained

    ‘Scorpios’ Kajol said and giggled

    Shahrukh went upstairs, he was furious from what was said downstairs, he hates it when anyone interferes in his life and his decisions. He hates it when people judge him without knowing what is inside him and what the truth is. He wanted some fresh air, he was about to go to the roof when he saw Amira in the big balcony sitting on the floor.

    ‘You are here’ Shahrukh said and went towards the balcony, she looked back at him then she looked away.

    Shahrukh sat next to her on the ground and folded his legs like her ‘you are still angry?’ he asked but she remained silent, looking to the sky.

    He remained looking at her silently then sighed ‘since our parents died you became my responsibility, all I care about is you and your own good, I want to teach you what is right and what is wrong, I don’t want anyone to use you or deceive you, but you are now a grown up and you don’t need your brother’s advice’ he said calmly, she looked at him without saying a word.

    ‘I thought you are the one who understands me and I won’t have to explain it over and over again, but I think I was wrong’ Shahrukh said sadly ‘no one knows how much I suffer’

    ‘Emotional blackmail' Amira said rolling her eyes

    ‘That’s what you only understood? Oh god!’ he said shaking his head

    ‘What you did down there was not a way to advise someone’ Amira said angrily but didn’t shout ‘I understand that you care about me but you are suffocating me Shahrukh and you don’t give me a chance to complain’

    Shahrukh got angry, he was about to stand up when she held his hand and stopped him ‘don’t act like a child and sit down and listen to me’ she continued while looking up at him ‘I really appreciate all what you have done and all what you are still doing for me, and I do love you too and care about you. You are the one who didn’t understand me, I want to remove that burden over your shoulder, or even share it with you. All I want from you is to stop worrying for me and take care of your own life, I am not young anymore’ she said calmly searching his eyes.

    Shahrukh sat down and sighed ‘that was convincing!’ and smiled ‘you are still angry?’

    ‘Yeah, a little’ she said and he looked at her and raised an eye brow ‘You have been acting stupid for a while’ she explained

    ‘God!’ he said rolling his eyes ‘can’t you just listen for me for a few seconds? Then sulk again, I have something to tell you’

    Amira thought for a few seconds ‘I can’t wait, ok tell me’ she said and moved her full body to face him and listen carefully.

    ‘I have really great news for you’

    ‘cooomeee onn yaarr tell me’

    ‘The good news that I said “I love you” to Kajol’

    Amira stared at him and nearly dropped her jaw from the shock, he burst out laughing and said ‘That was exactly her reaction’

    ‘Oh my god’ Amira nearly whispered

    ‘What!’ he was confused ‘you don’t believe me?’

    Amira nodded in denial ‘no, no it is not like that, but I am surprised’ she smiled and continued ‘I just don’t understand why you changed your mind so suddenly, couple of days back you were so…’

    Shahrukh interrupted ‘I know, it is a bit strange, but your words had like kind of magic and I was convinced, I knew what I would lose’

    ‘God yaar’ She shook her head ‘I am so happy for you’ Amira smiled and hugged him

    ‘That means you are not angry’

    She pulled back ‘no I am not’ she said and he gave a relieved sigh

    ‘Wait a minute!’ Amira said suddenly


    ‘You said “Good news” Does it mean that there are bad news?’

    ‘I think someone heard us, I thought it was you but you were surprised as I saw’

    ‘Ok let’s think about it’ she said and thought for a while then said ‘I don’t think it is Auntie Poja and as you say she won’t agree about you, and if she knew something like that she won’t remain silent, so it is not auntie Poja’

    ‘Did the girls mention anything or make fun?’

    ‘You were here the whole day and you are asking me?’

    ‘I don’t know, I haven’t noticed anything strange’

    ‘But if they knew they won’t harm you, they are your cousins after all, I think if they knew they will help you’

    ‘So you think…’

    ‘Shahrukh’ Amira and Shahrukh looked at the source of the sound; Arjit was a few steps behind Amira.

    ‘Did he hear us?’ Amira mouthed

    ‘Yes uncle?’ Shahrukh said and gave him a short smile

    ‘I need to have a word with you’ Arjit said calmly, Amira and Shahrukh stood up slowly

    ‘I see everything is okay now’ Arjit said smilingly

    ‘Yeah’ Amira said hesitatingly then said ‘ok I will go see where the girls are’ she left them alone.

    ‘Yes uncle’ Shahrukh said

    ‘Did I mistreat you or your sister?’ Shahrukh was confused and didn’t answer

    ‘Answer my question please’ Arjit said calmly

    ‘No uncle, you are the best uncle in the world and I owe you a lot’

    ‘So why did you do this?’

    Shahrukh swallowed very hard ‘did… what?’ he stammered, his heart was pounding very hard as if it was going to jump out of his chest.

    Arjit suddenly smiled and slapped Shahrukh’s arm ‘why do you look so scared like I am going to kill you. I heard what you said to Kajol’


    Arjit gave a loud laugh and said ‘do you think that I don’t know? I have noticed that since you were kids’

    Shahrukh smiled and shook his head silently then Arjit said ‘and you finally said the word, I waited so long, what made you take all that time’

    Shahrukh hugged him tightly and Arjit hugged him back.

    Amira went downstairs, headed to the kitchen to drink some water; she felt that her throat is very dry; she was worried and curious to know what happened up there. She sipped the water quickly, then went out of the kitchen and headed upstairs to see if they have finished talking.

    ‘You stupid boy, you were scared from me?’

    ‘I am sorry uncle’

    ‘Don’t be, you are my son, after I die all this will be yours, I will be reassured to know that you will be with Kajol’

    Shahrukh sighed ‘I wasn’t scared from you uncle, I was afraid not to be worth it, you know auntie Poja won’t agree and I really have to work hard’

    ‘I know, but don’t worry about that…’

    Amira tiptoed towards the balcony, she found that uncle Arjit was still there with Shahrukh, she was curious to know what were they saying, she couldn’t wait to know from Shahrukh later.

    ‘…as long as I am alive you and your sister are my responsibility, I love both of you very much and it was your father’s will before he dies, to take care of both of you’

    ‘Don’t speak about him, and the word is “suicide” not “die”’ Shahrukh said through his teeth angrily

    Amira widened her eyes shockingly when she heard Shahrukh’s words, she placed her palm over her mouth, and she came closer to hear more.

    ‘You don’t talk like this’ Arjit said blaming

    ‘It was quite a scandal, it is public secret, people look at us and act like they don’t know the truth’ Shahrukh said angrily then continued ‘why are we getting punished for a thing we didn’t do? I hate both of them’ Shahrukh said and stopped suddenly, he and Arjit looked back at the same time. Amira was standing there; her face is pale and looking shockingly at them and floods of tears rolling down her cheek.

    ‘Suicide?’ Amira nearly whispered then she started panting and sobbing

    Shahrukh went towards her and kneeled in front of her ‘Amira calm down, come on breath’ he said placing his palms over her arms, she was at the beginning of a panic attack.

    Amira felt lightheaded and kneeled to the ground then everything went black and she fell in Shahrukh’s arms.

    ‘Amira wake up!’ Shahrukh said in a worry, he kept shaking her and patting gently over her cheek.

    ‘I will call for Rani, don’t worry’ Arjit said and left quickly

    ‘oh god, Amira’ Shahrukh nearly whispered sadly

    11 years earlier…

    ‘Don’t worry Arjun, everything will be okay’ Geeta said reassuringly

    He looked at all the papers placed in front of him over the table ‘I am afraid that this project will fail and we will lose all our money if this happened’ Arjun said, he looked down and placed his palms over his head helplessly, Geeta came closer and patted over his shoulder. They heard a knock on the door.

    ‘Come in’ Geeta said

    Shahrukh came in ‘uncle Arjit arrived’ he said then looked at his parents’ worried faces ‘is everything all right?’ he asked

    ‘yeah son, don’t worry’ Arjun replied ‘I am coming’ he said and stood up

    ‘I am so happy that I am staying with you for the whole week, I really miss Kajol’ Amira said happily when she was near the door standing with Arjit.

    ‘Welcome Arjit’ Arjun said happily and hugged Arjit

    ‘The project thing again?’ Shahrukh asked Geeta when they were still in the office

    ‘yeah’ Geeta sighed and said ‘I am so scared’

    ‘Shahrukh’ Arjun called him

    ‘come on’ Geeta said and they went out

    ‘I will drop Shahrukh to the bus station first then Amira will come with me’

    ‘enjoy your trip Shahrukh’ Geeta said and hugged him

    ‘thanks mom’ Shahrukh said and pulled back

    ‘come here’ Geeta opened her arms and hugged Amira tightly

    ‘take care of yourself’ Arjun said to Shahrukh patting on his arm

    ‘I will, don’t worry’ Shahrukh replied and hugged him

    ‘I will miss you dear’ Geeta said to Amira and shed a tear

    ‘mom it is only a matter of one week, what are you going to do on my wedding day?’ Amira said and all laughed except Geeta, she kept shedding tears

    ‘if you don’t want me to go it is okay’ Amira said and felt worried

    ‘no dear, go have fun, I will call both of you everyday’ Geeta said and kissed Amira’s cheek

    ‘come on, we don’t want him to be late for his trip’ Arjun said to Geeta

    They all said bye to Geeta and Arjun then they left. At the end of the week, it was written in all the news paper that Arjun’s company has bankrupt and the project failed. It was a scandal.

    It was also the end of Shahrukh’s trip, he went back home but when he opened the door he heard his parents shouting.

    ‘Arjun please stop this nonsense and leave the pistol, don’t worry ever thing will be okay’ Geeta was pleading

    ‘nothing will be okay, it is the end’ Arjun shouted, he was pointing the pistol to his lower jaw, Geeta came closer to him and started grabbing the pistol from his hand.

    ‘Arjun please don’t do that, I beg of you, I love you Arjun’ Geeta said sobbing, while grabbing the pistol from his hand, both heard a bang, Geeta was shot by mistake and fell on the ground placing her palms over her belly in pain, Arjun was shocked from what he did and he shot himself in the head.

    Shahrukh was scared of what he heard and dialed uncle Arjit at once. Geeta screamed when she saw what Arjun did and grabbed the pistol, Shahrukh opened the door of the office at the same time Geeta shot herself in the head. Everything went black to the three of them.

    Shahrukh woke up in the hospital a few days later; Arjit and Poja were with him, he told them everything he saw and told the police too.

    ‘Your father didn’t wait, I was about to help him’ Arjit said sadly

    ‘Where is Amira? Does she know anything?’ Shahrukh asked Arjit like he didn’t hear what he said

    ‘She is okay, we haven’t told her yet’

    ‘I want to see her’

    ‘Not now Shahrukh, not like that’ Poja said ‘you need rest son’

    ‘no I want to get out of here’

    ‘you will, don’t worry you won’t stay for a long time, it is a matter of couple of weeks until you feel better’ Arjit said reassuringly

    ‘when you get out you and your sister will live with us, you won’t be left alone’ Poja said smilingly

    ‘but…’ Shahrukh was about to speak but Arjit interrupted ‘we have already decided, and I have great news for you, Rani and Preity are coming to live with us too, their parents are travelling abroad for work’ Shahrukh gave him a short smile.

    ‘we will visit you every day until you come out of the hospital, don’t worry’ Poja said kindly

    ‘thank you auntie’ he said then asked ‘can I at least call Amira on the phone?’

    ‘fine’ Arjit sighed and gave back Shahrukh’s phone to him

    Shahrukh cleared his throat ‘hello’ he said

    ‘Shahrukh, where have you been? You haven’t talked to me in a few days’ Amira said blaming

    ‘sorry, I was busy with my friends’

    ‘and mom and dad too aren’t responding too, what’s wrong with all of you?’ she said angrily

    Shahrukh placed his palm over his mouth to not to cry then took a breath ‘you know they are busy with their project dear’

    ‘What’s wrong with your voice?’

    ‘cold, I caught cold’ he cleared his throat

    ‘are you lying to me?’

    ‘stop playing the role of a detective’ he tried to joke

    ‘you should have returned home few days ago, where are you?’

    ‘my friends wanted to stay longer, did you get bored at uncle Arjit’s house?’

    ‘no , no it is not like that but I really miss mom and dad, and I miss you’

    Shahrukh started sniffing ‘I miss you too dear, I have to go now, see you soon, bye’

    ‘Shah…’ he hung up before she could say anything, he burst out crying and Arjit took him in his arms.

    Two weeks later Shahrukh was taken back home with Arjit and Amira was told that their parents were dead and told her that they were poisoned because the food of the street they bought, she fell sick after she heard that and started having panic attacks then she knew how to partly control it. Since then Shahrukh and Amira stayed with uncle Arjit at his house. Arjit paid for their education until Shahrukh finished and offered a job to Shahrukh after he trained at his company for a few years.

    ‘She woke up’ Rani said when she came out of Amira’s room, everyone were gathered in front of it ‘she wants to see you Shahrukh, I wanted her to sleep but she insisted’

    ‘What happened for all this? She was okay’ Kajol asked

    ‘Later’ Arjit said ‘let’s go down stairs’

    ‘If you want anything call for me’ Rani said kindly to Shahrukh, he nodded and came in.

    Amira sat up when she saw Shahrukh coming in, she rested her back to a pillow. Shahrukh sat in front of her, speechless.

    Amira gave a pale smile ‘that’s what you were hiding from me Shahrukh’ she said and he looked sadly at her

    ‘I won’t ask you why you didn’t tell me the truths from the beginning because I can clearly see why, but why do you punish yourself and suffer alone? Why do you punish yourself with something you didn’t do?’

    ‘They disgraced us, I hate them’ Shahrukh said angrily

    ‘But I feel sorry for them’ Amira said sadly

    ‘Sorry? Are you kidding me?’

    ‘No, I am not’

    ‘They were selfish’

    ‘They were helpless’

    ‘I can’t believe you, all bad things that happened is because of them’

    ‘The only bad thing that I really miss them, I wanted us to be like any normal family’

    ‘I also wanted to have a normal family but they took that right from us, they left us alone’

    ‘suicidal isn’t something easy, they were desperate’ she said, Shahrukh couldn’t say anything, she put her hand over his ‘forgive them Shahrukh’

    ‘I can’t’ Shahrukh said sadly closing his eyes in grief

    Downstairs Arjit told them all what happened and all the story, the girls have already knew the story but not all the details. They felt really sorry for Shahrukh and Amira and they knew that it will take a while until they overcome what happened. They also knew how Shahrukh would think; he would think that all of them will look at him in a different way, so they decided to make him sure that he is still the same, their cousin they will always love.

    ‘You know what is good about it?’ Amira said smiling

    ‘What?’ he said wiping a tear.

    ‘that you have nothing to hide from me anymore’

    ‘that’s what make you happy?’ Shahrukh asked and shook his head and let out a short laugh

    ‘and you know what is good too?’


    ‘that I know that you are always here for me’ Amira said, tears rolling down her cheek, Shahrukh hugged her tightly and she continued ‘thank you for being here for me Shahrukh’ they both burst out crying.

    ‘you know’ Amira said wiping her cheeks ‘I am happy that all this happened now, you will finally have nothing to worry about and take care of your life’

    ‘nothing to worry about? What about what the rest of the family think of us? How are we going to face the strangers?’

    ‘you said family, so they won’t harm us, they will support us. We shouldn’t give a damn about strangers; we owe no one anything, we have nothing to be ashamed of, why should we feel ashamed for something we didn’t do?’

    ‘I think you are right’ Shahrukh said and smiled

    ‘don’t prejudice against yourself’ she said and he nodded

    ‘I think you should rest’ Shahrukh said and stood up and headed towards the door, when he came out he saw Kajol coming upstairs; she ran to him and hugged him. They didn’t need to talk, each one knew what the other would say.

    1 month later…

    Preity was sitting with the girls after breakfast; suddenly she ran to the bathroom and started vomiting. The girls were worried for her, but she asked them not to worry and told them that she stood in the balcony for a long time and caught cold and she suggested to go to her room to rest. Preity went upstairs, but sneaked to Rani’s room and searched the drawers until she found a pregnancy tester. She took it to her room and entered the bathroom and made the test. She waited for a few seconds then she widened her eyes when she saw the two lines. She was pregnant!.
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    Chapter 38

    All was well in the house; Shahrukh has no more things to hide from Amira and nothing to worry about. Everything was settled for him, Arjit knows about him and Kajol and his sister is fine. They both have nothing to be afraid of. Shahrukh was convinced with Amira’s words, but he knew it would take time to forgive his parents.

    Kajol was happy too, finally Shahrukh stopped his nonsense behaviors and she knew how much he loves her. But Kajol and Amira haven’t known yet that Arjit found out.

    Three weeks earlier, Amira was in her room drawing when Kajol came in to her room happily.

    ‘I see you have news for me’ Amira said smiling

    Kajol nodded happily ‘you won’t believe that, you brother confessed his love to me’

    Amira tried to look surprised ‘oh, wow, really? Oh my god that’s awesome’ she said and hugged Kajol.

    ‘I don’t know, but I feel that you aren’t surprised or happy, something is strange about you’ Kajol said and pulled back.

    Amira cleared her throat and said ‘Why are you saying that?’

    ‘I don’t know, I don’t feel it’ Kajol said, looking suspiciously to Amira

    ‘Ugh’ Amira said and rolled her eyes ‘because I already know’

    ‘How?’ Kajol asked raising an eyebrow

    ‘Actually… umm’ Amira swallowed and said ‘Shahrukh told me’


    ‘He has told me that he loves you for a long time’

    ‘I don’t know should I be angry with you or happy for listening this?’

    ‘Be happy’ Amira said and giggled

    ‘Does he know…’

    Amira interrupted ‘No don’t worry; I haven’t told him about you, he doesn’t know what is between us’

    ‘Oh god’ Kajol said and shook her head

    ‘When did he tell you that?’

    ‘Didn’t he tell you?’


    ‘That night, when I told you he is ignoring me’

    ‘God, I am so happy, you will be my sister in law’ Amira said happily and hugged Kajol then pulled back

    ‘Pray that nothing bad happens’ Kajol sighed and said.

    ‘So, you are not angry from Shahrukh anymore?’

    ‘You know what? When I was angry from him, I felt like there was a fire in my chest; but when he confessed his love to me it cooled that fire down, and I forgot every bad thing that happened between us, I don’t know’ Kajol blushed saying the last words and Amira gave a big smile.

    Shahrukh was walking in one of the corridors near Amira’s room, he saw Kajol coming out and going downstairs, so he decided to see Amira, he knocked the door and came in.

    ‘Hello’ Amira said happily when he came in

    ‘Why are you saying “hello” in this way?’

    Amira patted over the floor, gesturing to him to sit down next to her. He sat down and started looking at her drawings when she said ‘Kajol told me’

    ‘Told you what?’

    ‘That you said “I love you” to her’

    Shahrukh thought for a while ‘why would Kajol tell you something like that?’

    ‘Not just because we are cousins, but she have told that she loves you a long time ago’

    ‘Oh my god and you didn’t tell me?’

    ‘Why would I? And anyway I wasn’t sure you are going to make it and tell her’

    ‘I wasn’t sure too’ he said ‘hey, does it mean that she know…’

    Amira interrupted ‘no she doesn’t, she has no idea about what is between us’

    ‘Oh god, that’s good’ he said then stopped as if he is trying to remember something.

    ‘What’s wrong?’

    ‘I was coming to tell you something, but I can’t remember it now’

    ‘Try to’ Amira said and started yawning

    ‘Maybe later, now go to sleep’ he stood up ‘good night’ he said and waved bye.

    They all were so busy for three weeks, each one of them had something to finish because Diwali was on the way, Shahrukh at work, Kajol and Amira at college, Rani was busy with Shivan and playing with Meera, Preity was feeling sick but she acted okay in front of the others, she didn’t know why until she found out.

    ‘Is there anything between you and Preity?’ Shahrukh asked Saif when they were walking in the corridor after they finished the meeting.

    ‘Why are you asking? And if there’s something between us do you mind that?’ Saif replied coldly then he winked to Shahrukh ‘do you like her?’

    ‘No it is not like that, and I have no right to mind any relationship between you and Preity, but because I know you Saif, you are not serious at any of your relationships’

    ‘I do like her, but nothing serious till now’ Saif said shrugging his shoulders

    Rani’s mind was full of thoughts, she felt like it was about to explode. She has noticed that Preity is behaving in a strange way and feeling sick most of the time. Rani was afraid to find out that her thoughts are true, she have been thinking for a while that Preity’s sickness are signs of Pregnancy. Rani tried to get rid of these bad thoughts and not think bad of her sister. She knew that Preity is a romantic girl and a bit childish and crazy, but she won’t do that to her.
    “Why would I think of her like that? And where is she going to meet someone and do that with him, she is always with us, and when she goes out she is with her girlfriends” Rani thought.

    Suddenly Rani’s phone rang and cut her train of thoughts, she picked it up without looking who was calling. It was Kiara’s mom, Sejal. Kiara is Shivan’s colleague at school, Rani neither liked Kiara nor her mom. Sejal was asking Rani to keep Kiara with them till night until she takes her back after work. No one was waiting Kiara in the house so she decided to call Rani and ask her. Rani couldn’t say no and she agreed.

    At the afternoon everyone was back home, before lunch Arjit asked Kajol to come to his study and call for Shahrukh and Amira too. Kajol’s heart was pounding very hard “Why would he call only the three of us? Did he know something? And if he knew something, it is between me and Shahrukh, why calling Amira? What did she do?”

    Kajol met Shahrukh first and told him, he was worried like her and both were thinking why uncle would need to see the three of them. Then they both found Amira and told her and asked her if she did anything wrong but she denied. All of them went to Arjit’s study, curious to know what’s wrong. Arjit sat on a chair in front of them; his face was calm so they didn’t guess what was wrong. Shahrukh cleared his throat ‘Whatever she did we aren’t a part of it’ he said pointing to Amira

    ‘Yeah’ Kajol looked at him and said nodding

    ‘That’s so mean by the way’ Amira said looking to both of them, she was sitting in the middle ‘I don’t even remember that I did something wrong’ she said talking to herself but in a heard voice

    ‘Have you finished?’ Arjit said smiling then he looked at Amira and said ‘do you mind that Kajol be your sister in law?’

    Shahrukh suddenly remembered what he wanted to tell Amira but it was too late. He forgot to tell her that uncle Arjit was the one who heard him and Kajol. He was so busy for the three weeks that he didn’t find a chance to tell her.

    ‘How did you find out?’ Amira asked nearly dropped her jaw, she was confused then she looked at Shahrukh and Kajol ‘who told him?’

    ‘Told him what?’ Shahrukh and Kajol said at the same time looking at Amira then they looked at each other ‘Shit!’ they said, they both knew that each one of them knew about each other’s secrets.

    ‘Shit’ Shahrukh and Kajol said to Amira

    ‘You told me she doesn’t know!’ Shahrukh said

    ‘You told me he doesn’t know!’ Kajol said

    ‘You both know that only three weeks ago’ Amira said

    ‘Will someone explain?’ Arjit laughed and asked

    Shahrukh cleared his throat ‘That day when uncle Arjit asked to talk to me, the day you found out about what happened to our parents. That’s what I wanted to tell you but forgot to’ he said to Amira

    ‘Oh! Uncle Arjit is the one who heard you’ Amira said to Kajol and Shahrukh

    ‘Heard what?’ Kajol asked

    ‘I heard him saying “I love you” to you’ Arjit replied, Kajol gasped and nearly dropped her jaw from the shock.

    Shahrukh continued ‘I found out that he knows that I love Kajol since we came to live here with him and told me that he agreed for this relationship, all was good before someone’s tongue slip’

    Kajol was the happiest girl in the world, she gave a big smile, and then she hid her face with her palm.

    ‘Someone is blushing’ Amira said happily

    ‘Actually I have no problem with what Amira said; I see the whole picture now’ Arjit said

    ‘We didn’t mean to hide it from you’ all three said

    ‘It is okay; I really trust Shahrukh and love him’ Arjit said with a smile ‘but let’s get back to the point, what is your opinion Amira?’

    ‘Hmm, let me think about it’ she said jokingly and Kajol hit her arm playfully ‘of course I agree’ Shahrukh and Kajol immediately hugged her.

    ‘So, when are we going to tell everyone?’ Amira asked suddenly

    ‘Not now’

    Kiara arrived with Shivan home; Meera was busy drawing and writing on papers in front of her. Kiara came closer to her and watched what she was doing.

    ‘Nice drawings’ Kiara said coldly

    Meera looked at her ‘thanks’ she said shyly with low voice

    ‘Who are you writing this letter for?’

    ‘Papa’ Meera said focusing on the paper in front of her

    ‘Why? You won’t even get a reply’

    ‘Kiara shut up’ Shivan shouted

    ‘So, when are they should get married?’ Amira asked

    ‘At least not now, Kajol has to finish her studies and Shahrukh has to work for a while to prove himself …’

    ‘To Auntie Poja’ Amira said sadly ‘I know she won’t agree’

    ‘It is so early to speak about this. Let’s not think about this now and celebrate’ Arjit said and all smiled, Kajol stood up and hugged her father tightly ‘thank you’ Kajol said happily

    ‘Why won’t he reply?’ Meera stood up and asked her sadly

    ‘Because he is dead’ Kiara said

    A loud scream was heard all over the house, all gathered to the sitting room to see what’s wrong. Meera was screaming hysterically looking at Kiara. Kajol, Shahrukh and Amira were the first ones to arrive. Rani, Preity, Poja, Arjit and even Anarkali came to see what’s happening. Shivan was standing still like a statue; he didn’t know what to do. Kajol ran quickly towards Meera, hugged her and tried to calm her down.

    When Amira noticed that Meera is looking at Kiara she knew that she is the one who bothered her ‘what the hell did you do to her?’

    ‘I told her the truth you all were hiding from her’ Kiara said angrily

    ‘Who asked you to tell her? You evil little creature’ Amira shouted angrily grabbing Kiara from her shirt, she was about to hit her but Shahrukh stopped her.

    Rani started crying too, Preity came in and grabbed Kiara’s arm and took her out, Shahrukh went towards Rani and patted over her shoulder ‘Rani you have to be strong’

    ‘I shouldn’t have hid the truth from her, I shouldn’t have given her a false hope’ Rani said through her tears. Meera remained crying and screaming until she fainted. Shahrukh held her up and took her to her room. Kajol noticed the frightened Shivan standing at the corner, she ran to him and took him in her arms ‘you are okay; don’t be afraid, Meera will be okay too don’t worry’ Kajol said reassuring.

    All were at Meera’s room, Meera was sleeping peacefully, Rani holding her, crying and kissing it.

    ‘I am sorry’ Rani said to the sleeping Meera ‘it is all because of me’

    ‘Rani don’t you be hard on yourself’ Shahrukh said sadly, but that made her cry harder. Preity came closer and took her in her arms.

    ‘I think we should go out’ Shahrukh looked at the rest and mouthed and they nodded and started to leave the room.

    ‘Call for me if you needed something’ Shahrukh told Preity and she nodded, when Shahrukh looked at Preity he remembered the conversation he had with Saif in the morning, he wanted to talk with her about that issue but it wasn’t the suitable time. Shahrukh wasn’t feeling comfortable to this issue and suspected that something wrong was happening.

    Shahrukh went to the garden and sat on the swing, he was sad for Rani and for himself. He couldn’t even celebrate that finally Kajol will be his soon and that uncle Arjit knows about them, he thought that this house will finally be full of happiness. He was busy thinking about Preity too, he knew how childish and romantic she is. He was scared if Saif was playing with her feelings and not serious about her, he doesn’t even know if Preity has feelings for him or not.

    ‘Are you okay?’ Amira asked suddenly cutting Shahrukh’s train of thoughts; he startled him that he jumped over the swing.

    ‘You scared me’ Shahrukh said panting and placing her palm over his chest

    ‘I am sorry, I didn’t mean to’ Amira said apologizing, Shahrukh shook his head and sat back to the swing

    ‘Are you okay?’ Amira sat next to him and asked

    ‘Before you scare me or after?’ Shahrukh asked sarcastically then smirked

    ‘Don’t hide your sadness with sarcasm’

    ‘I feel sad for Rani’ he said then sighed ‘I feel so unlucky too, you have heard uncle, he didn't reply you when you mentioned Poja, why is he promising me then?’

    ‘Don’t say that, you have already achieved half of what you wanted’ she said then continued ‘don’t lose hope, everything will be okay’ then she looked at her seat and pointed ‘he died here, that’s why Rani hates this swing so much’

    ‘Are you scaring me?’ he asked and she nodded in denial

    ‘You know what makes me sad too? That Diwali is on the way, I was dying to celebrate it with the family again like every year, we used to celebrate it with so many splendors, and you know uncle Arjit’s parties, oh god’

    ‘Don’t be sad’

    After 10 days…

    ‘We should celebrate, no matter what’ Rani suddenly said when they all were sitting to the table for breakfast ‘make the preparations uncle, it is Diwali, the festival of light’ she said leaving everyone in a shock. Rani was the most religious one in the family and she believed in miracles. Arjit smiled to her and nodded.
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    Chapter 39

    ‘We should celebrate, no matter what’ Rani suddenly said when they all were sitting to the table for breakfast ‘make the preparations uncle, it is Diwali, the festival of light’ she said leaving everyone in a shock. Rani was the most religious one in the family and she believed in miracles. Arjit smiled to her and nodded.

    That was the first thing Rani uttered after nearly ten days of silence, she used to lock herself at her room and cry, not meeting anyone not even meeting Meera who has asked a lot about her, and Rani also barely eating anything. Rani couldn't look at her daughter's eyes, she was blaming herself for everything, her sadness was like the day her husband died, she felt like it has just happened and days didn't pass. On the other hand Meera's condition was getting slightly better everyday but uncle Arjit already made both of them see a psychiatrist. When Rani said her words Meera wasn't with them on the table, she was still asleep.

    'yes beti' Arjit replied smiling, while everyone just looked at each other in a shock, they didn't know if Rani was really getting better or acting that she is getting better. No one could even say anything to her, she wasn't in a good condition for discussions.

    'whenever we think that everything will be okay it gets worse instead' Shahrukh said under his breath

    'what did you say?' Amira asked

    'um, nothing, finish your breakfast' Shahrukh said with a short smile

    While everyone was thinking of something clever to say, Rani spoke again 'how are you Shivan?'

    'fine' shrugging his shoulders then continued eating

    'how is Meera?'


    'take good care of her Shivan and play with her'

    'don't worry' Shivan said smiling

    Preity barely touched her plate, she looked tired most of the time, but she was lucky that everyone was already busy with themselves and what happened with Rani and Meera, except Shahrukh, he was having a really bad feeling. Shahrukh wasn't so good with women's issues but he was sure that something bad is going with Preity, he saw that she is sick most of the time and felt that she might be pregnant. Preity couldn't meet his eyes most of the time, feeling that he may know anything about her secret as he used to look suspiciously at her, but he couldn't find a suitable to time talk to her, also his conversation with Saif about her made him so worried for her.

    ' I am so excited about the Diwali celebrations this year, finally the whole family is ....' Kajol was about to continue but she found her sentence not suitable, not the whole family is here, Anil isn't, Kajol swallowed and said ' I mean Shahrukh is finally here, he was looking forward to celebrate with us' Kajol said with a short smile, and realized that she should have been silent. Everyone reacted normally except Poja, even it was a normal sentence it drew her attention. Poja has noticed that Kajol has been acting strange around Shahrukh for a while. Poja gave Kajol a look that she didn't understand but she didn't feel good about it.

    'I have lovely news for you Amira' Poja said smiling

    'what?' Amira asked

    'you know who is attending the celebrations with us?'

    'hmm let me guess' Amira started thinking then said 'The Bachchans??!!!'

    Shahrukh gave Amira a look which means 'what!'

    'did you tell her?' Poja asked Arjit

    'no he didn't, I just guessed' Amira said happily then continued 'it is good news for me because i really love Jaya auntie'

    'this is only half the surprise' Poja said

    Shahrukh wasn't feeling well about what was next 'so what is the second half?'

    'they are staying with us during the days of the celebrations' Poja replied with a cold smile

    'why don't we just invite Saif too?' Shahrukh said sarcastically

    'i think it is a good idea, Saif is invited too' Poja said happily, Shahrukh was speechless, Kajol's eyes were fixed on Shahrukh not understanding what he has just done, Amira was hardly managing not to laugh but she finally burst out laughing, Poja looked questionably at her so Amira answered ' we are going to have so much fun'

    This is the only sentence Preity reacted to, she was really happy with the idea Shahrukh came up with ' yeah, we will' Preity replied smilingly to Amira

    Shahrukh kept staring at Preity when she said her words, she noticed that, she couldn't meet his eyes so she looked away then excused to leave the table

    'you barely touched your food!' Arjit said

    'i am not hungry' Preity said smiling and left to her room

    'we will be late' Shahrukh said to Amira ' i will drop her to college then come to the office' Shahrukh said to Arjit, he then looked at Kajol and she looked back at him, shook her head then looked away.

    ' you have been laughing for 15 minutes now' Shahrukh said boringly when they were in the car

    'what you did was hilarious' Amira said through her laughs

    Shahrukh sighed and shook his head

    'seriously what were you thinking of?'

    'Amira i don't want to discuss this, let's change the subject' he sighed then smiled to Amira and said ' i think i need to pass some time with you'

    Amira felt confused ' we will, we are going to spend lots of time together and with the family too during the celebrations'

    ' i don't mean like that, i mean only you and me, we need to do some things together, i love doing things with the family of course but it has been a very long time since we passed time together, even when we traveled to London i was busy with work'

    'even if it sounds lovely, but that made me worried, are you okay?'

    'i want to have time with my sister, is that strange? this didn't happen since...' Shahrukh sighed and continued ' ... since we were at home with ...mom and.. dad'

    Amira rolled her eyes ' here we go'

    'let's not discuss this too, i am happy that you are recovering, but you see my point'

    Amira smiled and patted on his shoulder

    'please don't make fun of me, i really miss you and i feel that i should pass a lot of time with you'

    'don't worry, i am not going anywhere' Amira said and laughed

    'I wish' Shahrukh said with a short smile then focused on the road.

    Preity was at her room, happy for Shahrukh's suggestion, she was also thinking how to tell Saif that they will have a baby and imagining how happy he will be when he hears that. She called him on the phone and told him that he is invited and he was really happy for that, but she delayed telling him about her pregnancy until the celebrations.

    Shahrukh wasn't in the mood for work, his head was full of thoughts, he was thinking about the nonsense he said on breakfast and didn't want to discuss it, he was praying that Kajol forgets about it and gets busy to not to talk about it with him, he thought about Amira and what he said to her, he had a very strange feeling, he had a hunch that something bad is going to happen with her, he also regrets not passing time with her even if she doesn't complain, he knows that she respects that he has many responsibilities to be busy with and appreciates that.

    Shahrukh was dying to go home, he found that it was a bad idea to come to work on this day, he should have stayed at home, he was also looking for talking with Preity, he decided to talk to her after dinner, he prayed that nothing busies him at night, and to find out that Preity is okay and he is just imagining things, but at the same time he was worried for her and for Rani too, Rani isn't in a good state for any shocks or problems, he started to think that his uncle's house is jinxed. A phone call pulled him out of this mess.

    Kajol was walking in the garden, so was also busy with thoughts, first she was scared that her mother may noticed that she has feelings to Shahrukh and knows what is between them so that's why she is making the Bachchans closer or she is just making them closer because she sees Abhishik as a good guy and that she knows nothing about her and Shahrukh, she couldn't know and she hated to be confused. She was also pissed off what Shahrukh said on breakfast. Kajol didn't also know if her mom agreed because Saif is a friend of the family or to increase the chances for her?
    Suddenly Kajol remembered the conversation she had with her father, Shahrukh and Amira at her fathe's study. She remembered that her father found out about Shahrukh and her when he heard Shahrukh. Kajol said to herself 'so if dad didn't hear him, he might haven't told him or he would take a long time to tell him'
    Kajol didn't mean to make a problem from nothing and she didn't mean to think like that, she didn't even know why she remembered that suddenly. Kajol tried to feel happy with the fact that her father already knows and he is just waiting for her to finish college and all, but Kajol noticed that every time she has to push Shahrukh to do what she wants, and he is not courage enough to fight and he wants everything in life to go as he wishes without even making effort. Kajol decided to clear her mind so she decided to go to the stable.

    At night, everyone had something to do after they had dinner together, watched TV and discussed the preparations for Diwali celebrations. Rani was the only one who didn't attend the dinner and stayed at her room. Amira was the first one to go to her room, she got a call from Abhishik and they passed a very long time talking on the phone, they were getting closer to each other. Arjit and Poja also went to their room to continue discussing the preparations, Kajol decided to go to check on Rani. only Shahrukh and Preity were in the sitting room. Shahrukh found it a good chance to talk to her but Meera came in when they were sitting there and she sat on Preity's lap.

    'hey sweetie' Preity said hugging her

    'are you still angry with mommy?' Shahrukh asked passing his hand over Meera's hair, Meera nodded sadly

    'no, mommy loves you' Preity said reasssuringly

    'mom lies, mom is bad' Meera said and sulked

    'what did mommy say to Meera?' Shahrukh asked

    'dad is travelling, dad is busy, dad reads Meera's letters' Meera answered sadly

    'mom was right, but Meera didn't understand' Shahrukh responded

    'Meera is not understanding Shahrukh'

    'dad has traveled to the best place in the world, he is in the paradise, because he has been a very good and kind man, he is alive there and having fun, he sees Meera and feels her and listens to what she says to him, we still can contact with him, the only different thing that we won't use phones or letters'

    'hmm' Meera said thinking and seemed convinced

    'only one thing makes dad sad'

    'i don't want him to be sad, what should Meera do?'

    'not to cry, to be a good girl, and not angry from mom' Preity said and Meera nodded ' now that's a good girl' Preity said and kissed Meera who gave a short smile and Preity said ' the psychiatrist will be so happy for you Meera'

    'now who is a good girl?' Shahrukh asked and Meera raised her hand happily, Preity also raised her hand which made Shahrukh laugh hard and shook his head

    'come on, it is time to sleep' Preity said, she held Meera up but Meera was holding Shahrukh's hand so he decided to go put her to sleep with Preity then talk with her. They walked silently to Meera's room, Preity put Meera to sleep and wished her good night then both left her room. Preity was comfortable to be walking with Shahrukh, even if he was acting nice that night.

    'Preity' Shahrukh said when they were walking through the corridor


    'can i ask you something? but promise me to be honest'

    'yeah sure'

    Shahrukh stopped walking and looked directly at her which made her swallow heavily 'are you okay?'

    Preity seemed confused ' yes Shahrukh, you know, let's talk tomorrow i feel sleepy' Preity said ad was about to leave but Shahrukh stopped her

    'is there anything between you and Saif?'

    Preity turned to him ' we .. we like each other, do you have a problem with this?'

    Shahrukh sighed and came closer to her 'Preity please be honest with me, is it just this? you don't want to tell me anything else?'

    Preity was torn between telling her cousin and share her secret with someone and between feeling scared of how Shahrukh would react, she thought that he might tell Rani and uncle Arjit and keep Saif away or maybe harm him, but Preity trusted Saif.

    'yes, that's it' Preity said in a confident way 'and i think i am old enough to do what i like or date whoever i want, anything else?'

    'no Preity, that's all'

    'good night' Preity said and left quickly

    Preity's words didn't convince Shahrukh at all, what she said made him more worried and more sure of his thoughts, so Shahrukh decided to keep an eye on Preity during the celebration days. It is only two days away.

    Kajol found that Rani was asleep, she didn't wake her up and left the room, she went back to the sitting room but she found no one there, suddenly she heard a voice coming from her behind.

    'are you searching for me?'

    Kajol gasped and looked back it was Shahrukh, looking at her and smiling ' you scared me' Kajol said and punched his shoulder. He came in and she followed him, they both sat next to each other on the couch.

    'you know, i won't go to work tomorrow'

    Kajol placed her palm over Shahrukh's forehead 'are you fevered or something?'

    Shahrukh slapped her hand 'i am serious' he sighed and said 'i really need some time at home'

    Kajol felt worried 'why are you saying it like this? are you okay Shahrukh?'

    'i am fine but many things are going on my mind that annoys me and i am also annoyed for what is happening in this house'

    Kajol felt sorry for him, she smiled and placed her palm over his cheek, then she searched his eyes and moved her palm to his hair, she expected him to be looking at her but she found him looking to something behind her, she moved her hand and looked back.

    'what are you doing?'

    Kajol and Shahrukh froze at their places, it was Poja who was standing behind Kajol, they didn't know how long she has been there.

    'why are you still awake?' Poja asked

    'we don't feel sleepy?' Shahrukh finally said

    'don't you have work at the early morning?'

    'i am not going to the office tomorrow'

    'hmm' Poja said and placed her arms before her chest 'what were you doing with his hair Kajol?'

    'there was something in my hair and she was removing it, a piece of paper or dust, not sure' Shahrukh said

    'oh, okay' Poja uttered

    'do you need anything else? shall i call Anarkali?' Shahrukh asked

    'no thanks, i will go to sleep, i just saw the light was still on so i came to switch it off, didn't know that someone is there'


    'good night'

    'good night' Shahrukh said then Poja left, Kajol didn't say a word in her mother's presence, she had nothing to say most of the time, Shahrukh was the only one responding to Poja's questions. Kajol remained speechless staring at the floor.


    'just shut up' Kajol finally said to him and left

    Shahrukh rested his head back on the couch and hid his face with his palms
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    Chapter 40

    Shahrukh couldn't sleep so he decided to go to the garden, he sat on the swing and closed his eyes. The weather was getting colder, he tried to breath slowly and get rid of all thoughts, every time he thinks that things will go better, the opposite happens.

    'you haven't slept yet?'

    Shahrukh was startled when he heard someone's voice behind him, he looked back and found that it was Amira standing behind him

    'do you enjoy scaring me?' Shahrukh said in anger

    'of course i don't mean to' replied Amira in anger, she sat next to him, folded her arms before her chest and folded her legs 'what happened?'

    'Poja nearly saw us, or maybe she have saw us, I am not sure' he said and sighed

    Amira placed her palms over her cheeks in shock 'oh my god, what were you doing?'

    'what are you thinking of?' Shahrukh said and wiped his face ' we were just sitting alone and...'

    Amira narrowed her eyes and put her head closer to him, a look which means 'yeah go on'

    'Kajol was placing her hand.... over my hair'

    'heh, lovely' Amira said and stretched her lips

    'i don't want tomorrow to come, i don't know how Poja will react and I don't want to face Kajol, I am not getting out of my room tomorrow, non of us knew what she thinks, what bothered us is the feeling of getting caught'

    'Auntie Poja, Auntiiiiie Poja'

    'is that our topic now?' Shahrukh shouted

    Amira sighed and said 'look, i can completely understand, but take my advice, you both should stay away from each other until there is something official'

    'but we aren't doing anything wrong, we love each other'

    'ok, and I know that uncle Arjit knows about you, but Auntie Poja doesn't know yet, uncle said you have to wait until she finishes college, it is a matter of bad circumstances'

    'so please tell her that, she thinks I don't love her or i don't want to fight for her and she keeps pushing me all the time to do what she wants whenever she wants, and I know that she will try to talk about it tomorrow' Shahrukh said in anger, he then rubbed his forehead in pain

    'what's wrong?'

    'just a headache, many things are running in my head' he said and raised his head up, Amira was looking curiously at him

    'just mixed thoughts, nothing important' Shahrukh said then gave her a half smile

    'okay calm down, i will talk to her' she stopped then said 'are you used to touch each other or this was the first time?' Amira asked raising an eyebrow

    'oh don't think of us like that'

    'you shouldn't be touching each other or staying alone then complain when you get caught, there should be something official first, i mean engagement or something like that'

    'yes mom' Shahrukh said rolling his eyes and sighed then said 'where were you for the whole night? maybe if you were staying with us non of this would have happened'

    'ah now blame me for your mistakes'she smirked

    Shahrukh rolled his eyes and said 'i was joking by the way'

    Amira sighed ' i was talking with Abhishik on the phone'

    Shahrukh suddenly noticed that Abhishik is getting closer to his sister more than Kajol, it was the first time for him to think of that. He noticed that Abhishik has no interest in Kajol at all and it is only Poja and Abhishik's family who are trying to make him get closer to her. He have seen it but it was the first time for him to focus on that subject and look from a different angle, he was focusing on Kajol and making her stay away from Abhishik but he didn't see or think about whom Abhishik likes or does he like Kajol or not. That made Shahrukh happy for two reasons, first, Abhishik may get away from his way so this way his chances will increase, second Amira is moving to a different level in her life where she is liked by someone.

    'hey' Amira said moving her hand in front of Shahrukh's face

    'I am listening, go on'

    'I said i was talking with Abhishik on the phone'

    Shahrukh cleared his throat 'I see that you are getting closer to each other'

    Amira thought for a second then shrugged her shoulders.

    'you think he is a nice guy, don't you?'

    'yes he is a nice guy, and if anything happens or if there is something serious i am going to tell you, don't worry'

    Shahrukh started smiling then patted gently on her head, she furrowed her eyes not understanding, that made Shahrukh smile again.

    In the morning the house was full of people who were delivering things Poja ordered for the celebrations, food, deserts, flowers ... etc. So Kajol was happy that her mother was busy with the preparations, she didn't even attend the breakfast to take care of everything, they were lucky that someone agreed to deliver to them as they ordered so late, that because Poja and Arjit were hesitated what to chose, so they ordered at late time but luckily everything arrived just a day before the diwali.

    Only Kajol, Rani, Preity and Amira were on breakfast.

    'isn't Shahrukh coming down for breakfast?' Preity asked Amira, before Amira could answer Kajol replied 'he isn't going to work today'

    Amira thought for a while 'he did really mean it that he will stay at his room for the whole day! i thought he was just saying that' she said to herself

    Kajol was boiling from what happened last night, Kajol thought that if her mom already knows they would have nothing to hide because they aren't doing anything wrong, she needed to discuss that with Shahrukh, but she was looking for a good chance to talk to him, he won't hide in his room for so long. While they were in the dinning room Shivan and Meera came in, Rani smiled when she saw Meera but Meera didn't, she looked silently at her then went out of the room. Rani's tears started rolling down her cheeks then she left the room too. All remained speechless and helpless, all didn't feel hungry anymore. So Preity left the room with Shivan.

    'Shahrukh told me about last night' Amira whispered

    'really, he did? isn't he ashamed, it is all because of him' Kajol whispered in anger

    'Kajol please, don't be cruel, it is a matter of time then you will be together, stop pushing him'

    'we aren't doing anything wrong, so why we hide it?'

    'i really don't understand why both of you are so scared that much if she saw you or not, you were just playing with his hair'

    'not that, what if she stood there for a long time and we went far than that? now you see my point, that's why i am boiling inside, so why we hide it anyway?'

    'because it is not the suitable time for it'

    Kajol looked back at the entrance of the dinning room to check that no one is coming in, then she started speaking in a normal way 'no, it is that your brother isn't courage enough'

    'you can't call him like that, be patient Kajol, you waited for a long time, can't you wait for a few months?'

    'what happened yesterday is the reason, if mom knows about us we won't be so scared and acting like we stole something, don't blame me for his delaying'

    'oh god, Kajol, he is not ready yet and you haven't finished college, look i understand that you love each other and you can't wait but you have to, everything will go fine, it is just a matter of bad circumstances'

    'and what about Saif? and The Bachchans? I am so stressed, i don't want tomorrow to come'

    'just act normal'

    'normal? thank god mom is busy now, i don't know if she suspects us or not'

    'see you are not sure, maybe she noticed nothing' Amira said trying to calm Kajol down

    'see? we aren't sure, and my head has to be spinning all day and night with thoughts because of your brother who is happily hiding in his room, he feels nothing, i think he is punishing me for loving him, I love your brother so much that i want the whole world to see and know that'

    'Kajol, he completely understands, and he is lost in thoughts just like you, the guy loves you too yaar'

    'you are taking his side'

    'no i am not, i am saying the truth, you need to wait and you both need some distance'

    'more than that? i barely see your brother and when we stay together we are staying with all of you'

    'i mean... physically'

    Kajol sighed then shook her head ' this conversation is not going anywhere' she said and stood up and left

    The girls started helping Poja with the preparations, even Rani joined them to kill time, also Arjit didn't go to work at that day to check for everything with Poja so everything will be ready for guest reception, including the Bachchans!! They could finish at the afternoon, Kajol tried not to talk much with her mother, but she noticed that she was behaving normally, Kajol was afraid that her mother was just acting normal because everyone was around.

    'i don't see Shahrukh anywhere, where is he?' Rani was wondering when they all were in the garden standing in front of the house

    'is he still asleep?' Preity asked then looked at Amira ' is he okay?'

    'yeah he is fine, but maybe he needed some sleep' Amira replied normally

    Kajol was managing not to explode from anger of Shahrukh's childish behaviors 'I will have a shower' Kajol said then went in to the house, but instead of going to her room she broke into Shahrukh's room, she turned on the light then came closer to his bed and pulled the blanket.

    'wake up, we need to talk' Kajol said slapping his arm

    Shahrukh sat up quickly and rubbed his eyes, he looked at her angrily 'why the hell are you waking me up like this? who allowed you in?'

    'shout loudly please, i want them to hear us downstairs'

    'oh shit, what if someone came in and saw you here' Shahrukh said and stood up quickly, Kajol stood up too looking coldly at him, folded her arms then said ' i wish we really get caught this time so you have to tell everyone that there is something between us'

    'Kajol what is wrong with you?'

    'what's wrong with me? at least i am taking an action, not hiding at my room all day like a rat'


    'you are welcome'

    Shahrukh sighed ' Kajol, i swear that i love you, and i want to be with you forever, but you have to wait for just a little time, not because we are afraid of your mom or because we are doing something wrong so we must hide it but because it is a wrong time to do things, all the circumstances are bad and everything is tangled up, both of us aren't ready, Kajol be wise and don't spoil everything, if you really love me, don't make it more difficult'

    'so what do you want?'

    'just to stay away a little from each other, Kajol it is really hard for me more than you think, so please help me'

    Kajol came closer to him 'what if i didn't stay away?' she said playfully and tried to tickle him, every time she tries to, he steps back, she was laughing but he didn't find it funny, at last he caught her from her wrists and stopped her.

    'why are you doing this?' Shahrukh said, still holding her wrists

    'why do i have to be suffering alone? just suffer a little more for me' Kajol said sarcastically

    Shahrukh threw her hands strongly which made Kajol step back 'get out' Shahrukh said coldly pushing her out of his room, then he banged the door in her face, Kajol burst out laughing and started knocking on the door 'Shahrukh open the door' but he didn't open, so she walked back to her room, laughing all the way.

    At night, the girls were sitting together at the sitting room, but all busy, Kajol was reading a book, Preity busy chatting on the phone, Rani switching between the channels on TV in boredom and Amira was playing chess alone. Shahrukh entered the room and sat with them silently, when his eyes met Kajol's eyes she managed not to laugh, she planned and swore to make Shahrukh lose his temper on all the diwali days, she fed up and wanted him to face up a little, she couldn't bear acting like a thief.

    Shahrukh cleared up his throat to make the girls keep attention to him then said 'I have good news for you'

    'really?' Preity asked

    'you know who is coming for diwale?' Shahrukh said smiling

    'who?' Kajol asked, Shahrukh away from her then said to Preity 'Karan'

    Rani thought for a while 'Karan Johar?' she asked, Shahrukh nodded

    'that's great news, we really miss him' Amira said happily

    ' I am so happy he could make it this year, every year he is busy doing a film, we barely see him' Preity said

    'did you tell mom and dad about his coming?' Kajol asked

    'not yet, but i don't think they will mind' Shahrukh sighed and said

    Preity was acting normally with Shahrukh, she knows that she was rude when they talked last time, but Preity trusted Saif completely so she didn't find a reason to tell Shahrukh about her little secret, Shahrukh was also acting normal, he has no living proof that Preity was in trouble, he didn't also talk about what he thinks with anyone, Rani was already in a bad condition, Amira may "in a slip of a tongue'' as usual tells everybody, and he was already staying away from Kajol for their own good.

    'ok, good night everyone' Kajol said and went out of the room, after a while Amira stood up and said 'i will see Shivan and Meera' then went out.

    Rani was absentminded, Preity gestured to Shahrukh so both got out of the room and left her alone, Preity took chance and apologized to Shahrukh 'sorry i was rude last time, i really didn't mean to'

    'i am sorry to for interfering' Shahrukh said kindly 'I just want you to know that i will always be there for you, you romantic stupid girl' he said smiling and patting on her shoulder, Preity smiled back 'i will go see Shivan and Meera too, you stay with Rani' she said and left so Shahrukh went back to Rani.

    'The weather is very nice now, don't you miss our ''walk and talk''?' Shahrukh said smiling to Rani when he sat down next to her

    'Shahrukh i am not in a good mood' Rani said

    'that is the point, you need to talk with someone, you can't keep all this sadness to yourself'

    'i don't feel like talking' Rani said and stopped then continued 'well... I am worried for Preity'

    'umm, what is wrong with her?'

    'i think that there is something going with her, but i didn't get a chance to talk to her about it, you see what is happening with me'

    'why do you think like that?'

    'Preity is so childish and romantic, she never uses her brain, I have to be taking care of her but i can't find time' she sighed then said ' will you please keep an eye on her?'

    'of course'

    'I am sorry Shahrukh, I know you are completely busy but...'

    Shahrukh interrupted 'don't say that' he smiled so Rani smiled back

    'excited for tomorrow?' Rani asked

    'of course'

    Rani smiled then stood up 'i will go to sleep'

    'ok fine, good night'

    Rani patted on his shoulder 'thank you Shahrukh' he replied with a big smile then Rani left. Shahrukh was the only one who remained in the room so he decided to go to the garden, when he reached there he found Preity, Kajol, Amira, Meera and Shivan playing together so he came closer to them.

    'isn't it a late time for them?' Shahrukh asked Preity

    'come on yaar, it is time of festival, no one will sleep tonight' Preity replied happily

    Shahrukh shook his head and looked at Kajol 'didn't you say you are going to sleep? why are you still here?' he asked

    'i didn't feel like sleeping, so i came her to play with them, no one has the right to tell me what to do, from now on i will follow my heart' Kajol said happily, Shahrukh looked at her coldly

    'he was just asking a simple question, what a strange answer!' Amira said, feeling confused; Kajol hasn't told her yet about what happened with Shahrukh earlier this day.

    Kajol just shrugged her shoulders, Shahrukh shook his head 'now we have another crazy copy of Preity' he said then rolled his eyes

    'i have a great effect ' Preity said and giggled

    Amira remained looking confused at Shahrukh, when he noticed that she was looking at him he looked back at her, she mouthed 'what is going on?' Shahrukh just placed his index finger before his lips asking her to shut up, Amira responded with sigh.

    After they passed some time playing and running after Shivan and Meera, Shahrukh said that it is enough time for all of them, all of them has to wake up early and asked Amira to take Shivan and Meera to their rooms.

    'let us go to sleep too then' Preity said and placed herself between Shahrukh and Kajol and placing her arms through theirs then walked back to the house, while they were walking up in the corridors Preity stopped walking suddenly, she left Shahrukh and Kajol's arms and placed her palm over her forehead.

    'Preity?' Kajol said in a worried tone

    'I am just...' before Preity could complete her sentence she started losing balance, Shahrukh held her hand quickly, he thought tht she is just dizzy but she fainted in his arms.

    'i will call for Rani' Kajol said and was about to move, Shahrukh caught her hand.

    'no' Shahrukh said firmly, then he held Preity in his arms to Kajol's room which was the closest.

    Kajol opened the door and the all got in, he put Preity on the bed 'bring a perfume or something' Shahrukh said to Kajol, she went towards her dressing table and brought her perfume and gave it to Shahrukh, he sat opposite to Preity at the edge of the bed, sprayed it over the back of his hand and put it closer to Preity's nose calling her name gently. After few seconds she opened her eyes. Preity tried to sit up but Shahrukh made her lie down.

    'you scared us' Kajol said to Preity ' and Shahrukh didn't want me to call for Rani'

    'no no, no one tells her, i am fine, I just played with Shivan and Meera for a long time and i didn't eat well' Preity said at once

    Shahrukh cleared his throat 'sleep here, you need rest'

    'I am fine'

    'just do what i say' Shahrukh said firmly, Preity didn't argue, she closed her eyes and slept at once. Kajol sat next to Shahrukh on the bed, looked at Preity, she was sure that she is asleep.

    'so now, you made Preity sleep at my bed, where should i sleep? or you are making me sleep at you room with you?'

    Shahrukh shook his head and gave a short smile 'you won't stop' he said and Kajol nodded in denial, Shahrukh then sniffed the back of his hand

    'beautiful permufe, isn't it?' Kajol said playfully

    'it sucks, i have to burn my hand to get rid of the fragrance and it might not help' Shahrukh said coldly then said 'sleep next to her, it is a big bed, or do you kick in your sleep?'

    Kajol rolled her eyes 'very funny' she said coldly

    'good night' Shahrukh said and left her room, , he smelled the back of his hand and smiled, shook his head and headed to his room. Kajol slept next to Preity, she thought of sleeping at Preity's room but then she decided to stay in case if Preity needed something.
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    Chapter 41

    Day 1 (Dhanteras)

    Anarkali's two sisters arrived, Kumud and Parvati, like every year they were called to help Anarkali at work and the service for the guests at the Diwali days. Even though the date of the diwali is known to everyone, and usually Rituals and preparations for Diwali begin days or weeks in advance. Arjit's family felt like it came suddenly because of all the mess happening to them, they luckily could quickly manage everything, The whole family helped, the house was cleaned, The Rangoli was drawn at the entrance of the house, lights and flowers were hanged. Water from the river Ganges were sprinkled in the house, The Statues of the Idols (Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh) were placed to the west direction in the big hall which is where prayers will take place at night.

    It was a big and stressing day for everyone, each one of them had something to worry about, Arjit wanted the celebrations to go well like every year and the guests enjoy it and his family too, he invited many friends of his some neighbors and businessmen, it was a good chance to show off and meet the businessmen again after what his company faced and the news that were spread, also to make good connections with them. Poja also wanted the celebrations to go well, also the things with the Bachchans, to get closer and closer to them and her plan to make Kajol and Abhishik get married goes well. Preity was excited about the news she has to tell Saif, but she was thinking all the time when to tell him and also to make sure non of the others know anything; she knew that everyone notices that she is close to Saif but she wanted no one to know about her secret until she tells Saif and both manage to tell everyone in the suitable time. What also concerned Preity is Rani, she knew she had enough to worry about so she didn't want to busy her mind with her issue, and also denying to Shahrukh and hiding it from him so he won't tell Rani or most important not to tell Amira who will tell everyone of course if she knew.

    Kajol was stressed because of the fact that Abhishik and Saif will be present, but she decided to act normally, they were close friends to the family after all, she was also thinking about what she will do with Shahrukh. Rani was still sad for her relationship with Meera, but Shahrukh and Preity's words with Meera made it a little easier for everything to go back to the normal, but Rani was the one who is scared to take a step forward.

    Shahrukh had many things running in his mind, first watching on Preity, staying away from Kajol, he can't predict her behaviors, but he was sure she will act crazy, and he saw that it will be better if he stays away from Poja's sight.

    Amira was the only one who had nothing to worry about, she was the only one who really was enjoying the preparations for Diwali.

    They finished everything at the afternoon, they only had time to wear their clothes and get ready to welcome the guests. All the girls ended to be at Kajol's room, like every Diwali, because Kajol was the only one who could wear a Sari easily so she had to help all of them.

    'I just don't know, why can't we do it with Jeans? these kind of clothes are becoming an old fashion' Preity pleaded when Kajol was helping her to wear the Sari

    'why don't you wear something else then?' Amira asked

    'all of you are wearing Saris, i don't want to look different, but i don't like Sari' Preity pleaded again

    'god, Preity, the same whining of every year, can't you just wear it silently?' Kajol said in boredom placing the remained part of the cloth over Preity's shoulder then she headed to Rani, who was sitting silently at the edge of Kajol's bed. Kajol kissed Rani's cheek and patted kindly over her shoulder 'every thing will be okay, i promise' Kajol said smiling, Rani gave a short smile and nodded. Kajol helped her with the Sari then moved to Amira's Sari. Preity sat on the edge of the bed next to Rani.

    'dying to see your brother in the traditional clothes' Kajol whispered

    'you are acting like it is the first Diwali! you have seen him before' Amira said wondering

    'no, but two years passed, he became older and sexier' Kajol said and winked, Amira just kept blinking, and she didn't know what to say.

    'where is Meera by the way?' Kajol asked

    'at Auntie Poja's room, she said she would take care of clothing her and combing he hair, Shivan is with Shahrukh'

    'I have finished' Kajol said when she finished tying the Sari for Amira then said 'so let's go annoy the boys'

    'yes, let's go' Preity said happily, she stood up and all went to Shahrukh's room, Kajol opened the door without knocking and went in, all followed her. Shahrukh was standing in front of the dressing table, combing Shivan's hair, Shahrukh noticed them, put the comb on the dressing table and headed towards them. Kajol automatically smiled when she saw him combing Shivan's hair, Shahrukh was such a caring person in the inside, Kajol nearly dropped her jaw when she saw his clothes.

    'what is this for?' Shahrukh asked Kajol gesturing to the door, Kajol shrugged her shoulders, Shahrukh held her had, made a fist and placed it on the door 'you... should... knock' he said, slightly angry.

    'but both of you were already dressed' Kajol pouted, he shook his head and left her hand, all went in his room.

    'is that an invasion?' Shahrukh asked all of them

    'yes' Preity said happily, at the same time Kajol headed to Shahrukh's dressing room and held his perfume, Shahrukh rolled his eyes and sighed.

    'what are you thinking of? it is for men!' Shahrukh uttered when Kajol sprayed perfume at the back of her hand, she looked back at him, then headed towards him 'so let's spray some on you' Kajol said and started spraying perfume at him and he started stepping back.

    'this is too much, i have already sprayed enough' Shahrukh said placing his palms in front of his clothes

    'no no it smells good, let's put some more, hold him Preity' Kajol said happily, Preity held Shahrukh's arms and Kajol kept spraying

    Shahrukh looked at Amira 'any help please?' Rani burst out laughing suddenly that everyone looked at her, Shahrukh took the chance and snatched the bottle from Kajol's hand.

    'guys i really love you together' Rani said through her laughs

    'i love us together too' Kajol said holding Shahrukh's arm to hers, Shahrukh quickly put his another arm around Preity's shoulder and pulled her closer to him 'happy family' Shahrukh said coldly through his teeth.

    'gotcha!' Amira suddenly said, she went to the door and put her hands over Meera's shoulders who was standing near the door watching them, she took her in, then Amira felt stupid and was about to take Meera out again, it won't be easy if Rani and Meera are in the same room.

    'no wait' Rani said to Amira, Rani opened her arms and gestured to Meera to come to her. Meera moved slowly towards her.

    'still angry with mom?' Rani said sadly to Meera and Meera nodded sadly so Rani added ' but you know how much i love you'

    'but mom lied, mom is bad' Meera said sadly, tears forming in her eyes.

    'Meera, do you remember what Shahrukh and i told you?' Preity asked sweetly and Meera nodded silently, she remembered their words and seemed a little convinced.

    'I am so sorry dear that i lied to you, but i was scared for you too' Rani said through her tears

    'but i miss him' Meera burst out crying and hugged Rani, Shivan also started crying and joined Rani and Meera, and Rani hugged him too. Amira sat at the edge of Shahrukh's bed watching this scene silently, Meera was a little luckier at least more than her and Shahrukh, at least she still has her mother, Amira kept shaking her leg, managing to not cry, so was happy that Shahrukh and everyone was busy looking at Rani so they won't notice her. Poja came in suddenly and stood speechlessly not knowing what is going on and why everyone is at Shahrukh's room, she also raised her eyebrow when she saw him holding Kajol and Preity in his arms.

    Poja cleared her throat 'it is the time .... for the prayers and.. guests.. they started to... arrive' she said, making all look at her, they didn't know when did she come to the room. Shahrukh calmly put his hands away from Preity and Kajol. Kajol looked up and down at Shahrukh in anger but he looked away. They all nodded to Poja and started moving, she left and went downstairs. The rest all went out and looked through the first floor to see people coming.

    'it looks like that uncle invited the whole city!' Shahrukh said, shook his head and went downstairs.

    'uncle is so generous, his house is opened to everyone' Amira said happily, Kajol smiled and hugged her then all went downstairs and started greeting the guests, Karan, Saif and also the Bachchans.

    'i need to tell you something quickly' Kajol said suddenly to Amira grabbing her arm 'try to keep Abhishik away from me as much as you can, or try to make him hate me, i threatened your brother but it all turned on me' Kajol pleaded

    'ok, ok fine' Amira said, she was about to move then said 'what about Saif?'

    'he will be busy with Shahrukh, Karan and Preity already' Kajol said quickly, Amira nodded and moved, Kajol suddenly started thinking what if Preity and Saif were in love, not just friends, Kajol would be very happy if she found that her thoughts are right, she would hit two birds with one stone, keep Saif busy, and Preity and Saif be together because they really look good together. Kajol smiled to herself and then joined the rest.

    Amira suddenly remembered that it is not just Jaya and Abhishik, Amitabh is coming with them, she didn't know how she could forget something like this 'damn' she thought, she coldly put her hands in front of each other and greeted him with the family. Then hugged Jaya happily and shook hands with Abhishik, giving him a big smile. Shahrukh greeted Abhishik casually, he noticed how he looks at his sister, so Abhishik 'kind of' not an enemy anymore.

    'welcome my dear friend' Shahrukh said hugging Karan

    'oh my god, i really missed all of you and these celebrations' Karan said happily

    'Karan, oh my god, you finally came' Saif said happily to Karan

    'uh guys, i really needed both of you to be present, i am living in a house full of girls' Shahrukh said in boredom

    'what is wrong with the girls?' Preity said punching Shahrukh's arm and hugging Karan 'welcome man' she said, Kajol, Rani and Amira followed her and hugged him

    'one minute, there is a great smell, but it is like that someone poured the whole bottle of perfume' Karan said, Shahrukh rolled his eyes and the girls laughed.

    'it is so strong yaar, really, that if someone fainted and we want him to wake up, the person has just to hug you and will come back to his senses in no time' Karan said giggling

    'it is not him, Kajol kept spraying perfume at him until his clothes were full of perfume'

    'is it that bad? shall i change my clothes?' Shahrukh said sadly smelling his clothes

    'come on guys, it is the time for prayers' Arjit called, everyone gathered at the big hall to perform the diwali prayers. After the prayers all went out to the garden to watch the fireworks, and the young ones gathered together.

    'we are so happy you could make it Karan' Kajol said happily to Karan

    'I really missed all this, your father always made me feel that it is my home too' Karan said

    'we are watching films you make, we are so happy for you' Amira said

    'thanks girl, i am waiting for you to finish so you design costumes in my films' Karan said

    'very soon' Amira grinned

    Shahrukh suddenly flinched when Kajol was placing her index finger in his cheek to touch his dimple 'guys, please someone tie her up' Shahrukh said pushing her away gently in boredom 'what is wrong with her today?' he said to the girls

    'what should i do? my cousin has the cutest dimples ever' Kajol said through her laughs, everyone else couldn't help but laugh at her. Then all joined the other guests.

    The first night of the diwali celebrations passed smoothly, guests left to come again on the second days for the prayers and food and fun with Arjit's family. The Bachchans, Karan and Saif were led to their rooms.

    Day 2 (Naraka Chaturdasi/Choti Diwali)

    On this day they all got up earlier than usual because it is the Naraka Chaturdasi day, The day is celebrated by early morning religious rituals and festivities follows on. On that day they rubbed their bodies in perfumed oils before bathing. Afterwards, clean clothes are worn. Girls put Kajal (kohl) in their eyes as it was believe that it keeps evil eye away. Everyone did the morning prayers together then all gathered to have breakfast.

    Amitabh was seated at the opposite side of Arjit, Jaya on his left and Abhishik on his right, Karan was next to him then Saif then Shahrukh.
    Meera and Shivan were next to Jaya. They were all seated on the table, most of them half asleep.

    'this is so early for me guys' Preity said in a sleepy voice and half opened eyes

    'but we are spending time together, that's what is important' Kajol said

    'gosh i really...' Karan was about to continue but he was interrupted ' miss this' Shahrukh, Kajol, Rani, Amira and Preity said at the same time.

    'are you still counting Preity?' Shahrukh asked

    'tired of counting, but maybe he reached 134 times i guess saying the word "miss"' Preity said and Karan giggled

    'I have to admit, you are gifted with a lovely house and a lovely family' Amitabh said to Arjit

    'they are my life, it makes me extremely happy to see them gathered together' Arjit said with a big smile

    'you know, this house has an interesting story' Amira said to Amitabh then continued 'we aren't the only one who lived here, actually this house was uncle Arjit's great-grandfather's house, different generations were in this house, and we are the newest one. I pray that god give uncle Arjit and Auntie Poja a very long life so they can see our grand grand children' she said excitedly

    Poja and Arjit gave Amira a big smile, while Amitabh just nodded coldly

    "why the hell did i talk to you anyway?'' Amira thought when Amitabh gave her that cold reply

    'that is so beautiful Amira' Jaya said quickly trying to fix the situation

    'yeah that was really touching' Abhishik said also

    Amira gave a short smile 'uh, you know, memories and... all' she said then whispered to Shahrukh 'this man really hates me'

    'i really don't know what is wrong with him, i will talk to uncle Arjit about it' Shahrukh said, still whispering; in anger.

    Amira nodded in denial ' i will just forget about him'

    Shahrukh sighed then looked at Kajol by mistake, he found her looking at him already, raising her eyebrows playfully to him, he rolled his eyes, when he was about to look away he found Poja looking at him, even if it looked like just a normal look, but he didn't feel like that, he ended up looking away.

    Preity was looking at Saif and grinning all the time, he smiled to her too from time to time, Karan was just managing not to laugh at her. Rani was just watching everyone, she was exhausted, physically and mentally.

    After breakfast Poja and Arjit sat with Amitabh and Jaya. The rest sat together away from them.

    'it is good that you brought new maids, i just don't understand the idea that you help at housework. I was talking to Amira once on the phone and she told me that she had to hang up because she has to wash the dishes, and that Rani also cooks. i was like "what?''' Abhishik said when they all sat down.

    'It is uncle Arjit's idea, you know auntie Poja doesn't like that too, she told him we can afford maids, but no. He said that we have to learn housework anyway, no one knows. I don't see it is a bad thing' Rani replied calmly

    Abhishik was about to ask another question but he noticed Meera who is holding Preity's arm, he waved to Meera and she silently waved back, he gestured to her to come, she left Preity's arm and went to Abhishik who sat her over his lap 'Meera right?' he asked and she silently nodded. He noticed how small and weak Meera is, but he found that cute, he kissed her hand 'you are such a cutiepie' he said and Meera giggled.

    'but don't you get confused when it is Meera and Amira at the same house?' Abhishik asked

    'i think you asked this question before and as far as i can remember the answer was "no''' Amira said coldly

    'speaking about names, there's something confusing about your name'


    'no i mean, "your name" ' Abhishik said pointing at her and Shahrukh then continued 'how could you be a Khan and the whole family is Mukherji?'

    'you ask a lot of questions!' Shivan said, all laughed

    'we ask when we don't know' Abhishik said simply

    'i will tell you, actually our father is uncle Arjit's half brother, they are brothers from the same mother' Shahrukh explained

    'oh, now it is clear' Abhishik said smiling

    In the evening after prayers, a mix of bright and loud fireworks are set off in an atmosphere of joyful fun and noise. Special sweet dishes are served as part of the midday meal. House are lit with oil lamps during the evening. Guests came back again to enjoy all this.

    'why don't we just all go out for an ice cream?' Amira asked at the end of the celebrations and after the guests left.

    'ice cream? after all the sweets we ate'! Shahrukh said

    'why not?' Preity asked

    'it is not about sweets, but let's just all of us go out together' Amira replied

    'i think it is a nice idea' Saif said

    'and you can get the chance and show me around the town' Abhishik added

    'I won't come' Rani said

    'no, please Rani come, i don't come everyday, let's all just hang out' Karan said, Rani thought for a few seconds 'ok' she said

    'but let's change for something comfortable all of us' Amira said, they all agreed and went to change their clothes.

    They all walked, the weather was crispy and beautiful and the ice cream place wasn't so far, so it won't be difficult of they walked

    'you look extremely happy these days!' Saif said when he was walking alone with Preity

    'you are here, that's why' Preity said sweetly

    'i know what you have gone through is not easy at all, but you need to be strong Rani' Karan said sadly when they were walking together

    'i don't know, but everything is going bad and every time i think i will rest life surprises me' Rani sad in a sarcastic tone

    'just know we are with you, we won't leave you alone' Karan said patting over her shoulder then said 'you still keeping Meera at home?'

    'yeah, she is so weak Karan and you know her health is not good, but her school understands that, but i send her from time to time but not regularly, as i don't know if she is going to be better soon or not' Rani replied desperately

    'the weather is beautiful today, isn't it?' Kajol asked loudly

    'yeah' Shahrukh, Abhishik and Amira said at the same time, Abhishik shook his head feeling confused, not knowing why Kajol has been behaving awkwardly for a while.

    After few minutes they arrived at ice cream place, they ordered then sat on the chairs in front of the shop and started eating.

    'when is your next film?' Saif asked Karan

    'i have no idea' Karan replied

    'at least tell us the plot, I am dying to know'

    'I didn't find a story yet actually' Karan said

    'i am looking forward to a love story, not something deep' Preity said

    'well thank you Preity, you gave me a great idea for a question' Amira said suddenly then asked 'what is love to you? how do you define love? hmm for example, what is love to you Shahrukh?'

    'Courage' Kajol said suddenly before Shahrukh could say a word

    'i said Shahrukh, but whatever' Amira said, feeling confused

    'the lover should be brave, to tell his beloved about his feelings clearly then fight for her against the whole world' Kajol said

    'don't stay with Preity for a long time, she has a very bad effect on you' Shahrukh said sarcastically to Kajol

    'anyway, what is love to you Preity?' Karan asked this time

    'a beautiful dream' Preity said sweetly

    'Saif?' Karan asked again

    'hmm, fun!' Saif said


    'ice cream'

    'really? is that what is love to you!' Karan asked and all laughed

    'and you Shahrukh?' Abhishik asked

    'well, i don't know much about love, but i think faith and trust are important at any kind of relationship'

    'wah wah' Karan said and laughed, Rani started to yawn so all decided to move back

    'why the hell are you behaving like a crazy woman Kajol?' Amira whispered when they were leaving

    'no, i am completely normal, hmm and keeping Abhishik away' Kajol whispered back

    'don't worry, he is already scared from you'

    'sounds good'

    All went to the house to sleep, as they were walking fast and it was getting late. Only Amira and Abhishik were walking slowly when they were near the house.

    'are you okay?' Abhishik asked Amira who was so silent all the way home.

    Amira stopped walking and looked at him 'you have been asking many questions today, so can i ask you some?'

    'yeah sure' Abhishik replied casually not knowing what is wrong

    'Abhishik, you really didn't know how my parents died?' Amira asked angrily

    'Shahrukh' Shahrukh was called when he was going upstairs, it was Poja standing near the big hall waiting for him and he went towards her but she entered the big hall, so he followed her. Poja stood looking at the statues of the idols in front of her. Shahrukh came closer and stood next to her.

    'yes Auntie Poja' Shahrukh said

    'stay away from my daughter'

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