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Family is Family

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    Chapter 27

    'Nice guy' Rani commented
    'yeah, he is ' Kajol said smilingly

    Garcons were going around and roaming serving drinks on the trays, everyone drinking, eating, speaking, laughing and listening to the beautiful music. The hall was big and it is decorated in great way, the colors, the tables, the flowers and even the shapes of the glasses were elegant.

    The girls didn't stay in the same place, Rani stayed with Poja and Jaya, Amira stayed for a while with Shahrukh, Saif, Arjit, Abhishik and Amitabh; then she felt bored so she went back to Preity and Kajol., they remained talking about the dresses other girls wore and compared between them, Preity and Kajol tried the red wine and really liked it, Amira wasn't into alcohol so she didn't drink with them and drank a fresh juice.

    'a fresh juice? do you have school tomorrow?' Preity asked sarcastically
    'I don't drink Preity' Amira said
    'Shahrukh won't notice, he is drinking too anyway' Kajol added
    'it is not about Shahrukh, the juice is just fine for me' Amira said and took a sip then said 'I want to go to the wash room'
    'I will go with you' Kajol said and put her glass over the table.

    Preity was standing free, sipping the expensive red wine, Saif saw her so he excused the men and stood with her
    'hey beautiful' Saif winked to Preity

    'hey, you look awesome'

    'thanks sweetie'

    After a while Kajol and Amira joined them, Shahrukh excused Arjit and Amitabh and joined his relatives with Abhishik.
    'I hope that you are enjoying the party' Abhishik said happily

    'it is great' Amira said

    'we were just speaking about the hall and the decorations, they are perfect' Kajol said

    'this hall is mom's choice' Abhishik said

    'who is speaking about me?' Jaya appeared and said smiling

    'Abhishik was just telling us that this hall is your choice Jaya Madam' Amira said

    'why so formal dear? call me auntie, or Ma' Jaya said sweetly

    'what? no your are my mom, no one will share you with me' Abhishik pouted jokingly and all of them laughed

    'someone is jealous' Kajol said and giggled, Shahrukh stared at her "has she just joked with him?!" Rani and Poja joined them.

    'you have a very beautiful daughter Poja' Jaya said gesturing to Kajol, before Poja could respond Abhishik interrupted 'the dancing time' he said happily rubbing his hand 'if you don't mind I would like to dance with Kajol' he said to Poja
    "oh really?" Shahrukh rolled his eyes

    'it is okay beta' Poja said smilingly, Abhishik stretched his hand and held Kajol's
    'I promised you' she said and walked with him to the dance floor with other couples

    "I promised you?" Shahrukh raised his eyebrow "I left her alone for half an hour and they made promises, if I left her for a longer time I will find them doing the seven promises and going round the fire" Shahrukh thought sarcastically.

    'Rani if you don't mind I want to dance with Preity' Saif said grinning, Rani nodded. Preity smiled widely and took his hand.

    Shahrukh was fuming, there was a girl looking at him since he entered the party, he excused everyone and went to her 'you want to dance?'
    'yeah' the girl replied sweetly, he took her hand and headed to the dance floor, Kajol noticed him, and he started dancing with the girl next to her and Abhishik.

    'couldn't he wait to dance with me?' Kajol whispered to herself

    'hmm?' Abhishik

    'nothing' Kajol smiled.

    The lights on the dance floor weren't strong, so people could barely see each other, Shahrukh suddenly grabbed Kajol's hand in dragged her to the middle of the dance floor, not caring about Abhishik and the girl he was dancing with.
    'what are you doing?' Kajol asked, he didn't reply her, he wrapped his arms around her 'you are crazy' she whispered happily

    'hey hottie, what are you thinking of?' Shahrukh found that he is still dancing with the girl, he looked at his right and saw Kajol still dancing with
    Abhishik , he whispered something in her ear and she started laughing hard looking at Shahrukh, she was teasing him and he was fuming.

    "main tumhara intzar nahi karongi, I will not wait for you Shahrukh. I will marry the first one who proposes to me" Kajol's words echoed in his ears

    Suddenly Kajol's smile faded "what are you doing Kajol,? why are you doing this? you are trying to provoke him. Why are you still thinking of him anyway? he didn't fight for you and he won't, even if he loves you, it is not enough, he has to do something, you shouldn't care about him; and here he is dancing with another girl" Kajol felt disgusted, even if she loves Shahrukh it is a matter of dignity , she excused Abhishik and headed to the ladies bathroom. Shahrukh excused the girl he was dancing with and followed Kajol.

    Kajol stood in front of the mirror angry for what she did to Shahrukh and what she did to herself, suddenly she saw Shahrukh behind her, and she turned back to him.

    'this is the ladies bathroom' Kajol said in a shock

    'I don't care' he said through his teeth 'what the hell were you doing?'

    'I was just dancing and...' Kajol was about to explain but she paused 'it is none of your business, who are you to tell me what to do and what not to do, you were dancing out there too'

    'you started' he said coldly

    'I am free to do what I like'

    'Kajol I don't want to lose my temper, don't provoke me'

    'really, what will you do? can you do anything?' Kajol smirked, he pushed her against the sink, he grabbed her arms and searched her eyes 'I don't want to lose you Kajol' he said kindly

    'I was never yours to lose me' Kajol said coldly 'excuse me...cousin' she pushed him and went out, Shahrukh hit his fist to the wall in anger

    'Do you want to dance?' Abhishik asked Amira

    'Ok, why not' Amira smiled and he took her hand and they started dancing, Kajol went out and saw them dancing, she looked right and left to see someone to dance with, she swore to herself to make Shahrukh explode of jealousy.

    'Want to dance?' Kajol asked Saif who was standing few meters away from her after he finished dancing with Preity, without thinking she took his hand and went to the dance floor

    Shahrukh got out of the bathroom, he saw Kajol dancing with Saif, he didn't feel angry, but disgusted so he decided to forget all about Kajol and ignore her for the rest of the night. He saw Amira dancing with Abhishik and that made him smile, they looked so cute even Abhishik looked really tall for Amira. He sighed then stood with Arjit and Amitabh. Later Saif joined them after he finished, Arjit introduced them to some other famous business men and ministers and they spoke about politics and money.

    Shahrukh really envied Saif, his father is an ex army officer and his mother is an owner of a famous beauty center, yet he was rich he worked for Arjit at the ads department. Shahrukh was sure that Saif will have his own ads agency one day. All those qualities would make any one agree for his proposal for his daughter, which makes Shahrukh's job more difficult.

    Kajol was standing with Preity, Rani, Poja and Jaya, she thanked god that Saif had to excuse to join those important businessmen.

    "Gosh, what was I thinking of when I asked Saif to dance with me? I have slapped him few days ago. What are you doing Kajol?" Kajol blamed herself

    After a while Amira finished dancing with Abhishik and joined the girls, Abhishik offered to dance with Kajol again and she agreed, Poja was really happy with this, she saw Abhishik and Kajol as a great couple.

    Amira spent most of the time with the girls, Poja and Jaya too. Amira really liked Jaya, she found out that she is a really kind and sweet lady, they spoke for a very long time about many topics. Amira had told her about her college and the textile company she wants to own one day, Jaya was really fond of her ideas and encouraged her.

    Rani spent the time with Preity, Amira and Kajol after she finished dancing, she was ignoring any old women. they would start speaking with her about her husband and being a widow or even find her another man to marry. She tried to stay away from all this, she was so loyal to Anil that she will never marry anyone after him. All she wants to focus on is her children and the hospital she is planning to build.

    Later Shahrukh and Saif joined the girls, Kajol was dying to dance with Shahrukh, but she knew he won't agree, she shouldn't spoke that way when they were in the bathroom, she knows that she might not get that chance again but she noticed that he was already ignoring her. Kajol's behavior was contradictory all the night, she wanted Shahrukh but at the same time she behaved in a rude way, she wants to make him jealous then she blames herself for doing this, because she loves him and at the same time she feels like she is torturing herself for something will never happen and a man don't want to fight for her.

    The party was over, Abhishik wished all of them a good night, they all liked Abhishik and it showed that he will be a close friend to the family. Saif was so drunk so Arjit suggested that he will spend the night with them, and he left with Poja and Arjit.

    Rani and Preity had to go with Shahrukh, he suggested that they join him and send someone to bring the cars back in the morning, he didn't care if the car will be crowded, he didn't want Rani to drive at night. They all rode the car, Amira in the front seat, Preity in the middle, Rani on her right and Kajol on her left.

    'Thanks Rani' Kajol said

    'for what?' Rani asked

    'for coming with us, I hope you enjoyed'

    'a lot' Rani answered smiling

    'it was a great party' Preity said happily, all agreed with her

    'I really like Jaya auntie, she is so sweet' Amira said happily

    'yeah I noticed that you spent a long time speaking to her' Kajol said smiling

    'you have no idea, she is a great woman, I would like to meet her again'

    'Abhishik also was so sweet' Rani commented

    'yeah, mom liked him so much' Kajol said and looked at Shahrukh through the mirror 'what do you think of Abhishik Shahrukh?'

    'he is fine' Shahrukh answered coldly squeezing the steering wheel

    'just fine?' Kajol pouted sarcastically 'I was expecting you to say that he is funny, handsome, elegant; something like this'

    'I am not going to marry him' Shahrukh said rolling his eyes

    'Kajol let him focus on the road' Rani said, they all remained silent for few minutes then Preity broke the silence.

    'did someone die? why are you so quiet? Amira please turn on the radio' Preity said in boredom and Amira switched on the radio and there was a song being played.

    "Still missing you
    And I can't

    See the end of this

    Just wanna feel your kiss

    Against my lips

    And now all this time

    Is passing by

    But I still can't seem to tell you why

    It hurts me every time I see you

    Realize how much I need you

    I hate you, I love you,

    I hate that I love you

    Don't want to but I can't put nobody else above you

    I hate you, I love you,

    I hate that I want you"

    Kajol felt like she is in a film, when the song describes the situation and the feelings of the hero and the heroine. She hated that she loved Shahrukh yet she can't live without him. The words of the song angered Shahrukh so he changed the channel.

    "but now I’m cursed cuz I hurt you and led you astray

    but then you reversed the pain and hurt me in the worst way

    I know I did you wrong

    but the way you made me pay

    how could you be so heartless like kanye say

    I know you’re tired of excuses

    but I’m to do what’s right"

    It was like songs were saying what they wanted to say to each other, when both of them danced with others and teased each other, that they love each other but they can't come closer, their fights that each one of them sees that the other one is wrong, Shahrukh sees that Kajol is selfish, she doesn't truly love him, she can't wait for him and she is teasing him with the other guys, and Kajol sees that he doesn't love her and isn't fighting for her and that he played with her feelings.

    Shahrukh changed the channel but Amira went back to it 'I like this song' she said and started singing
    "w ha'aolk a ana wla a, akeed fahim ana asdi a

    ya habibi msh ha'adr aa'ish ma'a ghirak, nafs eli ana eisht fih ma'ak"

    'what are you saying Amira?' Kajol asked not understand a word from what Amira said

    'this song is in Arabic and English, I was singing the Arabic lyrics' Amira explained

    'can you speak Arabic or you just know the lyrics?' Preity asked

    ' I learned a bit from mom and I could memorize the lyrics when I heard this song before' Amira said

    'enogh' Shahrukh shouted hitting the steering wheel with his both hands and switched off the radio ' I have a strong headache so please keep quiet' he said firmly to Amira, she lowered her gaze and remained silent, All were scared to speak to Shahrukh, it was the first time to see him this way so all didn't speak... until they reached home.

    When they arrived, they noticed that Arjit's car was parked in the garage so that means Poja and Arjit and of course Saif had arrived. Amira was the first one to leave the car, she banged the door and ran to the house, Rani and Preity followed her. Shahrukh shook his head and headed towards the house, Kajol followed him.

    'What was her fault to get mad at her? your problem is with me, did some lyrics really affect you? ' Kajol asked him when they going upstairs. She was about to fall of because her long dress, he didn't reply. They met Rani and Preity near the stairs when they were coming back.

    'She is okay' Preity said coldly to Shahrukh and walked away ' good night all, thanks for the night Shahrukh' she said sarcastically heading to her room, Rani shook her head and left to her room too. When Preity was on her way to her room Saif grabbed her hand and they ran to the roof.

    Shahrukh folded his arms before his chest and narrowed his eyes looking at Kajol 'what!' she said, he clapped sarcastically 'bravo, you are great actress Kajol, you deserve a film fare'

    Kajol rolled her eyes 'Shahrukh please don't start'

    'you are so cheap Kajol and I really don't care about you, I hate you. Now go marry Saif or marry Abhishik or whoever you want or you can have them both, you are free; I don't give a damn'

    Kajol couldn't believe what she heard, she felt like it was a nightmare, she shook her head sadly, speechless, tears rolling down her cheek. She tried to walk back but Kajol stepped on her dress by mistake and her leg slipped, she lost balance and rolled down the stairs, her head hit the floor; bleeding.
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    Chapter 28

    Rani heard something hit the ground when she was on her way to her room, so she came back to see what's wrong. It all happened in a part of a second that Shahrukh couldn't react or try to help Kajol. Shahrukh went downstairs quickly, trembling and not knowing what to do, he could not even scream for help. He held Kajol's hand and shook her shoulder but she didn't wake up, he looked right and left searching for anyone, Rani suddenly screamed when she saw Kajol, she came downstairs as fast as she could.

    'What happened?' Rani shook Shahrukh's shoulder, he was absentminded. At the same time Amira opened the room of the door and looked to see what is going on down.

    'oh my god' she mouthed placing her palm over her lips

    Rani saw her and screamed 'call the ambulance and I will wake uncle Arjit up' Rani said and ran upstairs, Amira ran back to her room, grabbed her mobile phone and called for the ambulance, then she went downstairs and knelt next to Shahrukh and started crying.

    Kajol was lucky that there was a hospital near the house, so the ambulance arrived in no time. At that time Arjit and Poja were awake, only one was allowed to ride the ambulance with Kajol, Amira suggested that Shahrukh will go saying that he won't be able to drive in this case and they all will follow the ambulance with the cars. Amira took the keys from him and gave them to Rani. The doors of the ambulance were closed and it left, The rest headed to the cars and followed them.

    Shahrukh was holding Kajol's hand all the time, crying and apologizing to her. She was sleeping peacefully, not feeling what is happening around her. Shahrukh regretted what he said, his stubbornness lead to all of this, Kajol would lose her life because of him.

    Kajol was sleeping peacefully in her bed in the hospital with a bandage wrapped around her head and her arm, she had some contusions, the doctors said that she will be fine soon and that she was lucky that the hospital is near the house so they could help her, the doctors reassured them and said that all what she needs is rest.

    'what happened?' Arjit asked Shahrukh kindly when they were in the room, he and Poja were sitting on a couch in front of Kajol's bed, Poja is in Arjit arms; crying. Shahrukh was looking through the window with his clothes stained with blood, he looked at Arjit and sighed 'we were speaking near the stairs, she stepped over her dress, she lost balance and fell off'

    'then I heard the bang and went to see what happened and I saw her unconscious on the ground with blood all over the floor' Rani added then continued 'when Amira heard me screaming she came out of her room, I asked her to call the ambulance then I woke you up' she said looking sadly at Arjit.

    'why don't you just go home and rest? I will stay with her and you heard the doctor, we can't do anything more than they did' Amira said kindly to all of them.

    'you all go, I won't leave' Poja said through her tears

    'Poja you need rest' Arjit said kindly holding her hand, she rest her head over his chest 'no Arjit I will stay'

    'Rani, take Shahrukh and Amira home' Arjit said kindly

    'uncle we won't leave you' Amira said

    'you were the first ones to see Kajol, I am sure it was a great shock, you need to rest too' Arjit said kindly and firmly the gestured to Rani to take them out. Rani nodded and gestured to Amira, Amira pulled Shahrukh's arm and they all went out of the room.

    Rani was the one driving, Shahrukh was next to her, leaning his head to the window and closing his eyes; acting as if he is asleep. They were silent all the way home, Amira was in the back seat, looking through the window, tears rolling over her cheek silently, as much as she was sad for Kajol, she was also sad for Shahrukh; she knew he will be so depressed with what happened, Amira also thought about what happened "Did Kajol fall off just because she lost balance and stepped over her dress or something saddened her and made her dizzy?"

    The strong sunlight woke Preity up, she blinked hardly, it took time to know where she was. She looked around, she found herself sleeping on the floor in the roof with Saif, both naked. Preity covered herself and woke Saif up. Preity put on her clothes and ran down to her room, changed to house clothes then went downstairs, she found the house so quiet. She was about to call for Anarkali but she saw Rani, Shahrukh and Amira coming in. Preity gasped when she saw the blood on Shahrukh's shirt.

    'what happened?' Preity ran to him and asked in a worried tone 'and where is everyone?' Preity asked looking at Rani, Shahrukh didn't reply and walked away to his room, Preity looked at Rani questionably.

    'we were in the hospital' Rani said

    'Is uncle Arjit ok? Preity asked

    'yeah he is fine, but Kajol fell off the stairs and hurt her head' Amira replied sadly

    'oh my god' Preity said covering her mouth with her palm 'when did this happen? how couldn't I hear you?'

    'it happened just after we all went to our rooms, she stepped on her dress, lost balance and fell off' Rani said then continued ' Shahrukh was the first to see her then me, when I screamed Amira came out and called the ambulance' she sighed

    'are you okay?' Preity asked Amira kindly

    'yeah, I am fine, I will just go to my room' Amira said sadly and went upstairs, Preity waited until she left then continued 'are you sure she is okay? she is so close to Kajol more than everyone' Preity said

    'I will check on her from time to time'

    'and Shahrukh?'

    'silent as usual, he didn't say a word all the way home' Rani said shaking her head

    'when can we visit her by the way? I need to see Kajol' Preity asked sadly

    'uncle Arjit and auntie Poja are still there, they would call us'

    'good morning' Saif said coming downstairs, Rani completely forgot about him 'good morning' the girls replied

    'is everything all right?' Saif seemed concerned looking at both

    'I won't say it again, you tell him, I need rest' Rani said in boredom and went upstairs

    'what is going on? why the house is so quiet?' Saif asked

    'Kajol is in the hospital' Preity said sadly, they walked out of the house to the garden

    Amira knocked on the door then came in without waiting for an answer, she closed the door and walked towards Shahrukh who was sitting on the edge of the bed, his face buried in his palms, Amira wrapped her arms around him reassuring.

    'she will be okay, you heard the doctors' she said patting over his back

    'it all happened because of me, I provoked her'

    'why? what happened?'

    'it is a long story but I said some things I shouldn't have said and saddened her, so it is all because of me' he said and Amira sighed then he continued 'I can't face her after what happened, anyway I am going back to Lond.....' before he completes the sentence Amira pulled back and stood up, widening her eyes in anger, she forgot to breath from the shock.

    'Amira breathe' Shahrukh said shook her, she started breathing again normally

    'I can't believe you are leaving again' she nearly whispered

    'no, it is not like that' he said reassuringly holding her arms and continued ' It is a matter of two weeks, Uncle Jamal is there and he wanted me to help him with some things, that's all'

    'and you will tell me when you are in the airport, right?' she said through her teeth

    'no, there is a week left before I leave, I haven't booked the tickets yet'

    'I will go with you' she said furrowing her eyebrows and folding her hands before her chest

    'Actually it is a good idea' Shahrukh said smilingly, she didn't reply and left the room silently, she went to her room and decided to sleep, she really needed to, what happened was too much for her to bear. Amira had an obsession that everyone close to her will leave her, this happened after her parents died, she had faced some panic attacks but her health is better now and she could control it from time to time. Shahrukh's trip to London once again really scared her, she wanted him to be near all the time, she really appreciated her uncle and Kajol's effort, but he was her only family left.

    Shahrukh took off his suit's jacket , he stood in front of the dressing table mirror, looking at the blood on his shirt and touching it with his fingertips. He sat on his bed, buried his face in his palms. Since his parents died he had thought of suicide many times, but every time he thinks of it he sees his sister's face. He was indignant on his life, he is struggling, he doesn't want anyone to owe him a favor, he is responsible to take care of his sister, he can't marry the girl he loves and he was about to lead her to death and he is paying for mistakes he didn't make, his parents' mistakes.

    Arjit called them from the hospital, everything was okay but Kajol hasn't woke up yet, he also told them about the times of visits, but he knew it in a late time so he asked all of them to come on the next day that there is no need to come when she is still asleep.

    Everyone stayed in his room for the whole day, except when Rani told them that Arjit is on the phone, they all gathered to know the news then everyone went to his room. No one had lunch that day, they lost their appetite after what happened and the house was really quiet and gloomy.

    Preity was in her room, Saif had to leave; everyone was in the house so he won't feel free, even if he noticed that no one will annoy him, but he couldn't be sure. Aside from Preity's sadness about what happened to Kajol, she remembered the last night she spent with Saif, Preity was slightly drunk but Saif was completely drunk. At the time they reached the roof, Saif showered her with kisses. Preity really trusted Saif, after what they did without the protection the last night... she was sure that he loves her, she was waiting for him to propose soon, even if he didn't say it but she saw that in his behaviors.

    'Is Kajol going to be okay?' Meera asked sadly, she was sitting next to Rani on the bed in her room

    'yes honey, the doctors reassured us' Rani said kindly

    'Can we visit her?' Shivan asked

    'yes we can, we are going tomorrow morning to check on her' she said and looked at both of them 'but you have to promise not to make any noise in the hospital'

    'don't worry mom' they both said

    'ok go and play, I will go to Amira' Rani said and all got off the bed

    Rani knocked on the door and opened it ajar, she looked through it 'Are you awake?'

    'yes, come in' Amira said, Rani came in and sat next to her on the bed and Amira rest her head over Rani's shoulder

    'are you okay?' Rani asked kindly

    'yes' she nearly whispered

    'I came to annoy you a little' Rani said happily then they remained silent for a few minutes but Amira broke the silence



    'Am I a bad girl?' Amira asked sadly

    'yes, you are so bad and that's why we love you so much' Rani said and giggled but Amira didn't

    'so why god is doing this to me? making Kajol go to the hospital and make me sad, Shahrukh is also going back to London' Amira said sniffing

    'wait, why is Shahrukh going to London again?'

    'he has to help uncle Jamal with some things at work there, and you know uncle Jamal is like uncle Arjit, he doesn't believe in technology and they can't discuss work on the phone. And then what happened to Kajol, she is a good girl, why did this happen to her?'

    'Amira don't speak like that, god is fair with all of us and that is possible to happen to anyone of us. You heard what the doctors said, she is okay and we will visit her tomorrow to check on her' Rani said patting over Amira's shoulder.

    In the morning Shahrukh and Amira were the first to go to the hospital, Amira didn't have any lectures at that day so Shahrukh would drop her to the hospital and check on Kajol before he goes to work, he would see also if Uncle Arjit needed something. Rani would follow them with Preity and the kids later.

    'Good morning' Amira said opening the door and coming into the room, Shahrukh was following her. Arjit looked at them and smiled, he was sitting in the couch and Poja was coming out of the bathroom.

    'how is she ?' Shahrukh asked

    'she is still asleep' Arjit replied calmly, Amira grabbed a chair and sat next to Kajol's bed, she put her hand gently on Kajol's hand which was wrapped in bandages.

    'eh sleeping beauty, come on wake up; you have never been so heavy sleeper' Amira whispered jokingly, she suddenly found Kajol's eyelid moving a bit and she was moving her fingers 'oh my god she heard me' Amira said happily, then Kajol opened her eyes slowly and looked at all of them. Shahrukh pressed a button near Kajol's bed and then a nurse appeared, he asked her to tell the doctor that she woke up.

    'oh, where am I?' Kajol said furrowing her eyebrows and rubbing her temple in pain

    'you are in the hospital dear' Arjit said kindly

    'what happened?' Kajol asked again

    'you fell over' Amira replied

    The doctor came and sat in front of Kajol on the bed, the nurse helped her to sit up a bit. The doctor examined Kajol and it appeared on his face that she is okay.

    'so, do you know who are they?' The doctor asked her pointing to all of them, and Kajol nodded then said 'that's my mom who is holding my hand and sitting on the chair, that handsome man who is in front of me whose eyes are wet is my father, that little naughty girl is Amira and the one on my right side is Shahrukh, my cousin and he is Amira's brother' she finished and smiled to all of them

    'that's great, so do you remember what was the last thing happened before you lose conscious?' the doctor asked again, Amira then stood closer to Shahrukh and hold his hand.

    Kajol sighed and nodded in denial 'actually no, I don't know, they told me that I fell over or something'

    'what is the last thing you remember?'

    'we went to a party and that's all'

    'so you remember Abhishik?' Amira asked immediately and Shahrukh stepped over her foot 'ouch' she said looking at him

    'sorry' Shahrukh said coldly

    'yeah yeah, I remember what happened in the party but not everything of course, some things are missing but it is okay' Kajol replied smilingly

    The doctor stood up smilingly and said 'miss Kajol, you are completely fine, you just need some rest and after a few days you can go home'

    'thank you doctor' Arjit said happily and shook the doctor's hand then the doctor left.

    'so I think now you can go home and rest' Amira said kindly to Poja and Arjit ' I am staying with Kajol; Rani and Preity are on the way too'

    'I agree with Amira, you should really go and have some rest' Shahrukh said

    Kajol squeezed her mother's hand reassuringly 'mom I am fine' she said smilingly, at the end they could convince Arjit and Poja to leave, so they called Shekar and went home.

    'I am sure you are hungry, I will ask them to bring you some food, okay?' Amira said happily to Kajol and left the room, which was the most clever thing she could do. Shahrukh sat on the chair near Kajol's bed.

    'hey' Kajol said


    'you know, I don't really remember what happened, but I don't know why I am feeling angry at you'

    'lots of things had happened that night, but anyway it is not the suitable time to discuss this'

    'how did I fall over?'

    'you stepped on your dress and your leg slipped'

    'that's all?'

    Before Shahrukh could reply Preity came in, she was happy to see Kajol safe and sound, Rani came in with kids then Amira followed them.

    'they will bring you breakfast after a few minutes' Amira said and Kajol nodded

    'how are you feeling?' Preity said and sat in front of her on the bed, Shahrukh then stood up 'I am leaving, if you needed anything call me' he said to Amira and went out of the room, Amira followed him and ran behind him in the corridor.

    'Shahrukh' she called out, he stopped and looked back at her


    'where are you going?'

    'to work' he said and Amira raised an eyebrow 'going to work or running away?' she smirked

    'what do you want? Amira she doesn't remember what happened, I can't deceive her and act like nothing happened, I am responsible for what happened to her'

    'maybe god is giving both if you another chance, I am not asking you to deceive her, I don't know what you said exactly to her but take this chance to fix what you spoiled' she said then added ' anyway you can't tell her now, not in her condition'

    Shahrukh lowered his gaze and sighed then said 'if something happened call me' he said calmly

    'ok, don't be late after work' she said smiling, waved to him and left

    'get well soon Kajol' Meera said sweetly

    'thanks sweetie' Kajol said happily, then Amira opened the door and came in

    'where have you been?' Rani asked her

    'I was speaking to Shahrukh, you know the regular conversations between us' Amira said and sat on the couch.
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    Chapter 29

    The girls tried their best to cheer Kajol up, they didn't speak about the accident again, Kajol was recovering fast and she really enjoyed the girls company even in the hospital, Meera was acting like a doctor and examining Kajol, which made her laugh a lot.

    'hmm, you are okay but you need to take rest and drink lots of milk and sleep early' Meera said firmly to Kajol

    'yes doctor' Kajol said and smiled

    'and those bandages need to be changed everyday' she said then looked at Rani 'right mama?' Rani nodded smilingly

    Meera cleared her throat 'I mean doctor Rani' they laughed and Preity patted over Meera's head and Meera giggled.

    Afternoon they all were in Kajol's room, even Saif, he finished work and came to see Kajol, he brought a flower bouquet. Shahrukh came back early from work too, earlier than he used to. Since he fell sick he wasn't allowed to stay after work times, it was Arjit's orders, so he now goes early and comes back early if he finished work, and even if he had to be late it would be till dinner time only.

    'Get well soon Kajol' Saif said smilingly placing the flowers over the nightstand

    'thanks Saif' Kajol said and smiled back

    Then they heard a knock on the door, then someone who is really tall, holding a flower bouquet, a woman appeared and they came in

    'Jaya Auntie' Amira said happily and ran towards her

    'beti, Kaise ho tum?' Jaya said happily hugging her

    'teak ho' Amira said and looked at Abhishik 'you didn't tell me that she is coming yaar' Amira pouted

    "Amira, what the hell are you doing?" Shahrukh thought rolling his eyes

    'she insisted' Abhishik said smilingly, Jaya greeted Poja and Arjit then she went towards Kajol, hugged her and sat on the chair next to her, Abhishik placed the bouquet in Kajol's arms, Shahrukh rolled his eyes in boredom.

    'Get well soon Kajol' Abhishik said smiling

    'How are you now?' Jaya asked kindly

    'now I am feeling great because you are here' Kajol replied smilingly, Shahrukh narrowed his eyes and looked at Amira, she didn't know what he wanted to say so she tried to do something.

    'they make a great coffee here Auntie you should try it, I will bring you a cup of coffee from the cafeteria' Amira said to Jaya then she said 'you want coffee too Shahrukh, right?'

    'yeah, I will come with you, does anyone here want coffee too?' Shahrukh asked looking at all of them

    'I will drink coffee' Arjit said

    'Me too' Rani said

    'ok' Amira said and went out of the room with Shahrukh

    'can you tell me what are you trying to do?' he asked in anger when they were walking towards the lift in the corridor

    Amira pressed the up button then said 'when we were talking , he asked me about all of ....'


    'I mean texting'

    'texting?' he asked when they entered the elevator

    'Shahrukh stop interrupting me'

    'he has your number!?'

    'Shahruuuuuuuuukh' Amira said angrily that everyone in the elevator looked at her, she shook her head and continued 'he asked me for all our numbers, he is kind of our friend now and he is a sweet guy, any way it is not the point' She said then continued 'he asked about how is everyone and I told him about Kajol'

    'Amira you don't know what you did'

    The doors of the elevator were opened and they went out 'if I didn't tell him uncle Arjit would tell him, so don't blame me for everything that happens'

    'sorry I didn't mean to, but this is making my job difficult'

    'Shahrukh you are saying that every guy comes closer to Kajol will make your job difficult' he stopped when he heard her words 'Shahrukh I am sorry but this is the truth' she said then asked 'Kajol loves you back right?

    'yeah she does'

    'so you have to trust her'

    They headed towards the cafeteria and ordered the coffee, they continued their conversation while waiting for the coffee

    'you don't understand, you heard Kajol when she said that Poja...'

    'Anutie Poja'

    he rolled his eyes 'Auntie Poja, she likes him and she maybe sees them as a good couple'

    'oh my god I didn't think of that' Amira gasped

    'because you don't think' he said coldly

    'do you want me to pour the coffee on your pants?'

    'no thanks' he smirked, Amira took the coffee plastic cups and they left

    'Shahrukh' Amira said when they were going up in the elevator


    'you have to move, do something yaar'

    'Amira you don't understand anything' he said and went out of the elevator, she followed him 'then help me to' she said

    he sighed and said 'fine, when we go home I will tell you the whole story'

    'I am dying to know' she said raising her eyebrows happily, he smiled, shook his head, took the cups from her and they went back to Kajol's room.

    Preity volunteered to stay with Kajol at the hospital, even after Kajol reassured her and told her that the nurses are always in service but Preity insisted, So all went home.

    At night Shahrukh was in his room, brushing his hair as usual before bed, he looked at his picture in the mirror then he startled and nearly screamed, Amira burst out laughing, he saw her reflection in the mirror, she was standing at the door.

    'why are you standing like this? you nearly killed me'

    Amira laughed and said 'so tell me, we are home now'

    'I am about to sleep, can we delay it?'

    'no' she shouted

    'don't shout'

    'sorry, I am just feeling excited to know' she giggled, he rolled his eyes 'come here' he gestured to her, he sat on the bed and she sat on it in front of him, he told her all about him and Kajol, Abhishik and Saif's part, Amira was listening silently.

    'why do you think Auntie Poja won't agree? she loves us'

    'I have told you why'

    'but that's a stupid reason Shahrukh, she would destroy her daughter's life because we are poor?'


    'what about uncle Arjit?' she asked sadly

    'I am not sure, he likes us but it is his daughter's future'

    'if you were in his place, what would you do?'

    Shahrukh sighed 'I don't know'

    They remained silent for a while then Amira broke the silence ' Saif is a playboy, so I think he is just joking as usual'

    'after all what I told you? what if he was serious this time?'

    'hmm, that's a problem, but it is in Kajol's hand and Kajol loves you'

    'it won't be a problem if she didn't remember what I said before she falls off the stairs, if she remembered she will marry the first one who proposes, I really hurt her'

    'maybe she said this to provoke you'

    'I am not sure'

    'why did you say that anyway?'

    'I don't know I was angry and jealous and...' he stopped and wiped his face in anger ' I hate myself' he said

    'don't say that' she patted over his shoulder kindly

    'so what should we do now?'

    'do something, don't you love her yaar? show her that, fix the hell you spoiled, and even if she remembered, your behaviors will show her that you didn't mean to and you did this out of jealousy and anger' she said and he nodded silently, suddenly Amira burst out laughing.

    'I can't believe that you punched Saif in purpose' she said between her laughs

    Shahrukh rolled his eyes 'don't make me regret telling you'

    'ok, sorry' she said and hugged him, then she pulled back suddenly

    'doesn't Saif love Preity?' Amira asked furrowing her eyebrows

    'what? no he doesn't, they are just close friends'

    'but I feel that they are .... I mean they have been behaving strangely and... ok forget about it'

    'no wait, what do you mean?'

    'it is okay I just misunderstood. if they love each other they would say it'

    'maybe not'

    'why would someone hide his love? that's stupid' she said then added 'I am not speaking about you' he nodded and started playing with the bed sheets

    'was it okay telling me?'

    He smiled ' yeah a lot, I would explode if I didn't speak about all this, I am feeling better' he said then added but it would be better if you kept your tongue in your mouth, that will make me happy'

    Amira laughed hard then said 'ok fine I promise'

    Kajol was asleep, after she passed the time talking to Preity she had a headache and slept, Preity didn't feel like sleeping, so she passed the whole night speaking to Saif on the phone, Preity took advantage of Kajol being asleep and could speak to him freely. Saif used that to ask about Kajol and know her news for the whole night.

    'She is asleep now' Preity said

    'I will come early before work to check on her' Saif said

    'and see me' Preity giggled


    'why don't you drive me home in the morning, it is near the hospital and it is a good chance to pass some time with you'

    'hmm, fine'

    'ok, I will tell them in the house so they won't worry for me, I will just send a message to Amira after I finish talking to you'

    Saif laughed 'yeah, so the news spread fast and you make sure everyone knows'

    'yeah' Preity laughed too

    In the morning Preity got ready to see Saif, she combed her hair and fixed her clothes and brushed her teeth, he arrived really early. Her eyes were popping hearts out when he came in to the room.

    'morning' he said smilingly

    'hey' she said happily, Saif looked at Kajol and Preity talked immediately 'she is still asleep'

    'oh' he uttered then said ' so I can't speak to her'

    'maybe later' Preity said happily pushing him of out of the room and both went out.

    Shahrukh knew that Preity is coming home, so Kajol will be alone until Poja arrives, so he rushed to the hospital. He arrived at the same time Preity and Saif left. He had bought flowers for Kajol, he really hesitated and wanted to leave, but at the end he managed to walk to her room. Shahrukh knocked the door and came in, Kajol was still asleep. He tiptoed towards her bed, he put the flowers on the nightstand on her left.

    There was a chair near her bed so he sat on it, he held Kajol's hand gently and kissed it. There was a notebook on the nightstand so he grabbed it, he took a pen from his jacket's pocket and wrote down something. He cut the paper out of notebook, folded it and placed it in the bouquet.

    Shahrukh stood up and was about to leave, but he retreated and came back, he leaned down and kissed Kajol's cheek "behave Shahrukh" he said to himself and left at once.

    Kajol opened her eyes, she could smell a beautiful fragrance, something mixed with flowers fragrance that her room is full of it. She knew it was

    Shahrukh's. she smiled to herself and sat up a little, the she noticed the bouquet near her bed, she grinned and grabbed it gently with her hand.

    It was her favorite kind of flowers "the pink tulip" she didn't need to think who brought it because she knew it would be Shahrukh, he knew that it is her favorite. Kajol shook her head when she remembered the childish behaviors they did in the party. Those flowers showed her that Shahrukh is trying to make everything go back to the same it was in the past. When she was smelling the flowers something scratched her nose, she found a paper in the bouquet.,Kajol took it out and unfolded it, placing the bouquet over her lap.

    "Good morning, I hope you are doing well today. You were asleep when I came, but no problem.

    I know you will like the flowers, after all I chose them, anyway; I went to your college and told them about what happened and asked for some days off for you.

    Get well soon, Kaj

    PS: I don't need to leave my signature because you are clever enough to know who sent this :p "

    'Kaj' Kajol said happily and kissed the paper

    'good morning dear' Poja said and came in, Kajol was startled, she folded the paper quickly and placed it in the bouquet and paced her palm over her chest and gasped

    'Ma you scared me' Kajol muttered

    'sorry dear' Poja said, leaned down and kissed Kajol's cheek ' how are you today?'

    Kajol sighed happily ' Fine'

    'nice flowers' Poja commented when she sat down 'who brought them?'


    'they are pink tulip' Poja said raising her eyebrow


    'they are your favorite'


    'how did he know?'

    'mom you must be kidding' Kajol said giggling 'Shahrukh is my cousin and he has been living with us since his parents passed away so he is not a stranger, don't you see that you are just overreacting about the flowers issue, everyone brought flowers to me'

    'fine you win' Poja said placing her hands in front of each other begging her to shut up, Kajol laughed then asked 'where is Amira by the way? and where did Preity go?'

    'Preity left this morning with Saif when he came to see you; but you were asleep, and Amira went to college, all will visit you after noon'

    'cool' Kajol said then she added 'Shahrukh went to my college and asked them for a vacation for me until I recover'

    'great' Poja said and stood up and looked through the window to the garden

    'Shahrukh is a great guy mom, isn't he? I am sure that the girl who will marry him will be very lucky'

    'Really?' Poja looked back at her raising her eyebrow


    'yeah' Poja smirked and said sarcastically, Kajol gave her a half smile

    'did you have breakfast?'

    'no, I have just woke up' Kajol replied, Poja went to the other side of the bed and pressed a button near it, Kajol sighed and lowered her gaze and waited for breakfast silently.
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    Chapter 30

    Three days passed and Kajol was allowed to leave the hospital and she was taken back home, but she wasn't allowed to go to college yet, she still needed some rest. It was the end of the week that Shahrukh had booked the tickets and started packing his bags. He really regretted accepting going back to London again at these circumstances even if it was a matter of two weeks. He could use this time to fix everything between him and Kajol, so if she remembered what happened before she falls off; she may forgive him, he didn't find the suitable time to tell Kajol and no one spoke about his trip in front of her, they weren't hiding it from her but they were really busy with her that they forgot to inform her. No one also knew that Amira is going with Shahrukh, everyone was really busy to talk about anything. There were only two days before Shahrukh leaves, so he decided to spend that time with Kajol as much as he could.

    Kajol was in her bed, a book in her lap and she was speaking on the phone. Shahrukh was about to come in but he saw that she is busy, she noticed him and gestured for him to come in. He left the door open, came in and sat at the edge of the bed in front of her, admiring her. The way she curls her locks of hair around her finger when she talks, her laughs, he envied the pen she was writing with in the book.

    'I will call you back' Kajol said and hung up and looked at Shahrukh 'hey' she said happily


    'umm, about what happened at the party...'

    'will we try to forget that day? we both did and said some things we shouldn't say or do'

    'yeah that was a bit childish' she giggled

    'you are impatient Kajol, and you don't want to trust me or believe me'

    'believe what? Shahrukh please' she rolled her eyes 'we are not going to speak about it again, you know what I want, I have made myself clear so stop provoking me' he sighed and just remained looking at her

    'you want to tell me something, right?' she narrowed her eyes

    'yeah' he cleared his throat and said 'I am going back to London'


    'it is a matter of two weeks'

    'when are you leaving?'

    'they day after tomorrow'

    'what?' she raised her voice 'and you are telling me this now?'

    'I couldn't speak to you most of the time, and telling you now is better than you don't know at all'

    'how could you leave now? I need you' she regretted saying the last words, she bit her lip and said 'I am sorry'

    'don't be' he smiled and held her hand and she lowered her gaze

    'Shahrukh, didn't you get bored?'

    'I don't understand'

    'ok, let's forget all what we did and what we said to each other and start from the beginning' she smiled then continued ' you love me, right?'

    'I can't deny it, but saying "I Love You" is like a promise, like a contract and I am not ready for this now' he said, Kajol was just staring at him speechless

    'why are you staring at me like this? I told you before that I am not ready, and you know what will happen if someone knew about us'

    'so we will just remain like this?' Kajol said coldly

    'it is hurting me too that we can do nothing' he said in anger

    'so how do you explain our situation? I really hate my stupid heart who loved you, I wish it was in my hand to not to love you better than being imprisoned in this cursed relationship'

    'cursed? loving me is a curse'

    'you don't have the courage to spell it out, you enjoy watching me being tortured with your love until I turn into a spinster'

    'have you finished?' he asked coldly, she folded her arms before her chest furrowing her eyebrows, he leaned to her ear and whispered ' say whatever you want to say and do whatever you want to do, but you are mine Kajol and no one will take you from me, ever' he said and walked away.

    'you wish' she said angrily raising her voice, he looked back at her 'try me' he said and went out, Kajol didn't know what she should feel, angry because he doesn't want to say that he loves her even his behaviors show that, or happy with what he said, she really wanted to see what will happen next. Is he really going to fight for her? his words showed that. Kajol decided to not provoke Shahrukh, she won't try to, she saw that it is a cheap thing anyway but she knew that there are other factors will anger him, Saif and Abhishik. She knows that both of them like her, so she won't make any efforts, Saif and Abhishik were normally in charge. Kajol felt like she really needed to talk with someone about this, sharing her feelings, she was playing with her phone while thinking, she saw a picture of her and Amira.

    "Is it a sign?" she asked herself then shook her head "are you crazy Kajol? no you can't tell her" then she thought again "Amira is your cousin, and Shahrukh is her brother and she will understand, she cares for you and won't hurt you"

    'I can come back later' Kajol flinched and looked at the door, Amira was standing there smiling "how does she appear every time I need her?"

    'no, come in dear' Kajol said,Amira came in and sat next to her on the bed



    'I want to tell you something, but swear not to tell anyone'



    'I sweeeeaaaaaaar'

    Kajol cleared her throat, inhaled some air to calm herself down and said 'I... Love Shahrukh' she said confusedly, Amira managed not to burst out laughing.

    'Amira don't tell anyone please' Kajol pleaded

    'fine I said ' Amira smiled, then she hugged Kajol 'you will be my sister in law' she said happily

    'it is not so simple as you think' Kajol said sadly, Amira pulled back and looked confused, she was sure that Kajol do really love Shahrukh and she will support them against the family if they didn't agree "so what's the problem now?" Amira asked herself

    'why it is not simple?' Amira asked, Kajol had to tell her everything from her point of view, Amira had also listened to Shahrukh from his point of view, so the picture was now more clear to her.

    'you threatened my brother? why are you doing this to each other guys?' Amira said in an irritated way

    'I was just pushing him to do anything, to prove that he is not playing with my feelings, Amira please help me, I want to fix what happened, I really love your brother and all those stupid things I did and said because I love him and I want him'

    'but from his point of view, of what you said , he really loves you but he is waiting for the suitable time'

    'the suitable time? Amira for god's sake. Your brother wants me to wait for him and get married when I am 105 years old'

    'he is doing this so you won't regret marrying him later, he doesn't want you to feel any difference of any kind, you know what I mean'

    Kajol slapped Amira's arm angrily 'How dare you? how could you think of my this way?'

    'Kajol I didn't mean what you understood, I was just explaining his point of view, none of you made us feel different from you'

    'from you? This is stupid Amira, we are a family, no difference between us and that's what I was trying to explain to Shahrukh. Stop feeling that you are less than us guys, that's ridiculous' Kajol shouted, then put her hands over her head in pain.

    'Kajol I am sorry' Amira said sadly, Kajol closed her eyes tightly in pain and Amira continued 'I just wanted to stay with you for a while, I should be packing my bags now...'

    'why?' Kajol asked and opened her eyes

    ' I am going with Shahrukh to London'

    'why didn't you tell me?'

    'there was no time to tell you, don't worry only two weeks'

    Kajol sighed 'what reassures me that you will make him come back' she said and Amira laughed

    'don't laugh I am angry with you'

    'oh, Kajol please don't be'

    'why I am always the last one who knows anything?'

    'it is not like that Kajol'

    'Amira leave me alone please'

    'Kajol but...'

    'Amira please' Kajol said, Amira stood up and walked away 'and don't dare tell anyone anything' Kajol said firmly and Amira laughed again leaving the room.
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